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Meet Kine

My name is Kinxului (ab. Kine). I come from Guangxi Province Wuzhou, China. My hometown is a beautiful little town in southern China. My English language capacity is not good. I wish to make friends with other English-speaking people and gain more language knowledge.

Since leaving college, I have been working in a science museum, where I often meet foreigners. Accordingly, I feel challenged to communicate with them. Therefore, I want to improve my English ability. By chance I had the opportunity to find out about, and immediately after I came upon the webheads.

Kine, How are you? It's Abid Shakoor from Pakistan. Can I speak to you for the discussion on the Chinese Culture and so on? I love to be a Chinese persons very much. Don't you know why? Frist of all you are our neighbour than you are a very good friend of Pakistan. Let me know your msn and yahoo messengers ID for voice chat and also let me know your chat timings. Take care.

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Last updated: November 7, 2002