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Webheads chat logs from January 14, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi John Ying Lan Michael Arif Gloria Nicia
UAE Germany Puerto Rico Taiwan Australia Turkey Paraguay Brasil

The chat this evening took place in Homestead.and Hear Me <-- click to jump to either

We talked on the usual wide range of topics, and because Gloria was with us without mic or sound card, we did a lot of our chat in text. We talked about how to distinguish like, love, and passion, what we eat for Christmas dinner, and John's difficulty with maps (you can see an example here). Michael came on just as I was telling the class about his email wondering why more students don't come to our Sunday chats. He thought perhaps we should start a separate session each week for different level students, and we got on the subject of what Webheads want out of our class, more formal lessons, for example. Maggi thought we could just ask them, but John has been interviewing students and he told us that one had suggested we include more directed reading. So we talked about reading and how to read effectively in a second language. Ying Lan was most concerned about vocabulary, and we talked about research suggesting that we can remember only 7 things at a time. By comparison, this got us on to the topic of Stephen Krashen's i+1 hypothesis, where he suggests that second language input should be just (+1) beyond comprehensible input. Michael was by that hour in Australia comprehending at a -1 level, so he and Vance quickly planned their guitar jam next day (another Webheads milestone event!), and John prepared to leave as well, saying he had to finish painting his house. Meanwhile Nicia had arrived, and we found out things about her recycled-paper business by using search engines on the Internet. Nicia and Maggi are both single mothers, and since it was time for me to leave, I left them talking together.

Homestead logs (You can see where this fits in with the Hear Me chat by clicking here)

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

Members of room: Anonymous1158

You have changed your name to Vance.

Anonymous6699 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous6699 is now known as rif.

<Vance> Hi Rif

<rif> hi Vance, how are you

<Vance> Sorry, I got up for a minute

<Vance> We're all in Hear Me. Are you there too?

<rif> no I just checked here now...

<Vance> It's easy for me to miss people here

<rif> we are at the last week of the semester here, and I have about 53 portfolios to grade. I thought if i opened the chat I would spend couple of hours. Maybe later

<Vance> We're 5 people there. Gloria is there from Paraguay, and Ying Lan

<rif> I just wanted to say hi to you and I will go back to my grading :-(

<Vance> I'll give them your regards, and your greetings will appear in our chat logs (with your kind permission)

<rif> thanks a lot. I would be very glad

Anonymous57 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous57 is now known as Maggi.

<Vance> Hi Maggi.

<Maggi> Hi...

<Vance> Rif is a bit busy today. Papers to grade.

<rif> hi maggi

<rif> please excuse me. I need to go back to work. Wish you all a wonderful day.. Bye fro now

<Maggi> bye rif

<Vance> ok, see you Rif

rif has left the chat room.

<Maggi> well...that was short...I'm hungry

<Vance> Should I send you a cookie?

<Vance> .. sends Maggi a cookie ... do you accept?

<Vance> eats Maggi's cookie himself>

Navigate: The chat this evening took place in Homestead.and Hear Me <-- click to jump to either

HearMe logs

John has joined

Ying has joined

Maggi has joined

Status: Connected

Vance has joined

John: Yes, Maggi. My wife keeps reminding me of it.

Ying: Her family.

Maggi: Hi Vance

Vance: Hi all. I'll be with you in a moment

John: Hi, Vance. Ying has a very interesting question today.

Ying: But she finally married another medical student when the author joined the army.

Vance: what question is that

John: John... how to say a word.... like I like a guy but he don't know I love him...

Ying: I read a story "the first love" this afternoon.

John: That is the question - Vance.

Ying: I asked.

Ying: I love this one

Vance: Do you like him or love him?

Vance: Hey, and that's great, btw !!!

John: It's about an essay she read.

Ying: "I just want to see you once more. To tell you something." Her eyes met me. " I wanted to thank you for having love me as you did."

Vance: Oh, truly, are you in love Ying? Or is this about a sroty.

John: OK, so who said that?

Maggi: ;-)

Ying: Vance, take easy.... it is a story.

Maggi: Vance loves a juicy story

Ying: What is a juicy story?

John: Gossip, Ying.

Vance: take it easy ... ok, taking it easy

Vance: brb

Maggi: makes your mouth water

Ying: The girl.... but when they met, they were grandpresent.

gloria has joined

Maggi: Hey, Gloria!

John: Hello, Gloria.

gloria: Hi everybody

Ying: Hi... Gloria. Long time no see. How are you?

gloria: fine thanks

John: Ok, so who didn't know who loved who?

Ying: The boy loved the girl and wanted to marry her.

gloria: I'm not able to speak or to listen becasuse I have no proper equipment

John: And the girl knew that?

Maggi: that's ok Gloria

John: No problem, Glora.

Maggi: we mostly use the text chat anyway

Ying: But the girl did not love him. She is Jewish and He is Catholic

Maggi: nice mix

John: Yes, very nice mix.

John: So at the end he thanks her for her love?

Ying: yes.

Maggi: but you said she didn't love him

Maggi: how are you Gloria?

Vance: Hi Gloria. Is anyone talking today?

Ying: The writer said... "it might have been grand indeed--My Irish conscience and your Jewish guilt."

gloria: reading what you are talking about :)

John: Really would have been grand.

Maggi: interesting Ying

John: We are talking about an essay Ying read.

Vance: essay or fiction?

Ying: Why did not Irish and Jewsih make a couple?

Ying: essay

gloria: what's your religion Ying?

Maggi: their backgrounds

Ying: Buddiest.

gloria: I see

Vance: Rif is in Homestead if you want to say hi

Ying: Why?


gloria: just curious

Ying: Ethnic background?

Vance: talking with Rif in Homestead

Ying: another question..... a young girl asked about the distinguish between LOVE and LIKE.... I don't know how to answer the quesiton.

Maggi: yes...because there is a lot of history and culture behind it

Ying: I have to study history first.

Vance: This is not an answer you can explain, you just know

Maggi: like is nice, love is better

Ying: Good answer ,maagi.

Ying: Ok. vance, how to explain?

Vance: hmmm, you know when you break up

John: Vance, I can't connect to homestead today.

Vance: love is painful, like is regrettable

Ying: I have to wait until I break up the guy... then I will finally understand I love him, but he won't love me anymore....nightmar!!

gloria: there is no love without suffering

Ying: nightmare!!

John: You can't get him out of your mind.

Maggi: a risk but worth it

Maggi: the love is yours to keep anyway

Vance: small consolation

Ying: I mentioned another question... how to distinguish between passion and true love?

John: That's a hard one.

Vance: hopefully, the two go hand in hand

John: But often passion is just physical.

gloria: passion finally ends, but love remains

Maggi: and if they don't the passion runs out first

Vance: Passion is very high if you haven't enjoyed another person for a while

John: That's a good answer Gloria.

Ying: In our conversation, another friend asked us ... have we met someone with his/her true love in our life? I was thinking of Vance and Bobbi.

Maggi: yes, Gloria has it

Vance: Once you have enjoyed that person, if you retain the passion, that could be love

Vance: That's what I was trying to say, Gloria said it more simply

Maggi: Could?

Vance: could what?

Maggi: you said could be love...

Vance: oh, well, maybe you're just a passionate person

Status: Disconnected

Status: Disconnected

John has joined

Ying has joined

Maggi has joined

gloria has joined

Status: Connected

Vance has joined

Maggi: who were passionate John?

John: That said, Passion.

Maggi: :-)

John: (be passionate)

John: They meant compassionate.

Maggi: good one

Vance: So Gloria, we haven't seen you in a while. What have you been doing?

Maggi: bet it raised your eyebrows though!

John: Sure did, Maggi.

gloria: enjoying my time

Vance: Doing what?

John: So, Gloria, did you feel the earthquake where you are?

Vance: She's in Paraguay. The quake was in El Salvador, wasn't it?

gloria: no earthquake here

John: Yes, but I understand it was felt rather far away.

Maggi: I didn''t feel anything

gloria: relaxing with the family (nephewa and niece) and my two dogs

John: They felt it in Mexico City. Isn't Paraguay about the same distance?

Vance: I think Marina has a dog too, a big one.

Maggi: better get a map John

John: Yep. I guess I better.

gloria: Paraguay is far away from Mexico

Vance: Paraquay is pretty far south

John: The earthquake was in El Salvador

John: Well, I've never been good with distances.

Maggi: that's Latin Ameica

Ying: Gloria... I remember you went to atten the test... TOEFL?

Ying: Have you passed it?

gloria: enjoyin season's foods (christmas and new year)

John: What do you eat for Christmas there?

Maggi: mmmmmmmm...sounds nummy!

gloria: no I changed my mind I didn't take

Ying: oh... forget it.

Vance: Have you taken TOEFL Ying Lan?

gloria: european tradicional foods (as italian and spaniard's)

John: We eat a lot of roast pork during Christmas.

gloria: also our proper meals (paraguayan)

Maggi: I'm hungry...

Vance: hmmm we had turkey

Vance: I miss a good pork roast

John: i just realized why I can't remember what I had for breakfast. I haven't eaten it yet.

Maggi: oink oink

Ying: for vance,,, I have never taken TOEL.

Vance: Not impossible to get here, but not widely available

Maggi: lol

gloria: lots of candies, chocolats and panettones

John: We have other foods we eat during Christmas, too. But I'm not sure how to translate them from Spanish.

Vance: What's a panettone?

Ying: Who cares over-weight?

Maggi: cake?

John: What is the panettone made out of?

Vance: Gloria, why don't you send us a recipe?

gloria: a sweet bread with fruits

Vance: Marina sent a good one, but I didn't attempt it

Vance: We call it fruit cake

gloria: maybe it is the same

John: I doubt if it the same as our traditional fruit cake.

John: We don't eat them. We just pass them down from generation to generation.

gloria: we also have lots of fruit in this season, like water melon, melon, papayas

gloria: guayabas, grapes,

John: We eat something we call Pasteles. It is made from green bananas and meat.

Vance: I'm reading an email from Michael, to me and Maggi

Maggi: oh...

Vance: He thinks students don't come to our chats because there are too many teachers here.

Vance: What do you think?

Vance: I guess that's to Ying Lan and Gloria ...

gloria: I don't think so

Vance: But then Ying Lan and Gloria can hold there own at international conferences with LOTS of teachers present.

Maggi: I can leave...

Ying: leave?

Maggi: if there are too many teachers here

Michael has joined

gloria: John, do you speak spanish?

John: Hello, Michael.

Ying: i don't understand why michael think there are too many teachers here.

Vance: Hi Michael, we were just discussing your email.

John: Gloria, yes I do.

Michael: Hello Everyone!

Michael: I see...what do people think?

John: I learned it when I moved to Puerto Rico.

gloria: entonces me dices donde vive?

John: Vivo en Puerto Rico.

gloria: la isla del encanto..dicen

Michael: I can hear you Vance

Michael: Que?

John: That is correct. I live close to the west coast of the Island.

Ying: Students have their reasons not being here.

Vance: It is said that these are enchanted islands?

Maggi: I agree Ying

John: One of them told me it is because of the hour. - too early for him.

gloria: me gusta el ingles pero me gusta mucho mi propio idioma

Vance: Yeah, we have a good turnout tonight. Still I wonder why Pon, for example, hasn't been back

John: Vance, what she said was that she heard it was the Island of Enchantment.

Michael: Of course Ying...but if we have another session with less teachers it might encourage some....

Maggi: ask the list

Vance: yo tombien, pero me gusto hablar en las idiomas otros ...

John: I like Spanish, too. Gloria. I just don't use it when there are people who don't speak it.

Michael: Good point Maggi.

Vance: otras, desculpe

Michael: no habla espanol!

Vance: anyway, it's fun to play with languages

Maggi: I talk to lots of students on icq

Vance: I'm taking Arabic at the Alliance Francaise

Michael: I know Maggi - that's great.

Vance: So when I call over there, I start speaking in French,

Vance: they discover I'm enquiring about Arabic courses

Vance: so they start speaking in Arabic

gloria: Yeah but I'm sure at least everybody here can Have an idea of what we're talking about

Maggi: no one has ever mentioned there were too many teachers here

Vance: When communication breaks down we use English, or back to French

Michael: Yes Gloria...true.

Maggi: yes Gloria...I understood it

John: Would they ever tell a teacher that, Maggi?

Maggi: sure

Vance: And also, there are the logs. I think if this was in French or Spanish

Michael: Well I had one student several months ago mention that they would like a separate session.

Vance: I would read the logs afterwards to see what I missed

Vance: and I'd learn from that

Ying: When I was in David's class, only me attened his class. remember?

Vance: I suppose we could attract more students if we actually had lessons

Michael: It's not that there are too many teachers....just sometimes the level of English is too high for some.

Vance: And when there are a lot of teachers, we start talking amongst ourselves

Michael: I remember Ying. You've always been a star student.

Michael: Yes Vance - exactly

Vance: Well, some students do expect a lesson

Vance: There are a lot of places where you can get lessons on the Internet if that's what you want

Vance: For example, Randall's Listening Lab

Michael: But we could have chats around a pre-arranged topic maybe....

Vance: Or the interview site .. maggi knows it

gloria: maybe that is the point Michael

Michael: What do you think about this question Gloria?

Michael: Oh - you answered already....

Vance: Yes, that's a good idea. But I wonder if people would stick to a topic. It's like herding cats ...

Michael: LOL

Vance: Even when we do presentations, people hardly stick to topic

Michael: Chat always tends towards chaos!

Vance: Given that, is it beneficial for students?

Michael: You have to be strict!

Vance: (who me? strict? ...

Michael: I think that different types of chats have different benefits.

Vance: You be strict, Michael (this I gotta see)

Michael: LOL

Michael: I can be strict!!!

Maggi: leave me out

Michael: I'd be toughest on you maggi!

Vance: Sounds like you're ready to shake up the webheads, Michael

Maggi: no comment

Michael: mmm...

Vance: (I'd better watch out ... )

Ying: Students are always afraid of "Presentation."..

Vance: Good point, YL. But practice makes perfect (as in your case)

Michael: True....

Maggi: Do you read Reader's Digest often Ying?

Michael: Not shake up the webheads Vance...but maybe present other options.

Vance: What if we found something for people to read or a site to look at and agreed to meet and discuss it.

Michael: John - what are your thoughts?

Michael: I think that's an excelllent idea Vance.

John: Only one of the four people I have spoken to so far has said anything about lessons.

Ying: i forget the word... I buy the magazine ... I pay the down payment to the company.

John: In general, they seem to like the informality of webheads.

Vance: Maybe if we asked students to propose sites in turn ...

John: The one person who mentioned lessons recommended reading.

Maggi: So, Gloria....isn't it difficult to have so much good food to eat in the heat?

Michael: That's true --- they do like the informality. That is one of the strenghts of this group.

Vance: Yes, we asked them about it one time, and that was a prominent response

John: I think maybe Vance's idea is the best thate.

Vance: I think Gloria and YL participated in that survey

Vance: It's on the webheads site, under reports, linked at the top of almost every page

Maggi: Right now Michael you are doing what you just mentioned was a detraction for students....tsk tsk

Michael: Exactky maggi.

Michael: But I didn't start it!

Vance: What's that (don't get it)

gloria: no inconvenience in an air conditioned room :)

Maggi: ok...Ying, Gloria...I asked you questions....-)

Maggi: you mean then you can eat more Gloria?

gloria: yes :)

Maggi: so that is the

gloria: it is not our fault it is our ancestor's fault, they costumed to eat those high calories food on Christmas

Vance: When I'm talking with people about online learning (excuse me if I talk on the side here) ...

gloria: because of the winter in Europe

Maggi: that's because here it is cold

Vance: I often find that people have the idea of a 'course' being time-bound (listening to your converstation about food)

Maggi: I can't imagine cooking a turkey in the summer

Michael: Australians do it too.

Vance: But MY idea is that an online course can have more of a community dynamic

Vance: Ying Lan and Gloria are both interesting examples

Maggi: and what about some people in Oz celebrating in July?

Vance: Ying Lan does not regard our course as time-bound, nor do we.

Michael: We have nothing to celebrate in July!

Maggi: I've read some are trying to move the food to winter

John: We have celebrations in every month here.

Michael: I agree with everything you write Vance.

gloria: I know what you mean Michael ;)

Vance: Gloria also has been with us for almost two years, not regularly, but obviously she feels herself part of the community.

Vance: She doesn't consider this a 'course' but a community where she can come practice her English, as it's convenient for her. Would you agree GLoria?

Vance: And I suppose if you keep returning from time to time you must be benefiting from it.

Vance: I'm sure Ying Lan benefits.

Vance: Another question I have is what the other students get out of it.

Ying: all right... post the quesion in our mailing list. Ask student why they don't want to join our chatting class.

Maggi: ask them

Michael: But i think there are some webheads who are not as advanced as Ying and Gloria....maybe they come here once or twice and just find that it's too hard.

Vance: Take a guy like Valentin in Spain who almost never writes but now and then, once every year or two, mentions how much he enjoys the email

gloria: yes and I'm not closed only to english the main idea is to communicate whatever the language is

Ying: Or when is the best time to join the chatting class.

Vance: Yeah, reading YL's response, I'm not sure if we can really ask them. The one's you'd want to answer you wouldn't

Vance: So to make it benefit more students we have to make it more attractive to come to the chat class.

Maggi: maybe if you ask right

Vance: ok, how should we ask ...

Maggi: send a form to tick off ansers...written ver simple...and return it to a person not the list

Vance: John might be asking such questions ..

Maggi: might be

Maggi: John?

John: I'm asking two or three questions related to what they would like to see added to the class.

John: Only one person has said to add anything - reading

Vance: In other words, what would attract them

John: The others say they can't think of anything to add.

John: Maybe I should add a questions such as what they would find more attractive?

Ying: They must have the strong desire ... to make their English better.

John: I'll have to spend a while phrasing it, they I'll send it to you to see if you think it might help.

Vance: I wonder what he or she means by reading ... there's a lot to read, so does the person have in mind reading development? But then it's like running. The more you do the better you get at it.

Ying: For me, at the beginning I only sat before my computer to read teacher's words.

John: He. I'll have to look at my notes, but if i recall it was posting something for everybody to read and then having us discuss it.

gloria: bye everybody!

Michael: Ciao Gloria.

John: Adios.

Vance: OK Gloria. Very nice to see you again.

Vance: Thanks for joining us.

Ying: bye .. gloria.

Ying: You know.. ... I was bored.. because I did not know how to express myself in English.

gloria has left

Michael: But slowly you learnt to be more confident...

John: Maybe that is one of the really great things about the informality. We all learn to be more confident.

Vance: Yeah, I've been impressed by some of the things Ying Lan and Gloria and Moral have said to people at conferences

Maggi: vocabulary

Ying: Now, I think I need more vocabulary.

Maggi: that's active

<Ying lan is telling us that she speaks English once a week with us and an hour a week with another guy and almost never at work. Michael thinks that's amazing. - GVS>

Maggi: that's active

Maggi: no, if you do and how often?

John: I agree with Vance, also.

Ying: sorry... i was not here... what were you talking about, vance?

Vance: I said that I have started in my Arabic classes to NOT take notes from what the teacher writes on the board

Casper has joined

Casper has left

Casper has joined

Casper has left

Casper has joined

Vance: I said if I stop to write it only distracts me

John: Hello, Casper.

Maggi: Hi Casper...

Vance: If the word is important I will meet it again.

Ying: But how do you remember it?

Vance: It's only valuable to me if it's in my mind, not if it's on paper

Casper has left

Vance: If a word is important, you will remember it.

Vance: Like Maggi is saying now, you remember it by meeting it often

Vance: So you have to put yourself in situations where you will meet more words

John: A word you seldom meet is seldom important.

Vance: Right. If you meet it only once, forget it.

Casper has joined

Vance: Up to you. If I am honest with myself, I never go back and read my notebooks, so it's a waste of time for me.

Michael: Michael smiles at Maggi's comment!

Vance: Hi caspar

Casper: Hi, is me: Nicia!

John: Hello, Nicia.

Ying: write your idea down,,, please.

Vance: Hi Nicia. We're talking about how to learn vocabulary

Maggi: Hi Nicia!

Casper: HI!

Ying: I can not hear your voice, maggi.

Ying: your words were broken..

Vance: First of all, 7 is the number of items you can remember at one time.

Maggi: oh...sorry

Vance: Can you hear us Nicia?

Michael: Is that right Vance? I didn't know that.

Casper: I can hear Maggi...only

Vance: There's a famous article suggesting that, I can't remember who by. Can you remember, John?

Michael: I know it's magic..but is there some research that backs it up?!

John: I can't remember it.

Vance: That's right, plus or minus one. This might come up at your thesis defense, John?

Vance: Ok, name a researcher who espouses that theory.

Casper: About magic?

John: If you are talking about i-1, it means you need just a little more than you already know.

Casper has left

Nicia has joined

Maggi: no...learning vocabulary

Nicia: good.

Vance: No, i+1 is Krashen's idea. That the best input (like this) is 'one more' than your comprehension level

Ying: What is "i+1"?

John: OK. The plus or minus 1, I haven't heard yet.

Vance: i is input.

Maggi: having a good weekend Nicia?

Vance: input that you can understand

Nicia: yes... nice...try to resting...

Vance: i plus one is input just a little higher than you can understand

John: A little more difficult than what you can understand.

Vance: This is supposed to be the best kind of input for you to help you learn a language

Vance: to learn it from the input, that is, or to 'acquire' it

Vance: without being taught it

Maggi: I was talking about how you brain works

Vance: That's right, Maggi says that there is a lot of research supporting the notion or idea that memory can deal with 7 items at one time, plus or minus one (6, 7 or 8)

John: Where can I read about what Maggi was telling us?

Vance: That's what I was asking Maggi. It came up in my MA/ESL courses

Vance: But it was the 9th thing I had to learn that day so I didn't remember it.

Maggi: it's based on neurobiology...

John: It must have been the tenth for me. I vaguely remember one of my professors mentioning something like this - but...

Maggi: the best book is Straw in the Brin...or that's how it translate

Maggi: sorry...brain

Michael: I think I must have already learned 7 things today as none of this is going in!

Maggi: no matter mc

John: I must have, also.

Michael: That's actually my way of saying I'm leaving....

John: My first wish is that my dog would stop barking.

Maggi: bye...slaap lekker

Michael: If anyone comes up with the reference to this 7 thing let me know!

John: See you, Michael.

Ying: Vance, before you post the chat conversation... can you email it to me?

Maggi: How warm is it in Taiwan?

Vance: Sure, YL

Ying has left

Ying has joined

Maggi: yuk

Ying: I have to go now.... I have to get up early tomorrow.

John: Good night.

Maggi: night Ying...:-)

Ying: good night.

John: Night, Ying. Pleasant dreams.

Michael: lol

Nicia: Good night.... but is very early to me!

John: It is for me, too.

Michael: Ciao!

Michael has left

Vance: See you Michael

Maggi: me too!

Vance: We just agreed to meet tomorrow and try out our guitar jam

Nicia: It´s half past 12:00 p.m....

Ying: When?

Vance: So if any of you other guys want to meet us

John: It is 9:40 in the morning.

Vance: Yeah, we decided about one hour before now we'd look for each other

Maggi: 2 hrs later here

Ying: My brother always occupy the computer... he is carzy for reading novel on line.

Vance: We can't do it on HearMe. We have to use Yahoo or Excite

Maggi: get him some books Ying

John: I'll be finishing painting my house.

Nicia: Are you in time to lunch, Maggi?

Vance: Nicia, what are you going to do today?

Maggi: I just ate something here in front of the computer

Maggi: Gloria was talking about food earlier

Ying: who is him... for books.

Vance: You ate something in front of the computer? Is that a riddle? Was it the keyboard?

Nicia: I dont know yet...

Vance: ah, the mouse! You ate the mouse.

Maggi: no...guess again...

Vance: What would you LIKE to do today, Nicia?

Vance: It's Sunday, right? Is it your day off?

Maggi: I don't have a mouse

Nicia: But I need to rest...

Ying: vance.... send me the chat script.

John: The mouse pad?

Ying: I want to go now.

Vance: I will do it within the hour YL.

Nicia: No... my day is beggining....

Ying: bye-bye.

Maggi: don't have one of those either

John: Bye Ying.

Vance: OK, have a nice sleep, YL

Maggi: I have a touch pad

Maggi: bye Ying

Nicia: bye Ying

Vance: Well, what did you do last Sunday, Nicia?

Maggi: sweet dreams!

Ying has left

Vance: Me, I have to work on Sundays :-(

Maggi: only because you have a different weekend

John: I'm not going to do a thing today.

Vance: Yep. I have off Thu and Friday.

Nicia: I´m not so good with my health....

Maggi: when we work

John: I've just spend the week painting the outside of my house - just missing a window and the fence and I'll be done.

Vance: oh, are you sick today, Nicia?

Nicia: a little...

Vance: Congratulations John. You'll have to send us a picture

John: I hope it is nothing serious.

Maggi: get some rest then!

Vance: When you're done

John: I plan to send one as soon as I have it developed.

Vance: How many hours a day do you work, Nicia?

Maggi: too many probably

Nicia: :) some like... 13 hours...

Vance: woooo that's too much, 5 days a week, or 6?

John: My boss always tells me - Too much work is better than too little" but 13 hours is way to much.

John: too much.

Nicia: 6... yesterday I was work 7 hours only!

Nicia: working.... sorry....

Maggi: I work some 12 hr days easy

Vance: Is it your own business?

Nicia: NO... at home...

Vance: You work at home?

Nicia: I have my sleep dresses yet!....

John: When I found myself going 12 hour work days, I got out of administration.

Vance: You maen you work in your pajamas?

Vance: mean, i mean

Maggi: we can't see you!

Nicia: hahaa....

Vance: Obviously, you work alone ...

Nicia: I´m not working now...

Nicia: I´m at home.... in my son computer...

Maggi: I'm freelance John so sometimes there is no choice as a single mother

Vance: Do you chat with a lot of people around the world?

Nicia: That´s my point too...

John: Yes, I remember you are freelance.

Maggi: don't work, no money

Vance: what's your point, Nicia??

Nicia: Maggi, I saw in your efi home page about your work in Merck Company...

Maggi: that she is a single mother

Vance: I get it

Nicia: Maggi and I ... we are a single mother...

Vance: What's the url for Maggi's homepage?

Maggi: that isn't the same as the US Merck

John: Yes. Single mothers have it tough. My middle daughter is one, too.

John: She has a very hard time.

Nicia: Merck here in Brazil is a quimical products company...

Vance: chemical

Nicia: ok

Nicia: chemical company, that isnt?

Maggi: that is the Merck I work for

Nicia: I used many products in my work

Maggi: they are also in pharmaceutical, liquid crystals, pigments....

Maggi: pigments also for the printing industry

Nicia: yes... pigments, ph measurer...

Vance: Trying to answer my own question about Maggi's url, I get several hits, but none at merck

Nicia: mabe for paper industry too...

Vance: using, I mean

Maggi: yes, they make test kits

Maggi: because it is at efi

Nicia: Yes, in efi Maggi´s page....

Nicia: What is

Maggi: search engine

Vance: Good clue, there's an article on Christmas traditions

Vance: Google is my favorite search engine at present

Maggi: place to find altavista

Nicia: oh... I dont used this...

Vance: Hey, CyberFriend is still up there.

John: But better than altavista

Vance: Dear CyberFriend ...

Maggi: I don't often

Nicia has left

Vance: uh oh

Vance: connection problem

Nicia has joined

Vance: There she is again ...

Nicia: There is google in portuguese!

Vance: Google has an advantage. It gives you as the top listing the sites most often referred TO that contain your search string

Nicia: Oh! I´m not there with my home page!

Maggi: Ask Jeeves does that too

Nicia: I´m going to put now!

Vance: It can' t find our home page?

Vance: your, I mean?

Nicia: yes, mine...

Vance: I'm looking on the EFI pages for Maggi's home page. Still can't find it. ANyway, let's look for your site ...

John has left

Vance: I'm trying +nicia +brazil +paper

Vance: It pulls up Nicia's Webheads page !!!! :-)

John has joined

John: Sorry, lost my connection for a minute.

Nicia: I can found in many titles... but not in OficinadePapel...

Vance: a reference to Luz, Nicia Vilela, A LUTA PELA INDUSTRIALIZACAO DO BRASIL, 1808 A

Vance: Nicia Cristina Rocha Riccio??

Nicia: No... is Nicia Mafra

John: It's about time for me to go. My stomach is telling me it is time for breakfast.

Vance: Well, for +nicia mafra +brazil +paper

Maggi: enjoy John!

Vance: There is one hit, and that's your Webheads page

Vance: and from there you can easily link to


Vance: ok John, see you

Nicia: Thanks Vance... You allways send to me a good informations!

Vance: and also your picture is there turning the wheel on one of your presses

John: OK. See you all next week.

Vance: ok John, bye for now, enjoyed having you

Maggi: bye John!

Nicia: bye John!

John has left

Vance: But that page isn't working. Is the url correct?!!

Nicia: no... they changed...

Vance: Shall I put in the latest one?

Vance: Also, this one doesn't work either:

Vance: :-((

Nicia: :((( too

Vance: Can you update me?

Nicia: The correct is:

Vance: ok, I'll put it on your page

Vance: Maybe the reason we weren't getting hits is we were searching in English

Vance: of course, with +"nicia mafra" I get


Nicia: mabe... I need to put it in english....

Vance: de endereço.

Nicia: yes... that is right!

Vance: - 2k - Cached - Similar pages

Vance: What you should do, just put the word 'paper' in English on your page, or a sentence in English

Nicia: But I cant understand why it isnt in google search.

Vance: And then it will come up in English browsers

Vance: It would come up in Portuguese

Vance: I asked it to give me any page with Nicia, and obligatorily, paper, and also Brazil

Vance: Nothing without those three things

Vance: That's what the +Nicia +paper etc does

Nicia: uau! I cant undestand...

Nicia: understand...

Vance: Your page has 'papel' but not 'paper;

Nicia: Mabe I need to put again the reference....

Vance: So I couldn't find it. But if you just put one sentence in ENglish on your site, like ...

Nicia: yes, but I try the google in portuguese

Vance: oh, how about

Vance: +nicia +papel +gravura

Vance: Also, you got a reference at

Vance: I was going to look that one up

Vance: it's to niciamafra.cjb ... that's prohosting, isn't it?

Nicia: yes...

Vance: You must pay for it, no ads

Nicia: Pay?

Vance: I remember you showed me this page earlier, when we were chatting on ICQ

Vance: Your pages don't have banners, are you hosting for free or paying a small fee (at prohosting)?

Vance: This is your son's Flash graphic (cool)

Vance: He's my son's age isn't he (15?)

Nicia: 16...

Nicia: I pay for it

Vance: Maggi is being very quiet.

Vance: I'd better go and let you guys chat.

Nicia: why?

Maggi: just reading along

Vance: why? Just curious how you avoided the ads. You can also put <killbanner> in your code, but it's a hassle an it only puts the ads on a separate window

Vance: with prohosting

Vance: well, on that note ...

Vance: off I go. Nice visiting with you.

Vance: ok, bye then

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John's problems with maps and distances

John sent us an email about his problems with maps and distances (Jan 15, 2001)

Hi all,

In last Sunday's chat session, I made a comment the caused somebody (Vance or Michael, I think) to tell me I need to get a map. Well, I've never been good with geography, as the following story will show you.

Many years ago (if I tell you how many, you'll know I'm old) when I was in the US Navy, I had just finished school and was transferred to Puerto Rico. Since I didn't know where PR was located, I went to the library to look for it on the map.

Since I though it was an island near Spain or Italy, I went to the desk and asked for a map of the Mediterranean Sea. Then I looked all along the south coast of Europe. It wasn't there. I looked along the north coast of Africa. It wasn't there. I looked along the west coast of the Middle East. It wasn't there. I looked all over the sea and finally told the librarian. "Gee, the place I'm going is so small it isn't even on the map."

The librarian asked me, "Where are you going?"

"Puerto Rico," I replied.

He grabbed the map, pulled it out of my hands, handed me a map of the Caribbean, and said, "Wrong ocean."

Do you think I need a map?

I hope you enjoyed my little story.


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