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Webheads chat logs from February 25, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael Ying Lan Felix
UAE Germany Australia Taiwan Bahia

And Naeem, a new Webhead from Abu Dhabi

Tonight, Maggi and I met and chatted in ICQ until Ying Lan appeared online and called us into the Homestead text chat room, where we were soon joined by Naeem, who had attended one of my recent presentations in Abu Dhabi, and Michael. Ying Lan told us of an eventful week, not only attending a wedding, but also the premature birth of a new infant in her extended family. She was just saying how Felix must be enjoying his carnival, when Felix himself appeared. Those present were not particularly adventurous tonight, with only Michael joining me at Tapped In, and my attempting to launch Paltalk, which I have so far been unable to register, but Felix did get us watching videos of Carnival at As people were saying goodbye, I was exploring the Wimba discussion sites at both EFI and Webheads and leaving a few messages there. We're hoping we can get Michael to start us off on some discussion topics there, and I would like to have every Webhead leave a voice message on our site; what a great archive!

Homestead logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous6020.

Members of room: Anonymous6020 Maggi

Anonymous23 has joined the chat room.

You have changed your name to Vance.

<Vance> Hi, been here long?

<Maggi> no

Anonymous1469 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous1469 has left the chat room.

Anonymous9992 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous9992 has left the chat room.

Maggi is now known as ng.

<ng> Ying may be having difficulties connect

<Vance> That must be Ying Lan. I'm going to record the time, noon plus 23 min.

Anonymous24 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous24 is now known as ying.

<ng> Hi Ying

<ying> Hello !!

ng is now known as Maggi.

<ying> maggi...

<Maggi> sorry, must have deleted my name

<ying> How are you?

<Anonymous23> Hi! I am a new friend, Naeem Ahmed Syed

<Maggi> flying fingers will make havoc


<Maggi> Hi Naeem

<Anonymous23> Hi Maggi

<ying> Hello! Naeem Ahmed Syed... Nice to meet you!! Where are you from?

<Anonymous23> I am in AbuDhabi, and am Pakistani

<ying> What's your story?

<Vance> Hello Naeem

<ying> You live the same city as Vance's.

<Anonymous23> Hello! Vance, You remember we met in conference

<Maggi> working in the oil business?

<Anonymous23> Yes I live in the same city

<Vance> Yes, of course. I think Naeem is an educator.

<Anonymous23> No No I am an administrator of a School

<Vance> Naeem, you can change your name (see the change button?)

<ying> Tacher?

<Maggi> how are you Ying?

<Vance> Naeem was at my presentations two weeks ago adn I invited him to join us at Webheads.

<ying> I lived in a mess in last week.

<Vance> I invited everyone actually, but Naeem was the only one to accept.

<Maggi> forgot to clean your room?

<Anonymous23> I think I will learn too much from this side. Thanks

<ying> I mean I have been in a confusion for over three week.

<Vance> Ying Lan is from Taiwan, and we're about to find out what can be more

confusing than the recent earthquake

<ying> I always forget to clean my room.

<Vance> What's the confusion?

<Maggi> someone messing with your head Ying?

<Anonymous23> I donot attend any program just for the sake of program. That's why I again search for your site

<ying> Work... I have been changed the position in my compony sinco Feburary... but it is not a promotion.

<ying> since

<Anonymous23> What is the change

<Maggi> where did they put you?

<ying> job



<Vance> Naeem, if you would like to meet Ying Lan I'll give you her url

<ying> I moved from 2td floor to 3th floor.

<Vance> That's a move up

<Maggi> and?

<Anonymous23> Yes Please

<ying> The job is totally different from the original one.

<Maggi> you couldn't find the stairs? lol

<Maggi> is it harder?

<ying> I can not find the best way to do my new job... you can say I can not find the stair.

<ying> For me , it is really hard.


<Vance> That's YL's url for Naeem

<Anonymous23> Thanks

<Maggi> maybe you just need some time to adjust

<Vance> What do you do in your new job?

<ying> Even I am a extrouvert in appearance. Actually I am introuvert inside.

<ying> I am working on the job called Marketing Service.

<Maggi> no u

<Vance> Is it more public relations?

<ying> What do you mean? "no U"

<Maggi> extrovert

<Vance> introvert

<ying> No... not really.. I have to visit my clients... my surpervisor gives me a list of clients.

<Vance> You don't like it? Or is it more pressure on you?

<Maggi> where do you visit them?

<ying> What am I? extrovert? introvert?

<ying> Their company.

<Vance> I think you're an extrovert, but you say you're an introvert :-)

<Maggi> well...gets you out of the office

<ying> I'm an inrtovert inside.

<Anonymous23> You must enjoy meeting clients

<Maggi> we all are at times

<ying> yeap,,, my manager said I have to hand my diary everyday, but I did nothing in last week.

<Vance> So there's a lot of pressure on you?

<Vance> to do something you don't want to do?

<Anonymous23> You should make a schedule

<ying> Not really... I don't know how to chat with people. Especially I am not familiar with them.

<Vance> Didn't they ask you if you wanted this new job?

<ying> I have no choice.. Vance.

<Vance> YL, they must LIKE you to give you a position where they have confidence in you.

<Maggi> just start talking Ying and smile

<ying> Thanks... most of my cleaque think I am so mean.

<Vance> I'm sure they wouldn't let just anyone talk to their clients.

<Vance> clique?

<ying> I have been working in the company for over 10 years. The ex-manager thought I know everything.

<ying> officemates

<ying> colleague

Anonymous97 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous23 has left the chat room.

Anonymous97 is now known as Michael C.

<Vance> Must be Michael, yep, hi

<Michael C> Evening from Oz.

<ying> hello michalle

<ying> Oz?

<Vance> There are two of us here from Abu Dhabi today Michael

<Michael C> australia

<Michael C> Who's the other one of you Vance?

<ying> He has left..

<Vance> Oh, it was Naeem, someone from one of our conferences here.

<Michael C> OK. Who are 97 and 23?

<Vance> I didn't notice him leave ...

<Michael C> Oh - 23 was me!

<Vance> 97 is you

<Michael C> ER....yeh!

<ying> 23 was Naem

<Vance> yep

<Michael C> Who's with you in Tapped in?

<Vance> no one :-((

<Michael C> Sounds like fun...

<Vance> Would you like to try it, Ying Lan? We can stay here and keep Maggi company too

<ying> Tapped in?

<ying> What is it?

<Vance> You just go to, sign in as a guest, and then type

<Vance> /join vances

Anonymous6747 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> It's a nice learning environment. John started an office there too.

Anonymous6747 has left the chat room.

<Vance> I still haven't decorated my office. No time for the coding details.

<Michael C> I'm going to try tapped in....

<Maggi> so Ying...did you get there?

<Vance> Why not. If you like I can open a browser window on your computer, but it's the only trick I know.

<Michael C> Don't do that yet - I have enough open!

<Vance> I was explaining last week that it wouldn't be polite if you didn't ask first. See??!!!

<Maggi> and a loud pop goes up for downunder in Oz

<Michael C> Huh?

<Vance> snap???

<Maggi> too much open and you popped

<Michael C> Oh I see!

<Maggi> was there a crackle too?

<Vance> Are you trying YL? I'm wondering if it's accessible to most everyone.

<ying> I just tried to join the member of Tapped in.

<Michael C> At least the foreworks season seems to have ended here so there are no more bangs on the streets.

<Vance> You can probably do that.

<ying> I don't know it works or not... I think I have to wait the notice by email

<Michael C> I mean 'fireworks'

<ying> firework season ?

<Vance> Just try going back as a guest

<Maggi> no carneval down there eh?

<Michael C> Well it's not really a season Ying - it's just that everyone seemed to be letting off fireworks around Christmas and new year.

<ying> Carnival ?... I think Felix enjoys his Carnival now.

<ying> I think I have to make a schedult of my job to solve my problem.

<ying> schedule

<ying> I am really bad now.

Anonymous98 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> You'll learn how to do it

<Maggi> we have it here too ying...called Fasching

<ying> I hope wo.

<ying> so

<ying> Fasching is German

Anonymous98 is now known as Felix.

<Felix> Hi pals

<Maggi> yes for carneval

<Vance> Hi Felix. Nice to see you again.

<ying> Walll./.. Evil coming

<Maggi> Hi Felix

<Michael C> Hello Felix!

<Vance> speak of the devil, as we say ...

<Felix> Are you talking about what?


<Michael C> You1

<ying> Every time I was talking to Felix... he just come fllow my words.

<Felix> Am I a devil?? LOL

<Maggi> carneval

<Felix> what is carneval?

<Maggi> lol

<Maggi> not as much skin here because it is so cold

<Vance> carnival

<Felix> It is damn hot here.. ABout 40 Celsius degrees... But today is raining a lot. I am waiting a friend to go to the beach and only come back on Tuesday

<Maggi> beats snow and ice

<Vance> How's the carnival?

<Felix> There' s big party there, but I don't like it.. It's RAVE

<ying> I just said "Felix enjoys his carnival."

<Felix> it's being excellent Vance. In Trancoso there's no big crowds.. I like it.

<Maggi> lots of parties here

<Felix> I really do Ying.

<Michael C> I thnk our really hot summer is finally cooling down - only 30 degrees today.

<Felix> But 30 degrees is still hot

<Felix> a lot hot

<Michael C> No way. After 40 30 is beautiful!

<Vance> I think next year I should join you at Carnival

<ying> It is cold here today.. Yesterday it was hot in the morning... But I went to Hing-Chu with my mother.. when I was there at noon .. it was really cold.

<Maggi> hope it doesn't melt the antartic ice cap

<Felix> You are right. But it's good to unwind with an ice cold beer by the beach, dont you thing?

<Michael C> Sounds fine!

<Felix> It will be excellent Vance

<Felix> DO you have snow there Ying?

<Vance> It's one thing I've always wanted to do. This year my son wants me to come to Russia in the summer

<ying> NO... only cold wind.

<Felix> Are you going Vance?

<ying> which one.. the elder one?

<Maggi> we had snow again

<Vance> Yeah, he's really keen on a program that teaches Russian in Siberia

<ying> Your elder son is supposed to be in USA to study his degree.

<Michael C> Why does he wat to learn Russaian?

<Vance> Yeah, but this is in August, summer break.

<Felix> If you want to have an idea about our carnival, go to

<Vance> I think he's been meeting a lot of Russian girls

<Michael C> of course!

<Felix> Probably!

<ying> May be your daugher-in-law will be a Russian.

<ying> kidding

<Vance> Maybe. Felix, should I just download any film clip?

<Felix> I dont think so.. I am opening the site now Vance

<ying> NOBODY ASKED ME WHY I was in Hing-Chu yesterday.

<Michael C> LOL! Ok - why?

<Felix> WHY???????????

<ying> We have an infant in my family/

<Michael C> Oh - a new one?

<ying> my sisiter-in-las has a baby yesterday.

<Michael C> fantastic! Congrat ying!

<Michael C> Congrats!

<Michael C> Are they both well?

<ying> It is the first new generation in my family except my nephews.. (they are my sisiter's son)

<Maggi> a new if you can get used ones....

<Felix> Are you watching the film vance?

<Vance> Great, I know last week you were at a wedding

<Vance> I'm watching a musical concert

<ying> Yes, they are fine. but the infant is too small.. he will be worm box for few weeks.

<Felix> which one did you open?

<ying> It is a bad experience last week.

<Michael C> So the baby was premature (born early?)

<ying> Yes, he was born early.

<Michael C> My son was 9 weeks early and he is now bigger than me!

<ying> He is 2.4 kil.

<Michael C> My son was 1.5 kg!

<ying> Waaaa... he was smaller than ours.

<Vance> I'm not sure which one I opened. Why was that bad YL?

<Vance> oh, because he was premature?

<ying> After three dishes... I had stomachache.

<Vance> This is rock music. I was expecting samba.

<ying> In the wedding.

<Maggi> expectations...:-)

<Felix> Samba is only in Rio or Sao Paulo.. In Bahia we have Axe music. It's not rock

<ying> The infant is fantasic.

<ying> Axe music?

<Felix> Completely different from rock

<Michael C> Axe music - that sounds nice....

<Felix> yes.. it's a Bahia rhythm

<Michael C> But some people refer to guitars as axes.

<Maggi> something chopped up Felix?

<Felix> they use guitars.. but there's nothing to do with Rock...

<Felix> What is chopped up?

<Maggi> you do it to wood with an axe

<Felix> Actually rockers doesn't like Axe

<Felix> uh???????? (maggi)

<Maggi> a joke...nevermind

<Vance> I guess I'm listening to axe music

<Vance> Ivete Sangalo incendeia o sábado de carnaval em Salvador

<Michael C> I'm watching dancing girls in a nightclub.

<Felix> Ivete Sangalo is a famous Axe's music singer. She is marvelous

<Michael C> Everyone looks very sexy.

<Vance> Where are the girls?

<ying> ARe you guys at the web site which Felis just told us?

<Vance> I'm not sure where Michael is.

<Michael C> yes - in the carnival website.

<Felix> The translation is something like: Ivete Sangalo fire up on Saturday in

Salvador's carnival

<Maggi> looking at the girls Ying

<ying> Send me the url by icq... can you?

<Vance> I thought it would be a fireworks display

<Maggi> right

<Michael C> I went to the URl Felix sent before.


<Michael C>

<Michael C> .and then clicked on the second one from the top.....

<Michael C> "As Meninas" agitam o circuito com "Bate Lata", uma das

<Felix> As meninas is an Axe Band.. Only girls.. Actually the English name is The Girls

<Vance> ok, I'm loading that one

<Felix> I am opening this site now MC

<Michael C> Is this live Felix?

Felix has left the chat room.

<Michael C> Axe music doesn't sound bad.

<Vance> As Meninas is ok

<Vance> Felix, have you been to Michael's Wimba site yet?

Anonymous3622 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous3622 is now known as Felix.

<Vance> Felix, have you been to Michael's Wimba site yet?

<Felix> nope.. waht is it abaout?

<Felix> what is it about?

<Vance> oh, and Pal talk, I haven't been able to register. Have you used it Michael?

<Michael C> Wimba is a voice forum. No i haven't tried to use Paltalk yet vance.

<Felix> brb

<ying> i CAN NOT connected by realplayer.

<Vance> Let's see if i can make anything happen

<Vance> I'm using the Windows Media Player

<Michael C> Wimba forum is at

<Vance> Michael, I've been thinking, maybe you should get some discussions going the way you used to get writing topics started.

<Maggi> that it what Dave is doing with it

<Vance> Where is his forum?

<Maggi> he sent an address ags ago

<Michael C> I could try that. I've been waiting for people to go and have a try at it but not many have. Perhaps I should try and persuade people with discussion topics....

Maggi has left the chat room.

<Vance> I just tried launching Pal talk. it always tells me Ihave to visit the link they sent me in an email. My browser won't connect to that link.

Anonymous57 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous57 is now known as Maggi.

<Vance> I'm visiting the Wimba page now.

<ying> Hi... guys. I want to go now.

<Michael C> I'm sorry folks I have to go - some work to do before bed and it's jyst gone12 here.

<ying> me too.

<Michael C> So enjoy Carnival Felix.

<ying> See you next week

<Maggi> ok's:

<Vance> OK, well, it's nice seeing everyon.

<Vance> everyone

<Michael C> Bye everyone.

<Vance> ok, I'll check out that one too.

Michael C has left the chat room.

<ying> bye

<Maggi> bye

ying has left the chat room.

<Vance> OK, YL, see you ....

<Vance> So who's left? Felix and Maggi?

<Maggi> so far

<Vance> I think Felix gave us a brb a little earlier.

<Maggi> seems so

<Vance> Just listening to 'you're a week late'

<Vance> cute

<Vance> I'm popping over to Dave's now.

<Maggi> ok

<Vance> Dave's says tell us about your country and customs

<Maggi> yes

<Vance> Jose from Spain wants to speak with someone who wants to learn English. It's great.

<Vance> I like it. We need to get all the webheads put their voices on our webheads board.

<Vance> Threaded discussions don't thread, that's one problem.

<Vance> I don't see how to start a topic, either.

<Vance> I left a message and it went to the top.

<Maggi> mc has the other one set up different

<Vance> In what way?

<Maggi> most recent is at the bottom so you can see what it was in reply to

<Vance> I think I managed to get one at the top of Michael's too. I'd have to go back and look.

<Vance> Yeah, I got "finally it's working, Feb 11" up BEFORE all the ones from Feb 5, and you added yours to that thread. How you do dat?

<Maggi> pressed record

Felix has left the chat room.

<Maggi> bye Felix...

<Vance> No, I clicked on your note, recorded, posted, and it went to the TOP again. !!??

<Maggi> who knows...

<Vance> I figured it out. I have to click on your message and hit reply.

<Maggi> Ithink that is what I in an email

<Vance> Yep, you figured it out first time.

<Maggi> instinct

<Vance> OK, I guess that's it for today. I'm off on a run.

<Maggi> ok...:-)

<Maggi> bye...

Maggi has left the chat room.

<Vance> I'll upload the logs from last week. Just finished them. OK, bye then

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