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Webheads chat logs from March 18, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael John Ying Lan Moral Arif
UAE Germany Australia Puerto Rico Taiwan China Turkey

My day online began in conversation on ICQ with Rif about his work surveying and promoting use of computers in education in Turkey. You can read our conversation here.

Eventually I joined John and Maggi in Homestead where we started talking about how we could find Palaces still alive and well. Soon Moral appeared at Vance's office at Tapped In and we went from there to the Excite voice chat room. As is often the case, due to connection problems in different parts of the world, Moral has not been able to join us in our Homestead chat room, and Maggi has not been able to join us at Tapped In. However, once Ying Lan and Michael appeared, we were able to bring everyone but John (no sound card) together in the Excite chat room, where Ying Lan played us some music created by an elderly family of blind musicians. By then we had became quite comfortable working the Tapped In and Excite text and voice clients together. Moral from mainland China and Ying Lan from Taiwan conversed in English and a little Chinese and wanted to know how each had developed their spoken language skills. Both made use of online movie scripts, it turns out, and this sent us to Google in search of some suitable sites. Finally, when all the students had gone, Maggi and I went off in search of Palaces and found one we think we could visit next week: on port 9998. Perhaps we'll see everyone back there then.

Jump to logs from: Homestead | Tapped In | Excite | Palace

Homestead logs

<Vance> I'm going to look around for some Palaces

<John> To buy?

<John> You plan to move?

<Vance> No, virtual ones

<John> OK. Does Palace still exist?

<Maggi> virtually cool

<Vance> I'm looking


<Maggi> php?

<John> Maybe I should reinstall it?

<Maggi> Palace home page?

<John> But they all seem to be based on Windows 3.x

<Vance> Moral just popped by Tapped in to say he's on his way to Excite voice chat

<John> OK. I have to take my computer to the shop this week. Have my sound card

replaced so i can to to excite.

<Vance> Yeah, I don't know how telcopoint is working. Haven't tried it in a while.

<John> I haven't either.

<Vance> I had a nice chat with Rif today. I'll put it on his web site. He's a pretty cool dude. Did a disertation on cognitive aspects of hypertext

<Vance> Would you guys like to pop by Tapped In and talk to Moral?

<John> I'd like to read that.

<John> I'm on my way.

John has left the chat room.

<Maggi> I may get disconnected here

<Vance> OK, I guess John will be there in a moment.

<Vance> It's a lot easier for me at tapped in, because it records logs for me.

<Maggi> hang on

Anonymous4 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous4 is now known as John.

Maggi has left the chat room.

<John> Hit the wrong button and got kicked out of my browser.

<John> Now I can't reconnect to Tapped In. Still trying, though.

[John joins me in Tapped. Not sure what's happened to Maggi …gvs]

<John> Maggi, are you still here?

<Vance> Same question here ...

Anonymous11 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous11 is now known as Maggi.

<John> Welcome back, Maggi

<Maggi> so did you have a problem too John?

<John> I hit the wrong button and turned off my browser ny accident.

<Maggi> well...I tried 4 times....

<John> And?

<Maggi> nothing

<Maggi> maybe later

<John> You mean Tapped In?

<Maggi> tapped-in just closes my bowser

<Vance> It's frustrating never being able to all get into one chat room

<John> Sure is.

<Maggi> yes, was always like that

<John> It's happens to me with Excite (and other voice clients). I can't even listen to my favorite station anymore.

<Vance> Maybe you can scout around that Palace URL and see what you can dig up

<John> I plan to do that, too.

Anonymous7992 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous5 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous7992 has left the chat room.

Anonymous5 is now known as Ying.

<John> Hi Ying

<Ying> Hello

<John> Ying, how have you been doing lately?

<Maggi> Hi Ying

<Ying> Sorry,,, I try to sign in the voice chat room

<Ying> How are you?

<John> I'm doing OK, at least if the noise outside would stop, I would be.

<Ying> I did nothing except working at the spread sheet.

<Ying> The noise outside? what's up?

<John> Somebody knocked down my fence and is replacing it.

<Vance> Everyone, you're missing Ying Lan's music on Excite

<John> Wish I could get there and hear it.

<Vance> You're really missing out. You need to get that card fixed. Where's Maggi?

<John> I'm going to take my computer to the shop tomorrow morning.

Maggi has left the chat room. [She's gone to the Excite voice chat room where Ying Lan is playing us her song (again) - Vance.]

<Vance> Here's a picture of me in my office taken a few days ago:

<Vance> <John> I'm going to take my computer to the shop tomorrow morning.

<John> I have to go inspect the work outside.

<John> I'll be signing off now. See you all next week.


John has left the chat room.

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Tapped In logs

The picture above shows the Tapestry client of Tapped In, behind the Homestead Chatroom window. We're all talking in Excite voice chat as well.

MoralL arrives from nowhere.

MoralL's personal recorder follows MoralL to here.

MoralL says, "hi"

MoralL exclaims, "hello, Vance!"

VanceS says, "Hi Moral. HOw are you."

VanceS asks, "Here by Gmud again?"

MoralL says, "i am on the way to excite voice chat."

VanceS says, "Ok, I'm waiting there."

MoralL says, "yes, i use text client Gmud."

VanceS asks, "Any problem with Excite?"

MoralL says, "it's slow."

VanceS says, "Can you stay here and in Excite too? I just invited the others over."

VanceS says, "Hey, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your helping out last Wednesday."

MoralL says, "yes Vance, i think so"

VanceS says, "You came on at just the right time."

VanceS says, "There were 30-40 people in a room, very packed, and when you started talking they all got very quiet and listened."

VanceS says, "It's good for them to hear how students are using the tools."

MoralL says, "i met problem that day and didn't do well i think"

VanceS says, "I showed them your web page while you were talking."

VanceS says, "So they had your picture."

MoralL says, "interesting to hear that."

JohnSte arrives from nowhere.

Johns_Recorder follows JohnSte to here.

JohnSte says, "Hi, Moral. Hi Vance."

MoralL exclaims, "Hi John!"

VanceS says, "Hi. I'm talking to Moral in Excite."

VanceS says, "Moral's English is excellent."

JohnSte says, "Wish I could get there - I'm going to have to have this computer repaired."

JohnSte says, "Get a new sound card installed."

VanceS says, "OK, here's a picture I took a few days ago sitting here in my office."

VanceS says, ""

MoralL asks, "nice to see you john. can you use Excite Voice chat?"

JohnSte says, "No, my sound card died a few weeks ago, and I haven't had a chance to replace it yet."

JohnSte says, "Nice to see you, also."

VanceS says, "I see where Maggi left homestead. I'll find her on ICQ."

JohnSte asks, "Are you sure about that URL?"

VanceS says, "Hmmm; let me check it ..."

JohnSte says, "OK, I found it."

JohnSte asks, "That's you at the conference, right?"

VanceS says, ""

JohnSte says, "Got in."

JohnSte asks, "Nope, not the conference, is it?"

VanceS says, "No, it's here in my office."

VanceS says, "I'm going to send it up to homestead so Moral can see it."

JohnSte says, "OK."

MoralL says, "I can visit geocities with but it is just too slow. and usualy I don't use it."

JohnSte says, "I remember the time I gave a workshop on using Tapped In.

You know how everytime you type something it says "You say""

JohnSte says, "My boss wanted to know who "You say" was."

VanceS says, "lol"

VanceS says, "not a very bright boss"

JohnSte says, "Not at all."

MoralL says, "haha...."

JohnSte says, "He's quite slow in a lot of things."

MoralL asks, "John, how is your doctorial study now?"

VanceS says, "excellent question, Moral"

JohnSte asks, "I hope to resume interviews during this coming week. Would you be willing to participate?"

JohnSte says, "I've had to put it on hold for a few weeks while the department finishes presenting its proposal for a BA"

MoralL says, "yes, I'd be happy to."

JohnSte says, "OK. I'll send you the information by e-mail and set up a time for us to meet."

MoralL asks, "what is a BA and a PhD?"

VanceS says, "baccalaureate and Physical Doctor"

MoralL says, "my email is"

JohnSte says, "OK. A BA is a four year university degree. In this case, my department wants to offer a degree for ESL teachers."

JohnSte says, "I'll send the information on my study this afternoon."

MoralL says, "thanks, i got it. bachlar"

VanceS says, "Michael has just checked in (16:43)"

JohnSte says, "A Ph.D. is a more advanced degree (doctor of philosophy). It is usually another four years beyond the BA and an investigation/dissertation."

MoralL says, "i know what a doctor degree means..."

JohnSte says, "OK. I sometimes thing that American university degrees have strange names."

MoralL says, "I juse didn't know the abbrivation."

JohnSte says, "OK. That's another problem I have - abbreviating things."

MoralL says, "well, there is a 3-year master degree between BA and Phd in China."

JohnSte says, "He the master degree is about 2 years."

JohnSte says, "Sorry, that should read "here", not "he""

MoralL says, "it is good for a shorter time."

VanceS says, "Hey Moral. Ying Lan is in Excite right now."

JohnSte says, "Yes, but I already have two master degrees."

MoralL asks, "can you hear me Vance?"

VanceS says, "No. Are you in our chat room? I don't see you either."

MoralL says, "oh, you are so educated John."

JohnSte says, "Not really, I needed them both in order to get a good job."

MoralL says, "I am and i can see you, but can't see yinglan. I 'll leave and get back again."

MoralL says, "in voice chat."

VanceS says, "ok, I don't see you there at all."

VanceS says, "Ying Lan is playing us Chinese music"

MoralL says, "interesting, i'll be there shortly."

VanceS says, "Sounds nice. Very relaxing."

VanceS says, "Moral and Ying Lan and Michael and I are now in Excite, and it's a nice conversation."

VanceS says, "Ying Lan can sing too"

MoralL says, "I tried to study for a master degree but I didn't pass the exams in Jan. I was just pressed for time to prepare."

JohnSte asks, "What do you plan to do your master degree in?"

MoralL says, "automation in a loca university."

JohnSte says, "Sounds like an interesting field."

JohnSte asks, "Is it anything like robotics?"

MoralL says, "an engineering department."

VanceS says, ""

JohnSte says, "My youngest daughter is studying civil engineering. She plans to do a master deggree in transportation"

MoralL says, "a litlle, mainly in industrial electrical control."

JohnSte says, "The people outside are asking me to go and inspect the work they have done so far."

JohnSte says, "I'll have to sign off to inspect it."

JohnSte says, "See you all next week."

MoralL says, "well, bye for now John."

JohnSte says, "bye for now."

MoralL exclaims, "hope to see you next time John!"

JohnSte has disconnected.

VanceS asks, "Where'd John go?"

VanceS says, "Oh, check his fence."

MoralL says, "he just left."

MoralL says, "maggi's voice is so low that i can not understand her well."

MoralL asks, "keeping in the face?"

MoralL says, "i am leaving here and will stay in excite. bye for here"

VanceS says, "OK, See you"

MoralL has disconnected.

VanceS has disconnected.

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Excite text dialogs

Although everyone talks together with microphones in the Excite chat rooms, text dialog can only be done one on one. It's not as good as having everyone in the same chat dialog, but you can use some other mutual chat place, and in Excite keep a chat going with each person individually. Here is my set of dialogs with each person ...


Vance_guest8205: This is the song she played earlier. Two of the musicians are blind.

Vance_guest8205: They are old, over 50 (like us??)

Vance_guest8205: Amazing them 50 year olds kin still play

Maggi_guest8951: I see...

Vance_guest8205: Moral says your voice is so low he can't hear very well. I can hear you fine.

Maggi_guest8951: I expect Stefan to burst out of his room any minute with what in the world is that!

Vance_guest8205: Also we discovered if we try to go duplex it garbles the sound

Maggi_guest8951: I have to listem carefully to Moral

Michael has just talked while Ying Lan was playing her music, and the music broke up at that point and came back together only after Michael's voice packets had been delivered ...

Vance_guest5388: takes a while to restore good packet delivery once you go duplex

Vance_guest5388: You'll have to play us some guitar Michael.

mikecogh: So that's what happened.

mikecogh: So this can be (badly) duplex.

Vance_guest5388: Yeah, works great in simplex. Moral was here earlier.

mikecogh: I heard from Sophie today...

mikecogh: presentation was accepted!

Vance_guest5388: He's trying to get back in. What did SOphie have to say

mikecogh: That;s what I now have to ask Sophie - what will they give me to help me out.

Now Moral has arrived and asked Ying Lan if she has many opportunities to speak English. Ying Lan replied that she only spoke once a week with us. Other than that she watches a lot of movies and listens to recordings. Moral said he does that too. Both complemented each other on their spoken English. Then we started talking about where to get movie scripts. After helping Moral understand Ying Lan's pronunciation of Keeping the Faith, Vance does a Google search to find some URL's where Moral can find scripts …

Vance_guest8205: Keeping the Faith

Moral______guest3511: I got it. thanks.


Moral______guest3511: thanks

Vance_guest8205: tv transcripts

Vance_guest8205: script-o-rama

Vance_guest8205: song lyrics:

Moral______guest3511: Thanks Vance.



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Palace logs

After everyone had left the chat areas, Maggie and I stayed behind and visited and found a couple of Palaces from that page ...

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