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Meet Nova

Hi, everyone,

My name is ZHANG Sijie. I was born in 1967 in Hejin, Shanxi Province, P.R.C. I received my higher education in Hu'nan university and did further studies at Nan'jing university where I got my MA degree in liguistics in 1997.

I have just completed the registration as a new member of the efiwebheads Egroups in hopes of making more friends from all over the world and to improve myself not only in writing but in achieving a better understanding of being a human.

I am working as an English teacher in a college though English is not my mother tongue. That is a job which pleases me since my students (friends) always bring me something fresh, something interesting, and sometimes something which puts me in an awkward position.

I hope my joining the group might bring you something pleasant and I hope to hear from any of you at your convenience. Any of your comments, recommendations, and criticsms will be always highly regarded.

Best wishes, ZHANG Sijie (or simply, Nova)

From Maggie, August 3, 2000 ...

Hello, everyone,

Guess what, I gave Nova the information about Webheads. Woo, look at what I have done. Somebody should give me a candy, right? Haha... Well, I guess Nova is a pretty good English teacher. Hey, I am so happy for that. Now we have just got 2 new English teachers, Sophia and Nova. What a piece of good news, isn't it? Hello, Nova. Nice to meet you here. I guess you will like Webheads as I do now...Hehe. ..

Regards, Maggie

Nova reacts to a poem posted by Ying Lan, August 4, 2000 ...

Hi, Ying Lan,

Thank you for your email dated Aug.4,2000 in which you presented a beautiful poem by Shel Silverstein. I like the poem as I try to smell it, to touch it, and to sense it with all of my spirit. Frankly, I am pretty new to this community but I am getting to like it in that it has wonderful teachers and nice friends who are always ready to help. It offers me a very pleasant circumstance in which I find myself and an opportunity by which I begin to re-examine myself.

I am having a wonderful vacation since this is the only vacation most of which I have spent staying with my family --- my wife and my son. I feel well rewarded when I see my son running ahead or tracing behind, when we watch the ants busy seeking food and fighting, and when I am asked to tell him stories about Cinderella which makes him sad when she almost missed the prince's party and makes him happy when a holy spirit helps her ... Anyway, it is nice to meet you. Hope to get your continuous attention and support.

Best wishes, Nova

Nova responds to news that this page is on the web, August 7, 2000 ...


Thank you for the effort that you have made to create webpages for the new members who have just recently joined the community. It is a great idea to paste the pictures of the members onto the Webheads site to facilitate and better the understanding among the members. I have not an electronic picture so far available for current use in my computer since I am on vacation and I have no scanner at home. But I promise to send a picture as soon as practically possible. Being a member of the group, it is my commitment to support and help keep the community alive and attractive.

Regards, Nova

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