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Meet Abid Shakoor

My name is Abid Shakoor. I am from Pakistan. I completed my graduation from Punjab University. Right now I am working in a software house as an Assistant Manager. My main hobbies are to go for visits in different mountain areas. I love to go to hill stations. I also love to go all over the world.

<-- The picture at left is captioned 'Road of Jheel' and Abid Shakoor says it was taken in Kalam Valley north of Swat, in Pakistan

Dear All,

It's very nice to join this group. It is an honor for me that I am member of this group. I am new to this group. I would like to make friendships with all the good persons. My name is Abid Shakoor. My main aim in joining this group is to improve my language ability. So anyone who can help me is very much appreciated. You know now a day's education is so expensive. This is to be the big task of Mr. Vance and to the other teachers. They spend some time with all the students and give them good suggestions. I pray for them. May God give each a long life. Hope I will also get lot's of help from Mr. Vance as well from all the other teachers and students.

I have graduated with a degree in commerce. I started my MBA but due to certain circumstances I haven't completed my MBA. I have completed only my three semesters. Hopefully I will try to complete it too. Pray for it.

If you want to see me, you can see my pictures in photos. I have created my Album with the name of Abid Shakoor. I hope you like my pictures. I love to go to hill stations, as well as to play cricket. I also love to make good friends with whom I can share my feelings.

This was little about me. If I make some good friends I will discuss it more.


Abid Shakoor

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Hi~ Mr. Abid Shakoor

Welcome to webheads ^^ and I am glad to meet you in here. My name is Seawalker Jey. I live in South Korea, and I am a freelance designer.

I met Maggi who is a teacher of Webheads in EFI ( in 1997. I joined in webheads in 2000, but my English is still poor :-)

Many people love mountains in Korea, but I like trekking in cities rather than climbing mountains.

I hope that you will meet and make good friends here.

Talk to you later~

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Last updated: October 31, 2002