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Webheads chat logs from March 11, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael John Ying Lan Felix Juani Moral
UAE Germany Australia Puerto Rico Taiwan Bahia Chile China

And Naeem, from Pakistan, living in Abu Dhabi

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We had a friendly and wide ranging chat tonight. At the appointed time, noon GMT, John in Puerto Rico told me via ICQ that Maggi in Germany was in the Homestead chat room, and Ying Lan joined us about the time that I got there. Ying Lan was having a bad day at her job in Taiwan because her boss is a little Caesar. Meanwhile Moral had appeared in the Excite chat room, all the way from Kunming, but he couldn't get to the Homestead one as well, so he and I talked about his hopes to work for Save the Children, and the job interview he had with them which didn't go so well because of an Australian lady who asked him questions he didn't quite understand. Felix soon appeared in Homestead from a morning in Brazil but he couldn't stay long because he was at his sister's and she's an Internet freak and needed to go online. Juani came into Homestead from across the continent in Chile just after Felix had left. Meanwhile, Michael had arrived from Brisbane to join us in the Excite voice chat room where he and Moral discussed the cultural aspects of the abortive job interview and how well suited to her job the Australian woman could possibly have been. By then, Naeem had joined us; he is from Pakistan, but lives in Abu Dhabi where Vance had met him at a conference last month. Naeem had to leave when some friends appeared at his house.

The chat was quite hectic with Michael and I struggling to keep up with both voice and text chats, and Juani losing her Homestead connection each time she tried to join us in the Excite voice chatroom (she never made it). Moral suggested that next time we all chat on ICQ and those who can join us in voice chat as well. The goal is to find a combination of places that work like Hear Me did for us, where we can all talk and / or write to each other in the same chat. We hope we will soon find a single client that gives us this capability. Meanwhile, to test what other clients he could reach, Moral made his way into Tapped In via GMUD and joined Vance in his office. John was able to meet him there and hold a conversation, but Vance had been inactive for two hours and couldn't revive his connection (I could see John and Moral in my office but had no chat window and, since it's on that window, no way to log out - closing the browser and reconnecting put me in the same, inactive condition). So Vance gave up and went home, as did everyone else.

Jump to logs from: Homestead | ICQ | Tapped In

Homestead logs

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous30.

Members of room: Anonymous30 maggi John

You have changed your name to Vance.

<Vance> Hi all

<John> Hi, Vance. I've often wondered how the anonymous numbers are chosen

<maggi> hi

<John> There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to them.

<Vance> maybe they're arandomous

Anonymous80 has joined the chat room.

John has left the chat room.

Anonymous80 is now known as ying.

<Vance> Hi Ying Lan

<maggi> Hi Ying

Anonymous2324 has joined the chat room.

ying has left the chat room.

Anonymous2324 is now known as John.

Anonymous63 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous63 is now known as ying.

<ying> hello

<maggi> Hi again Ying

<Vance> I'm just checking all the other places

John has left the chat room.

<ying> sorry

<Vance> I've got my screen set up so I can see excite and tapped in as well as this chat

<ying> i am eating my dinner now.

<maggi> bon apetit

Anonymous2782 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous2782 is now known as John.

<ying> HOw are you ?

<John> Hi Ying. Belated birthday greetings.

<ying> Thanks

<John> I had trouble typing a minute ago (Well, not typing, I typed it ok, but I couln't send).

<ying> Now, I joined webheads twice.

<John> I sent a request to join from my work address, but I can't verify until Monday morning.

<Vance> congratulations

<John> So, did you have fun on your birthday?

<Vance> no problem there. John, I never got yours

<ying> I got the same letters twice

<ying> No.....

<Vance> Do you want one set for email and the other to no mail?

<ying> You ask me?

<Vance> yep

<Vance> I've got a couple things I need to do on the site so I'll visit it now

<ying> for sending mail... and for receiving mail.

<Vance> You can send mail from either address

<Vance> You can choose where to receive (I'll fix it for you)

<John> I got a request to confim that it is really me - and to make sure egroups can send to that address.

<ying> I only can send mail by

<John> It's standard procedures on most lists.

<Vance> You should be able to send from the other as well. I'll check.

<ying> I mean that I can not send mail by because I connected by hinet not

<John> I guess maybe I should join with my third account, too. I never can remember if I am using or

<ying> Have you read my posting mail? Do you understand what I wrote?

<Vance> Ying Lan is registered as AND

<maggi> it was good Ying....-)

<ying> Thanks.

<John> Yes, it was very good.

<Vance> AND

<John> Maybe that explains it.

<ying> "She is spinny" is right?

<ying> You probably have to delete one.

Anonymous7159 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> sorry, and

Anonymous7159 is now known as Felix.

<ying> I can not find "spinny"in my dictionary.


<John> Hi, Felix.

<Vance> Guys, Moral is in the excite room

<Vance> Hi Felix

<ying> Hi felix

<Felix> Hi pals

<maggi> do you mean skinny?

<John> Some words might not be in the dictionary, Ying. It might be slang.

<maggi> Hi Felix

<ying> no... I mean airhead

<Felix> Yesterday I was reading something and thought the article was misspelled.. IT was written hostel.

<Felix> then I realized what hostel is.. kind of different from hotel

<ying> Youth hostel

<maggi> ok, then spinny makes sense

<John> What's the difference, Felix.

<ying> "Youth hostel" is my favrite.

<Felix> hostel generally has a public bathroom, is not as comfortable as a hotel..

<maggi> the comfort level?

<Vance> Hi Guys, anyone want to join Moral and I in voice chat?

<Felix> I can't Vance.

<ying> It is cheaper....

<maggi> that too

<John> I have to get my sound card replaced first. But say hi to Moral for me.

<ying> I am tired.

<Felix> I will have to leave shortly. I am at my sister's house. And she's an internet freak heheh

<Felix> like diner and dinner

<Felix> different words and different meanings as well

<maggi> are you at least getting dinner 'Felix?

<John> You might mention to Moral that I am using "Welcome Home, Macao" in my Composition class.

[I did as John requested. Moral was very pleased that his work with Webheads was being used! - Vance]

<Felix> I am not a gluton maggi, but I dont leave a dish get out of me :O))

<maggi> hehehe

<John> Good.

<maggi> thought so

<Felix> As my mother says, I am good with a fork!!!!

<maggi> I had a Brazilian dinner last night at friends

<ying> Was it good?

<Felix> What did you have maggi?

<maggi> it was fabulous....cod

<Felix> cod???????????????

<maggi> starts with a b

<John> bacalao

<Felix> beans??????

<maggi> the coffee was superp

<John> (Sorry, that's Spanish)

<Felix> meat? fish?

<maggi> John has it

<Felix> Bacalhau

<maggi> fish Felix

<John> What do I have, a headache?

<Felix> It's the portuguese name.

<maggi> fish John

<maggi> lol

<John> It's an old joke, Maggi.

<Felix> WHy did you laugh?

<maggi> that was it

<maggi> I laughed t John

<Felix> Can you explain your joke John?

<John> I got it means I understand, Felix. But there is an old joke where you say "I got it, I got it" and when they ask "what" you answer "a splitting headache"

<Felix> LOL

<Felix> I got it!!!

<John> So when Maggi said I had it, I answered with what? a headache?

<Felix> speaking of headaches. I have one right now!

<John> so how was your Bacalhau fixed, Maggi?

<maggi> with veggies and potatoes and rice....and a sauce you only needed a couple of drops of

<John> Hot, huh?

<Felix> My mother makes a pie with bacalhau and palm tree.. hmmmmmm delicious...

<maggi> a good hot...drink to0o much last night 'Felix?

<Felix> How did you guessed Maggi????????

<John> We boil it with viands (I'm not sure what they are in English).

<maggi> no idea

<Felix> I've got go now pals.. The internet freak just arrived (my sister)

<Felix> See you next week.

<Felix> Bye

<John> See ya, Felix

<Vance> I'm enjoying reading your text but I'm talking to Moral

Felix has left the chat room.

Anonymous54 has joined the chat room.

<John> I'm having my students read about the difference in Macao after it went back to China.

Anonymous1946 has joined the chat room.

<maggi> and?

<ying> then?

<John> Moral's article was an introduction to the topic.

<maggi> did you read about the school making fireworks that blew up?

<John> Eventually, they need to write a comparison-contrast essay. We're using this as an example.

<Anonymous54> Hello! every body

<John> I heard about it on TV.

<John> Hi, 46.

<ying> I heard that... it is really sad.

<Vance> I'll ask Moral about it

<John> Yes it was sad.

<John> 54, who are you?

<Anonymous54> naeem

<maggi> a gov't official comes and says now that it was a suicide bomber...the kids were not being forced to make fireworks for extra money for the school like the parents say

<ying> hello.. naeem

<John> Oh, Hellow, Naeem.

Anonymous1946 is now known as juani.

<John> Hello, Juani.

<ying> hello juani

<juani> hello´ 8.40 in the morning here..

<maggi> Hi just missed Felix


<juani> are you today.....

<John> Same here, Juani.

<ying> So nice ... it is morning in your country.

<ying> It is 8.48 pm here.

<John> Where are you, Juani, I am in Puerto Rico.

<juani> ok.I just got´ very cold..

<Anonymous54> Last week I couldnot join because of festival

Anonymous26 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous26 is now known as Michael C.

<juani> I´ in the south

<Michael C> Hello everyone.

<John> Hi there, Michael.

<ying> hello michael.

<maggi> hi mc

<ying> Chile.... what a beautiful country you live in..

<Michael C> Ying - I forgot - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

<Anonymous54> Ying , How's every thing now. I heard you didnot enjoy on birthday

<ying> Thanks.. it was my 37th birthday.. a little sad.

<juani>´ really the South mainly

<ying> yes..... i got some troulbe on my job.

<juani> oh..happy returns..Ying!

<ying> troubles.

<John> Taking a chance of making a fool of myself again - but isn't Chile on the west coast?

<juani> Chile is in South America.close to Argentina.

<John> Birthdays aren't supposed to be sad, Ying.

<ying> yes.. chile is on the west coast of South America.

<Vance> hello Naeem,Michael, Juani

<Anonymous54> I think I shall again wish you a happy birthday .

<Anonymous54> Hi vance

<Vance> I'm talking to Moral in Excite and that's why I'm having trouble talking here.

<ying> Thanks.

<Michael C> Talking or typing?

<juani> Hello to evrybody.Thanks Vance for the information you sent to me.

<Vance> talking

<ying> 54 can you change your NAME?

<John> Isn't that the country that goes along the entire west coast of South America? I'm in the Caribbean and have the same time as you do.

<Anonymous54> Thank you vance for your email and other information

<juani> yes,it´ very long and narrow country..

<juani> all type of weather...

<Vance> Would anyone like to join us in voice chat?

<Anonymous54> what do you mean?

<John> But as Ying, Maggi, Michael and Vance can all tell you, I am very bad at geography.

<John> I'm just wondering why we are in the same time zone.

<Anonymous54> Ying what name I shall change

<Michael C> Yes Vance I would like to try the voice chat.

<juani> because of the merudians,I guess.

<juani> meridians..

<John> Or maybe South America goes West to East?

<ying> Change your name (anonymous54) to naeem...

Anonymous54 is now known as NAEEM.

<juani> maybe..I´ not sure....

<maggi> remember how far out Brazil goes

<NAEEM> ying I think I am learning

<ying> you learn fast.

<John> Yes, I just thought of that. Felix and Nima are two hours earlier than me.

<NAEEM> Ha! Ha! It looks now you are happy

<juani> ah..yes i think felix should be here to explain that.

<Vance> Boy, I'm having trouble being here and there at the same time.

<juani> What should i do to enter the voice chat?

<maggi> can't Moral get to Homestead?

<Vance> The instructions are on our web pages. Can you see one?

<John> Yep. Looks like Chile is to the south of Puerto Rico. I just looked it up.

<juani> Oh.Vance you´re a hard-working man..Animo!!

<juani> thanks..I´ll go and see

<Vance> Sorry talking to Michael there now. Do you need help?

<juani> let me see if i can find the way....

<Vance> Michael and Moral are now talking, so I can be here a bit

<John> So, the members of my department are going to be trying Chat soon. If anybody wants to drop in. . .

<NAEEM> I have some visitors. I will connect again.

<John> OK. Naeem.

NAEEM has left the chat room.

<juani> I wento the vance´ page..saw his photos ans found the lin ks...

<Vance> At the top of the page there's a URL for excite. Do you see it?

<Vance> Who's still here, raise your hand ...

<ying> me

<Vance> Hi me

<John> Me

<juani> no..i guess i took the wrong way

<juani> me,too.

<John> Ying, how have you been doing these days?

<maggi> me

<ying> the excite room is only for nescape

<ying> Work....

juani has left the chat room.

<ying> I have no time to reading and writing.

<Vance> No, I'm using IE

<John> That sounds like all of us, Ying.

<ying> really?

<maggi> oh yes...

Anonymous1 has joined the chat room.

<ying> it is really sad...

<maggi> I have 3 12hr days in a row tomorrow

Anonymous1 has left the chat room.

Anonymous43 has joined the chat room.

<John> Why is is sad, Ying?

<ying> I can not do my job well... I have no time to read.

<maggi> I enjoy my work Ying so it isn't sad

<Anonymous43> Where are working Ying?

Anonymous43 is now known as juani.

<John> Yes. I can see how that would be sad. I have been a bit overworked lately, too.

<ying> But you do not have a nagging little Caseaer.

<juani> I got out on the way to find the voicechat

<maggi> I have an SS agent...:-)

<John> Wednesday, my committee has to go to the capital to attend a University Board meeting and convince them we should be allowed to offer a new degree.

<ying> What is the SS agent?

<juani> what´s that?

<Vance> Can I help you? Did you find the url or shall I give it to you.

<John> We are in the middle of changing our caesars and SS peopel

<Michael C> I think Vance already said this bit I'm chatting with him and Moral in voice chat.

<juani> i didn´ find it...

<Vance> I'm getting it for you

<maggi> SS people are control freaks

<juani> Ying..where do you work?

<John> By June we will go from a university administration that is pro-statehood to one that is pro-colony.

<ying> I work at a BANK.


<Vance> This is the starting url

<maggi> and they only look out for number 1

<John> She is in charge of all the money in the bank.

<John> I work at a University.

<ying> Not yet... I am a LITTLE POTATO here.

<juani> Oh,,a lot of responsibility..Thanks Vance..

<John> My dad used to work in a bank. He was in charge of the Vault.

<maggi> is that worse than a little fish?

<John> He was also a little potato.

<John> Much worse, Maggi.

<John> Fish can move.

<Vance> Moral and Michael and I are having a great chat

<maggi> lol

<John> I am going to HAVE to get my sound card replaced. The week if at all possible.

<ying> Fish eats potato.

<maggi> use pepper

<John> That's another difference.


<ying> What is the difference.

juani has left the chat room.

<John> Fish can move, Potatoes can't. Fish eat potatoes, Potatoes don't eat fish.

<ying> That's absolute right

<John> So being a little potato is worse than being a little fish.

Anonymous4130 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous4130 is now known as Juani.

<John> Welcome back, Juani.

<Vance> Hi Juani, did you visit the url?

<Vance> The next step is to join our room. It's called Webheads

<Vance> I didn't mention that because I thought I'd tell you when you got there.

<Juani> thanks..i went

<Juani> I´l try again..

Juani has left the chat room.

<Vance> ok, we'll wait here for you (and there)

Anonymous6 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Ying Lan, Moral wants to know if you can join us in the voice chat

Anonymous6 has left the chat room.

<ying> i can not talk now...

<ying> I could join you but...

<ying> I am tired now...

<Vance> ok, Moral hasn't tried ICQ yet, but we think that can be a solution

<John> Sounds good.

<Vance> We can chat in ICQ and talk in Excite

<John> Ying, you shouldn't be tired.

<ying> I can not control my emotion ...

<ying> I am losing control.

<John> Are you emotionally tired or physically tired?

<ying> Both

<Vance> Is this about your ICQ message?

<ying> some of them.. some of my work.

<Vance> Work is a hassle now? Your little Caesar?

<John> I remember my dad used to come home from work and couldn't even stay awake.

<ying> I lost my patience....

<John> Did you tell your little caesar where to go?

<Vance> You told little Caesar what an idiot he is?

<ying> I am not strong enought to fight with him.

<ying> He is too nagging.

<maggi> ignore him then Ying

<maggi> close your ears

<John> I'll have to send you the stress reliever my sister-in-law sent me.

<ying> I know what is my weakness...

<John> As soon as I find where I saved it, I'll forward a copy to you.

<ying> Thanks john.

<ying> maggi,, I tried that...

<maggi> and?

<ying> I can not control my tears.

<maggi> think of something happy and smile instead

<John> Sounds like one of my ex colleagues. He had us all going crazy (I actually had to go to a psychiatrist because of him).

<Vance> what does he nag you about?

<maggi> never let anyone bother you

<John> Fortunately, he died.

<maggi> jeez

<ying> job.... he orlder me to do a lot of reports....some I thought it was ridiculous.

<maggi> don't let yourself get upset...people like that think they have power over you then

<maggi> go to his boss and tell him

<ying> My computer skills are not good.

<John> That's the same thing I tell my daughter, Maggi.

<ying> we have the same boss --my manager.

<maggi> go to him then

<John> So if you both have the same boss, little caesar isn't your boss?

<ying> I met my ex-Caeser today , he want me to ignore the new one's wrods.

<John> That sounds like a good idea.

<ying> he supposed to be my boss... but the powful one is my manager.

<ying> he wants me to inore the new one's words.

<Vance> Play up to your manager. Turn him against your Caesar.

<maggi> office politics eh?

<ying> I need time to cure the painful cut of my heart....

<John> That's what my daughter did. She became a close friend of her boss's boss's boss.

<ying> Waaaaa that's cool. But my manager is a male.

<maggi> try to ignore Caesar and if you can't simply put the facts on the table to the boss

<John> My daughter's big boss is a female. And also a close friend of mine.

<John> her boss and her boss's boss are both males (and friends of mine, also).

<ying> you are powerful, john.

<maggi> that's how it works with men

<maggi> :-)

<John> Not really. It's just that her boss's boss's boss is also my boss's boss's boss (different ladders in the same company)

<John> I've just been there long enough to know where all the skeletons are buried.

<ying> To many bosses here.

<John> Well, her boss is director of finances. his is the dean of administration, and his is the chancellor (the woman who is my daughter's friend).

<maggi> and not enough Indians

<John> I knew all three of them when they were at the same (or lower) position that I have right now.

Michael C has left the chat room.

<John> But making friends with the boss's boss is always a good idea.

<ying> Yes, it is.

<John> Of course, in universities it works differently. My boss today may be my worker tomorrow.

<John> I was the boss for a number of years. As soon as I could get out of it, I went back to being an indian.

<ying> thanks for your comfort.

<John> No problem. We all need it at times.

<ying> it is late here. I need to go.

<maggi> the depp isn't worth wasting a single tear on Ying.

<John> I've been through some pretty bad times in my life. If I can use them to help someone else. . .

<John> then they were worth it.

<maggi> hve some sweet dreams.:-))

<John> Yes. Have sweet dreams.

<ying> Thanks

<John> Dream you are drowning your little caesar.

<ying> see you next week.

<John> See you next week.

<maggi> bye Ying

<John> bye Ying.

<ying> bye

ying has left the chat room.

<Vance> bye,

<John> She sounds so much like Lisa.

<John> brb

<maggi> ok

<Vance> wow, what a chat

<Vance> That was draining

<Vance> still there?

<maggi> draining what?

<Vance> draining my energy!

Anonymous2026 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Hi 2026

<Vance> Who's LIsa, btw?

Anonymous2026 is now known as Juani.

<maggi> his daughter

<Juani> I came back...igot disconnected..

<Vance> Hi Juani.

<Juani> how are you doing..with so much work?

<John> I'm back. Yes it was draining. Lisa is my oldest daughter.

<Vance> Moral has left Excite now. He's going to try to reach me at tapped in

<Vance> Moral suggested we chat in ICQ and talk in Excite,

<Juani> ah.yes.I also have icq.

<John> Do you think he can get into Tapped in?

<Vance> but he's concerned he doesn't have enough bandwidth for 2 chats at the same time

<Vance> I think he's done it before. He didn't want to open ICQ for fear of losing Excite.

<Vance> Moral is from China, Juani. Nice guy.

<Juani> that´ right. When i tried to enter Excite I was asked a password..

<Vance> If you go to that exact url, at the bottom of the page, it asks what room you want to join

<Vance> You never need a password unless you want to log in as yourself

<Juani> yes.I wrote webheads.

<Vance> Then it asks if you want to go on as a guest, which is what you want

<Juani> ok..I´l try next time.

<Vance> Then you just type in your guest name, and you join us

<Vance> So only trhree things (1) the exact url

<Juani>´e very gentle

<Vance> (2) the chat room webheads

<Vance> and (3) a guest name

<Vance> If you want to try again I'm stil there

<Vance> We are all gentle here

<Juani> yes..I´l do it..

John has left the chat room.

<Vance> ok, try again ...


<Vance> start there

Anonymous892 has joined the chat room.

Juani has left the chat room.

Anonymous892 is now known as John.

<Vance> another arandomous character arrives

<John> Sorry, I got knocked off line.

<John> arandomous?

<Vance> Juani's gone to give the excite chat another go

<maggi> John is like silly putty today

<Vance> an anonymous character with an arandomous number

<Vance> I'm waiting for Juani in Excite and Moral in Tapped In

<Vance> He said he'd contact me on ICQ if he couldn't get in

<John> Silly Putty? You mean I stick?

<Vance> and I'm still at excite. Funny how he can use that perfectly and not Homestead

<maggi> you bounce

<Vance> Who are you calling a 'bounce'

<John> Oh. Now I get it. I haven't used SP in such a long time, I forgot it bounced.

<maggi> John

<maggi> do they still make silly putty?

<Vance> I think so. my kids had it.

<John> I don't remember if they do or not.

<maggi> I wonder...I'll look next time I go to ToysR'us

<John> So will I.

Anonymous2291 has joined the chat room.

<Anonymous2291> It doesn´ work..I don´ know why but i got disconnected.

Anonymous2291 is now known as juani.

John has left the chat room.

<juani> at least Vance and Maggi are still here...

<Vance> Hi. Sorry to hear it's not working for you.

<juani> I came back to say Good Bye.

<Vance> What happens exactly? Maybe I can make some better instructions

<Vance> Ok, well thanks for joining us again.

Anonymous7 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous7 is now known as John.

<John> back again.

<juani> i did as you told me and it appeared a notice in the upper part saying if I was a memeber of here..H

[I invited everyone to attend my presentation - lost a bit here - Vance]


<John> Your are all invited there, too.

<maggi> not home...otherwise I would come

<juani> good John...I hope to be there,too.

<Vance> ok, send the information to the webheads list if you want all of us, or to me otherwise

<John> Mine is at 12:30 - 2:00 GMT. I'll send the information this afternoon.

<juani> I´m working up to 2 p.m.

<Vance> The 20th, 2 pm gmt Juani?

<John> (That is 10:30 - 12:00 our time, Juani)

<juani> yes,,,thanks a lot..

<John> It's not much. Just members of my department seeing what can be done with Chat.

<Vance> Best if you send an email giving url, time GMT. I'll do that for my presentation

<juani> 12 I´l be at school.

<John> I'll send it this afternoon, Vance.

<John> What do you do at school, Juani?

<Vance> ok. Moral reached tapped in via gmud and is with me but I can't see him

<juani> I teach English to teenagers

<juani> and I also have a workshop with computers.

<Vance> If you want us to join your workshop, just let us know

<John> That's a lot of hard work. I teach young adults.

<juani> yes.but we are trying to get some more PC so we can get connected to the web

<John> I see Moral in your office.

<juani> yes,,I work almost all day....two afternoons free.. now.

<Vance> Good, I just went back there

<juani> we´e working on the Educational Reform for the third year now..

<Vance> Do you see me there. Somethings wrong with the interface for me. Can you talk to Moral?

<John> Yes, I see both of you there. But it says you have been inactive for almost 2 hours.

<Vance> ok, trying to get back in

<juani> are you using your webcam or something?

<Vance> We're listening Juani

<John> No, I'm not using it.

<juani> ok..let me see what happens..

<Vance> I see you both but I have no dialog box

<John> It says you have lost your link.

<John> Moral doesn't answer me, either.

<Vance> No way to log off either

<John> That happened to me a while ago. I took me a while to get back in afterwards.

<Vance> I think it's time for me to go. ... we're in Tapped In, Juani

<John> Me too, Vance. I should be checking work for Tomorrow.

<Vance> Yeah, I guess that's enough damage for one night

<John> I've got Moral talking, now.

<juani> I was wandering about and I found the pics of the teachers..mine .too

<Vance> Yes, we are a community. Hadn't you seen it before?

<juani> yes. i had seen the ones that came with the loink so sent me.

<juani> link,,

<maggi> yes, I have a pile of work to do too...

<juani>´ time to leave,I think.

<maggi> havefun guys...:-)

<juani> it was a nice time ..have a great day!

<maggi> bye Juani

<Vance> Yes, for me yes. I"m tired.

<John> You too. I guess I'll be leaing too. Bye all.

<Vance> OK, nice to see everyone

maggi has left the chat room.

<juani> bye.Maggi.Bye Vance. Thanks again.

<Vance> bye all. See you Wednesday I hope.

juani has left the chat room.

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ICQ logs

Moral: (6:01 PM) Vance, I got in with gmud.

Vance: (6:02 PM) Hi. are you in now?

Moral: (6:03 PM) Yes. But how can i reach you. i am in with Gmud.

Vance: (6:04 PM) can you enter /join vances

Moral: (6:06 PM) do you see me. I am in your office.

Vance: (6:07 PM) No, do you see me?

Moral: (6:08 PM) Yes. Gmud told " who is here? Vances and Moral.

Vance: (6:09 PM) I suppose you are writing me. But funny thin, I'm writing and ... I think I got bumped. Wait a minute. I'll come back.

Moral: (6:11 PM) BTW, i am here only as a guest.

Vance: (6:17 PM) Moral, I can't manage to reconnect. I think I'm going to stop for the night.

Moral: (6:18 PM) Well, bye for now Vance. I am having a chat with John.

Vance: (6:21 PM) OK, bye. I'm going to shut down and go home. Enjoy your chat.

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Tapped In logs

Moral [guest] arrives from nowhere.

Moral [guest] says, "hi"

Moral [guest] says, "i am here vance."

Moral [guest] asks, "are you here with gmud?"

JohnSte arrives from nowhere.

Johns_Recorder follows JohnSte to here.

JohnSte says, "Hi, Moral, Vance"

JohnSte asks, "Are you still here, Moral?"

VanceS has lost his link.

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