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Webheads chat logs from January 28, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi John Ying Lan Michael Felix Nicia Sergei
UAE Germany Puerto Rico Taiwan Australia Bahia Brazil Belarus

Sergei joined us from the Teaching for Webheads group

Navigate: The chat this evening took place in ICQ and Homestead <-- click to jump to either

Four of the Webheads in the chat today had been trying to start voice chat rooms at the Telcopoint 'hearme' site before they joined today's chat. But Telcopoint had been apparently overwhelmed by the demand for chat rooms, and the site was not allowing creation of chatrooms. So as the chat began, and many other places in the chat, we talked about our frustration at not being able to voice chat. In fact today's chat was unusual in that it took place almost entirely in text. Only at the end of the chat did we manage to connect in voice chat via Yahoo! messenger.

At the beginning of the chat, John and Ying Lan were asked if they would like to act as 'tutors' in the group. Vance, Maggi, and Michael have been 'tutors' for almost three years now (we tried to figure out exactly how long, but couldn't remember exactly). Tutors in our group have to above all show a long-term commitment to the group.

John has been with us only since last September, but he is a teacher in Puerto Rico with keen interest in the group. He is using the Webheads class as part of his PhD research, and most importantly, he's been in the live online chat class nearly every Sunday since he joined us. He likes the group and has demonstrated his commitment by being with us each week, and we wanted to show our appreciation in return by regarding him as one of the tutors.

Ying Lan has been a student in our group since 1998, and an EFI student for a year or two before that. In that time, her English has improved a lot (her spoken English in particular!). She has written advice to students wanting to join our group, and most importantly, she has demonstrated her commitment to the group by attending almost every live online chat each Sunday for as long as we've been having them. So again, we wish to recognize her commitment to the group and also to invite students who would like to have any information about Webheads from a student's perspective to get in touch with her, since she is as familiar with the Webheads concept as any other tutor.

As we were reminiscing about the start of the Webheads (reminisce means to talk about what you remember) we started talking about another first-member of our group, Felix. And as we were talking about him, speak of the devil! (that's an expression we use when someone we have been talking about appears) he came on ICQ, and we soon had him with us in our chat. Nicia and Michael joined as well, and in response to a question Ying Lan asked us, we started talking about who wears the pants in our families (that means, who's the boss). This got us on to the topic of divorce, whether it is possible to divorce someone you love, and what it's like to live with a soulmate. Meanwhile Sergei had joined us from Belarus. Sergei is another teacher interested in how chats can be used in teaching, and (like John) he knows about us from the Teaching for Webheads group.

Navigate: The chat this evening took place in ICQ and Homestead <-- click to jump to either

Homestead logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous30.

Members of room: Anonymous30 John Maggi ying

<ying> I was so sorry... because the connection was too busy, I could not send my massage to say good bye at the last conversation on ICQ.

You have changed your name to Vance.

<Vance> Hello all. Thwarted again by the telcopoint people.

Anonymous30 has joined the chat room.

John has left the chat room.

<Vance> Hi all, has anyone tried the Palace today?

<ying> not yet..

<Maggi> not y4et

<Vance> I'll see what happens

<Maggi> ok

<Maggi> don't worry Ying

Anonymous30 has left the chat room.

<Vance> What are you worried about Ying Lan?

<Maggi> nothing

<Vance> ahhem

<Vance> trying

<Vance> connection refused

<Maggi> not much luck today it seems

<Vance> tried, remote site not found

<Maggi> Palace refused

Anonymous78 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous78 is now known as John.

<Maggi> Hi John

<John> I keep having to reboot

<Maggi> boogers

<John> Hi, y'all.

<ying> I don't understand the email which michael sent.

<ying> hi John... Do you still have some questions with me?

<Vance> PLUS the lease line from my workplace to the ISP is not working today. I'm on my laptop.

<Vance> I got into

<Vance> which email, Ying Lan, about the voice chat?

<John> I haven't been able to sit down and look over the information I got. I'll tell you during the week.

<Vance> I can tell you that I've been to the site and got various distances with it.

<ying> Yes, it is.

<Vance> Today I actually got the site to accept my chat room names and urls but ...

<Vance> the next screen was the 'We're sorry, ...

<Vance> Sorry! Other words come to mind ...

<John> I got further than that. I got the code to put on my chat room, but I can't get the link to show up.

<ying> one more question... have you downloaded the quick time 4...?

<John> Vance, that is the entire code for the body portion of my chat room. All that shows up is "Come chat with me". I can't find any mistake, but two heads are better than one.

<ying> I just installed the quick time 4 but it only plays the movie without sound... so weird.

<John> Maybe you can find my error. <John sends Vance the code on ICQ>

<ying> There are three heads... don't forget Michael.. I saw he is on icq list.

<John> I don't have him on my list. But three heads are even better.

<Vance> It needs to be ...

<Maggi> we don't count it seems

<Vance> <a href="">Voice Chat with Telcopoint HearMe

<Vance> </a>

<John> Who is "we", Maggi? Of course you count.

<Vance> Ying Lan and John, Maggi and Michael and I want to ask you ...

<Maggi>, Ying and I

<Vance> if you would like to be considered 'tutors' in our group

<ying> I am here..

<John> Why do you thing you don't count?

<Vance> The pay is not good, the hours are long ...

<ying> tutor?

<Vance> Yes, as opposed to 'student'

<ying> I am a student here...

<Vance> Because you've been with us since 1998, your English is good, and you're a loyal Webhead

<ying> loyal?

<Vance> Loyal means we can count on you to be here

<ying> But I always need the dictionary on my hand...

<Vance> no one knows that

<John> If you want me to be a tutor, I am willing to put in the long hours with low pay.

<Vance> We can see that John. That's why we asked.

<Vance> And Ying Lan could be a student representative or councilor

<John> OK with me, then.

<John> I think Ying would be a very good tutor.

<ying> If you think I am qualified to be a tutor.. I am glad to be... but who is the unlucky student.

<Vance> But if you're here all the time, willing to help, ...

<Vance> ha ha (Ying Lan)

<ying> It is better to be a councilor.

<Vance> OK, actually we don't have titles except where we distinguish tutors and students and friends

<Vance> But if you've been with us for almost 3 years, I think you deserve some recognition.

<John> Vance, that little > did the trick. I kept seeing it even when it wasn't there.

<Vance> ok, but did you manage to set up a chat room?

<ying> I don't remember that... we have known each other for over 3 years.... long story, isn't it?

<John> I'm in the middle of it at the moment.

<Vance> I wish I could remember when we first 'met'. I have our first recorded chat in 1998.

<John> I seem to have a typographical error in my chat room.

<ying> it is not important when we met....

<Maggi> this is true Ying

<Vance> September 13, 1998 –

<Maggi> When did you start with EFI?

<Vance> That's right, but I just wonder for academic purposes, when you tell people we've been doing this since ...

<ying> me.... forget it already... I think it was in 1997..

<Vance> You've got to be as accurate as possible

<Maggi> I think it was 96

<ying> After the journey of North Eurpoe.

<Vance> And the furthest record I have with this group is that date

<Vance> If you can find an earlier RECORD I'd appreciate having it.

<Maggi> I have emails printed that date from spring 96 ...

<Maggi> I started with EFI in the 2nd round

<ying> I don't have the good habit to write the diary.

<Vance> I was teaching an email class in EFI in 1996, and I had a Palace class, and bumped into you guys in 1998 maybe?

<Maggi> Vance came to the Palace one Sunday

<Vance> I came to UAE in August 1997 but was not well connected, so it was probably a year or so after that ...

<ying> Why was I not a your student in EFI...?

<Vance> You were Vera's student, weren't you? And how did you run into Maggi and Michael?

<Maggi> Because we had the Palace classes on Sunday

<ying> Yeahh... But David did not put me in her class... you know... I was in her class because I asked her.

<Maggi> and we overlapped, then we merged

<Vance> Yeah, we used to teach at about the same time on Sundays, and decided we might as well do it together.

<ying> I met Vera's on Firday chatting class, then I always was waiting David's permission or something like that...

<Vance> Felix was with you guys, only he used to call himself Bahia

<Vance> Anyway, the classes sort of form on their own. Trying to form classes on the Internet is like herding cats.

<Maggi> among other things

<ying> At first, he don't turst us.

<Vance> What do you mean by that?

<Maggi> trust?

<ying> He used another name...

<Vance> Yeah, Felix, that's right. I thought you meant Dave.

<ying> I am sorry... I meant Felix.

<Vance> He was just cautious. But at this point he trusts us completely.

<ying> So... Herding Cats is difficult...

<Maggi> mc and I met Dave in the summer of 98

<Vance> I gave a presentation with Dave at a TESOL Conference in Seattle I believe

<Maggi> in person I mean

<ying> We have not chatted with Felix for a while...

<Maggi> I saw him on his birthday

<John> Felix told me he will be back after summer vacation

<Vance> Yeah, he writes email.

<ying> I remember that... maggi and her son came across America.

<Maggi> speak of the devill!

<ying> Who is the devil?

<ying> Felix?

<Maggi> Felix...he just came on icq

<ying> Waaaaa...

<ying> It is a kind to telephay?

<ying> telepathy?

<Vance> When Maggi said that I immediately knew she meant Felix had just come online and so I invited him here.

<ying> Is it a kind of telepathy?

<Vance> could be

<John> I just did, too.

<Maggi> poor guy

<Vance> Poor guy? Why's that?

<Maggi> getting multiple msgs that say the same thing <We've all seen Felix on ICQ and Felix is writing us asking where we are meeting>

<Vance> actually, he messaged me first. He caught me while I was writing him.

<ying> Don't be Jealous...!!

<John> Maybe he'll get the messagee

<John> sorry, message that we would like him to be hear.

<John> 'sorry, here.

<Maggi> he should get it

<Vance> There's another place I've been trying to set up for chats. Tapped in, tried it?

<Maggi> yes

<John> Not yet, I haven't.

Anonymous3 has joined the chat room.

<Maggi> nice

<Vance> I have an office there. I'm trying to decorate it.

<John> Hello. Anonymous3.

<Maggi> gives you something to do at work

<Vance> Hello, Felix?

<Vance> In my real job I'm also changing offices, with need to redecorate, so this is good practice.

<Maggi> easier too

<Maggi> here comes Nicia


<ying> Something wrong with Felix?

<Vance> Sergei (Alwayslate) is also on ICQ

Anonymous7447 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous7447 is now known as Nicia.

<Maggi> Hi Nicia

<Nicia> Hi!

<Nicia> We dont have real player any more?

<Vance> Hi Nicia.

<Maggi> so your son stayed with his grandma then?

<John> Hi, Nicia.

<Nicia> yes!

<Vance> Do you mean the voice chat?

<Nicia> yes

<Vance> We've been trying to restart the service. Of course we have Excite and Yahoo if anyone wants to try.

Anonymous3 has left the chat room.

<Nicia> ok, but is better when we have voice ...

<Nicia> Hi john!

<Vance> We can go to Excite if you like. Also I'd like to see if Yahoo will let us conference.

Anonymous673 has joined the chat room.

<Nicia> Dont worry....

Anonymous673 is now known as Felix.

<Nicia> where are others webheads?

<Felix> Hi all...

<Nicia> Hi Felix!

<Maggi> Hi Felix!

<John> Hi, Felix.

<Maggi> Ying is here

<Felix> so, I ve heard you were talking about me?

<Nicia> I cant see she

<Maggi> that's why your ears got warm

<Vance> Hi Felix. You made it. Yes, it will all be in the logs, so you can read about yourself there.

<Felix> oh ok.....

<Felix> So what are you all up to?

<Vance> can't see her? Ying Lan, raise your hand ...

Anonymous88 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous88 is now known as Michael.

<Michael> Hello fellow web nomads.

<Maggi> Hi Michael

<Vance> Hey Michael. Lots of people here tonight.

<John> Helooo, Michael.

<ying> Hi, Felis... long time no see.

<Vance> Today, this morning, whatever ...

<Felix> I am not going to stay here for so much time. A friend of mine is passing by house soon

<Felix> How are you doing Ying?

<Nicia> It´s very soon for me....

<Vance> And you, Felix. Not in school now? Early?

<ying> So.... I am getting older fnow.

<Felix> yes, at school.. Remember that I live here also Vance.

<Maggi> Felix is older now too!

<Vance> I meant your college, actually.

<ying> Have you always been a teacher for a living ...?

<Felix> Ying, we dont get older.. The time does. :o)))

<Felix> awwwwwww.. I had the last class this Friday.. I only need to hand a report next week. The classes will start in Abril

<Nicia> better... only time

<Felix> and you John.. How is your search going?

<ying> I need on diet after the celebration of Chinese New Year.

<Felix> April.

<Maggi> April!!

<Felix> Abril is the portuguese word for April

<Nicia> Felix is thinking in portuguese...

<ying> Are you a student now? felix

<Felix> What do you mean ying/

<Maggi> now you can go to the beach

<Nicia> because you make a mistake, Felix...

<John> It is going. I still have two to finish the third interview.

<ying> You said,, you need to hand a report next week.. what kind of report do you need to write?

<Nicia> I´ d like to go to beach is very hot!

<Felix> Ying, I am studying at a college now.. Majoring in Liberal Arts with English.. Does anyone here know this course?

<John> I've been trying to set up a Telcopoint chat room on my homestead site -- no luck yet.

<Maggi> how far is the beach Nicia?

<ying> Waaaa...

<Felix> A literary analysis

<ying> Say hi to Michael...

<Michael> sounds heavy

<Michael> why?

<Vance> I gave up on Telcopoint today.

<Nicia> very far... 4 or 5 hours from here...

<John> I just did, too. They have me in a loop.

<Felix> Does anyone here know Liberal Arts as a course at college?

<John> Not as a single course, but yes as a degree.

<Felix> it's a degree John

<Vance> I got tired of the same loop. It's like a phone recording .. We're sorry, the web page you are trying to access is not in service ...

<Nicia> No Felix, I agree with Michael, it´ sounds heavy...

<Vance> Yeah, liberal arts is good enough as a BA

<John> Mine just takes me back to the home page.

<Felix> What do you mean by heavy Nicia?

<Nicia> this course....

<Nicia> I dont know what is Telcopoint...

<John> It is the new HearMe site, Nicia.

<Felix> well. Actually my degree is Portuguese and its literatures and also English and its literatures.. After I finish my 4 year degree I will be able to give English and Portuguese classes..

<ying> But felix,... who wears paints in your family now?

<Felix> Can I call my degree as a "Liberal Arts one?

<Maggi> pants

<Maggi> yes Felix

<John> Depends, Maggi. Maybe they have been painting

<ying> Who wears pants in your family now? felix

<Vance> sounds like linguistics or literature or languages

<Maggi> lol

<Felix> what do you mean WHO???

<Felix> pants = trousers? is that what you mean Ying?

<Maggi> his son?

<Michael> Does anyone wear pants?

<Maggi> who is boss is what it means

<ying> Give him a explanation.. please, maggi.

<Felix> I also study these ones Vance

<John> I do

<Michael> lol

<Michael> me too

<Nicia> Really I cant understand about pants....

<John> But I also wear paints.

<ying> I mean who pays the bill in your family now

<Felix> wear paints???????

<Maggi> I wear both

<Felix> awwwwwwwwwww

<Felix> I wear pants

<John> Remember, I've been painting my house.

<Felix> I always wore and will wear.... LOL

<Michael> Nicia - who wears the pants in your family means who's the boss?

<Nicia> I´m mellting here.... cant wear pants!

<Michael> It's idiom.

<Felix> I am wondering how you would look like John.. wearing paints... Like a rainbow.. LOL

<Nicia> oh! understand! I´m the boss here!!!

<Michael> Good!

<Michael> There are 2 bosses in my house.

<ying> Who earns the money in your family?

<Vance> But it's THE pants, that means THE pair in the family

<John> I'm wearing the clothes I used to paint my house. It is a rainbow of colors.

<Felix> I can picture it John!!!!!!!

<Felix> Hey I have new pics of me on the beach.!!!!

<Michael> Wearing pants?

<Felix> of course not MC LOL

<Vance> Yeah, send them ... John, let's have a picture of your rainbow house

<Michael> lol

<John> My pants used to by olive green - Now they are bone white, two shades of green, white, and yellow.

<ying> felix,, you don't want to answer my quetion, do you?

<Michael> In your birthday suit maybe? (naked)

<Felix> what question Ying???

<Felix> ask it again.

<John> As soon as I scan the picture (today, I hope), I'll send it.

<Maggi> shut your eyes!

Anonymous42 has joined the chat room.

<Felix> not naked.. but with a bathing suit on...

<ying> Who wears the pant in your family now?

<Michael> disappointing...

<Felix> I do Ying.. The bills are still mine (although I am divorced)

<Maggi> well those things are no bigger than an eyepatch anyway :-))

<Michael> What????

<Felix> LOL@MC

<ying> You are divorced... kidding?

<Vance> Sergei reports that he can't create chat rooms either

<Michael> smiles at Felix

<Felix> I am Ying.

<Felix> since July....

<Michael> Really?

<Felix> yep

<ying> When? you never metnion it....

<Felix> I didnt feel like doing it!! But now I really dont care.!

<Nicia> what a pitty, Felix....

<Felix> pitty!!!!!!!!!!! Dont say that Nicia. LOL

<Vance> I guess it's sad, but there must be a reason.

<Maggi> I don't think that is something you talk about every day

<ying> I am sorry.... your kids are so cute.

<Nicia> Dont care?

<Felix> But they still are cute...

<Felix> I dont care talking about my divorce Nicia. Actually the right sentence is I dont mind

<Vance> Everyone in this chat has been divorced except for Ying Lan and I

<Vance> and John (I guess)

<John> And I

<Vance> snap

<ying> Because I never have a wedding..

<Felix> boooooooooooooooooo (to John, Ying and Vance) LOL

<John> I've been married to the same woman for 30 years.

<Vance> Me for 25

<Felix> i was married for 10 years

<Anonymous42> Me for 18

<Vance> Hi 'me'

Anonymous42 is now known as Sergei.

<ying> Who is the guest 42?

<Felix> who are you Anomymous42?

<Maggi> me to

<Maggi> too

<Nicia> you are victorious!

<Maggi> Hi Sergei

<John> Hi, Sergei

<Felix> Ppl. I have gotta go...

<ying> Hi.. Sergeit...

<Felix> Bye

<Felix> see you all around.

<Vance> Hi Sergie, glad you could join us. I was having trouble following two chats.

<Michael> Cya Felix

<Maggi> Bye Felix

<John> See you soon.

Felix has left the chat room.

<ying> So, It was a hard time for you .. Felix.

<Sergei> Hi guys, nice to meet you again

<Vance> Did your friends come by? Ok, see you later. Hope soon.

<Vance> I guess he can read that in the logs too :-)

<Vance> So, everyone in this chat except Maggi and Ying Lan have been getting frustrated with Telcopoint

<ying> What a pitty... he is I remember he loved his wife so much.

<Vance> (and Nicia)

<ying> You can not trust love.. can you?

<Michael> I had no idea about F being divorced.

<Maggi> I knew

<Sergei> The whole process of registration is a very long i think

<Vance> I don't know. Do you divorce someone you love?

<Vance> Long? It's impossible!

<ying> YOu asked me.. I am signle.

<Maggi> depends

<John> They just have me in a loop, Sergei. Every time I try to modify my chat rooms, they send me back to the home page.

<Vance> You and I and John and Sergei can only guess about it, YL. We have to ask the experts.

<Michael> Probably not...but maybe....I still loved my wife when we divorced but she didn't want to be with me anymore.

<Sergei> I got the same messages from them too

<John> But, you can love the person, and that person divorce you.

<Nicia> I I dont know Sergei.... where are you from?

<Michael> Exactly.

<Sergei> I'm from Minsk,Belarus

<Vance> Can you really love someone who doesn't love you?

<ying> michael.. you are divorced now... or you mentioned your ex-wife.

<Maggi> must be cold there

<John> My son-in-law did not want a divorce, but my daughter did...

<Michael> Yes you can Vance I think.

<Maggi> he married again Ying

<Michael> I'm talking about my ex-wife Ying.

<Sergei> it looks like that thre is something wrong with the whole idea of being married

<Michael> Could be!

<ying> I really loved someone, but he does not love me.

<Michael> does or did?

<ying> I guess, he never love me.. does or did...

<Vance> I guess I loved someone before I got married, but it didn't work out, too immature.

<Sergei> Love...What does it all about???

<ying> It is a truth... so it should be present tense.

<Nicia> ying, mabe he dont is the right person...

<Michael> Now you're all grown up Vance.

<Vance> good observation, YL

<Vance> Not quite, MC, but I'm working on it.

<Michael> lol

<Michael> And Ying I do love you!

<Maggi> any love you feel belongs to you forever

<ying> Thanks ... you are so kind.

<Michael> Just wanted you to know!

<Sergei> it comes and goes...

<Michael> Ebbs and flows (like the tide)

<ying> my tears just burst out...

<Sergei> true

<Michael> when Ying?

<Maggi> but no one can take it from you

<ying> kidding

<Michael> Phew!

<Maggi> LOL

<John> Be right back

<ying> What kind of feeling is to live with your soul mate?

<Vance> I guess John went for a handkerchief

<Michael> LOL

<Maggi> must be nice

<Michael> It's a great feeling Ying.

<Vance> I like it

<ying> I know it is wonderful...

<Michael> But it isn't perfect...there are bad days.

<ying> But most of the couple in the world don't have the sucessful relationship.

<Maggi> I'd like just to have one of the good ones...:-)

<Sergei> bad days come and go too

<John> There, back with my tissue paper.

<Michael> Is that true Ying? have you read this?

<Maggi> blow your nose then?

<John> Need to dry my eyes.

<Vance> Bobbi and I had bad days the first ten years and gradually came to the conclusion that bad days were our own doing and not worth it.

<Nicia> allways we have bad days.... not is perfect!

<Vance> nothing is perfect, right

<Michael> Right.

<ying> I don't need to read the research report.. just need to read it from newspaper every day. ... how many people got divorce?

<Michael> I see.

<John> I guess all of us who have long marriages realize someday that the bad days are our doing.

<Sergei> right

<Michael> Aboit 40% in Australia get divorced.

<Sergei> lots of people file for divorce in Belarus

<ying> Vance... I always think you and bobbi are happy couple.

<John> I read recently that the numbers are actually skewed because many of those divorces are second and third marriages.

<Vance> We are. I'm just lucky to have found someone as easy-going as her.

<Vance> (she had pretty good luck too ...)

<ying> What do you mean "easy going."?

<Nicia> My sister is a family lawyer, and she is rich!

<Maggi> she doesn't hit him!

<Sergei> is she happy?

<Nicia> I think she is happy, why not?

<ying> Hit?

<Vance> She is very easy to get along with. She's agreeable. She doesn't argue unreasonably.

<Vance> She doesn't hit me very hard.

<ying> So do you?

<Maggi> LOL

<Vance> Do I hit my wife? Is that the question?

<ying> Do you?

<Vance> of course not!

<Vance> She wouldn't be very easy going if I hit her!

<ying> kidding

<Michael> Has anyone been able to access any rooms at the Palace lately?

<ying> For michaelc... I just understood the director of three season is not an American.

<Vance> I got into one today. KidsWorld or something. I tried neon.communities and

<ying> I never try it.

<Maggi> Palace refused me earlier

<Michael> I can't get into anything at the moment.

<John> I can't connect either.

<Vance> Do you want the url for KidsWorld? I have the impression they're not all kids.

<Michael> OK - so if V got in today it has not closed down completely. It's just that out EFI roo has gone?

<Michael> our EFI room

<Sergei> Has anybody tried Yahoo?

<Michael> Should I have this URL Vance?

<Vance> For voice chat? Yeah.

<Nicia> I tried...

<Vance> If you want to try it now, I've got 15 more minutes. Then I gotta run (literally)

<Michael> No harm in trying..

<ying> Is it time to go home.. now.. Vance?

<Vance> It will be in a minute.

<Vance> I'm firing up Yahoo

<Nicia> Mabe I forgot my pass word to Yahoo....

<Vance> I've got version 3,5,0,844 here. I don't see a talk thingy

<Sergei> let's try a yohoo chat room one day

<Vance> I'm on my laptop. It should ask me if I want an upgrade ...

<Nicia> It´ s good here...

<Maggi> does everyone have it? I don't

<Sergei> i don't

<Vance> what's your yahoo logon Sergei, is it alwayslate there too?

<Sergei> s_grid

<Vance> I'm vance_stevens, if you want to add me.

<Sergei> OK

<Sergei> wanna do it today?

<John> I'm jhsteelepr

<ying> I add you in my yahoo friend group.. vance.

<Nicia> I have a note about yahoo logon in office, not here...

<Michael> This just arrived in my email: I had my student's write speeches. One decided to write a graduation speech "We are now leaving the world of childhood and entering the world of adultery. I wish all of

<Michael> you goo luck in this!

<John> Is anybody talking? I don't hear anything?

<Maggi> LOL

<Vance> I'm trying to talk to john, did you hear me?

<Vance> I think John and I are talking. At least it's enabled.

<John> I heard you, did you hear me?

<Sergei> I can't manage three chats ...

<Vance> I didnt' hea r you

<Nicia> oh....I cant do it too...

<John> How about that time?

<Vance> either? Volume is up ok ... no, are you getting a reading on your mic?

<John> Volume is at maximum. I get no reading on my mic.

<ying> I wish I would stay in the world of childhood. it is a dream.

<Vance> Someone just logged on. I heard the knocking. So my headset is working.

<Michael> Could be me...

<John> It might be my mic.

<Maggi> you can still dream as an adult

<ying> What kind of chatting have you tried?

<Maggi> who?

<Vance> I found Keiko Schneider online and tried to voice chat her but it bumped me from Johh.

<ying> Vance and JOhn

<Vance> I haven't found out if you can conference here. I don't think so.

<Vance> What's your yahoo sign Ying Lan?

<John> Doesn't look like it. I wonder if my mic is bad.

<Vance> Might be.

<Nicia> oh... it is confused for me....I cant remember what is my yahoo sign....

<ying> mine is yinglanliu

<Michael> Vance - I'm mikecogh if you want to call me in....

<John> I'll have to try it on another program and see.

<Nicia> I will go to make a coffee....

<Vance> OK, permission was requested for you to add me (and Sergei also)

<Maggi> get me one too Nicia!

<Nicia> we have a good coffee here....

<Michael> John - what;s your Yahoo ID?

<ying> I love to smell coffee not drink... the holiday is over ... I need to go to office tomorrow,,, it means I have to get up early tomorrow morning.

<Vance> ok, I got Michael. Yeah, I can smell that coffee here ...

<John> It is jhsteelepr

<Vance> Michael, I got that silly firewall message. Get out from behind that firewall!!

<Michael> Bummer.

<Nicia> Ying, send notices about holiday in China... it´ s wonderful!

<Maggi> me too Ying, but I still have some time

<Vance> Anybody want to call me? And I 've got to go, so quickly ...

<ying> notice... what kine of notices do you need? Nicia.

Sergei has left the chat room.

<Nicia> I´ d like some pictures.... I love the lamps!

<Vance> time's up. I've got to run. Have a nice chat everyone.

<ying> me, too

<Maggi> bye

<Michael> Me too. See you all soon.

<ying> Good bye Vance.

<Maggi> bye bye

<Vance> bye bye bye bye ...

<John> Bye, Vance.

Michael has left the chat room.

<Vance> wave

<Nicia> bye!

<Maggi> wave

<ying> I have to go now... my brother needs computer ..

<John> See you, Michael.

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Sergei encounters Vance on ICQ

alwayslate: Hello Vance, .Sergei is here.Have you tried a new Hearmeservice?

Vance: Hi. Not yet. None of us can get into the site to register. Have you managed it?

Vance: We're at if you'd like to join us.

alwayslate: Yes, I managed to do that...The whole thing looks a bit complicated...

alwayslate: The message i got from Hearme reads:

>With this new architecture Telcopoint will provide you with the necessary links to the voice chat servers. You will need to provision your rooms on our website and create the necessary links on your website, and you should be back on line. Keep in mind that your old modules will not function as we are moving to a new version of HearMe software. Also bear in mind we will require all web sites using this free service to serve the banner advertisements we provide, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Vance: Yeah, but the reality is they can't respond to our attempts to restore free service.

alwayslate: They encourage us to come back, sign up, and start chatting.

>Please click on the following link and get started:

Vance: I've done that several times. I always end up at the "We're sorry screen" Have you tried?

Vance: Why not join our chat. John is trying the same thing in Puerto Rico.

alwayslate: I registed with Hearme on January 20 .Today I got their message and tried to create my chat rooms ( they provide 5 free rooms!!!) No reply...

Vance: Same here (sorry, involved in the homestead chat) <Sergei joins the group in the Homestead chat>

Navigate: The chat this evening took place in ICQ and Homestead <-- click to jump to either

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