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Meet Rose

I am Rose. I live in Hong Kong. Have you heard about Hong Kong? It is a small place with high population, heavy traffic, polluted air and busy streets. Don't be scared by my description. There are lots of attractive things in Hong Kong. Have you ever tried any of the famous 'dim sum' in Hong Kong? There are various cuisines in Hong Kong. People all over the world flock to Hong Kong to start their business. Besides, the delicious food, the clothing in Hong Kong is fashionable and inexpensive. Many people commonly stop by for shopping. If you are free, you can drop by Hong Kong and experience this yourself.

Hong Kong is not a country . It is a city. Before 1997, it was a colony of Britain. Now, it is part of China. It is a special administrative region (SAR) . Although Hong Kong isn't big, it is the so-called Pearl of the Orient. It is a melting pot of western and eastern culture. It is famous for its food. You can try various kinds of food from different countries such as Thai food , Vietnamese food, Korean food, Japanese food, Italian food, American food and French food. Besides, fashionable clothes can be found at reasonable prices. However, it has not many famous spots. Tourists usually stay in Hong Kong only a few days and then go to China.

I am glad to join the eclass. I hope I can learn a lot from it. I love surfing the internet. The language I like best is English and I hope that I can grasp the skill well.



Hello Rose and welcome to Webheads. Thank you for giving us a vivid description of Hong Kong :-) I was there last July for my sister-in-law's wedding. It was a grand wedding (grand because I had the chance to wear my Chi-pao, a Chinese traditional dress). I'll upload a photo so you can see what a chi-pao is and what it looks like. By the way, Rose, can you tell us how you learned about webheads?
Aiden Yeh

Gee, Rose Your description of Hong Kong sound a lot like Puerto Rico: A small place with a high population, heavy traffic, polluted air, etc. Welcome to Webheads. I know you will really enjoy our community. (You'll also learn a lot, but that is another story.)
Welcome to Webheads Rose. I have heard about Kong Kong. My daughter will be there for a few days later this week! And I was there myself a long long time ago - when I was young!

Rose responds to Michael, 05 Nov 2002

Hi Michael,

Are you living in Australia? some of my colleagues have been emigrated to Australia and returned back to Hong Kong when they got the citizenship.

They said Australia is a lovely and peaceful place. The welfare is excellent compare that to America and other western countries. It is because Australia has rich natural resources.

I am surprised that you had been in Hong Kong for a long time. Why did you stay in Hong Kong? What do you think about Hong Kong?


Rose responds to Susanne, 20 Nov 2002

Hi Susanne,

Nice to meet you! I am Rose from Hong Kong. I am an English teacher in Hong Kong. After many years of teaching, I do find my English with little progress as I teach the same structure and pattern of English every day. I need to do more practice to sharpen my English skill.

What kind of Education Theory are you studying? Is it related to learning with computers?

The place where you live is wonderful. It is hard to find such a place in Hong Kong. Most of the buildings in Hong Kong are high rise apartment buildings. Busy streets and polluted air are two of the characteristics of Hong Kong.

I have once seen squirrels running here and there up the trees through the windows of my apartment. They are lovely and cute. Fox and deer are seen only on tv, in the zoo, or in books.

I am interested in your home town. Denmark is such a beautiful place in Europe. There are a lot of pictureque landscapes.


Rose writes to Fin, 20 Nov 2002

Hi Fin,

Nice to meet you! I am Rose. I am from Hong Kong. Have you been to Hong Kong? What do you think about Hong Kong? I haven't been to Taiwan. Some of my colleagues graduated there. I often hear about Taiwan on tv. and newspaper.

How's life in Taiwan?


Fin writes, 21 Nov 2002

Hi Rose,

Nice to meet you too! I've heard a lot of things about Hong Kong, however I have never had a chance to visit it. My friends have been there, though, and they all tell me that it is a paradise for people who love shopping. But I am more interested in H.K.'s food, I believe it is also a paradise for gourmets.

Life in Taipei is very convenient. We have 3 main kinds of transportation, bus, train, and M.R.T, and none of them cost much! Taiwan now is getting better and better in doing recycling, however it still need lots of progress. We have serious stray dog problems, and recently Taiwaness have been following the trend of keeping famous dogs such as Old English Sheepdogs, Labrador retrievers and so on, so I am really worried that this problem will probably be getting worst.

Truly, Fin.

Rose replies, 21 Nov 2002

Hi Fin,

I have five people in my family too. My father, mother, a sister and a brother. I am the youngest in the family. Everyone in Hong Kong is very busy earning a living. There have been serious layoff and unemployment recently.

Most people are afraid of losing their jobs. Therefore, they work even on weekends. They never dare to fight for their rights or argue with their bosses even though their bosses abuse them. There are many fresh graduates underpaid or unemployed. More and more eople are receiving welfare.

In the past, I never thought of being laid off. I took everything for granted. It is natural that we can have a job after graduation. However, life is not that easy right now!

Recently, I have read a book, 'Who moved my Cheese?' Have you heard this book? It is really a marvellous book. From it, I learned that we should anticipate change, monitor change, adapt to change quickly and move with the cheese. (Cheese is likened to our jobs, our happiness, things we treasure.)


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Last updated: November 22, 2002