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Webheads chat logs from February 11, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi John Ying Lan Michael
UAE Germany Puerto Rico Taiwan Australia

And Aum from Thailand, Wendy from China, and Peter from Japan

The chat this evening started in ICQ and then moved to Homestead, with some participants trying out the Telcopoint voice and Yahoo text chats

The chat began with John telling Vance he'd read that an undersea cable had been cut and China and Taiwan were cut off from the Internet world. The situation proved not so drastic when Wendy and Taiwan both turned up, from mainland China and Taiwan, respectively. While the participants talked about food and music, several of the participants were trying to get into Vance's Telcopoint (HearMe) voice chat room. Everyone has been having problems reaching there but Vance managed to get the applet running that placed him in the chat room, and while he was there, Peter from Japan dropped by as well as John, Maggi, and Michael. However, no one could hear anyone else there, and we were only able to learn how the text chat worked, and how awkward it was for our purposes. Its only advantage appears to be that you can save your conversations fairly easily. Meanwhile, people had been popping in and out of the Homestead chat 'like toast' as Maggi said, when suddenly Vance was tossed offline. In Vance's case it turned out to be a server crash, so Vance packed his bags and went home to drink his Kilkenny.

One interesting thing about this chat was that we were joined by Wendy, from China, who was sent to us by Dave Kees, a Webhead teacher working in China. Wendy politely left a message in the Homestead Guest Book, so I was able to get in touch with her to tell her where these chat logs are. Maybe she'll join our group.

ICQ logs

Vance sees John on ICQ and initiates a chat. The time is GMT + 4, or 11:21 a.m. GMT ...

Vance: (3:21 PM) Hi John, just checking my Internet connection to see if it's working. Do you read me?

John Henry: (3:21 PM) Read you. Mine has only gone down once so far this morning.

Vance: (3:30 PM) good, must be netscape then

John Henry: (3:31 PM) It could be. I just heard that China is down as far as net access is concerned - They have very slow speeds due to a broken undersea cable.

Vance: (3:33 PM) too bad, at least I can stay at work and have a couple of computers at my disposal

John Henry: (3:34 PM) Yep. The news report says it will be 23 days before the cable is fixed. It is affecting a large area of the pacific.

Vance: (3:34 PM) wow ... I thought they used satellites

John Henry: (3:35 PM) Only for some things. The article is on the MSN web site. According to a spokesman, most internet connections were carried by one cable.

Vance: (3:36 PM) can you send the url?

Vance: (3:37 PM) Maybe it was rammed by an american submarine

John Henry: (3:37 PM) No, they think it was a fishing trawler.

John Henry: (3:37 PM)

John Henry: (3:37 PM) There's the URL

Vance: (3:39 PM) Looks like Ying Lan might not be with us tonight. Taiwan paralysed it says.

John Henry: (3:39 PM) I noticed that. I'm wondering what this will do to other people we have in the area.

Vance: (3:41 PM) traffic is being diverted through satellites, it says ...

John Henry: (3:41 PM) Still, it mentions that speeds are slower.

Vance: (3:47 PM) I was looking at some presentations at the vignette site about teaching online. Have you seen them?

John Henry: (3:47 PM) Not yet. Can you send me the URL?

Vance: (3:49 PM)

John Henry: (3:50 PM) Thank you

John Henry: (3:53 PM) I'm previewing them now.

John Henry: (3:53 PM) Or will if I can connect.

Vance's ICQ starts acting up here … Had to shut it off … Trying with Homestead

You can jump to: ICQ | Homestead|Telcopoint | Yahoo

Homestead logs

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous82.

Members of room: Anonymous82 John

<Anonymous82> Funny, my ICQ shows eternal send, but I saw your reply, thank you.

You have changed your name to Vance.

<Vance> So you got the url?

<John> Mine wouldn't send.

<John> I got the URL, and am unable to connect to the vignettes themselves.

<John> My server is too slow today.

<Vance> No big thing. Not great stuff, just kind of interesting concept, free presentations about nothing

<John> I just got one.

<John> There really doesn't seem much here of use to me. Except, as you said, the concept.

<John> It shouldn't be too difficult to make one.

<Vance> Naw, getting it to work for everyone is the trick with real audio

<John> That's the trick with most things on the net.

<Vance> It's a different concept to webheads, keeping people from wasting time online by prepping them in advance

<John> Yep.

<John> Maggi is on her way.

<Vance> are you planning to attend the Teacher Ed conference tomorrow?

<John> I was able to get Telcopoint to work one time. And then it told me I need a different sound card.

<John> I need one that is duplex.

Anonymous34 has joined the chat room.

<John> Hi, Maggi.

<Vance> I got it working once too. I've got a chat room pegged to various urls

(depending on what gets returned)

Anonymous34 is now known as aum.

<Vance> Hi Maggi

<John> What teacher ed conference?

<Vance> Oh, Hi Aum

<aum> hi :) vance,john

<aum> how r u?

<Vance> I've got a web page up to organize these things.

<John> Oh, hi, Aum. I though you were Maggi.

<aum> lol

<Vance> The url is

<aum> what bout that's vance?

<John> Maggi said things are slow, but she's coming.

<Vance> It's an online conference tomorrow and the next two days.

<Vance> Teachers online.

<aum> o i c

<Vance> That's what that's about.

<Vance> So how are you today, Aum?

<aum> mmm, not good

<Vance> Why not?

<John> Hmmm. I seem to remember hearing something about it. But the boss has me so busy these days. . .

<aum> i teethach, caze my orthodontist

<Vance> If you want to try the voice chat, see if you can reach it from here ...

<Vance> You have a toothache?


<aum> yes

<Vance> And you wear braces ... I had them when I was a kid. I hated them.

<John> How much is this conference,


<John> vance

<Vance> $50

<aum> lol, i hate them too

<John> OK. That's why I didn't register then.

<Vance> Should be good though. $30 if you got there early enough.

<John> Aum. I think the worst pain in the world is a toothache.

<Vance> Is this your day off Aum?

<John> I didn't get the notice until two days ago. I remember it now.

<aum> :) lol , the worst is you can eat

<Vance> Here's the voice chat url ...

<aum> i mean u cant eat

<aum> oohhhh, i'd like to try voice chat but i still didnt have sound card

<aum> i think listen and speak english harder then read

Anonymous320 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous320 is now known as Maggi.

<aum> :) hi maggi

<Maggi> Hi

<John> I can't get into the site, Vance. Hi Maggi.

<aum> r u MAD Maggi ?

Anonymous7557 has joined the chat room.

<Maggi> How are you today Aum?

<Maggi> yep

<aum> lol , not good, now i'm hungry

<Maggi> me too

<aum> :)

<Maggi> I only had 2 bananas

<aum> how r u? maggi

<Maggi> besides hungry, fine

<aum> lol , yaaa banans can help u

<Maggi> yes, brain food

<John> Michael said connection is very slow at his side.

<Maggi> but my stomach wants more

<aum> lol, me too



<aum> what's ur time maggi?

<Maggi> somebody is hogging the cyber line

<Maggi> it's 13.14

<aum> hogging?! mean

<John> There was a break in the undersea cable from China, Maggi.

<Anonymous7557> hello

Anonymous7557 is now known as .

< >

<aum> ooo , its late for lunch

<Maggi> it means taking up too much room...or time

<Vance> Hey, the telcopoint thing is working. Wanna join me?

<Maggi> oh, that explains the traffic

<aum> i c

<John> It keeps telling me no room exists on the site.

is now known as wendy.

<wendy> I am sorry

<Maggi> who is 7557?

<John> Hi, 7557.

<wendy> hum........I am new here

<aum> hi wendy

<Maggi> wendy, hello

<aum> ?!!

<John> Hi, Wendy.

<wendy> hi

<wendy> nice to meet U guys

<wendy> hello

<Maggi> you slid in slowly

<wendy> hum...sorry,but i wonder if i can use voice chat here

<Maggi> not here

<Vance> Hi Wendy. I'm trying out the voice chat at this site

<Vance> I'm there with Peter now.


<wendy> well.thanks...i think i made a mistake

<aum> :)

<Maggi> no problem

<Vance> Everyone still here?

<aum> yeap

<Maggi> yes...

<Maggi> trying the url

<aum> vance, i saw ur cat :)

John has left the chat room.

<wendy> thanks Vance

<Vance> Not many people see my cat. He's very shy.

<aum> lol , yaaa

<aum> i'm lucky

<Vance> Peter and I are at heame but can't hear each other.

<Vance> We're text chatting.

<Maggi> installing the plugin

<aum> then?

<Vance> He's a very nice cat though. Do you have a cat?

<aum> yea , when i was kids ;)

Anonymous031 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Wendy, are you still here?

Anonymous031 is now known as John.

<Maggi> a dumb question is what is the use of voice chat if syou can't talk?

<aum> hi again john

<John> Sorry, I lost my connection for a minute.

Anonymous1434 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous143431 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous143431 is now known as Michael C.

<Michael C> Hi everyone

<John> I couldn't get into the voice chat site, Vance.

<Maggi> Hi mc

<Vance> So far, we haven't got it to work Maggi. It's supposed to work!!

<aum> hi michael

<John> Hi, Michael.

<Vance> Hi MC. Wanna try the voice chat site?

<Michael C> Hi V - which one?


<Vance> I'm there now with Peter but Peter can't talk or hear me

<Michael C> OK - I;ll try again - no luck earlier

<Maggi> what a pain in the proverbial rear end...

<John> What happened to Wendy?

<Vance> Not having much luck with hearme but I'm at least running the applet at the moment.

<Michael C> Nope - Unable to find chat room Vance talk!

<John> Vance, did you ever get Firetalk to work?

<Michael C> Back in a minute

Michael C has left the chat room.

<Maggi> I see Vance and another unidentified person

Anonymous1434 has left the chat room.

Anonymous4924 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous4924 has left the chat room.

<Vance> Could you hear me just then Maggi?

Anonymous4924 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous4924 is now known as Michael C.

<Maggi> no

<Michael C> Back again

<Vance> hmmm, not sure what it's doing

<Vance> Still this is progress.

<aum> in student pages i found 2 people from thailand :)

<Vance> We've been trying to get this to work Aum

<Maggi> so dide you hear me

wendy has left the chat room.

<Vance> Yes that's right. There's Pom and Kay, or Chotima

<John> Unable to create chatroom "vancetalk" for vstevens141 on talkserver

<Vance> No, I heard nothing.

<aum> yes, chotima she's so cute

<Vance> try refresh John

<Maggi> least Excite works

Anonymous76 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Shall we go there, or shall we try Firetalk?

<John> I refreshed three times, opened a new browser window and started over again. I still get the same message.

Anonymous76 is now known as Wendy.

<Maggi> I'm not in the mood to cyber trapse

<Vance> Hi Wendy. Yeah, this is only the second time I've got it to work.

<Vance> Wendy, where are you from?

<Wendy> I am from China

<Maggi> Nice to meet you Wendy

<Wendy> Do you know guangzhou?

John has left the chat room.

<Vance> We were just reading where a cable under the sea has broken ...

<Vance> I've never been there, but we have a student and a teacher webhead from there.

<Wendy> O,I c

<Michael C> V - 'nearly' got Telco to work - then get "network protocol error occurred"!

<Vance> Do you know Maggie, our other student from Guangzhou?

<Wendy> quite near by HK

<aum> last year i'm in Beijing

<Vance> OH, wait a minute, I'm thinking of another city!

<Wendy> my teacher said that i can try this website

<aum> i saw chinese' wall

<Vance> Yes, I've visited Guangzhou. I've visited the University there.

<Wendy> O,beijing is so far from gz,but great wall is really amazing

<aum> yaaa, and so cold

<Wendy> O,really?

<Vance> Yes, you can. You are welcome here.

<Vance> How did your teacher know about us, I wonder?

<Wendy> thanks :)

<Wendy> hum....he's a foreigner

<Wendy> come from the U.S.

<Vance> I just closed telcopoint and it asked if I want to save messages (useful)

<Vance> What's his name? Maybe he's on one of our lists.

<Wendy> dave kees

<Vance> Yeah, we know Dave. He's a webhead.

<Vance> Say hi to him for us.

<Wendy> fine,sure

<aum> oO, did Guangzhou is the city that have fantastic food?

<Wendy> yeah

<aum> ooOO, ya u can eat anything accept chair and plan :)

<Wendy> Do u like chinese food?

<Wendy> haha......

<aum> yes, my blood is chinese

<Maggi> I do and I'm hungry!

<Vance> EVERYONE likes Chinese food. Also Thai food mmmmmm

<aum> lol

<Wendy> really?

<aum> :) but i cant speak chinese

Anonymous8559 has joined the chat room.

<Wendy> O,I am not good at cooking

<Maggi> well...I wouldn't vouch for everyone Vance...:-)

<aum> thia food 's great too

<Vance> Do you speak Cantonese or Mandarin?

<Wendy> Cantonese?

<Wendy> both

Anonymous8559 is now known as ying.

<aum> i plan to learn Mandarin soon

<ying> Hello!!

<Maggi> I learned Mandarin long ago

<aum> hi ying :)

<Vance> Hi Ying Lan

<Michael C> Evening Ying.

<Maggi> Hi Ying...:-)

<Vance> We were worried we wouldn't have visitors from Taiwan and China

<aum> OOO, is that difficult, maggi

<Vance> becdause of the cable accident

<Michael C> where is the cut cable?

<Maggi> no, it was a lot easier than German

<Wendy> so U know how to speak Cantonese,aum?

<Wendy> hello,ying

<ying> How many are people in this chat room?

<Vance> John gave me the url earlier. I can try to dig it out.

<aum> lol , someone told me German is hardest

<Michael C> Thanks Vance

<aum> wendy , i cant :)

<ying> Cable acciedent?

<Michael C> yes apparently

<Maggi> the grammar...but French is no better


<aum> :)

<aum> r u student? wendy

<aum> ying, did u know the Corrs?

Anonymous82 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> The accident was a fishing boat cut a cable carrying network traffic under the ocean

Anonymous82 has left the chat room.

<Michael C> The Corrs are GREAT!

<Maggi> that was quick

<ying> what is the Corrs?

<aum> Yes , i love the Corrs

<Vance> And it says Taiwan is paralysed, though it doesn't seem to be true

<Michael C> A music group

<Vance> since Ying Lan is here.

<aum> the corrs had live concert in Taiwan last year

Wendy has left the chat room.

Anonymous17 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Would anyone like to try the excite chat room?

<ying> Sorry for being late. .. I have been worked on my client named cards organized.

Michael C has left the chat room.

Anonymous17 is now known as John.

<Vance> Have you got voice, Wendy?

Michael C has joined the chat room.

<John> I hate these disconnects. My computer hung up.

Anonymous1297 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous1297 is now known as wendy.

<Maggi> peoplepopping in and out like toast...

<Michael C> smiles

<aum> lol

<Vance> good one maggi

<Maggi> I'm hungry

<aum> how bout ur bananas?

<Vance> I've got an apple here

<Maggi> they must be almost ready to pop out...:-)

<John> I have a cup of tea here.

<Maggi> I'm going to make spaghetti sauce when we are done here

<John> I finally got Telcopoint to connect, too.

<aum> lol i have empty cup here

wendy has left the chat room.

<Vance> Oh, shall I try it again?

<ying> I am sorry for Corrs... I have not noticed the music group- Corrs.

<Vance> John and I are there ???

<John> Mine says I am disconnected

<Maggi> let the guys bounce around in cyberspace

<Vance> Mine says you are tehre twice

<Vance> They've got a lot of bugs to work out of this thing

<Maggi> I hadn't heard of them either Ying

<Vance> They're two Irish girls and a guy

<ying> I am an idiot about the western music group...

<aum> they'r Irish band

<aum> nooo 3 pritty girls :)

<Maggi> and I'm half Irish :-))

<ying> Vance knew the fresh fashion stuff... young pal.

<Vance> and a guy, right? And they're in the same family, right?

<aum> really? maggi

Anonymous8424 has joined the chat room.

<Maggi> on my mother's side of the family...

Anonymous8424 has left the chat room.

<Michael C> am I still here?

<Michael C> yes I am!

<aum> o i c

<John> I'm 3/4 Irish, Maggi

<Maggi> it looks like it mc

<aum> lol

<Michael C> I was just checking!

<Maggi> well...I don't know about my father's side

<Michael C> I'm about half Irish!

<Vance> Welcome back to the land of the cognizant, Michael.

<aum> ooo anyone have Irish part

<Maggi> the Irish get around...:-)

<John> My dad was Irish, and my mom was French-Irish.

<Vance> I think I'm part Irish too

<ying> Irish pal... have you drunk the Irish coffee?

<Michael C> yum!

<aum> lol

<Maggi> not bad

<Michael C> Info about the Corrs at

<John> Double yum, although I prefer Irish beer.

<Maggi> beer is good too!

<Vance> Yeah, I'll have a Killkenny when I get home.

<John> My dad, when he lived in Colorado, used to drink ABC.

<ying> Half of wine and half of coffee , then mixed together... put a lot of cream over the coffee...

<Maggi> Guieness will put hair on your chest...

<John> Leave out the cream.

<ying> They called it is Irish coffee..

<Vance> I wanted to ask Wendy ... have you visited our web site?

<Maggi> wine and coffee?

<John> The only cream I add is Irish Cream.

<Vance> Have you seen the pictures of the people you are talking to?

<ying> yes...Brandy..

<Michael C> brb..I'm going to get a non-Irish coffee...

<aum> vance,i think wendy left the room

<Maggi> that isn't wine

<Vance> People are popping in and out like toast, so it's hard to keep track.

<John> The first time I heard him ask a bartender for an ABC, I asked him what that was.

<aum> :)

<Vance> What's ABC?

<aum> yaa what's ABC?

<John> He told me "Anything But Coors"

<Vance> oh

<aum> ?!

<Maggi> American beer sucks

<ying> Coors?

<John> Aum, in case you don't know, Coors comes from Colorado.

<Vance> Coors is a typical American beer

<Maggi> beer made in Colorado

<Vance> Except it used to be hard to get

<aum> oooo

<John> Don't touch it myself.

<Maggi> way too cold

<John> Tastes like used water.

<Vance> Aum, did you read the chat logs from last week?

<Maggi> my brother puts his in the freezer first

<Michael C> back again...

<aum> i thinks beer is tastd bad, but i drank it many time :)

<Michael C> LOL!

<aum> vance , did u mail to me?

<Vance> Some beer tastes very good ... did you get the email about the chat logs?

<aum> ya i read some mail

<John> Ying, how is the connection in Taiwan today?

Maggi has left the chat room.

<aum> y?

<Vance> You can read these conversations on the Internet.

<ying> Not bad!!

<John> I heard that the connections were pretty slow.

<aum> oo ya i saw topic that we chatted last week

<Vance> Does it help you to be able to read it later?

<Vance> Yeah, the article says that Taiwan is "paralyzed' in Internet

Anonymous39 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous39 is now known as Maggi.

<Maggi> Sorry...closed the wrong window

<aum> vance, i dont understand

<ying> I don't think it is paralyzed here... but I was not on line until now... I have worked on my client name cards..

<aum> yes i can read it (but i'm here in chat room, i know what we talk)

<John> IT IS SO DRY IN ARIZONA THAT...The temperature drops below 95, you feel a bit chilly.

<aum> i should read it later?!

<Vance> It's up to you. If you feel you catch it all here, then no need.

<aum> oOO ok i understand, yah i should read that later :)

ying has left the chat room.

<Vance> You can if you think it will help you. I just wanted you to know it's there.

<aum> tks

<aum> now i'm taking Vera class too

<Vance> Did you see your web page? We DID have a web page started already.

<Vance> It just wasn't linked, so I fixed that.

<aum> yaa i saw that

<aum> tks for my page :)

<Vance> How's Vera's class? Ying Lan was in Vera's class.

<aum> this my first week for Vera's class

<aum> i dont know much

<Vance> I met Vera at one of the conferences.

<aum> ooo, how but ying? she like this class?

<aum> yes, vera n norma

<Vance> Do they meet in chat rooms?

<aum> i dont know

<Vance> Is it mostly email?

<Vance> Or do you go to a web site?

<Vance> Hey, everyone else, WAKE UP

<aum> yes , they have web site for work

<Michael C> HUH?

<John> zzzzzzz

<aum> ooo i thought anyone gone :)

<Vance> Sorry, Michael, you can go back to Sleep.

<Maggi> here

<aum> lol John too

<Michael C> i'm following every word!

<John> zzzzz

<Vance> John snores

Anonymous87 has joined the chat room.

<aum> sweet dreams John

Anonymous87 is now known as ying.

<John> My wife say I wake up the neighborhood.

<aum> hi ying , i knew from vence that u in Vera's class

<ying> Yes, I was.

<John> I don't believe it. I stayed awake listening one night and didn't snore once.

<ying> Have you known Vera?

<aum> yes, i take her class this week

<ying> Really??/ have fun.

<aum> how long u in that's class?

<ying> one year... may be..

<Maggi> she's going to University for her doctorate

<Maggi> Vera

<aum> oo 1 years , so long

<aum> doctorate?!!! ooo she love to learn :)

<Maggi> goes by in the blink of an eye Aum

<ying> Yes. Vera have been studying .. doctor.

<ying> has

<Vance> Why did you stop taking Vera's class, Ying Lan? Or are you still in it?

<ying> No... I was busy at that time.

<Vance> Does her class keep you busy?

<Maggi> I love to learn but I don't have the time or money

<ying> I had to prepare my promotion test...

<aum> mm

<ying> Maggi.. that's my idea.

<Vance> But I mean, is is the kind of class you have to work hard in?

<ying> grammar Class?

<Maggi> it takes time

<aum> i hate grammar

<Vance> Is it mostly a grammar class? Does she suggest exercises?

<aum> :)

<Maggi> so do

<John> I never knew my grammar.

<Vance> Actually I like grammar, so complicated

<aum> lol, realy? John

<John> She died before I was born.

<aum> lol good

<Maggi> and he is a Professor of English Aum!

<aum> yes maggi, i know but.................

<John> Grammar = Grandmother

<Vance> Oh no, John is making a joke ... grammer / grandma

<aum> lol

<aum> lol

<Vance> lol NOT

<aum> i thai language we didnt' have tense

<ying> I think I have to be the grammare class again. I am bad at it.

<aum> didnt have a an the

<John> The best way to learn grammar is to use the language.

<John> That's what we do here.

<aum> yes yes yes

<ying> After I read the correction...

<Vance> Yeah, you get a feel for what sounds natural.

<Vance> Grammars are all learned through practice anyway.

<Vance> No one really follows rules. You have to 'internalize' them.

Maggi has left the chat room.

<Vance> You 'internalize' through practice.

Maggi has joined the chat room.

<aum> yes we dont need to uesed correct grammar, just get what we talk

<Vance> That's right Aum. And the more you talk, the better your grammar gets.

<Vance> and that's what THIS class is about

Fatal Error: receive.

Press reload button on browser to restart

As you can see above, Vance's Internet server crashed just then. There was nothing more for Vance to do so he went home and had his Kilkenny.

Meanwhile Vance had found Peter on Yahoo and invited him to try out the Telcopoint chat, which didn't work for Peter. As we start talking, Peter and Vance are working out the text chat interface, since Peter couldn't hear Vance or talk to him. Unlike the HearMe chat which was ideal for our purposes, allowing communication to all participants in the chat, in the Telcopoint interface you send a message to selected individuals, or you can 'broadcast' (not sure what that does, but I figure it means talk to all). When you receive a message, you can't simply reply to it, but must 'compose' a message to the selected individual, which is a difficult way of doing things ...

You can jump to: ICQ | Homestead|Telcopoint | Yahoo

Telcopoint voice chat / message logs

To: Peter 02/11/01 04:11:54 PM Can you hear ok?

From: Peter 02/11/01 04:13:04 PM I can't quite see how this works

To: Peter 02/11/01 04:14:50 PM Looks like I have to compose to write back

From: Peter 02/11/01 04:15:06 PM yup

From: Peter 02/11/01 04:15:21 PM which means that you have tokeep hitting the button

To: All 02/11/01 04:15:29 PM There's a broadcast here as well

From: Vance 02/11/01 04:15:29 PM There's a broadcast here as well

To: Peter 02/11/01 04:15:44 PM Pain

From: Peter 02/11/01 04:16:13 PM what does broadcast mean?

To: Peter 02/11/01 04:16:42 PM I think it means send to all participants

From: Peter 02/11/01 04:16:55 PM yup you are right

From: Peter 02/11/01 04:17:22 PM City=Riverside;

To: Peter 02/11/01 04:18:03 PM city = riverside?

To: Peter 02/11/01 04:18:30 PM we're conversing at

To: Not Identified 02/11/01 04:24:43 PM Hi who are you?

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Yahoo! logs

vance_stevens: Hi there. I was going to try out this site. Wanna play?


hdep65: wow - you got one!!!!!

vance_stevens: I don't know. I haven't been able to get it to work. I'm trying now ...

hdep65: kinda half trying to sort out my paternal responsibilities at the moment Vance

vance_stevens: ok, but I got in !!!!

hdep65: yup have managed to get in to

vance_stevens: Did you hear me?

hdep65: nope

hdep65: did you hear me

hdep65: ??

vance_stevens: Did you get my text message?

hdep65: yeah but how do you write back??

vance_stevens: No idea!! Not as good as before. But no sound, eh ... can you speak?

hdep65: speaking but no pasa nada

vance_stevens: porque? no say!

vance_stevens: y no escucho nada

hdep65: yo tampoco

hdep65: vance can't stay and play, have to say goodnight to my son.....

hdep65: will have to make it another time

hdep65: but will be up on yahoo pager pretty often

vance_stevens: ok, thanks for trying. Another time.

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