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Vance's e-Zguide to creating simple HTML files (in Notepad, or any text editor)
Steps 1-6 Review and Practice

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Before beginning, prepare a workspace on your hard drive for you to save your work.
Review this document about "Housekeeping".

Review steps 1-6 and create your own web page

  1. Review Web design awareness and housekeeping considerations
    Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of this tutorial
  2. At step 6, copy everything from <HTML> to </HTML> and paste it in a new Notepad workspace.
  3. Change the text between <TITLE> and </TITLE> to a description of your page.
  4. Change the text between <P> and </P> to something about yourself.
  5. Use <B> and <I> tags to create bold and italic text where you think appropriate.
  6. Place a picture on your page and add another <P>aragraph to your page to describe it and say why you chose it.
    Click here to review how to determine the URL of pictures from the Internet
  7. Repeat step 6 so that there are now two pictures on the page and two explanations.
  8. If your pictures are too big you can resize them.
    Click here to review how to resize pictures from the Internet
  9. Later you will put your pictures and text in Tables. You might want to resize the pictures even further when you put them in tables.

If you're a student at the PI, save this in you MyHTML folder in your Home folder on the LAN (your teacher will give you a filename that has your ID, name, class, and what you should call this document). Wherever you are, save your work often while doing this assignment.

What's coming:

You can make an image from the Internet a background. For that we'll want to review how to get image properties so we can use them from their locations on the Internet: Review how to use pictures from the Internet

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