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Webheads chat logs from March 4, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael John Ying Lan Felix Pon
UAE Germany Australia Puerto Rico Taiwan Bahia Thailand

And Felix's friends Cougar from Halifax, and Juani (Juanide), back a second time, from Chile

We had a fine chat, low tech, all in Homestead (though Vance was monitoring Tapped In and the Excite voice chat room), and more or less the usual crowd (Vance, Maggi, Michael, Ying Lan, and Felix, who is starting to be a regular again). We were talking about our reading when Pon dropped by, and we were happy to see him and thank him for his logos which are at the top of many webheads pages now (like this one). And Felix had recruited a couple of Webheads-to-be from Juani from Chile and Cougar from Canada and had them drop in. Juani is a teacher who does class email projects with Felix. We hope to see more of them more often.

Homestead logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous4.

Members of room: Anonymous4 ying John

Anonymous5858 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous5858 is now known as Maggi.

You have changed your name to Vance.

<Vance> Hi all

<Maggi> Hi

<ying> Hi! John. are you here?

<John> Morning, Vance

<John> Yep. I'm here today, Ying.

<Vance> afternoon

<Maggi> Hi Ying

<John> Morning, Maggi.

<ying> Hi...hello ! everyone!

<Vance> I'm at home today. I'm on holiday.

<John> Sorry I missed last week. I had server problems.

<Vance> Better now, obviously

<ying> That's o.k.! Holiday!!

<John> Today, it is much better.

<Vance> Yeah, it's the annual Haj time, and we have a week off

<John> Gave me a lot of problems last night, though.

<ying> Wa!!

<Vance> It doesn't happen often

<ying> Are you happy?

<John> Who, Ying?

<ying> Vance

<Maggi> any of you

<ying> He got a week off!

<Vance> Who, me? Of course. Tomorrow I'm going camping 4 days.

<John> I would be if I didn't have this diet.

<ying> Are you on diet? John?

<John> I have been for a month. Lost 5 pounds this month.

<ying> WAAA!!

<Vance> John's on a diet where teh doctor increased the number of meals he eats in a


<Vance> Is anyone in any of our other chat rooms, btw?

<John> Try to figure that one out, Ying. They decreased me from 1 meal a day to 4.

<ying> The doctor increased the number of meals?

<ying> Four meals in a day or five?

<Maggi> didn't look

<Vance> Yeah, before he was eating one all-day meal

<John> Decreased from 1 to 4 - I used to have one meal a day - from 6:00 am to 10:00

pm (non-stop eating)

<Maggi> that is usually not good...but I do it often

<ying> One meal a day... are you kidding?

<Vance> I like to snack a lot during the day. I'm eating popcorn now.

<John> Now I have four small meals at 8:00, 12:00, 5:00 and 9:00.

<Vance> Nothing in between? No cheating?

<John> Ying, it is called Non-stop eating. You only have one meal because you are

always eating.

<John> No, I haven't cheated on my diet, yet.

<Maggi> I would hate to eat to a schedule

<John> Well, I don't like it either, but what they have given me to eat is enough that I

don't feel hungy all the time.

<ying> Sounds good.

<Maggi> I don't feel hungry either all the time

<John> Like, three cups of popcorn really fills a person up.

<ying> Do you work out?

<Maggi> me?

Anonymous3053 has joined the chat room.

<John> I haven't been given permission yet.

<Maggi> going up and down the stair is a workout for me!

Anonymous3053 has left the chat room.

<John> Doctor just checked my heart, so I should be allowed to soon. I'll start walking

30 minutes after work every day.

<Maggi> I would hate to eat to a schedule

<John> Well, I don't like it either, but what they have given me to eat is enough that I

don't feel hungy all the time.

<ying> Sounds good.

<Maggi> I don't feel hungry either all the time

<John> Like, three cups of popcorn really fills a person up.

<ying> Do you work out?

<Maggi> me?

Anonymous3053 has joined the chat room.

<John> I haven't been given permission yet.

<Maggi> going up and down the stair is a workout for me!

Anonymous3053 has left the chat room.

<John> Doctor just checked my heart, so I should be allowed to soon. I'll start walking

30 minutes after work every day.

<John> At my age they make you take a physical before giving you permission to


<Vance> Who is they?

<Maggi> make us all sounds ready for a home....

<John> The doctors. It's not a law, but I made the mistake of asking my doctor if I could

start exercising.

<Vance> I never took this permission. Maybe I'm exercising illegally.

<John> I should have just gone ahead and started.

<Maggi> lol

<Maggi> you should listen to your body and what it says

<John> When a diabetic goes from sedentary to active, he can be in danger of a fatal


<John> I had to go to a meeting of the University Board (a three hour trip) Friday. When

we got there, we were told the meeting had been postponed.

<Vance> great!

<Vance> Don't you just love that?

Anonymous2490 has joined the chat room.

<John> Happens all the time.

<John> We have to go back next Wednesday.

<Maggi> what are you doing?

<ying> John ... are you a diabetic?

<John> Yes, Ying, I am.

<Vance> Could this be Felix?

<ying> You are asking me ?

<ying> NOw..?

<Vance> Anonymous 2490

<ying> I watched three movies today.

<Maggi> wow...anything interesting?

<John> Three?

<John> What were they, Ying?

Anonymous2490 has left the chat room.

<ying> you know.. old movies.. 10 things I hate about you.. The kids.. Keeping in the


<Vance> Guess what, 2490 was me. I'd opened a browser in another window.

<John> lol

<John> So, what are the 10 things you hate about me?

<Vance> Did you go out and rent these movies or were they on tv?

<ying> It is the title of the movie... talking about the high school in USA

<ying> I rent the VCD..

<Vance> Do you watch them alone or with anyone else?

<ying> The students of high shcool in USA.

<Maggi> get a dvd player and you can watch them while you talk with us

<ying> I watch them alone... at home.

<John> That's no fun. You need to watch them with someone else.

<ying> Actually.. I am listening it now.

<ying> no.I recorded it when I watched it... nobody could here the voice except me...

<Vance> So do you play the sound over to understand the English?

<Vance> hello?

<John> Anybody still here?

<Vance> (just checking)

<ying> Not exactlly.... I don't think that I could figure out all of conversation......but it helps

me the accent..

<Vance> You study English in exactly the same way I like to study languages.

<Maggi> I'm listening

<Vance> I can't read a grammar book. I can get on the Internet, download songs, find

lyrics, and so on ...

<ying> But I am not good... I mean I never pay attention to understand all scripts.

<John> Sounds like me.

<Vance> No need, you can only get so much out of it. At least what you get is yours.

<ying> But Vance... you don't need to read Grammar book... actually you teach it.

<Vance> I mean in another language.

<ying> beside that.. you are a native speaker.

<ying> French?

<John> Grammar books are only helpful when you already know enough that you don't

need them.

<ying> Aribic

<Vance> Yeah, Arabic for example. I was once exposed to the grammar but I don't

study it now.

<Vance> I listen to songs, read signs, speak to people ...

<ying> Waaaaa

<John> That's the best way to pick up a language - Use it.

<ying> I tried to force myself to read novel in English.. it didn't work.

<John> Probably one of those old boring classics.

<ying> NO... it is new... I read the Chinese version first. Have you heard about the


<Maggi> get a love story

<Vance> I've learned a lot of French from reading novels. Interesting ones.

<Vance> I remember my first attempt. Very tedious. Used the dictionary a lot.

<Vance> I soon got the hang of it.

<Vance> What's the 'Disgrace' about?

<John> My first attempt in Spanish was a first grade book.

<John> I thought that would be about my level.

<ying> Have you tried to remember the words which you got it by checking dictionary?

<Vance> And that's another good way. I've read lots of French books with English on

one side of the page, French on the other.

<Vance> I only remember words by meeting them over and over again.

<Maggi> can't do that now with German

<Vance> To meet them again, you have to read.

<John> I remember one word I found in a dictionary.

<John> nocent.

<ying> It is a complicated story.. talking about a middle aged profession who rapped

his student...

<Vance> raped?

<ying> rape

<ying> sorry

Anonymous436 has joined the chat room.

<John> So what happens in the rest of the book?

Anonymous436 is now known as Felix.

<Vance> rapped is from 'rap' which means to hit or speak

<John> Hi, felix.

<Felix> Hi all

<ying> Of course.. it was a scandle...

<Vance> Felix, about time. Hi.

<ying> He was forced to leave the university to move to live with his daughter.

<John> I've never read that book.

Anonymous64 has joined the chat room.

<Felix> What book are you talking about?

<John> And his daughter accepted him in her house?

Anonymous64 is now known as Michael C.

<Vance> I usually read non-fiction myself .. about a book Ying Lan has been reading.

<Michael C> Hi folks.

<Vance> Hi Michael.

<Felix> What is its name?

<John> Hi, Michael.

<Felix> Hi MC

<ying> It happened in South Africa... so... his daugher was raped by three black people

<John> Disgrace.

<Felix> By who?

<ying> Vance.. which one...

<ying> Hello Michael and Felix.

<Maggi> Hi Felix, mc

<Felix> Who is the writer Ying?

<John> Good question - Who's the author, Ying?

<Vance> And which book am I reading now? Or which oneS have I read?

<ying> Wait.. I have to take it.. I left the book on my bed.

<Vance> So MIchael. Got your email about HearMe. Have you investigated?

<Felix> I am also reading a book by Jostein Gaarder

<Michael C> No further word yet Vance. I'm still waiting.....

<Vance> What's that about Felix?

<ying> "Disgrace" by J.M. Coetzee... -- winner of the 1999 booker prize.

<John> Thank you, Ying. I think I'm going to look for it in my local book store.

<Vance> And what book are you reading Felix?

<Felix> It's hard to explain but I will try

<Felix> Maya is its name.

<ying> it has been publised by Random House U.K.

<Felix> It's about our origin, but viewed in a fiction perspective.

<Felix> Jostein Gaarder is a philosopher, a famous one.

<Michael C> The origin of the human race?

<Felix> yes.

<ying> Maybe you guys ... should check "disgrace" at the web site of

<Michael C> So where do we come from??

<Vance> You guys are hardly students. Felix is a teacher and Ying Lan could easily be


<Felix> but with "magic", unkown phenomena, biology, genetics all together

<Maggi> maybe we are a lab experiment of more advanced beings

<Michael C> So humans are magic?!

<ying> Michael .. you are from Australia.

<Michael C> Yes Ying...why do you say that?

<ying> You just asked "where do we come from?"

<Maggi> because you are...

<Felix> No MC, the author wants to show that our origin is much more than cientific

proofs,, there's much more.

<Michael C> Oh..I meant we as in 'the human race'!

<Vance> I think he means, were we originate

<Felix> LOL@YING

<John> Disgrace is US$10.40 at Amazon.

<Vance> That's very inexpensive.

<ying> I did not mean.. that you have to buy it on line... I just want you to read the story


<John> for the paperback version.

<Felix> Ying, Sidney Sheldom is a good author to be read in English.. Very easy to


<Felix> 10,40 expensive???? In Brazil most of the books are this price

<ying> Sidney Sheldom?

<Vance> INexpensive ... Sidney Sheldon

<Felix> yes Ying.

<John> It's about what I would expect to pay in a book store, not on Amazon.

<Felix> Dont you like his books Vance?

<ying> Actually... I bought it at NTD330. it is close to USD10.

<Felix> I also love J M Simmel, John Grisham

<ying> It sounds.. that you read a lot.

<Felix> who reads a lot Ying?

<ying> YOu

<John> The write-up in Amazon is quite interesting.

<Felix> I like reading.

<Felix> but books in Brazil is so expensive, that's a big problem :o))))

<Vance> I always take a book to bed.

<John> I take a book to breakfast, lunch, bed, and the bathroom.

Anonymous88 has joined the chat room.

<Felix> I love reading in the bathroom.

<ying> The meeting of book warms .. here.

<Maggi> lol

<John> The only place I know I won't be disturbed.

Anonymous88 is now known as pon.

<Michael C> I've been reading about South Africa today - the life of Nelson Mandela. An

amazing story and an amazing man.

<John> Morning, Pon.

<Vance> Pon how are you , so nice to see you ...

<Felix> Hi Pon

<pon> hi everybody

<pon> me too

<Michael C> Hello Pon.

<pon> longtime

<ying> hi... pon

<Felix> pon is a he or a she?

<pon> yes ying

<John> Haven't heard from you in a while.

<Maggi> Hi Pon is a man

<pon> man

<Felix> Hi man !

<pon> yes

<ying> But we were talking about that I was failed to reading.

<Vance> I might be having a computer crash ...

Anonymous44 has joined the chat room.

<Felix> why did you give up Ying?

<ying> I love to watch movie more than to read a nobel.

<Felix> I like both

<ying> novel

<John> Do you like to read, Pon?

<Vance> excuse me while i sort this out ..

<Anonymous44> hello everyone

Anonymous44 is now known as Cougar.

<pon> see cd

<pon> now no

Anonymous8 has joined the chat room.

<Felix> hi Cougar

<Michael C> Hello Cougar....

<John> Hi, cougar

<ying> May I have your name? Mr. 44

<pon> prefer see

<Felix> PPL, cougar is a friend of mine from Canada, she's coming to my place this


<ying> Waa.

<ying> Sounds good.

<Maggi> well, well

<Cougar> RIGHT!!! will be there in 2 week.s a freind?? I thought I was your best freind.

<Felix> What does your Well, well mean MAGGI? LOL

<John> This is getting interesting.

<Felix> oops... My best friend.. she is

<Vance> Cougar, hi. Boy I'm barely keeping my machine running here.

<Cougar> looks like you are doing well Vance.

<ying> Cougar.. nice to meet you? Which city you live in Canada.

<Maggi> things getting warm eh?

<Felix> You mean your computer Vance?

<Felix> nope this way Maggi

<Cougar> I cannot stay long my daughter is having her birthday today and I have many

things to do

<Felix> Cougar, bring me some candies ok?? hmmmmmmmm

<Felix> and a piece of cake

<John> I have to leave in about half-an-hour. My wife wants me to take her someplace.

<Vance> So how do you know Cougar, Felix? We always welcome visitors.

<ying> maple suger is better.

<John> Wish her a happy birthday from us, Cougar.

<Felix> what is maple suger?

<ying> good luck. John.

<Cougar> I bought many of those chocolate caramel eggs for you but I keep eating

them!! sorry!!!

<John> I'll still he here for a while, Ying.

<Felix> Dont dare to touch them Cougar!!! That's an order.

<Cougar> honey, I am bringing maple syrup and maple butter also..remember the

maple stuff i sent you one time was very sweet you liked it..

<Vance> Are you Canadian Cougar?

<Felix> DO you see ppl...? She's eating my sweets

<ying> How about your doctoral dissertation?

<pon> sweet make pig

<Felix> I owe John an answer.. oops

<Cougar> ROFLMAO I am eating them dear....they are so good i cannot help it. i also

have a can of quality street chocolates have not opened them yet...but tempted to

<John> I'm still in the pre-analysis part.

<Cougar> yes i am canadian live in nova scotia

<Felix> Where do you live Pon?

<Vance> Do you know the people you are talking to?

<John> I'll be sending you a report soon, Ying.

<pon> thai

<ying> Waaaa... What a beautiful place.. nova scotia.

Cougar has left the chat room.

Anonymous30 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous30 has left the chat room.

<Vance> Have you been there Ying Lan?

<Vance> Pon, have you seen how we used your logo on our webheads pages?

<ying> JOhn. I am a procasternateor. I hope you are not.

<ying> NO.. I dreamed that ....

<pon> wrot thesis 10 years ago

<John> I've been known to procrastanate.

<Felix> Is that contagious Ying?????? LOL

<John> Very, Felix.

<Felix> what a word!!!!!!!!!

<Maggi> nice word

<John> It falls into my philosphy.

<Felix> it' s like a disease Maggi..

<John> Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

<Maggi> but I think it is procrastinate

<John> I've never been good at spelling.

<Felix> do tomorrow what you can do today? John?

<Michael C> And I think it's procrastinate (spelling) Yes maggi it is

<ying> I misspelled it. ?

<John> So did I.

<Felix> yes, the word is procrastinate

<Maggi> tomorrow is always yesterday

<Felix> I love to procrastinate

<John> I mean, why bother doing your homework - the professor will probably cancel

the test.

<pon> mean

<John> That's what I tell my students, anyway.

<Felix> John are you serious?

<John> Of course not.

<John> I'm never serious.

<Felix> SHIT!!!!!!! I was about to get a transfer to your school!!!!!!!!

<John> Life is too important to be serious all the time.

<Michael C> Exactly!

<John> I did tell my students that one time. But in a specific context of what students

seem to think.

<Felix> I am always serious!

<Michael C> That's right Felix.

<Vance> Pon, we've missed you. What are you doing these days.

<Maggi> lol

<Felix> Thanks God someone agreed with me

<John> I can be serious. Very. But I also believe that a person who is always serious

doesn't get much fun out of life.

<Maggi> true

<Felix> maggi is not talkative these days

pon has left the chat room.

<Maggi> maggi is listening

<ying> Be serious!! It is me.

<Michael C> Are you serious Ying/

<ying> But I hate that... even I hate it.. I used to be serious all day.

<John> I used to be serious all the time. People kept calling me "Mr. Grouch".

<Felix> I am when it is needed.. But normally I am the opposite

<Michael C> But now you're not Ying?

<ying> Let me ask you a quesion... do you think it is a hard time after you drunk.

<Felix> The hangover ying?

<John> Is what a hard time? Hangovers?

<Michael C> Yes it is usually hard next day.

<Felix> In my opinion it' s a hard time.. I felt that a lot during this summer

<John> I've been known to have to sleep it off.

<ying> I am still serious. .. it is very easy to be impulsive.

<Vance> Speaking of hangovers, how was carnival. All back to normal now?

<Felix> yes Vance.. Now carnival is over.. snif snif

<Maggi> more or less here

<ying> Why peopel like to drink a lot.. even it is a hard time for everyon?

<Maggi> the party animals didn't make it to class on Wednesday

<Michael C> Who's going to answer this???

<Felix> the regret always arrives late Ying!

<John> I haven't drunk that much in many years.

<Felix> I do John

<John> You tend to forget the hangover after the first drink.

<Maggi> I don't get drunk....

<Felix> On Friday for example I got drunk

<Maggi> ....get sick first...

<Michael C> Well it's nice 'getting' drunk - not so nice to be drunk!

<John> I used to drink all the time. I stopped over drinking when I returned from my

residency back in 1995.

<Felix> and the best thing to cure a hangover is to have another drink. That' s for sure

<Michael C> Right again Felix!

<Michael C> NOT!

<Vance> what's 'residency'

<Felix> What did you use to drink John?

<John> I had to spend a year at the University taking my course work. Everything else is

done at a distance.

<John> Residency can vary from a couple of months to three years.

<Felix> doctors in Brazil need to take a year or two in Residency

<John> Where I am studying, residency can be two semesters, a sm

<John> em

<John> a semester and a summer, or two consecutive summers.

<ying> JOhn.. you are not a doctore.

<Felix> I am listening to Pink Floyd now

<Vance> gotcha, for your phd

<Vance> which one, Felix?

<John> I will soon be a doctor of English.

<Felix> The Wall

<John> I have to start getting ready to go soon.

<ying> I mean... a doctor.. medical.

<ying> A doctor who works in the hospital.

<Vance> How's the research coming John? Any insights you can share with us?

<John> No, I am not a doctor of medicine. Residency in that type of program means

working in a hospital.

<Felix> That's right John

<John> I haven't been able to sit down and go through the information in about four

weeks. My dean and my department chair have me working on a BA proposal.

<Felix> What is a BA?

<John> I hope to have something for the group in about another month.

<Felix> Bachelor?

<ying> Bachelor?

<John> A Bachelor of Arts degree. My department wants to start offering a BA in


<Michael C> People - I have to go - a big day at work tomorrow so I'd better go to bed.

Talk you you soon.

<John> English as a second language.

<John> Night, Michael.

<Vance> OK Michael. Thanks for popping by.

<Felix> Bye MC

<John> I need to be going too.

<ying> Good night Michael.

<Michael C> Bye.

Michael C has left the chat room.

<Vance> Michael doesn't fool around. When he leaves, he leaves.

<Felix> yeah

<John> I'll see you all next week, if not before.

<Felix> Ying, do you have a webcam?

<Vance> OK John, you're outta here too?

<ying> YOu men... I fooled around...

<ying> webcam?

<Maggi> bye

<Vance> us men? Or do we mean?

<Felix> yes ying.. a camera for computers

John has left the chat room.

<ying> I have not open it for a long time.

<Felix> I see

<Felix> We can use it sometime. what do you think?

<ying> i lost the porgram of webcam.

<Vance> Which program are you using Felix? Is it net .. what's it called??

<Felix> so bad

<Vance> too bad

<Felix> I have some... netmeeting, ICUII, iphone

<ying> NO.. it is good. I am getting fat not phat.

<Felix> phat????

<Maggi> lol

<Felix> what is phat?

<ying> Tell him... guys.

<Felix> I am curious now

<Felix> so?

<Vance> ... I'm waiting ...

<Felix> Maggi????

<ying> It is a slang... You are phat means you are great.

<Felix> Ying???

<Felix> are you sure????

<Maggi> I didn't know that

<Vance> So you're not getting phat sitting around watching tv all day?

<ying> I saw a movie on Cineam... the black actore told a beautiful woman.. " YOu are

fat.. !! then add it " It is PHAT NOT FAT."

Anonymous8283 has joined the chat room.

Felix has left the chat room.

Anonymous8283 is now known as Felix.

<Felix> If you didnt know why did you laugh maggi?

<ying> Did you really not know the work "phat'?

<ying> word

<Vance> nope

<Anonymous8> what is it?

<Maggi> no

<Felix> who is Mr 8??

<ying> I read it before ... it is a book talking about slang.

<Felix> hellooooooo is anybody home?

<ying> I am here.

<Anonymous8> it´ me Felix...Juani,the thing i that there are some peolple at home and

ican´ join you...

<Vance> I'm here

Anonymous8 is now known as Juani.

<Felix> I see Juani

<Vance> Hi, is that Juanide Chile?

<Juani> hope to come back in some minutes.

<Maggi> Hi

<Juani> yes.I´ Juani from Chile

<Juani> Hi.maggi..hi everybody...

<Vance> Hi. And are you in Chile now?

<Juani> yes.i am.

<ying> hi

<Vance> Wonderful, which part?

<Juani> I´e worked a project with felix students.for a semester..

<Juani> Im from the South,tenth region

<Vance> Are you a teacher then?

<Juani> yes,a teacher of English

<Vance> Near a big city in the south?

<Maggi> kewl

<Juani> near Valdivia..I live in La unión and i work with secondary students

<Maggi> I teach Business English in companies in Germany

<Vance> Valdivia ... I spent some time in Pucon recently. Valdivia sounds familiar.

<Juani> really? were you in Pucón? that´ two hours from my city by car

<Juani> maggi your school work sounds very interesting to me..

<Vance> Yeah, I think I might have passed through Valdivia. Maybe spent the night

there. But the city I'm thinking about is only an hour west of Pucon.

<Juani> where are from Vance?

<Vance> USA but I'm living in Abu Dhabi now.

<Juani> thay you should be Temuco

<Juani> and Where is it?

<Vance> I'll look on a map.

<Vance> Abu Dhabi? In the Middle East, across from Iran

<Juani> i can send you one later if you want

<Juani> so far??

<Juani> are you teaching there too?

<Vance> I manage computers in a language school here. I was a face 2 face ESL

teacher for 20 years.

<Juani> oh..I´ also in the Computer lab since last year.I took a Post degree on

Computer Science

<Vance> I'm going to attempt a map, but it might crash my computer.

<Juani> oh....

<Vance> I've been having memory problems

<Maggi> no worries...Vance likes taking risks

<Vance> The town I was thinking about is Villarica

<Vance> The url about my trip is

<Juani> ah yes.Villarrica is very close and nice

<Vance> Maggi likes watching Vance take risks. Anyway I survived this one.

<Juani> I´l visit that website..

<Maggi> Maggi likes waiting to see what happens

<Maggi> lol

<Vance> So are you using computers to put students in touch with one another?

<Vance> And Felix, what project was that?

<Maggi> yes...?

<Juani>´ an e-mail project

<Maggi> not on the beach then!

<Juani> i can tell you more later..I must see my visitors here,,,no.maggi it´ not onn the


<Felix> bye bye ALL

<Maggi> Felix would live there if he could

<Vance> Well, why not join us. Just send email to

<Maggi> bye Felix!


<Vance> bye Felix. THanks for talking Juanide in

Felix has left the chat room.

<Vance> Juani, did you get that last message?

<ying> Say bye-bye to you.

<Vance> Oh, Ying Lan, nice to see you're still here. You've been quiet.

<Vance> Thanks for coming as usual!

<Maggi> bye Ying!

<Juani> I got it

<Maggi> sweet dreams

<Juani> so you´e e-mail is

<Vance> Yeah, have you been on our website?

<ying> my pleasure.

<Vance> oh, ok, I can email you the details.

<Juani> thanks..

ying has left the chat room.

<Juani> not really

<Vance> We record all this chats, btw

<Vance> For example, the last one you were in is posted on the Internet

<Juani> Vance,,cuold you please send me the information?

<Vance> With pleasure.

<Juani> thanks..have a nice day!!

<Vance> OK, I guess we all have to run. Maggi?

<Juani> bye.bye..then.......

Juani has left the chat room.

<Vance> I barely got the logs tonight btw. Word crashed but fortunately I'd been saving


<Maggi> bye then!

<Vance> And I got wordpad running and recovered the rest

<Vance> ok,

<Vance> nice to see you again

<Maggi> yep...enjoy the week off

<Maggi> mine is full

<Vance> Yep, going camping tomorrow for up to 4 days. I'll see you next Sunday.

<Maggi> -ciao!

<Vance> Full week for me at that point. Ok, bye

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