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Webheads chat logs from February 4, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi John Ying Lan Michael
UAE Germany Puerto Rico Taiwan Australia

And Aum from Thailand

The chat this evening took place in Homestead and the Excite chatroom (but there is no record from Excite)

The chat began with Aum, a new student since last December, talking with John about what we do in the class, how many students we have, and that sort of thing. Once Ying Lan appeared she and Maggi and Vance went into the Excite Webheads voice chat room. We also talked about Firetalk and Delphi, our new threaded discussion site, and when Michael arrived, we talked about how we could thread discussions with voice with Wimba. Meanwhile, our conversation skirted John's new diet (where the doctor cut him back from one to four meals a day - read below to figure that out), Groundhog Day, new movies such as Castaway, and what Ying Lan was reading (fantasy). We also discussed the hardest part about learning a language, our Webheads writing topics , and singing English, which Vance says everyone really must try. Finally we asked questions about Aum so we could put the answers on her web page.

Homestead logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous61.

Members of room: Anonymous61 aum John

<John> Hello, 61.

<aum> oooo good :) where r u?

<Anonymous61> Hi Aum, hi John

You have changed your name to Vance.

<aum> hi 61

<John> I am in Puerto Rico, Aum. Hi, Vance.

<John> Aum wants to know about this course.

<Vance> That's me, Vance, in United Arab Emirates

<aum> hi vance :) u r teacher?

<Vance> We're both teachers

<aum> oo ok

<Vance> Welcome, Aum, you are an enrolled student in this class

<aum> i register this course since last year :)

<aum> but this' s my first time here

<aum> n i never reply any email ( very bad)

<aum> how bout this course? what u do in this course?

<Vance> Yeah, I'm looking up your web page now

<aum> :) sorry

Anonymous1420 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous1420 is now known as maggi.

<aum> hi maggi

<Vance> Hi Maggi

<maggi> Hi

<aum> i knew u r teacher too :)

<John> Hi, Maggi.

<maggi> me?

<aum> wrong?

<aum> ooo :)

<maggi> yes, I am a teacher

<maggi> I've been trying an hour to get here

<aum> can u tell me what r student do in this course?

<maggi> talk

<aum> talk?!!

<aum> and what bout email?

<maggi> practice using English

<Vance> We meet online, we send email, we work on our web pages

<maggi> we have a listserv with email

<aum> listserv?!!

<Vance> For example, if you send us an introduction about yourself, we will start a web page for you

<maggi> an address for the group

<Vance> Our website is

<aum> ooo yes i did

<aum> have u seen my webpage?

<Vance> No, where is it? <Vance has since found Aum's web page,>

<maggi> Vance, what is the url for our excite chat room

<aum> ooo i don't know :) maybe i should send my introduction again

<John> Is anybody in the Dephi Site?

<Vance> I'll try to find it for you Maggi ...

<maggi> aum is an interesting name

<Vance> I went there yesterday but I don't like it all that much

<aum> tks

<maggi> I left a msg there John

<Vance> I was attracted because they advertised voice chat, but guess what they were using ...

<John> I left one too, yesterday.

<maggi> tell us

<maggi> I saw it

<aum> ooo and what bout voice chat? and palace?

<Vance> They were using HearMe. So much for that ...

<maggi> refused connection today

<aum> i cant download palace

<Vance> That's another thing I found out. The Palace is no longer supported.

<aum> ooo

<John> Really?

<Vance> Visit and read the notice

<maggi> suppoted by who or what?

<aum> how long today's class started?

<Vance> There is a public version and you can get it at

<aum> ok

<Vance> And there is a list of sites that still have the software on their servers

<aum> n what i can do with palace? voice?

<Vance> Class just started Aum, you're exactly on time

<Vance> Not supported by, Maggi

<maggi> so?

<Vance> and I guess they're ''

<aum> n how long of this class ? 1 hour?

<Vance> It explains why so many of our palaces are down, doesn't it?

<John> That it does.

<Vance> Palace is avatar/text chat

<Vance> Class is two hours long, or till we get tired.

<Vance> So, Aum, to answer your questions, we have about 50 students

<Vance> and they all do what they WANT to do

aum has left the chat room.

<Vance> and we all enjoy it, and doing that, you practice your English

<Vance> and we practice our teaching skills, except our student just left

<John> I saw that.

<maggi> sure did

Anonymous81 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> was it the two hour class that did it?

Anonymous81 is now known as aum.

<John> or maybe being disconnected from the internet?

<aum> hi again

<John> Hi again. Ying is in ICQ.

<aum> ok so every sunday n 2 hours

<Vance> hi, you came back ... yeah, or for as long as you want

<Vance> Ying Lan will be here in a moment. She's from Thailand. <oops, Vance meant Taiwan>

<aum> really? oo i'm from thailand too

<maggi> oh...

<maggi> she's from Taiwan

<aum> :) maggi r u from china?

Anonymous79 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous79 is now known as ying.

<John> Pon is from Thailand.

<maggi> no, that is MaggiE

<aum> hi ying :)

<maggi> Hi Ying!

<ying> Hi...

<John> Hi, Ying.

<aum> ooo we have maggi n maggie?

<ying> It is the first time, I meet aum here, right?

<maggi> mad Maggi is the teacher

<Vance> Yes ...

<aum> yeah :) ying

<Vance> Hi Ying Lan

<ying> How are you?

<aum> good tks n u?

<Vance> Meet Aum, from Thailand

<ying> Hi...

<aum> ying, r u teacher too?

<ying> No... I am a STUDENT here.

<Vance> did I send email about the excite chatroom on the webheads list?

<ying> So... aum , what is your gender?

<aum> i'm female

<John> I didn't get it. I got one about the delphi room.

<Vance> Ying Lan, I thought you were a tutor now, or a student advisor

<ying> Good... How are you lady?

<aum> good

<Vance> This would have been back in November/December

<ying> O.K.....

<aum> how many people in this course?

<John> I'll have to check my files.

<Vance> We have about 50 students enrolled, about 12 active

<aum> lol

<Vance> 13 now that you are active ... :-))

<aum> yeah i'm active so late

<aum> i got ur mail since last years but never reply

<ying> I am in terrible day...

<John> What do you do in Tailand, Aum?

<aum> y? terrible day?

<Vance> It's ok. We have lots of students who come occasionally.

<aum> i'm student , john

<Vance> What happened, Ying Lan?

<John> What are you studying?

<aum> collage,bussi mangement

<Vance> did you get another parking ticket?

<John> Really, two of my daughters also studied business management.

<ying> Yeah... I could not sleep well last night... I went to bed around 1:00 am but woke up at 7 or 6 am.. I feel dizzy all day.

<aum> :) yeah bussi mang is popular

<John> It sure is.

<aum> vance r u asking me?

<ying> NO More tickets.. I have posted the ticket in my car.. I watch it every day to remind myself to park leagly.

<Vance> No, or do you get parking tickets too, Aum

<John> That is a good idea, Ying.

<aum> no :)

<aum> ying what do u do ? r u in taiwan?

<ying> I am in Taiwan. I have been working in a bank here for over 10 years.

<ying> I am pretty older than you...

<aum> ooooo 10 years!!


<aum> how long u r member of this class?

<maggi> have you eaten today Ying?

<John> Have you, Maggi?

<ying> Do you guy know how to download the free MP3 of old song... like imagine.. empty garden

<maggi> I'm munching on pretzels...

<Vance> I found the url for the excite chat room in the egroups logs


<ying> I have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner.. what's wrong?

<ying> In this class.. I don't remember when I attened webheads...

<Vance> wanna go there?

<maggi> if you hadn't eaten much that could make you dizzy

<John> I remember that message, now, Vance.

<ying> I like food... so I always feel full ...

<aum> dizzy = sleep?

<aum> sleepy

<maggi> no...head spinning and light

<aum> o i c

<Vance> That url takes me to a download site. Hang on ...

<ying> I see michaelc in my icq list..

<maggi> we're hanging...:-))

<maggi> yes...must be doing something else

<Vance> This one is better:


<maggi> it may knock me off here

<Vance> Then you type in the name of the chatroom: Webheads

<aum> vance , that for what?

<Vance> That's for voice chat. Wanna try?

<John> I remember, now. That is the site that keeps giving me error messages.

<aum> :) yeah one day, cuze my freind borrowed my sound card

<aum> is that's right , borrowed or borrowing?

<John> I would use borrowed.

<aum> tks john

<John> ur welcome.

<Vance> So Maggi, Ying and I are chatting in Excite voice chat now

<Vance> But when we have visitors without sound, we do most of our talk here.

<maggi> a quiet chat

<aum> ooooooo vance don't worry bout me

<John> I signed in and my screen froze until I turned it off.

<maggi> then leave it John

<John> I did

<Vance> This one is fine.

<John> I have to get my sound card drivers updated this week.

<Vance> I've been playing with others. There's an active world that has voice chat

<maggi> let your fingers do the walking

<Vance> but it uses Firetalk, that's why I was installing it

<aum> lol

<John> I'm not sure my wife would like that, Maggi.

<Vance> We had some problem with Firetalk, didn't we?

<aum> r u married john? have kids?

<maggi> cost money

<John> The doctor told me I have to eat less. He cut me from one meal a day to four

meals a day.

<ying> I can not connect with John's finger and his wife?

<maggi> lol

<John> It's a joke, Ying.

<aum> lol

<ying> Four meals a day? that's why you are getting fat!!

<Vance> 4 little meals might be less than my one big one

<John> Aum, I am married, have three daughters, and two grandchildren.

<ying> Could be!

<maggi> 4 little ones are better than 1 big one

<John> No, that is what he wants me to eat, Ying.

<aum> ooo :) that's good john

<Vance> Firetalk might be free now. they have a pay version and a basic one

<ying> I should be on diet after Chinese Year.. but I love sausage very much.

<John> I was eating only one meal a day - It started at 6:00 in the morning and ended when I went to bed at night.

<maggi> it was only for 30 days

ying has left the chat room.

<John> My blood sugar was too high.

<maggi> LOL

<John> Where is firetalk, Vance?

Anonymous6010 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous556 has joined the chat room.

<Anonymous6010> Evening/morning/afternoon all

Anonymous6010 is now known as Michael C.

<maggi> hi mc

<Vance> It's


Anonymous556 is now known as ying.

<Vance> Hi Michael

<John> Hi, Michael,

<John> Thanks, Vance.

<ying> Michael.. is here?

<Michael C> Yes I am Ying...just arrived.

<Vance> So what have you been up doing, Michael?

<Michael C> Wimba!!!

<Vance> whatsa wimba?

<aum> hi michael :)

<John> Wimba? I think I have the code for that.

<Michael C> New voice software for forums. It's great. Check

<maggi> I tried

<John> I've been thinking of installing it - but . . .

<maggi> but John?

<Michael C> But what?

<John> but I haven't had the time or energy.

<Michael C> LOL

<Michael C> Know the feeling.

<maggi> don't we all

<John> I have the code saved in a Word Perfect file. Maybe I'll install it this afternoon.

<Vance> what kind of energy does it take? Can you send me the code, I can't hit the site.

<Michael C> I was low on energy myself till I used Wimba tonight - then I thought 'we gotta have that!'

<John> OK, I'll send it today.

<Michael C> I'd like the code too please John. The Wimba server is very slow at the moment.

<Vance> Failed to connect to the WWW server. (

<ying> I had plan to read books before the weekend , but I do nothing... just no time,, you know.

<maggi> what are you reading Ying?

<Vance> <wonders why he can't reach this Wimba site>

<Vance> <scratch scratch>

<ying> A book talking about how to learn English by reading Fantasy Fiction and playing PC Games.

<maggi> hry, where did the fleas come from...?

<Michael C> I got to the David's EFI forum OK but haven;t been able to register for the code. The forum worked rally well.

<ying> I am still reading another book talking about how to learn English by singing.

<Vance> Hey, did you see Charles Kelly's singing English site? I showed it to Maggi.

<ying> I have some questions with Vance's email... but I have no time to check those words in my dictionary.

<maggi> if you like row row row your boat

<Michael C> ...merrily down the stream...

<ying> No... I have no idea about Charles Kelley.


<maggi> a teacher in Japan

<Vance> try it now

<ying> May I can find MP3 in the web site?

<maggi> you have napster Ying

<Vance> You gotta try this. I think it's a gas.

<ying> Could I find Mp3 in the web site?

<ying> gas?

<maggi> funny

<John> Michael, I just sent to wimba code (both of them) to your chariot e-mail address. They are in RTF format.

<Vance> Not in that one. It's not mp3. A gas is something fun.

<Michael C> Thanks John

<Vance> Don't forget wimba code to

<ying> But I already have some lyrics ..

<ying> I can not copy the url directly by my mouse.

<Michael C> Just got the info John - I'll now go and try and make it work. be back later.....

<ying> I never installed the napster.

<Vance> oh well, you can try it later. It's just a fun toy for practicing English.

<John> I just sent them to you and Maggi, also, Vance.

<John> One is for voice forums, the other is for voice e-mail

<maggi> thanks John

<Vance> thanks. I'll have a look when I get home.

<Vance> I don't have a dialup in my new office.

<Vance> Aum, are you still there?

<John> I'm still trying to get around to scanning the pictures I took of my house.

<ying> Your rainbow house...

<John> No, it's my pants that are rainbow.

<ying> Your rainbow pants..

<John> Yeah, I had to paint different things (both inside and outside) so I used the same pants for painting all of them.

<Vance> Can you guys all reach

<ying> Why?

<John> nope.

<John> Where is Aum?

<maggi> hmmmm

<Vance> because I can't. Where did you get the code, John?

Michael C has left the chat room.

<Vance> Say this isn't some evil virus code you're trying to get us to embed in our web sites, is it?

<Vance> <is just kidding>

<John> I got if from Wimba way back when.

<Vance> Well, I wonder if Wimba still exists /?!

<John> When HearMe first said they were going to stop there services, I went to the Wimba site and got it.

<John> If David is using it, it must still be doing something.

<John> I'm even registered there. I just don't remember which site I registered.

<ying> Sorry..... It is time to go for me...

<John> I'm sorry to hear that, Ying.

<ying> Why?

<Vance> I just went to the site MC suggested and got the error

Anonymous16 has joined the chat room.

<maggi> lol

<Vance> Ying, are you leaving? Oh, no ... ok, get some rest.

<John> Because.

Anonymous16 has left the chat room.

<maggi> sleep well Ying...:-)

<John> Well, if you must go, Ying. Have a nice rest.

<ying> I would write some letter....

<John> I still wonder why Aum has not spoken recently.

<Vance> oh yeah, I got your letters. I'll have a look at them later.

<ying> Just can not find the time to do it.

Anonymous6 has joined the chat room.

<ying> Thanks.

<Vance> What are you doing that keeps you busy?

Anonymous6 is now known as Michael C.

<aum> hi all :) hi john


<aum> i'm here

<Vance> Hi Aum. I just wanted to tell you ...

<aum> i'm on phone

<John> Hi, Aum. I'm happy to see you are still here.

<ying> That's why I hate myself. .

<Vance> We log all our chats, so you can read them later.

<aum> what?

<Michael C> Can't get Wimba to work at all now, and I need to go to bed and my daughter wants to ue the phone.....

<Vance> You can read all this later and understand it.

<ying> o.k.

<Vance> Any response from, MC?

<John> OK, Michael. Get a good night's sleep.

<aum> vance what u wanna tell me? <Note to Aum - that we log the chats so you can go back and read them - Vance>

<ying> see you .. my good friends.

<Vance> maybe wimba wimped out

<John> See you, Ying.

<Vance> ok, bye YL

<maggi> slaap lekker mc

ying has left the chat room.

<Michael C> No response from Wimba - i could reboot and see but it would take too long. Not a good sign if their server is down.

<Vance> bunch of wimpy wankers at wimba

<aum> did anyone see 'Cast Away' ?

<Michael C> Slaap lekker iedereen - vanavond (maggi will translate)

<Michael C> Bye!

<maggi> not yet aum

<John> Well, did you see if the code was specific? I forgot to check if it was for my site -

Since I got it after registering with them.

<Vance> You COULD have written the message in English and Maggi will translate in Dutch

<maggi> just started in the cinema here

<aum> i going to see tomorrow , i hope that'll be fun

<Vance> what's it about?

<aum> maggi what u mean?

<maggi> it is supposed to be very good Aum

<Michael C> John - the code does not *appear* to be specific to your site.

<John> Nope, I just checked, it isn't specific.

<aum> that's about Tom Hank alon in island

<John> I'll try it out later today and let you know what happens.

<maggi> Tom Hanks alone on an island

<Michael C> Anyway ...till next time.

Michael C has left the chat room.

<aum> oo i should use 'on' island :)

<maggi> :-)

<aum> what u think that's hardest part to learn english?

<aum> i hate grammar

<maggi> grammar comes with using the language

<aum> :) n i don't know how to use past/present/future/ contineus/simple/....

<maggi> the hardest part is having the courage to jump in and be willing to make mistakes

<aum> that's very messy

<John> But it is also the only way to really learn a language,

<maggi> so far you are doing just fine Aum

<aum> yeah no shy

<aum> tks maggi :)

<maggi> you're not shy Aum?

<aum> lol yeah somtimes i'm shy

<aum> but that's ok

<John> I was shy when I started learning Spanish. A few drinks used to help me quite a lot.

<aum> lol u sure? few drinks!!!

<John> It helped me to be less shy.

<aum> ok i'll try

<maggi> it's been proven

<Vance> If you WANT to learn grammar there's plenty of practice on the Internet

<John> Of course, if I person isn't shy, they don't need them so much.

<maggi> but too much is not good then

<Vance> But we think the best way to learn is this way.

<Vance> communicating

<aum> yes vance :)

<Vance> And reading, that's very important

<aum> i have lot of book that teach grammar , but .... its doesn't work for me


<aum> i'm too lazy :)

<Vance> we're not surpirises <nods at Maggi>

<aum> lol

<John> Aren't we all?

<Vance> suprised (sorry)

<maggi> lol

<aum> and i think english song can help too

<Vance> So Aum, why don't you tell us a little about yourself now and I'll make a web page for you.

<John> Vance, do you like to do boring things (like read grammar books)?

<aum> ok tks

<Vance> Let's see, you're a student in Business managment

<Vance> You live in Thailand ... where, Bangkok?

<aum> yeah i'm 20 f thailand , bangkok :)

<aum> what u wanna know more?

<Vance> Ying Lan likes songs a lot. You can look at her webpage.

<aum> oooooooooo this year i'm 21

<Vance> Cool. My son just turned 21. It's a great age.

<maggi> when?

<Vance> Yeah, tell us your birthday and you'll get a greeting from webheads on that day!

<maggi> now he can legally drink

aum has left the chat room.

<Vance> all that talk of drinking ...

<maggi> the birth date did it

<Vance> a little too personal?

<John> probably lost connection.

Anonymous8126 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous8126 is now known as aum.

<maggi> who knows...think he go bumped

<aum> hi i'm back

<maggi> see

<Vance> and (continuing about Aum) she has a very bad internet connection ...

<aum> lol yeah

<aum> i so bored bout that

<Vance> Are you working too?

<aum> vance, what shoul i tell u more?

<maggi> she?

<aum> i'm student

<John> Yes, Maggi, she.

<aum> lol yeah 'she'

<Vance> At what university?

<maggi> oh me?

<Vance> We never know, do we.

<aum> ramkumhang university

<aum> u know?

<Vance> Ying Lan asked her right out, Maggi, just before you came on board.

<maggi> Aum is a she?

<aum> lol n i tell u i'm 20 f (female)

<Vance> That's enough to start a web page, but what else would you want your classmates to know about you?

<aum> 'aum' sound like guy? lol yeah that's not ladies name :)

<Vance> Do you like sports? You like movies, yeah?

<John> And younger than my youngest daughter (21)

<aum> yeah i like swim,movie n songs

<aum> i wen swim today :)

<Vance> Do you swim on a team, or just at the beach?

<maggi> favorite song?

<aum> swimming pool

<aum> not bikini :)

<maggi> lol

<aum> my fav song ?oooooo very much

<Vance> I guess it's hot in Bangkok. It's a little cool here right now.

<aum> oo yeah very hot

<maggi> an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka do one

<aum> lol ?!!!! maggi!!!! what u say?

<Vance> That's an OLD song; I was 7 or 8 maybe

<John> That's ooooold, Maggi. You're giving away your age.

<maggi> yep...a song

<aum> LOL haha ooooo i'll ask my mum :)

<maggi> well John...not much left to give away#

<Vance> It's when you can't give it away that you worry ...

<maggi> lol

<John> Yeah, I remember, you're 100 years old.

<maggi> 101...had a birthday last year

<aum> :) lol toooooooo old

<Vance> So Aum, how did you find out about Webheads?

<John> You haven't updated it on ICQ.

<aum> so maggi what's ur asl?

<aum> n vance? john?

<maggi> yes I did

<Vance> asl??

<Vance> what's that?

<maggi> age sex location

<John> Still says 100.

<aum> yeah lol

<Vance> oh, first question, you don't want to know

<maggi> well I changed it twice

<Vance> male, and American living in the UAE

<John> OK, Aum. 52, Male, Puerto Rico (Caribbean Sea).

<aum> UAE?

<Vance> I'm older that John!! By a year.

<Vance> United Arab Emirates.

<maggi> 101, female , Germany

<John> I thought you were younger than me, Vance.

<aum> oo tks

<aum> hi older :)

<Vance> I just LOOK younger <kidding>

<aum> LOL

<John> You do, indeed.

<Vance> Could be the photography, the lighting ...

<maggi> it is an old photo

<John> Have you seen my new picture (it is on the Delphi site)?

<aum> :)

<Vance> I should go check Delphi now. If you want to look Aum, it's ...

<maggi> remember I saw you in person

<aum> everyone have pic?


<Vance> Is that right John?

<aum> ok

<John> That's right, then click on my name.

<aum> i'll se tomorrow

<aum> :) cuze i dont' have mouse it messy to click sth

<John> I think it is my best likeness so far.

<aum> :) ooo my pc sounds trobles

<John> Mine does that sometimes, Aum.

<maggi> so photos only get your likeness John?

<John> What else is there to get?

<Vance> Looks just like you John. Did you leave a message or just visit?

<maggi> I don't know...a carbon copy?!

<aum> likeness?! mean?

<John> I left a message.

<maggi> how would you know Vance?

<John> It means to look like, Aum. In this case it is a picture that looks just like me.

<aum> :D ok

<maggi> or his alter ego

<aum> lol


<maggi> :-)

<Vance> I don't see the message (maybe I'm not looking at the pic either)

<John> You know, the picture you put there has to be the exact size they ask for? That's the only one I have that is the correct size.

<maggi> I left one too

<John> The message was in reply to yours.]

<John> Well, I did have one of the back side of a horse, but I thought that was too close.

<maggi> yours Vance

<aum> did u send email to any std everyday?

<Vance> so you used one of those little insects riding the horse?

<maggi> lol

<John> Yep.

<aum> who's create topic?

<John> I think that is for Vance to answer, right?

<maggi> right

<Vance> Michael has created topics. Have you seen the writings, Aum?

<aum> lol ( ooo this to shame) i'm read some not any

<John> Maggi, Aum, did either of you get a postcard from me on February 2?

<Vance> The writing topics are at


<aum> feb 2 !! no i have chaen my mail

<aum> havent

<John> I sent it to

<aum> any email that i reply will send to any student?! right?

<Vance> I've been using that address. I checked earlier, no messages pending

<Vance> Yes, if you send a message to that address, we should all get it.

<Vance> What's the new address?

<John> It was a groundhog coming out of its hole and a short message about what groundhog day is.

<Vance> efiwebheads@yahoo! ??? <This is incorrect; our new address is>

<John> No, I hadn't updated my address book and sent it to the address.

<John> Do you think I should try to resend it?

<aum> groundhog?!! i don't see meaing in dictionary

<Vance> why not, but what's the correct address now, the one above?

<maggi> a little animal

<maggi> lives in the ground

<John> It is a small animal in the United States, Aum. It is supposed to tell the weather for the rest of the winter on Feb. 2.

<aum> tks maggi

<maggi> and, did it see its shadow?

<John> All the messages I've been getting are the one you tyoed.

<John> In Pennsylvania, yes. In Georgia, No.

<maggi> so what happens now then?

<John> If you live in Pennsylvania, stock up on coal.

<Vance> The return address is that one, but I've been SENDING to the old address. Maybe I should check your subscription.

<John> Please, do. I didn't get a bounce, though.

<maggi> it was snowing here Friday so I guess that means spring is coming

<aum> do u like spring ? maggi

<Vance> It's listed as jhsteelepr

<maggi> yes...everything comes alive again

<John> When I was living in the States, Spring was my second favorite season.

<maggi> the first?

<Vance> I'll unsubscribe and resubscribe you

<John> That is my address, Vance. So I should be able to send it.

<John> Summer - Vacation, you know.

<aum> oooo i hate sumer

<Vance> which is your address?

<maggi> the seasons aren't capitalized are they?

<aum> in bangkok we have hot / very hot/super hot/

<John> - officially.

<Vance> I just unsubscribed you. Now is that the new address?

<maggi> no way to cool off then Aum

<John> Well, I like summer for the vacation.

<John> Yes, it is.

<aum> :)

<Vance> ok, you've been added at that address

<Vance> should work now

<aum> in sumer i love to stay at home with air condition

<John> OK, Thank you. I hope I can send now.

<Vance> ok, guys I gotta go. It's sundown

<John> I just downloaded FireTalk. I'll install it later.

<John> See you, Vance. Have a nice evening.

<aum> bye vance nice to meet u

<Vance> Nice to meet you too Aum. We'll start your web page soon.

<Vance> now you have to send us a picture for it (if you want, optional)

<aum> :) tks

<John> I should be leaving soon, also. My daughter keeps coming in and asking me if I'm finished.

<John> Nice meeting you, Aum. I hope we see you again next week.

<Vance> I'm at work. I need to go home.

<aum> ok i think i should go to :)

<Vance> so bye everyone

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