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Webheads at Tapped In Summer Carnival
Chat logs from August 8, 2001

Meet the Webheads in the chat today

Vance John Juani Arif Bridget
UAE Puerto Rico Chile Turkey Jamaica

and many other participants in the Summer Carnival at Tapped In

Webheads have recently begun using TappedIn ( as a home base for its Sunday chats. TappedIn is a supportive community of educators whose chat-enabled website and overall synchronous communication environment are highly appropriate to Webheads. TappedIn held its latest annual "Summer Carnival" on August 8, 2001, and invited Webheads to participate. As you can see from reading the transcripts of our presentation, participants in the event were keenly interested in Webheads and found their views compatible with the principles and methodology of the Webheads learning community, so much so that we have been invited as a result to be listed on the monthly TappedIn calendar at This event, like our participation in the conferences in Barcelona a year ago and in Cyprus in May, appears to be another milestone in the continued viability of Webheads as a credible model for at least one mode of online learning. Each of us should pat each other on the back for being a part of this learning experience. Through events such as this we are becoming more appreciated the better well-known we become, and this is due to the participation of each of us. Thanks to all of us Webheads for that.

Please use the Navigation Tool below to jump to parts of the transcript you are most interested in. I have preserved my entire transcript here for its value as context and reference, but most readers of these logs will likely want to read only certain parts of these transcripts. Transcripts of all Summer Carnival sessions (for several years) can be found archived at Tapped In in the ASO Room to left of reception at

Click here for logs from: | Keiko's invitation | Bridget in ICQ | Vance arrives at TappedIn | Juani arrives at TappedIn
TappedIn Summer Carnival Sessions: Session 1: PBS TeacherSource | Session 2: Language Learning B-Board Project | Webheads session begins | Post-session wrap-up

Keiko's invitation

Webheads participated in the Summer Carnival at Tapped In, August 8, 2001 Before the event, Keiko Schneider sent the following announcement out to several lists, which helped a lot I think in drumming up support for our session:

Hello, fellow language professionals,

My name is Keiko Schneider, known as KeikoS and Keiko at TAPPED IN (, an online conference site for teahers.

August 8th is Summer Carnival and TAPPED IN offers 12 hours of non-stop live sessions and tours.

I particulary wanted to invite you to language learning related sessions.

1. Learning about Language Learning B-Board Project by Eiko Ushida of Carnegie Mellon University (11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 6:00pm GMT, 3:00am next day in Japan)

2. Webheads: An experiment in world friendship thru online language learning by Vance Stevens from UAE (noon Pacific, 3:00pm Eastern, 7:00pm GMT, 4:00am next day in Japan)

More info can be found at Summer Carnival page at and also Ushida Stevens

Events are open to anybody who is interested in the topic. Since there will be multiple sessions in the same hour, please ask around where the session that you are interested would be when you log in. HelpDesk volunteers will direct you to the right room.

Instructions to log in as a guest
1. Go to
2. Click the "Guest Login" Button on the TAPPED IN home page
3. Be patient while loading
4. When prompted in the bottom window, erase the text next to the word SAY, and type your name and hit return.
5. When loading is done, you will be in the Reception area.
6. To talk, type in the message in the window next to the word SAY. Then press the SEND button or the ENTER key
7. There will be HelpDesk to assist you to get to the right room.

Please feel free to write to me at if you have any questions. I hope to see you all!

Sincerely yours,
Keiko Schneider

Click here for logs from: | Keiko's invitation | Bridget in ICQ | Vance arrives at TappedIn | Juani arrives at TappedIn
TappedIn Summer Carnival Sessions: Session 1: PBS TeacherSource | Session 2: Language Learning B-Board Project | Webheads session begins | Post-session wrap-up

Bridget arrives in ICQ

I myself went online two hours before our session so as to catch some of the others. While online, I found Bridget on ICQ, whom we hadn't seen in a long time (as you can see) ...

Vance 8/8/01 9:25 PM Hi Bridget, long time no see. What are you up to?

nunset 8/8/01 9:25 PM do I now you

Vance 8/8/01 9:26 PM Yes, Vance, Writing for Webheads

nunset 8/8/01 9:26 PM oh HI long time no see indeed

Vance 8/8/01 9:27 PM We're still active, attending an online conference just now

nunset 8/8/01 9:28 PM I am fine I was out of a pc for a while but I got a new [ibm system

Vance 8/8/01 9:28 PM do you still have your fashion shop?

nunset 8/8/01 9:29 PM yes I do

nunset 8/8/01 9:30 PM HOW is the resort market in you country

Vance 8/8/01 9:31 PM It's pretty good actually. The UAE is big on tourism. It's summer all the time here, and there are hotels on beaches, diving, hiking

Vance 8/8/01 9:32 PM why do you ask?

nunset 8/8/01 9:32 PM i may have to com and look some marketing there for my stuff

Vance 8/8/01 9:33 PM yeah, would you travel here?

nunset 8/8/01 9:42 PM I now I might make a contact there and have that person do the marketing fo me

Vance 8/8/01 9:43 PM If you need any help, let me know. But of course I'm in education, not in marketing

nunset 8/8/01 9:45 PM well you may can look for some one who could do it and make the contact. that would save me a lot of time to go look for some one

Vance 8/8/01 9:47 PM Do you still have the same web site?

nunset 8/8/01 9:53 PM it need some setting up in two weeks time .I will have it up and going

Vance 8/8/01 10:11 PM Sorry, I'm paying attention to the conference

nunset 8/8/01 10:12 PM that is okay I will talk some other time if you are bussy

Vance 8/8/01 10:12 PM Is it the same URL we have on our website?

Vance 8/8/01 10:12 PM Well, I"m 'busy' at the conference. It's an online conference.

nunset 8/8/01 10:12 PM okay

Vance 8/8/01 10:13 PM So, I'll be here for a couple of hours. We're presenting on webheads in an hour. You can join us if you like.

nunset 8/8/01 10:15 PM okay I DONT have a micaphone set up as yet, so I will have to use text

Vance 8/8/01 10:15 PM It's all text. It's at

Vance 8/8/01 10:16 PM I'll send a url on how to get into the program as a guest

nunset 8/8/01 10:17 PM okay I have to go fo a while sand them and I get back I will use it

Vance 8/8/01 10:18 PM ok, I'm looking it up now. We meet in one hour

Vance 8/8/01 10:19 PM Here are the instructions. Once in as a guest /join vances

nunset 8/8/01 10:19 PM okay thank you

Vance 8/8/01 10:20 PM Hope to see you there. If you come, we'll introduce you. there will be at least 3 others plus you plus me from Webheads

nunset 8/8/01 10:20 PM okay

Click here for logs from: | Keiko's invitation | Bridget in ICQ | Vance arrives at TappedIn | Juani arrives at TappedIn
TappedIn Summer Carnival Sessions: Session 1: PBS TeacherSource | Session 2: Language Learning B-Board Project | Webheads session begins | Post-session wrap-up

Vance logs on to Tapped In

Connected to TAPPED IN on Wed Aug 8 10:03:09 2001 PDT.

VanceS [in Houston] waves back

VanceS asks, "I'm not in Houston. How do I change that?"

Stopped recording in VanceS's Office (#12249) at Wed Aug 8 10:05:01 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Wed Aug 8 10:05:01 2001 PDT.

Judi-2 says, "in the cafe"

KeikoS says, "At cafe"

MichellePW says, "That's OK."

MichellePW says, "Thanks"

MichellePW exclaims, "!"

Judi-2 leaves for the CAFE.

Jf's recorder (recording) leaves for the CAFE.

MichellePW leaves for the CAFE.

MPW's recorder (recording) leaves for the CAFE.

KeikoS . o O ( type /cafe or click on cafe in the map )

Judi-2 has arrived.

Jf's recorder (recording) has arrived.

VanceS [in Houston] fears he is clueless

KeikoS says, "Hi, Vance."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows deeply to Vance.

VanceS [in Houston] returns bow

JenW has connected.

KeikoS says, "I am so glad you are doing this. I really appreciate"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows one more time.

VanceS asks, "But I'm not in Houston. How do I change that?"

KeikoS says, "type /mood"

You hear a quiet popping sound; LeniD has disconnected.

KeikoS says, "That will get you back to normal mood"

VanceS says, "ok"

VanceS says, "thanks"

VanceS says, "off to the cafe I guess"

JenW asks, "PBS room???"

KeikoS says, "You session is not in a nother two hours."

PhilB [WebTeach] has arrived.

R2 (recording) has arrived.

PhilB [WebTeach] leaves for the CAFE.

R2 (recording) leaves for the CAFE.

VanceS says, "Hi Phil"

Stopped recording in Reception (#268) at Wed Aug 8 10:07:08 2001 PDT.

Click here for logs from: | Keiko's invitation | Bridget in ICQ | Vance arrives at TappedIn | Juani arrives at TappedIn
TappedIn Summer Carnival Sessions: Session 1: PBS TeacherSource | Session 2: Language Learning B-Board Project | Webheads session begins | Post-session wrap-up

Session 1 begins: PBS TeacherSource

Started recording in Oasis Cafe (#271)[TappedIn] at Wed Aug 8 10:07:08 2001 PDT.

MichellePW says, "Yipe, is that the 13th? We start that day for teachers."

MichaelAH [HelpDesk] waves to Vance

JamesSi has arrived.

JamesSi's personal recorder (recording) has arrived.

MichaelAH [to Michelle]: "we start that day for teachers; first student day is the 14th"

MichellePW exclaims, "That's early!"

PhilB asks, "So, PBS is coming down in here?"

MichaelAH [to Phil]: "they're here"

MichaelAH looks PBS TeacherSource session.

VanceS [to Keikos]: "I don't think so, but if you're there you can assist"

JenW has arrived.

FollowJen (recording) has arrived.

MichaelAH [PBS TeacherSource session] waves to Jen

Keiko [HelpDesk] has arrived.

Keiko's Recorder (recording) has arrived.

Judi-3 has arrived.

PhilB [WebTeach] is eager to hear more about PBS's excellent teacher resources.

joe_h [guest] says, "Mary and I are from PBS TeacherSource; we're ready to start whenever you all are."

JenW says, "hi Michael"

MichaelAH [to Joe]: "maybe we can start, and I'll get latecomers up to speed..."

NiniE has arrived.

Rebecca (recording) has arrived.

JenW says, "help basic"

JamesSi goes out.

JamesSi's personal recorder (recording) goes out.

joe_h [guest] says, "sounds good"

JenW says, "sorry"

MichaelAH [to All]: "Welcome to our afternoon session on PBS TeacherSource"

joe_h [guest] says, "I'd like to start by letting you all know about some great back-to-school p"

joe_h [guest] says, "prgramming we have starting in September."

MichaelAH says, "we'll be looking today at some great resources today.... let's start with some introductions"

MarshaR arrives from nowhere.

MichaelAH says, "My name is Michael Hutchison, and I'm a social studies teacher in southwestern Indiana"

MichaelAH [PBS TeacherSource session] waves to Marsha

KimberlyRF has arrived.

KimberlyRF's personal recorder (recording) has arrived.

joe_h [guest] says, "Ooops! yes, intros first"

MichaelAH says, "feel free to introduce yourself"

MarshaR waves back

Judy [guest] has arrived.

MichaelAH [PBS TeacherSource session] waves to Judy

Mary [guest] says, "I'm Mary Halnon and I work for PBS on TeacherSource, PBS's national site for K-12 educators."

MarshaR says, "I'm a district coordinating teacher in Kansas. And I have a partner today, Bev, who is an 8th grade ss teacher"

Judy [guest] says, "Hi Mary"

joe_h [guest] says, "My name is Joe Hammond, and I work at PBS TeacherSource"

VanceS says, "Hi, I'm Vance and I'm a Webhead"

JenW says, "Smiles to you all. I am Jennifer, Tech Coordinator at Crossroads Christian School in Corona, CA."

PhilB [WebTeach] projects Intro.


Philip Benz teaches English and does teacher training in web-based learning in the Ardeche region of central France.


MarshaR says, "She is sitting with me to learn how to use this environment"

JenW says, "I'll be in your class at 12, Vance"

KimberlyRF says, "I'm Kim Flack, I work with ASSET-KAET-ASU and we are currently offering PBS TeacherLine modules."

MichellePW says, "I'm Michelle Peck Williams and I teach Humanities at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, Kentucky."

VanceS [to JenW]: "Cool"

Keiko [HelpDesk] projects intro.


Keiko Schneider is a Japanese teacher at heart currently teaches Engligh as a Second Language at Albuquerque TVI.


Keiko . o O ( oops typo )

JenW asks, "TVI -- Totally Virtual Institute??"

MichaelAH [PBS TeacherSource session] looks to see if there's anyone else who'd like to introduce themselves?

Judy [guest] goes out.

MarshaR asks, "What is ASSET-KAET-ASu?"

Keiko [to JenW]: "Technical Vocational Institute"

MichaelAH says, "if not..."

Keiko . o O ( totally virtual would be good <g> )

MichaelAH exclaims, "I'll turn the floor over to Mary and Joe, and they can tell you about the great resources at PBS!"

PhilB [WebTeach] listens to the PBS presentation

joe_h [guest] says, "as I mentioned a minute ago. . ."

joe_h [guest] says, "we have several new on-air broadcasts this coming September that target back-to-school."

joe_h [guest] says, "the first is SCHOOL: THE STORY OF AMERICAN PUBLIC EDUCATION"

joe_h [guest] says, "it's narrated by meryl streep, and gives a history of public education in the US over the last 200 years"

PhilB [WebTeach] wonders if those broadcasts are available online as well, for non-US educators.

joe_h [guest] projects the URL:

Mary [guest] says, "yes, Phil--the sites will be up for at least four years beyond broadcast"

joe_h [guest] says, "ooops. wrong url"

MichaelAH [to Joe]: "let me tell everyone about projections"

AmyMur has arrived.

joe_h [guest] says, "the companion web site for school will lanuch next week"

MarshaR says, "that happens to me all the time. no problem."

MichaelAH [PBS TeacherSource session] projects project note.


When I "project" an URL, you'll see the website appear in another browser window. This is normal. If you are using a "text client", you'll need to "copy and paste" the URL in a browser window. You may need to switch from one window to another to see the webpage. DO NOT close THIS window!


Mary [guest] projects the URL:

joe_h [guest] exclaims, "there mary found it!"

MichellePW says, "Got it, thanks."

MarshaR says, "yes. I can see it."

JenW asks, "age appropriate???"

joe_h [guest] says, "in addition to this on-air broadcast, you'll find a number of related resources online"

PhilB [WebTeach] is looking for the link to listen online...

joe_h [guest] says, "althought the on-air broadcast will focus on history,"

joe_h [guest] says, "the web site will focus more upon current events in education: vouchers, standards, etc."

joe_h [guest] says, "We also have another program called, THE FIRST YEAR"

MarshaR rubs her hands in anticipation

joe_h [guest] says, "The First Year is a documentary about first-year teachers, and will focus upon the difficulties faced by teachers in their first year on the job."

MichellePW says, "That should be interesting."

MichaelAH [to Joe]: "that sounds like a good professional development program... maybe for teacher training institutions, too?"

PhilB exclaims, "Great stuff!"

joe_h [guest] says, "I don't know if any of you are familiar with American High . . ."

MichaelAH [PBS TeacherSource session] is

MarshaR says, "a little bit"

JenW says, "is that the school with all first year teachers"

JenW says, "who used to do some other jobs"

MichellePW says, "I LOVE American High. What a great show, with great insight into the kids' lives."

JenW says, "smile -- guess not"

joe_h [guest] says, "American High centers on the lives of high school students"

KimberlyRF asks, "do you have a link for that as well?"

joe_h [guest] says, "it's a reality-based program that shows what high school is like from the perspective of teenagers."

joe_h [guest] projects the URL:

Mary [guest] says, "American High has some good video production lesson plans and good ties to media lit"

MichellePW says, "It is AWESOME. All the things you wish your kids would tell you, but they won't--well, these kids do."

joe_h [guest] says, "there are some excellent lesson plans that accompany this web site"

Mary [guest] says, "we've gotten really interesting feedback from parents watching the show, too."

joe_h [guest] says, "great media lit. lesson plans"

PhilB says, "Sounds like a great program to show my English students in France."

AmyMur [to Mary [guest]]: "I'm getting ready to launch a really off-the-wall curriculum... can you tell me something about the production lessons and media lit?"

Mary [guest] says, "Yes, Phil--I think it would be interesting to ask them about cultural comparisons..."

joe_h [guest] says, "In addition to American High, and First Year, PBS will also broadcast a program called NO GREATER CALLING"

MichaelAH [to Joe]: "are any of the American High episodes available on video yet?"

MarshaR says, "Yes. I was hoping to learn about how to use PBS to prepare lessons for the 1800s history class"

MichellePW asks, "Is there a web site for THE FIRST YEAR?"

MichaelAH [to All]: "let's slow down on the questions a little... we'll get to them, but maybe let Joe and Mary answer one at a time?"

Mary [guest] [to AmyMur]: "American High has lesson plans that cover basic video production techniques, and then lead to students producing their own video diaries, like the kids in the show. there's also a media lit lesson that deals with 'reality' TV"

joe_h [guest] says, "the web site for No Greater Calling is not available yet . . . still in production"

JimWo [SCN] has disconnected.

MichaelAH [PBS TeacherSource session] isn't trying to squash the discussion, but we don't want to overwhelm Joe and Mary with questions, either

AmyMur [to Mary [guest]]: "thank you.. my humanities class will be changed over to digital video production this year"

AmyMur . o O ( Our choice...student's choice )

Mary [guest] says, "the last show and site I would bring to your attention is "Only A Teacher" which covers the teaching profession."

Mary [guest] projects the URL:

Mary [guest] says, "the producers of this show and site are working right now on outreach materials so teachers can use this in professional development inservices and workshops."

Mary [guest] says, "if you get a chance to look at the site and have any suggestions for them, I would love to pass your ideas along--I'm at"

BJB [HelpDesk] quietly enters the room.

BJ's Shadow follows BJB to here.

joe_h [guest] says, "No Greater Calling is a program that spotlights teachers who've done exceptional work in the classroom; the Web site is coming Aug. 30."

Mary [guest] asks, "OK, we want to make sure we can answer your questions too--so shall we back up a bit and start over with any questions you have for us?"

MichellePW asks, "Is there a web site for THE FIRST YEAR?"

JenW says, "<---you can ignore my question...I figured it out"

Mary [guest] projects the URL:

AmyMur asks, "I took my students to KPBS in San Diego... ever since then, they've been producing video... but I'd like them to go further...any thoughts?"

Mary [guest] asks, "what kind of video do you want them to produce--personal stuff, news, etc.?"

PhilB says, "I can't wait to see if I can get PBS through out satellite connection at my school in Central France. Otherwise I'll be restricted to material either online or available for purchase -- I assume with several years lag on broadcasts."

MarshaR says, "My questions focus around science and sss. In particular the 1800s. I was anxious to learn how to keep abreast of the PBS stuff that would be coming out."

MarshaR says, "sss= social studies sorry for the typo"

Click here for logs from: | Keiko's invitation | Bridget in ICQ | Vance arrives at TappedIn | Juani arrives at TappedIn
TappedIn Summer Carnival Sessions: Session 1: PBS TeacherSource | Session 2: Language Learning B-Board Project | Webheads session begins | Post-session wrap-up

Juani arrives at Tapped In

Juani [guest] has arrived.

AmyMur says, "They're really interested in historical filmmaking... using info to create videos that are historically accurate.. scriptwriting themselves..for the language standards.."

MichaelAH [to Joe]: "can Phil pick up PBS programming via satellite?"

Mary [guest] [to MarshaR]: "you can subscribe to our seasonal edition of TeacherPreviews to get a heads-up about upcoming shows and sites, several months in advance. Otherwise, checking out TeacherSource periodically and going to the subject neighborhoods is your best bet."

joe_h [guest] says, "Phil, the only alternative I can suggest would be to purchase PBS Videos, which you could do online or through an (800) number."

MarshaR says, "AmyMur---a very cool idea. That would be a perfect way to blend language arts with ss"

AmyMur says, "yes..."

AmyMur says, "i've been doing that in traditional ways"

PhilB says, "Thanks, Joe, I was just viewing the "shop" area."

joe_h [guest] says, "project/"

AmyMur says, "but really love the new technology and ease of iMOvie"

Mary [guest] [to AmyMur]: "they may be interested in several of the historical Web sites like Napoleon and even Masterpiece Theater, which have "the making of" sections in them where the filmmakers describe their challenges."

AmyMur says, "oh.. very nice... thank you"

AmyMur asks, "does this session last until 11?"

VanceS [to Juani [guest]]: "Is this Juani de Chile?"

MichaelAH [to Amy]: "we're scheduled to go for another half hour"

joe_h [guest] says, "PBS sells many videos that have been prepared especially for use by educators: they come indexed and often with compaion teaching guides."

AmyMur says, "thank you, Michael"

Juani [guest] says, "yes,Vance,,here I am"

Juani [guest] says, "I'm at Rifle High School in Colorado"

VanceS asks, "can we talk on Yahoo?"

AmyMur asks, "Are there any places within the PBS site that offer kid-to-kid communication and brainstorming?"

joe_h [guest] says, "I also want to let you all know about a series of upcoming chats that will take place in September."

AmyMur asks, "perhaps with other students who are producing?"

Juani [guest] says, "we had some problems with the server"

PhilB [WebTeach] listens for the chat info.

Mary [guest] projects the URL:

VanceS says, "Juani, I'm going to my office. Type /join vances"

joe_h [guest] says, "Beginning the second week of September, we'll offer chats on Thursday evenings for 3 weeks in arow"

Stopped recording in Oasis Cafe (#271) at Wed Aug 8 10:32:09 2001 PDT.

Vance and Juani teleport to Vance's office so as not to disturb the discussion we just left ...

Started recording in VanceS's Office (#12249)[TappedIn] at Wed Aug 8 10:32:09 2001 PDT.

Juani [guest] arrives from nowhere.

Juani [guest] says, "hi"

Juani [guest] says, "I got in Rifle area last Friday"

VanceS says, "Hi, we can't have a private conversaion down there"

VanceS asks, "But great to see you. So how is Rifle? Great huh?"

Juani [guest] says, "yes,it is..marvellous area"

VanceS says, "Yeah, you are very lucky."

Juani [guest] says, "it was a long trip from my country"

VanceS asks, "Did you go to Washington first?"

Juani [guest] says, "yes..for a week"

Juani [guest] says, "for the TEP orientation"

VanceS asks, "Are you going to be here an hour and a half from now for the Webheads presentation?"

Juani [guest] says, "it was great..we could also take a tour around the city"

VanceS says, "around Washington? It's an interesting city"

Juani [guest] says, "yes,,,I'll be here at least up to one and something"

VanceS says, "Lots of sites"

VanceS asks, "Good, it's nice for me to know who will be here. Do you mind if I make you a part of the presentation?"

Juani [guest] says, "then ..I'll connect again from my roommate's computer"

VanceS says, "Maybe you can just tell a little about yourself and how you became interested in Webheads"

Juani [guest] says, " it.if it helps....that would be great"

VanceS says, "Rif will be there. He's going to tell a little about the day he brought his class to the webheads class"

Juani [guest] says, "that would be interesting"

VanceS says, "Yeah, with three people, plus John, we can each take 5 or ten minutes, but the presentations are very interactive,"

VanceS says, "so you don't have to think much in advance about it. Whatever you contribute will work well."

Juani [guest] says, "ok..let see what I can do from here."

VanceS asks, "What do you like best about Rifle?"

Juani [guest] says, "ok,,that would be a nice experience"

Juani [guest] says, "the mountains,the lanscape,the people..."

Juani [guest] says, "they are very friendly"

Juani [guest] says, "The vice principal here did his best to help me reach the Festival"

Juani [guest] says, "the server was down,I think."

VanceS says, "That's great that you took the trouble"

Juani [guest] says, "yes,I didn't wanto to miss it."

Juani [guest] says, "you 've been of greta help for me."

VanceS says, "The presentation we were just in was not in my field. It was about American High Schools. I think there's one in 15 min that I want to see."

Juani [guest] asks, "is that presentation on american high schools over?"

Juani [guest] says, "maybe it's useful for me"

VanceS says, "let's go back to it. Just type /cafe"

VanceS asks, "ready?"

Juani [guest] says, "yes.."

VanceS says, "off we go ..."

Juani [guest] says, "but it doesn't work"

VanceS says, "didn't work for me either"

Juani [guest] says, "type/cafe"

VanceS says, "Let me consult a document a second"

Juani [guest] says, "help basic"

VanceS says, "how about /reception"

VanceS says, "let's try that one."

Juani [guest] teleports to the reception.

VanceS teleports to the reception.

Stopped recording in VanceS's Office (#12249) at Wed Aug 8 10:48:49 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Wed Aug 8 10:48:49 2001 PDT.

KeikoS says, "Hi, vance."

Juani [guest] asks, "hi,is it reception?"

KeikoS says, "Great you can join us."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] nods to Juani.

VanceS says, "HI Keiko"

KeikoS asks, "Did you get IN HOustong got rid of yet?"

KeikoS . o O ( type /mood )

Juani [guest] says, "ok...Hi Keiko"

VanceS says, "Juani is a webhead. She's on fulbright to the USA right now"

KeikoS exclaims, "COOL! Welcome!"

VanceS says, "I think I got it, btw"

Juani [guest] says, "thanks.."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows and hugs to Juani

KeikoS [HelpDesk] listens to Vance

VanceS asks, "Keiko, don't you have a presentation in a few minutes?"

Juani [guest] says, "oh....that's great"

KeikoS says, "I am just hosting."

KeikoS says, "Eiko Ushida is a presenter."

VanceS says, "Someone mentioned it in email"

KeikoS says, "I will be also in your session looking over things and participating."

VanceS asks, "Are all the sessions (such as mine) in the cafe?"

KeikoS [to VanceS]: "Yours will be in CAFE."

KeikoS says, "Eiko's will be in my office."

VanceS asks, "ok, and to get there from here we just type /cafe ???"

KeikoS says, "So we won't run over each other's session."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] nods, there is another one going right now, as you know.

VanceS asks, "How do we /join Eiko's session?"

KeikoS says, "Join me by /join keikos"

KeikoS says, "I will be there."

KeikoS says, "Eiko hasn't checked in..."

VanceS says, "that'll work (as we Americans say)"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] smiles

KeikoS asks, "Juanita es de Chile?"

VanceS says, "Ok, Juani, I'll type /join keikos in a few minutes"

EikoUs has connected.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] smiles and nods

KeikoS exclaims, "Hi, sensei!"

Juani [guest] says, "yes..from the south of Chile"

VanceS says, "and you can fine me at noon GMT by typing /join vances"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] smiles

VanceS [in Houston] bows to esteemed next presenter

KeikoS asks, "How are you, Ushida sensei?"

VanceS exclaims, "There's that In Houston again ???!!"

EikoUs exclaims, "(To talk, type here and press return):bows Hello everyone!"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] grins

EikoUs says, "Sorry"

KeikoS [to Eiko]: "We are having your session in my office."

VanceS tests his mood

KeikoS asks, "Do you wanna go there?"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] smiles at Vance

EikoUs says, ":bows again"

KeikoS . o O ( oops try again )

VanceS is in a good mood again

EikoUs says, "Hm.... I need to review the tricks...."

KeikoS . o O ( :bows )

EikoUs bows

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows deeper

EikoUs exclaims, "Yeah!"

KeikoS says, "We can talk in my office."

Jan_NS looks content.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] smiles at Jan. You should be :)

Miko has connected.

BJ [HelpDesk] smiles at Jan

BJ says, "hi, Miko. Welcome"

KeikoS asks, "Hi, Miko? Is this Foard sensei?"

EikoUs asks, "Okay. Where is Keiko sensei's office?"

KeikoS says, "OK, join me later."

KeikoS . o O ( type /keikos )

KeikoS [HelpDesk] waves and bows

KeikoS goes home.

Jan_NS says, "Just playing with /mood"

Michele has connected.

________________________ | |

BJ holds up a BIG sign: | type /join KeikoS now |


Keiko has arrived.

Keiko's Recorder follows Keiko to here.

VanceS asks, "Juani, still there?"

GailH has arrived.

Gail's Recorder follows GailH to here.

Juani [guest] says, "yes.vance"

Keiko says, "Now type /join keikos"

Jan_NS says, "Hi, again Gail"

EikoUs suddenly disappears.

GailH says, "Hi Jan."

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_86 [guest] has disconnected.

GailHo has arrived.

BJ says, "welcome back, Gail"

Juani [guest] says, "join/keikos"

GailHo's personal recorder follows GailHo to here.

LynneAW has arrived.

Mystic (recording) has arrived.

Lorraine has connected.

GailHo leaves for the ASO.

GailHo's personal recorder (recording) leaves for the ASO.

VanceS says, "the slash / has to be at extreme left on the line"

Keiko [HelpDesk] nods

BJ [to Juani [guest]]: "type /join KeikoS"

VanceS says, "that's it"

BJ says, "hi, Lorraine. Welcome"

Lorraine [guest] says, "I'm interested in Gail's presentation on ENC."

VanceS says, "I'm on my way there"

Juani [guest] suddenly disappears.

Stopped recording in Reception (#268) at Wed Aug 8 10:58:14 2001 PDT.

Click here for logs from: | Keiko's invitation | Bridget in ICQ | Vance arrives at TappedIn | Juani arrives at TappedIn
TappedIn Summer Carnival Sessions: Session 1: PBS TeacherSource | Session 2: Language Learning B-Board Project | Webheads session begins | Post-session wrap-up

Session 2: Learning about Language Learning B-Board Project by Eiko Ushida of Carnegie Mellon University

Started recording in Keiko's Office (#39706)[TappedIn] at Wed Aug 8 10:58:14 2001 PDT.

KeikoS . o O ( /mood Presenter )

KeikoS says, "Hi, Vance."

EikoUs looks Presenter.

KeikoS says, "There you go."

EikoUs says, "Try again."

KeikoS says, "Official presenter."

VanceS says, "Is that how you become a presenter? /mood presenter"

EikoUs asks, "official???"

KeikoS says, "yeah, bow or something."

EikoUs [Presenter] bows

KeikoS [HelpDesk] smiles

EikoUs says, "Yatta~"

EikoUs [Presenter] jumps

VanceS returns bow

EikoUs asks, "So, how are we going to start?"

Juani [guest] says, "how do you do that,Vance? all those actions"

KeikoS says, "Juani read this..."

VanceS says, "YOu start the line with a colon :"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] projects emote.


Emoting is an action such as laughing, smiling, etc. To perform this action type a colon : , your action (waves, smiles, looks confused, etc.) and hit return. When I type :bows you see KeikoS bows.


VanceS points to Keiko's explanation

Juani [guest] smiles

EikoUs [Presenter] EikoUs reads it again

KeikoS [HelpDesk] cheers wildly

BJ [HelpDesk] quietly enters the room.

Shadow follows BJ to here.

KeikoS says, "HI, BJ"

EikoUs exclaims, "Hello BJ!"

VanceS smiles at Juani

Juani [guest] says, "you're very nice,Vance"

KeikoS [to VanceS]: "Scuba diving?"

MiyukiF arrives from nowhere.

buddy follows MiyukiF to here.

BJ drops 2001/08/08 Benkyoukai-Eiko Ushida (recording).

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows to Miyuki sensei.

EikoUs [to Keiko]: "When are we going to start?"

BJ teleports to the reception.

MiyukiF says, "hello"

MiyukiF bows

EikoUs [Presenter] bows

KeikoS says, "Let's wait a few more minutes."

MiyukiF bows to Ushida-sensei

KeikoS says, "I know some more are coming."

EikoUs [Presenter] bows to everyone :-)

KeikoS asks, "Are you all aware today's presentation is based on a paper?"

MiyukiF says, "yes I read it"

VanceS asks, "uh, no, actually, can we skim it over quickly. Can yu project it?"

KeikoS says, "Who needs to see it."

EikoUs exclaims, "Sure!"

KeikoS says, "OK, I have to warn you about projection."

Miko [guest] arrives from nowhere.

KeikoS says, "read this and tell me when you are ready."

EikoUs says, "ooooh, warning...."

Judi-3 arrives from nowhere.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows to Miko sensei.

KeikoS exclaims, "Welcome, welcome!"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] projects projection.


When a URL is projected a new web window in addition to the TI text and web window will open for everyone in the same room (don't be surprised!). You can look at the site, bookmark it, and close long as you DO NOT CLOSE the TAPestry window (the one with the room map (you will lose your link to TI if you do). When you're done looking, come back to the text window.


KeikoS [to Miko [guest]]: "I was going to show a web page..."

Juani [guest] says, "ok.."

KeikoS says, "Tell me when you are ready...."

AmyMur arrives from nowhere.

EikoUs asks, "Should I project the paper?"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] hugs Amy

AmyMur hugs Keiko and smiles broadly

VanceS says, "ready"

AmyMur bows deeply in apology for being late

Juani [guest] says, "me,too"

KeikoS asks, "Miko sensei?"

MiyukiF is ready too

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows MiyukiF the URL:

She then 'shows' the rest of us in turn to avoid opening the browsers of the unwarned new arrivals

VanceS says, "thank you"

VanceS reads rapidly

Juani [guest] says, "thank you"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows Judi-3 the URL:

KeikoS [to Miko [guest]]: "Just don't close this window. You will lose connection."

AmyMur says, "mo skoshi yulori hanashte kudasai"

KeikoS says, "Oh, I always forget."

KeikoS says, "If this conversation is going too fast, click on DETACH."

Miko [guest] says, "I clicked Ushida sensei's button and then clicked who's online. I am lost again."

KeikoS . o O ( kind of to the right. )

KeikoS [to Miko [guest]]: "Just don't close this window, OK?"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows Miko the URL:

KeikoS says, "hope you survived"

EikoUs [Presenter] waves to everyone

KeikoS exclaims, "This is Eiko Ushida's B board presentation, Welcome!"

KeikoS says, "Let's introduce ourselve, really quick."

EikoUs says, "Hello everyone, thank you very much for coming(?) today."

VanceS looks Webhead.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] projects intro.


Keiko Schneider is a Japanese teacher at heart who currently teaches English as a Second Language at Albuquerque TVI. HelpDesk volunteer.


VanceS [Webhead] waves to everyone

MiyukiF says, "hello everyone. I'm a graduate student at Indiana University"

philsclone [guest] arrives from nowhere.

MakotoN arrives from nowhere.

MakotoN's personal recorder follows MakotoN to here.

EikoUs says, "I am Eiko Ushida, from Carnegie Mellon. I teach Japanese here, and also do research on second language acquisition."

Miko [guest] says, "I am Miko Foard from Arizona State University"

KeikoS says, "Welcome Makoto sensei."

philsclone [guest] slips into the back of the room to lurk.

KeikoS says, "We were just doing intro."

MakotoN says, "Konbanwa. This is Makoto from Japan."

EikoUs exclaims, "Oh my god... it must be in the middle of night in Japan. Thank you very very much!"

KeikoS asks, "Vance, Juani, Phil?"

philsclone [guest] is a webheaded ESL teacher and teacher trainer working in France.

MakotoN says, "Or very early in the morning <g>"

EikoUs [to KeikoS]: "sure"

AmyMur says, "Gomenasai... sayonara"

KeikoS says, "Maybe Eiko can summerize the paper..."

VanceS [Webhead] waves again

AmyMur goes home.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] waves to Amy

Miko [guest] leaves for the CRM.

juani [guest] arrives from nowhere.

KimberlyRF arrives from nowhere.

KimberlyRF's personal recorder follows KimberlyRF to here.

Miko [guest] has arrived.

Miko [guest] leaves for the CRT.

KeikoS says, "Hi, Kimberly, we are ust starting."

juani [guest] says, "I'm Juani from Chile I'm a teacher in High school"

KimberlyRF says, "thanks :)"

Miko [guest] has arrived.

juani [guest] says, "I had lost my connection"

VanceS says, "I'm Vance in the UAE, CALL Coordinator for a language center in Abu Dhabi, and a Webhead in my spare time"

KeikoS . o O ( BTW Vance is a speaker on the next hour :) )

juani [guest] says, "I'm a webhead also."

EikoUs says, "Okay, in my Elementary Japanese course, we used university b-board system to do Learning about language learning assingment. It was for strategy training, and also intended to use for instructional purposes. Students posted their learning difficulties, and exchanged their ideas and opinions about these postings. I think students enjoyed this assingment a lot."

philsclone [guest] asks, "All in their target language?"

EikoUs says, "No, it was in English (L1)"

juani [guest] studentses always enjoy that type of work.

Miko [guest] asks, "Can I ask you a specific question? Was this a requirement for the course? If so, how many percentage did you give for this project? And did everyone participated?"

MiyukiF asks, "is it beacuse b-board doesn't support Japanese?"

KeikoS . o O ( hold on your thoughts Miyuki sensei )

MiyukiF . o O ( sorry! )

EikoUs [to Miko [guest]]: "Yes, it was a requirement. It was a part of daily homework which weighs 20/100 % tota."

EikoUs [to MiyukiF]: "What is this reason for?"

MiyukiF asks, "students used English because b-board isn't Japanese capable?"

MiyukiF says, "or because the assginement is not to learn Japanese from this activity"

KeikoS . o O ( or level? )

EikoUs says, "I see. kind of both."

MakotoN asks, "May I?"

EikoUs says, "In our department, all elementary level language courses do this activities in English."

EikoUs says, "Sure."

MakotoN asks, "OK. Your students were using both Roma-ji and English. Did that happen frequently? Do you think it helped their language learning?"

EikoUs says, "They did not use roma-ji as it was not intended to learn Japanese language per se."

AndrewH has arrived.

A's recorder follows AndrewH to here.

EikoUs says, "<cont'd> but it was rather about how to be a better Japanese learner."

MakotoN says, "In examples provided in the handout, I found mixture, and it was interesting"

EikoUs says, "So, most students commented that this activity helped them learn Japanese in the final reflection postings."

EikoUs asks, "Can you point out which ones?"

MakotoN says, "sure. Here it goes"

MakotoN says, "Sensei wa, "Chan san, kore wa, wakarimasu ka?" to iimasu. "iie!!!", I say! Demo, I do."

MiyukiF found it interesting too

EikoUs exclaims, "I did too!"

EikoUs says, "It was a student's inner speach, which you cannot hear as a classroom teacher in class."

Miko [guest] says, "think it is a great idea. I do this in my portfolio project, but that way, the reader is just a teacher and students will only get her input. I think it is great to see that students interact and share ideas."

juani [guest] says, "that's the best activity for me"

juani [guest] says, "to share and interact..."

EikoUs [to Miko [guest]]: "Exactly. That is why we decided to "try" this b-board."

EikoUs [Presenter] nods many times :-)

MiyukiF asks, "May I ask a question?"

EikoUs says, "Please."

juani [guest] says, "students love it,I'm sure"

AndrewH goes home.

MiyukiF says, "In the last part of your handout, you listed problems..."

EikoUs [to Juani [guest]]: "Some students did love it, others did not...."

MiyukiF says, "one of which is "students didn't understand the objectives"

EikoUs says, "Yes, there was a few problems."

MiyukiF asks, "did they think b-board is to learn Japanese?"

EikoUs says, "Yes, this is not just for b-board project but quite common problem for LaLL activities/assingments across the sections (according to other language teachers)"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] is holding a question

EikoUs says, "Teachers need to understand why we are doing this project and how iot can help students. then they will understand and participate more."

Miko [guest] asks, "But, my question can EVERYONE participate? Students at ASU are very busy. Someone works full time and take 18 credit hours at the same time. It is very hard to do this kind of porject. Do your students have computers at home?"

juani [guest] says, "that's a good question"

EikoUs [to Miko [guest]]: "Yes, most of them do. And there are a lot of computer clusters on campus. So they have no problem to access computers. They found b-board much easier than paper & pencil assignment."

juani [guest] says, "of,course and computer work is also more atractive for them"

EikoUs says, "When students used to write a paper on LaLL, they tended to write quite formal paper like they learned in English 101. But in the b-board, they were more informal like they were speaking. So I guess it did not take much time like last year."

KeikoS . o O ( interesting... )

KeikoS asks, "May I ...?"

EikoUs says, "Please."

KeikoS says, "I am curious how you evaluated each student."

KeikoS says, "You assigned this as a requirement that has certain percentage to their grade..."

EikoUs says, "Good question....."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] listens

EikoUs says, "In our Japanese course, we do not weight too much on LaLL assingments. So, we gave full credit (e.g. 1) if students did one posting. We did not evaluate the content and length."

KeikoS [to EikoUs]: "But that is how you really wanted to handle?"

EikoUs says, "But as I mentioned in the problem #1, there were a lot of differences in quantity and quality... so I raised this point to revise at our meeting."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] listens

EikoUs [to KeikoS]: "No, I personally would like to appreciate more those who participate in this discussion more seriously and give higher marks. But I need to get my boss's consent to do that..."

KeikoS asks, "Did students know how they were being evaluated?"

EikoUs says, "yes."

juani [guest] says, "that's good."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows, thank you.

MiyukiF asks, "May I...?"

EikoUs says, "The interesting this is that although students did not know they would not get much grade on this, some worked very seriously... I was quite impressed."

EikoUs [to MiyukiF]: "Please."

MiyukiF asks, "What differences did you notice in your students before and after b-board?"

EikoUs exclaims, "This is also brilliant question!"

MiyukiF . o O ( IU students have A LOT of learning habits problems too... )

EikoUs says, "Well, I have noticed that my students talked about how they are trying to study Japanese (e.g., remembering kanji, where to get good learning resources etc.) IN class and AFTER class...."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] was going to ask...

KeikoS says, ":-)"

juani [guest] says, "I'm sure they did better after least those who are really interested in their process of learning"

Miko [guest] asks, "Does this mean you read those messages everyday? Isn't that a pain for teachers who do not have much time?"

EikoUs [to Juani [guest]]: "Some did very well. Although they did not do well, they looked "content" after the course :-)"

EikoUs [to Miko [guest]]: "Miko sensei, yes.... for some teachers, it might be pain.... because I had only 15 students in my class, but I tended to read about 60 studnets postings in the end... but we did not have to. I did it only because I was interested in."

EikoUs [to Everyone]: "If you were a teacher, would you like to read only your students' or all of the classes'?"

juani [guest] says, "yes,that's it...I'm sure you would read them all"

MakotoN says, "If you are going to evaluate the contents, you will have to read them all to understand the context"

EikoUs [to Everyone]: "Thank you. If you read students' postings, do you think you would like to reply to them?"

KimberlyRF says, "I think the value in their postings would partially come from how you respond to them."

juani [guest] says, "I think I 'd reply also"

MakotoN says, "If other students are replying to them, I would not."

Miko [guest] says, "I will have 75 100 level students this coming semester. I do not think I can read their postings and reply every day. Maybe once a week might be possible."

MiyukiF says, "I would try not to reply unless I had to"

KimberlyRF says, "wouldn't it be important though, to provide feedback as the instructor? guidelines for 1x weekly would be good"

MiyukiF . o O ( teacher's reply may increase anxiety... )

KeikoS . o O ( fine line )

KimberlyRF . o O ( true )

EikoUs [to Everyone]: "Interesting... in fact, some teachers were not able to decide whether or not teachers participate this student-driven discussion...."

Miko [guest] exclaims, "To tell you the truth, often students have better and creative ideas!"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] smiles at Miko sensei

EikoUs says, "So what I did was that: when I replied to the posting, I directly replied to the individual student not the whole b-board. After that, I exchanged some opinions and ideas with them."

EikoUs [to Miko [guest]]: "I know! That is something I have noticed :-)"

MiyukiF asks, "Did you reply to all students eventually?"

EikoUs [to MiyukiF]: "Nooooooooo ~"

EikoUs [Presenter] smiles

KeikoS asks, "May I...?"

EikoUs says, "Sure"

KeikoS says, "Unfortunately the time is slipping ..."

ShunI arrives from nowhere.

Shun's Recorder follows ShunI to here.

KeikoS asks, "Maybe one last question to Eiko sensei?"

KeikoS [to EikoUs]: "Maybe one last comment to share with us?"

EikoUs says, "I was able to incorporate MY studnets' postings into my classroom activities. In that respect, I thought their input was very valuable and very useful to be a good Japanese teacher."

Miko [guest] exclaims, "Thank you Ushida sensei and Schneider sensei. It has been very educational and interesting!"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows to Foard sensei, thank YOU for coming.

MiyukiF says, "Thank you"

MakotoN says, "Thank you! I hope I will be able to send some info about

WebCT Japanese version."

EikoUs [Presenter] bows to everyone

KeikoS exclaims, "And thank you very much Eiko sensei!"

KeikoS says, "If you want to have a transcript of this session and you are not a TI member,..."

EikoUs says, "Thank you very much to you too."

VanceS says, "Thanks, I was following the discussion .."

KeikoS says, "please type in your email here."

juani [guest] says, "thanks ..."

KeikoS . o O ( will be gone from the transcript... )

KeikoS says, "For members, this will be avaialble in ASO in a few days."

VanceS [Webhead] bows as exits to Cafe

VanceS teleports to the reception.

Stopped recording in Keiko's Office (#39706) at Wed Aug 8 12:01:23 2001 PDT.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Wed Aug 8 12:01:23 2001 PDT.

BJ says, "welcome back, Katharine"

ShunI has arrived.

Shun's Recorder follows ShunI to here.

BJ says, "hi, Vance. You're all set in the Cafe"

Katharine [guest] exclaims, "Hi!"

BJ [HelpDesk] bows to Shun

VanceS asks, "Hi, I think I'm due in the cafe, is that correct?"

Judi-2 nods

ShunI waves

BJ [HelpDesk] nods to Vance

juani [guest] arrives from nowhere.

VanceS says, "good work, Juani, you're finding your way around well"

juani [guest] says, "ok..thanks"

VanceS asks, "now, to get to the cafe is it simply /cafe ??"

Katharine [guest] asks, "IS the Webheads session in the cafe?"

VanceS says, "I think it is K, just wondering how to get there . that'll work"

Stopped recording in Reception (#268) at Wed Aug 8 12:03:44 2001 PDT.

Click here for logs from: | Keiko's invitation | Bridget in ICQ | Vance arrives at TappedIn | Juani arrives at TappedIn
TappedIn Summer Carnival Sessions: Session 1: PBS TeacherSource | Session 2: Language Learning B-Board Project | Webheads session begins | Post-session wrap-up

Webheads Session begins

Started recording in Oasis Cafe (#271)[TappedIn] at Wed Aug 8 12:03:44 2001 PDT.

AmyMur [to James]: "we're protected by our distance"

Keiko teleports to the reception.

SusanLM arrives from nowhere.

SusanLM's personal recorder follows SusanLM to here.

Katharine [guest] arrives from nowhere.

JamesSi [to AmyMur]: "see you later to go to the webheads"

juani [guest] has arrived.

AmyMur says, "bye james"

Judi-3 [to James]: "this is where Webheads is."

__________________________________________ | |

| if you see this you are in the place for |

Judi-3 holds up a BIG sign: | the WebHeads session |


VanceS says, "Hello all, yes this is a Webhead zone"

JamesSi says, "Hi Vance"

AmyMur says, "no wonder the rush of people"

VanceS says, "all who enter here are now Webheads"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Vance."

SylviaC arrives from nowhere.

Kooka_Recorder follows SylviaC to here.

VanceS says, "Hi John"

juani [guest] says, " everybody"

JohnSte says, "Hi, Juani."

VanceS asks, "May I project, or attempt to project, a url ??"

ShunI has arrived.

Shun's Recorder (recording) has arrived.

Katharine [guest] says, "Yes"

KeikoS . o O ( if this is going too fast, please click on DETACH )

Judi-3 says, "we should explain the projection...."

Judi-3 says, "we should make sure everyone knows about them."

VanceS says, "OK, I am going to project the Webheads main page URL"

PhilB says, "Ooooh, now I'm an official "WebHead"11"

Judi-3 asks, "anyone NOT know about web page projections?"

juani [guest] says, "not me"

Judi-3 says, "a new window will open on your computer...."

AmyMur goes home.

VanceS [to PhilB]: "Cool, huh?"

Judi-3 says, "it will not log you out of here...."

graham [guest] says, "I don't either"

Judi-3 says, "you can look at it and you can bookmark it and you can close it...."

VanceS says, "ok, projection about to happen (brace yourselves)"

Judi-3 says, "don't close this window"

juani [guest] says, "it didn't open here before...I had to copy it"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] hungs tight

Judi-3 says, "here we go Vance will project now."

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

VanceS asks, "ahhright .. did it work?"

JamesSi says, "Worked fine Vance"

KeikoS asks, "Did you all get it?"

KimberlyRF says, "got it :)"

PhilB says, "Oooh, neat! Your website was automatically blocked by the local firewall! must be really subversive."

juani [guest] says, "me,too."

JohnSte says, "Got it."

SusanLM has disconnected.

VanceS says, "I think it did. Ok, this is our Webheads portal, very subversive, I might add"

graham [guest] says, "I got it ok - but I was there already - now waiting for it to load"

JanosB arrives from nowhere.

JanosB's personal recorder follows JanosB to here.

SusanLM has connected.

PhilB says, "Is it based in Iraq, or something? Porn content anywhere? <g>"

KeikoS says, "Hi, Susan and Janos."

SusanLM says, "Hi!(To talk, type here and press return)"

VanceS says, "ok, well, there are some webheads present in this room, so maybe I should ask them to introduce themselves first"

JanosB exclaims, "Hi Everyone!"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows projection to JanosB.

PhilB [WebTeach] will try to be serious for 5 minutes or so.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows projection to SusanLM.

SusanLM asks, "IDid I miss a projection?"

KeikoS says, "Here it goes Susan."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows SusanLM the URL:

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows JanosB the URL:

VanceS asks, "just 5 min phil? paying me back for banter in your webquest session, are you?"

SusanLM says, "I bookmarked it."

VanceS says, "can't understand why this would be blocked, btw"

KeikoS asks, "Maybe intro?"

PhilB [WebTeach] projects Intro.


Philip Benz teaches English and does teacher training in web-based learning in the Ardeche region of central France.


VanceS says, "alright, webheads having missed the call, all may board now ..."

graham [guest] says, "This is Graham from Switzerland, technical english teacher and computing exspurt"

VanceS asks, "intro's ?"

SusanLM asks, "'re in France?"

juani [guest] says, "I'm Juani from Chile. I teach English for teenagers .I'm in the Fulbright Exchange Programme in Rifle ,Co,right now. About to start"

Katharine [guest] has arrived.

KeikoS says, "Hi, Katherine, we are just doing intro..."

SusanneN [helpdesk] has arrived.

DiaLog (recording) has arrived.

TimeLog (recording) has arrived.

KeikoS says, "Hi, Susanne."

VanceS [Webhead] waits for intros

SusanneN exclaims, "Hey there!"

JohnSte says, "I am John Steele from Puerto Rico. I'm a Webhead and teach ESL at the University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla"

Judi-3 shows Katharine the URL:

JanosB says, "I'm Janos from Hungary. I'm a teacher of English at a high school."

VanceS says, "would like to point out that if you feel you are a webhead, set your /mood Webhead"

JamesSi says, "James Simpson University of Reading UK, carrying out research into discourse and synch. CMC as used by language learners"

SusanLM asks, "I used to live in Orlando..where are you?"

VanceS says, "Oops I meant ..."

JohnSte looks Webhead.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows SusanneN the URL:

VanceS [Webhead] would like to point out you can set your /mood Webhead

JohnSte looks Webhead.

juani [guest] happy to be here and to belong to webheads

SusanneN says, "I have joined one very amusing Webhaed session once. I am from Denmark, a graduate student of education doing research on virtual online community building, and a Tapped In helpdesk"

KimberlyRF says, "Hi - I'm Kim Flack from Flagstaff, AZ. I work with teachers in on-line professional development around the state of AZ."

Katharine [guest] looks webhead.

KeikoS . o O ( click on DETACH if this is going too fast )

JamesSi looks Webhead.

SylviaC projects SylviaC.

I'm Coordinator of the Global Educators' Network, and a Research Associate for Canada's TeleLearning Network of Centres of Excellence. I'm also owner/operator of "Webbed Feat", specializing in the online teaching and learning. I feel very fortunate to live in beautiful Lac le Jeune, high in the mountains in British Columbia, Canada where I work from a home office. http// and

SusanneN looks webhead.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] cheers for all Webheads

VanceS says, "I remember SusanneN this was recent; I'll see if I can find the URL"

Judi-3 . o O ( ask us if you have questions about where Detach is. )

SusanneN says, "It was early July, Vance"

Judi-3 . o O ( this session is going fast :-) )

BJB [HelpDesk] quietly enters the room.

BJ's Shadow follows BJB to here.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] projects intro.


Keiko Schneider is a Japanese teacher at heart who currently teaches English as a Second Language at Albuquerque TVI. HelpDesk volunteer.


VanceS says, "I'll project it in a minute"

VanceS says, "First let me introduce Webheads"

SusanLM exclaims, "I am just finishing my credential, after 15 years of substitute teaching. sure to go to SeaWorld!"

VanceS says, "Webheads is a collection of like minded people (what used to be called teachers and students .."

ShunI says, "ShunI teaching EFL in Tokyo."

SusanneN [webhead] is on text client having trouble getting the browser up & running so far

VanceS says, "who have met consistently online once a week for 3 years now, since 1998"

VanceS says, "We have three ways of communicating basically"

SusanLM says, "What do you all do online/"

VanceS says, "One is via our website which I just projected:"

VanceS says, "And this is the portal. On the site you can browse and meet the students"

VanceS says, "A second way we communicate is through out yahoogroups list serve, what we call the eclass"

SusanLM exclaims, "Sorry!"

VanceS says, "and the 3rd way is through students' webpages, which you can view by browsing the site"

VanceS says, "Now, I wonder if John and Juani might like to comment on their role in Webheads"

graham [guest] exclaims, "what is the name of the yahoo group - I am on 40 but I can't find it!"

VanceS says, "and while they're doing that I'll project their sites and the chat that Suzanne joined"

VanceS says, ""

juani [guest] says, "yes,I 'd like to"

VanceS says, "You can find that info on our site"

VanceS asks, "Ok, Juani, would you like to start about yourself?"

VanceS says, "We're fed students by EFI, English for Internet, at"

SusanneN [to VanceS]: "I liked the way you linked the different modes of attachment from that day!"

juani [guest] says, "I'm a teacher in Chile ,in the Liceo Rector Abdon Andrade Coloma in La Union,tenth region"

VanceS says, "While Juani is talking, I'd like to project her Webheads page"

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

VanceS says, "go on, Juani ..."

juani [guest] says, "I've teaching English for a long time.I applied for the Fulbright Exchange programme last year and I got the Grant"

VanceS says, "She's in Rifle, Colorado now"

juani [guest] says, "So,I 'm in Rifle high School in Colorado,USA,right now."

JamesSi says, "Hi Juani. Nice to find out about you"

SusanLM exclaims, "Hi Juani!"

PhilB asks, "Vance, when you say you are "fed" students, do you mean you are all volunteering to do EFL tutoring? Or is this some sort of contractual project?"

graham [guest] says, "Sorry Ive got to go now - I joined the yahoo group and will see you again some day - thanks for the exercise"

JamesSi says, "Bye Graham"

SusanLM exclaims, "Bye!"

VanceS says, "contract? money? What's that? No, we're all volunteer, as is"

JohnSte [Webhead] has lost his link.

VanceS asks, "kiki?"

graham [guest] says, "out"

juani [guest] says, "I'm using one of the Rifle High School computers right now,even though activities are starting next week"

PhilB [WebTeach] nods

VanceS says, "The interesting thing about Webheads is that it's been viably all volunteer for 3 years"

JamesSi asks, "So does have their own teachers as well?"

VanceS says, "Yes, they do, again volunteers"

JohnSte has connected.

SusanneN [webhead] nods to Juani, interesting to see your Webhead website :-)

PhilB says, "It sounds like an excellent training ground for online teaching practices."

SusanLM asks, "Do you communicate on the website like at Tapped In?"

JamesSi says, "I agree absolutely Phil"

VanceS says, "I started out teaching an online email class with EFI and evolved it into Webheads"

juani [guest] says, "I joined the group when Felix from Brazil, with whom I'd been doing some projects invited me"

VanceS says, "Yes, these days, we have gravitated to Tapped in as a reliable chat client that sends us logs of our sessions."

SusanLM says, "Right."

VanceS says, "Let me introduce you to Felix ..."

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

SusanLM says, "I didn't get the projection."

VanceS says, "Very few of these people have ever met. However, they are a viable community. As you can see, Felix met Juani online and now Juani is hear with us ..."

VanceS says, "This is why I say that you are all now Webheads"

SusanLM says, "Yes."

SusanLM says, "Only the first one."

juani [guest] says, "I'm very happy to have this opportunity to meet new people,to practice my English and get into this global village that everybody talks about."

SusanLM exclaims, "That did it! Thanks!"

PhilB says, "It's funny how "well' you can get to feel you know people whom you have never met! And then when you *do* meet one in the flesh, after yearts of online chats, it's always so surprising."

Kiki [guest] has arrived.

juani [guest] says, "Vance has been the best coordinator I've met .He has been of great help for me."

SusanneN says, "And because you decided to have sessions in Tapped In, I jumped in par hazard, and felt instantly welcomed by some webheads :-)"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows projection to Kiki [guest].

Katharine [guest] asks, "Can you explain how students learn on webheads? Do you just have chats in English?"

VanceS says, "We log all our chats. A record of this session will appear shortly on our site"

JamesSi [to PhilB]: "I suppose you can learn quite a lot about sbd from their website as well"

VanceS says, "Here's the chat that SuzanneN joined us in:"

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

VanceS says, "Now that was a good question a moment ago, explain how students learn ..."

SusanneN asks, "Did U teach you how to play with virtual pets?"

SusanLM exclaims, "I'm interested in learning!"

VanceS says, "Frankly I don't know how, but I guess it has to do with authentic, communicative English practice plus a lot of motivation"

juani [guest] says, "yes,that the word.."

VanceS says, "Yes, I have a cat named Musky in my office upstairs"

PhilB says, "Using the language to really *communicate* with people, rather than just to do "English lessons", is soooo important."

VanceS says, "That's right JameS, that's exactly why we do it. We learn from each other."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] nods solemnly to Phil

SusanneN says, "The motivation to find out how to use the internet for social interaction..."

SusanLM asks, "So what is the deal with the pets?"

VanceS says, "We call our class Writing for Webheads, and if a student wants to write we put it on their webpage"

SusanneN says, "it is not only the subject we are talking about, also the way it is done and discussed, the turn taking."

VanceS says, "Now, I correct anything I put on the webpage, and suggest to students they compare what they wrote with what they see there"

PhilB says, "But that's fairly difficult to organize when you have a classroom of 20, 30 or more students at once. WebHeads would allow you to get closer in the 1-on-1 tutoring level."

SusanneN says, "8to Susan A virtual pet is all text based and a fun way to learn a bit about how to programme virtual objects"

VanceS says, "Some write bac that they actually do that, some obviously don't"

VanceS says, "There's a virtual pet session in a couple of hours"

SusanneN exclaims, "Yes!"

SusanLM asks, "What does that mean?"

SusanneN exclaims, "I will bring my virtual guineapig, jhopefully she will act very neat!"

SusanLM says, "Cool."

PhilB [WebTeach] is depressed that he'll probably miss the pet show because of mundane concerns like dinner with family. <sigh>

VanceS says, "WHen Suzanne visited us, she introduced us to virtual pets"

VanceS says, "So we spent the class creating pets"

JamesSi says, "How much"

JamesSi says, "Sorry.."

JamesSi exclaims, "accidental send!"

VanceS says, "All very spontaneous, unpredictable, a sample of what to expect or not expect if you visit us any noon sunday GMT"

SusanneN says, "It was not at all planned - we just came to talk about pets :-)"

VanceS says, "Every session is like that. It's been like that once a week for 3 years."

PhilB says, "Informal sessions like that can be very rewarding, it depends so much on the participants."

KeikoS . o O ( magic )

VanceS says, "The Palace was a lot of fun. If anyone wants to hang glide I can send you to a place to do it"

SusanneN says, "Whay I like about a feature like the pets is that you really know how to teach others online when you can make then create and train one of those pets :-)"

Katharine [guest] finds its way out.

SusanneN says, "Tutoring is much more fun than just learning :-)"

VanceS says, "We're completely informal. Directing volunteers on the Internet is like herding cats"

SusanLM asks, "I have a pet in my office at Tapped In. Is this what you mean?"

VanceS says, "That's right SusanLM"

JamesSi asks, "The distinction between student and teacher seems well and truly blurred on Webheads. Is that so?"

SusanLM asks, "How do you train it?"

SusanneN says, "YYes, Susan, most of us do have those pets in our offices - but some forget to train them regularly :-)"

SusanneN says, "Come tp our virtual pet show later this evening :-)"

SusanLM exclaims, "I will!"

VanceS says, "That's correct JamesSi"

SusanneN [webhead] looks at BJB you are the Pet show presentator, right?

PhilB says, "BJ often suggests that virtual "pets" need not be dogs, cats & other critters. They could also be, say, historical figures who have pre-programmed dialogs and behaviors consistent with their model."

Katharine [webhead] [guest] has arrived.

VanceS says, "We started calling ourselves Friends and Tutors"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods..yes, Susanne

KeikoS asks, "Tell me Vance, are these students pretty good level?"

VanceS says, "We promoted one of our most faithful studnets to role of tutor"

KeikoS . o O ( ahh )

JamesSi asks, "Maybe they're very competent on the CMC mode, but not so much in RL?"

VanceS says, "Well Keiko, I'm trying to answer that"

Katharine [guest] asks, "Vance: what does a tutor do, exactly?"

VanceS says, "They are not at the level they want to be and they think webheads can help them"

ShunI asks, "I see there is only one student in this group. Are Webheads mostly teachers?"

VanceS says, "or maybe they just like to chat. We've had some who had poor grammar but they got in the fray anyway"

VanceS says, "what does a tutor do? Well, just comes to class and participates"

JamesSi asks, "And can anyone join in? Just show up, I mean?"

VanceS says, "I'll project our student page. Some are teachers in their own countries, like both Juani and Felix"

VanceS says, "Yes, anyone can just show up, every noon Sunday GMT"

VanceS says, "here"

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

VanceS says, "This is our list of students. It's ordered with tutors on top (4 of us)"

VanceS says, "sorry, 5 of us, and the students are listed according to most recent participation"

VanceS says, "So if you go down the list, you get the date the student last contacted us"

VanceS says, "You can see that some on the bottom are lurking, but here is an interesting question about those lurkers ..."

JamesSi says, "That's a great page Vance (and others involved)"

VanceS asks, "Why ??"

KeikoS . o O ( neat page, Vance )

VanceS says, "Why do they continue to tolerate our emails. They can send a message to yahoogroups and cut us off if they don't like us ..."

KimberlyRF asks, "why do some have stars?"

VanceS says, "I think the group is composed of people who like each other and who now and then might send a message or might not, but as Suzanne says, everyone is amused and goes away with good vibes, so ..."

VanceS says, "Each star represents a year of participation in our group"

SusanLM has disconnected.

VanceS says, "We send announcements from yahoogroups on each student's anniversary (automatically) and on birthdays if we know then"

VanceS says, "them"

KimberlyRF exclaims, "that is an impressive table to maintain!"

PhilB [WebTeach] wonders if he made the page... "I've only visited the TI component."

VanceS says, "It's the one page I've left in Word 2000 which I HATE!! for web design"

VanceS says, "The reason is it automatically sorts by date; hence low maintenance"

JamesSi asks, "Do you have a day job Vance?"

PhilB [WebTeach] laughs

JamesSi asks, "Doesn't webheads take up all yr time?"

VanceS says, "You bet"

VanceS says, "It takes a lot of time which I enjoy spending on the project"

VanceS says, "I have learned a lot from Webheads; we are all students in the final analysis"

JamesSi says, "It's a great project. I'm enjoying this very much."

KimberlyRF asks, "I notice you have an office with TappedIn - do Webheads contact you there?"

VanceS says, "Lately we have been using Tapped In as a meeting place"

VanceS says, "It's got all the essentials of a good chat client except voice"

JamesSi asks, "I'm new to Tapped in. What are the advantages of TI over other hosts?"

JamesSi says, "You just answered that."

PhilB says, "Yes, Vance, I suggest you put that session on the calendar! It richly deserves a place there."

VanceS says, "We need a voice site. We were using Hear Me for that, then Excite, and now we are using Yahoo"

KimberlyRF exclaims, "I'm new too - and very impressed!"

KeikoS [to VanceS]: "Yeah, I wanted to ask you about it. So you no longer do voice?"

JamesSi asks, "Do you think yr students will abandon the text-based chat if they have voice?"

VanceS asks, "May I project a page showing papers we have published about ourselves?"

JamesSi says, "go ahead"

VanceS says, "Voice has been erratic to implement."

PhilB says, "James, there are two great features we might cite: (1) the ability to keep logs of all conversations, and (2) the ability to show websites to all participants at once, and comment on them."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] listens to Vance

VanceS says, "Hear Me was the ideal client"

Judi-3 thinks voice is very difficult

VanceS [Webhead] projects the URL:

Judi-3 . o O ( especially when you try and go cross platform. )

VanceS says, "If you join us on Sunday you can try our latest voice client."

VanceS says, "Just last week we were using Yahoo"

VanceS says, "Yahoo Messenger; it's supposed to project web cam as well"

Judi-3 [to VanceS]: "does Yahoo support cross platform now?"

VanceS says, "Not sure. I'm on PC"

Judi-3 is on a mac (as are lots of teachers)

VanceS says, "I'm not sure if we have any Mac users in Webheads. Jerry Bicknel uses Mac and has been advising me on Mac issues"

VanceS says, "He's a 'webhead' now and then"

VanceS says, "He did a report on us, which you can see in the URL I just projected"

Judi-3 nods (I know Jerry) (There is a cross platform client called Roger Wilco... it worked pretty well for me... but i don't know if it support voice chat or just one on one.

KeikoS [to Judi]: "Ohhh, I heard about Roger Wilco"

VanceS says, "I think it's just one on one. You exchange IP addresses and it works well, but one on one is not suitable for us"

Judi-3 nods (we need a good client for Macs!)

KeikoS [to VanceS]: "Let me check, because that was supposed to be used for online gamers."

SylviaC is a very stubborn mac-user and agrees with Judi

Judi-3 grins at Sylvia

JohnSte [Webhead] shrugs

SusanneN looks on the phone I am a devoted Mac user too!.

VanceS asks, "john, do you have any comments?"

Judi-3 didn't mean to side track the conversation.

KeikoS [to VanceS]: "May I project the site?"

JanosB says, "On the neteach-l list today David Wilnet recommended Chatterbox ( saying that it might be a good replacement for"

JanosB says, "the now defunct Hearme and Lipstream for teachers who want to do live"

JanosB says, "group audio lessons online. Unfortunately it's not free. :-("

JamesSi asks, "I saw that Janos. DId you have a look?"

VanceS says, "This one has a chatroom you can try out, works well using Telcopoint technology"

JohnSte says, "My only comment is that the voice portion of the chat is extremely intersting, and seems to help everybody"

VanceS says, ""

JanosB says, "Not yet. :-("

JohnSte says, "both improve English and create a community."

ShunI says, "I prefer text based to voice for my students."

VanceS says, "I was looking at chatterbox but it's not free and the website is very cagey about pricing"

JamesSi [to ShunI]: "why do you prefer text?"

JohnSte says, "Voice helps us to recognise that the other person really exists."

JohnSte says, "That we are not just talking to a computer."

VanceS says, "We love voice chat. We can visit 3d sites like Active Worlds and talk to each other on the side. It's a great capability."

JamesSi says, "We can all develop a textual identity though"

VanceS says, "Our students love voice. If we find a voice chat that works, they go for it."

ShunI says, "Voice compels instant response while text doesn't."

VanceS says, "Hear Me had voice AND text chat all to all. Both are essential"

KeikoS [to VanceS]: "interesting comments"

JohnSte says, "Last week we used Yahoo for voice. It seemed to work pretty good."

SusanneN says, "I think this is so important - to exchange those early adopters ' experiences with technology and withethe attitudes and ways of getting connected as reliable (or surprising) online characters"

VanceS says, "If someone appeared who couldn't talk we'd move to text chat"

JamesSi asks, "Do you think the days of text-based chat are numbered/ That we're just waiting around for the audio technology to improve and come down in price, then ew'll ditch it?"

ShunI says, "There are students who hesitate to speak but would write text."

SusanneN [on the phone I am a devoted Mac user too!] never tried voice chat yet, I wonder how I would do there, much more timid to open my big mouth, I should say

ShunI says, "I disagree strongly."

JohnSte says, "I doubt that text chat will disappear."

VanceS says, "Audio technology is here. It's obvious that someone is sitting on the secret trying to figure out how to capitalize on it."

PhilB says, "I dunno, James. We're still using email discussion groups, even though other quicker solutions are now available."

JamesSi [to ShunI]: "but then they're not practising speaking skills ... maybe that doesn't matter"

VanceS says, "It's not a question of one or the other, it's a question of using both tools at the same time, whatever is available"

SusanneN says, "I find that the recording facility makes me rethink a lot of things goinng on, afterwards (I always refer to those scripts unless the session has been totally useless."

JamesSi says, "I like text-based chat ... I like the way it spans the linguistic parameter of speech and writing."

Chris5 [guest] has arrived.

VanceS says, "SusanneN has put her finger on the problem wth voice chat; no record."

JohnSte exclaims, "Yet!"

ShunI says, "It has advantages that voice doesn.t."

PhilB says, "To people who are new to computers and EdTech, voice chat *is* far more intuitive. Text-bsed chat takes some getting used to."

JamesSi [to VanceS]: "You're right: what is available is so important"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] nods to Vance

JanosB says, "I like the Wimba site ( where you can send a voice message and a text in your email."

VanceS says, "But students trying to learn language online WANT voice chat"

SusanneN says, "But tecnically, that would be possible, to, to record and store the voice chat"

VanceS says, "Yes, Wimba is very good. It's voice AND there's a record"

Judi-3 says, "i can definitley see how voice chat is essential in learning a language."

hi [guest] has arrived.

VanceS asks, "Wimba is a bulletin board, but how do you get language learning students to use it?"

SusanneN says, "Reading differetn dialects is easier than understanding, say a beginner Japanese talking English poorly"

KeikoS [to VanceS]: "I thought uses it."

hi [guest] says, "hello everybody.."

KimberlyRF asks, "can you project it?"

VanceS says, "HI hi"

SusanneN [on the phone I am a devoted Mac user too!] waves hi to Hi

JohnSte says, "Hello, Hi"

SusanneN looks webhead.

hi [guest] asks, "hi is Rif how can I change it back?"

VanceS says, "What, Wimba? Might be problematic, since you have to accept java security clearance"

SusanneN says, "Wel, kids, next session is near..."

hi [guest] goes out.

VanceS exclaims, "Hi Rif. We're just wrapping up !!"

KimberlyRF says, "thank you Vance for the sites! I'm going to check in some Sunday."

SusanneN says, "I hope to get time for joining Webheads some other Sunday afternoon (European time :-))"

JamesSi says, "Vance It was great to meet you online. I'll try and make it for a bit next Sunday lunchtime"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] cheers for Vance and webheads

SylviaC exclaims, "Thanks everyone. I've enjoyed this. You've done some great work here!"

VanceS says, "You can just drop in on us, or if you want to actually be a webhead"

KeikoS says, "If you want to get transcript of this session, type in your email address now."

VanceS says, "Send email to"

JamesSi says, "Being a webhead sounds fun"

BJB [to VanceS]: "thanks for a lively discussion!"

KeikoS . o O ( it will be removed from the transcript )

KimberlyRF says, ""

JohnSte says, ""

KeikoS says, "For members, you can retrieve it at ASO in a few days."

JamesSi says, ""

Chris5 [guest] says, "Sorry, I arrived so late, but I'll join some other sessions later and hopefully learn more about using Tapped In. Then I'll join in the discussion more."

ShunI says, "Thank you, Vance."

JanosB exclaims, "Thanks for the lively discussion!"

VanceS says, "A transcript of this session will also be posted on our site"

Katharine [guest] exclaims, "thank you!"

ShunI has disconnected.

VanceS says, "ok, thanks all for coming"

JamesSi says, "Bye Vance"

SusanneN [webhead] waits to see if the next session will be announced

KeikoS says, "Thank you Vance for participating"

KeikoS exclaims, ""within your busy summer schedule!"

VanceS [Webhead] bows

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows deeply

KeikoS exclaims, "So honored to have you here!"

VanceS [Webhead] bows even more deeply

SusanneN says, "Vance, it was so nioce to meet you again. Webheads is a great community."

Katharine [webhead] [guest] goes out.

KimberlyRF goes out.

KimberlyRF's personal recorder (recording) goes out.

BJB picks up 2001/08/08 WebHeads.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] waves to all

KeikoS teleports to the reception.

SusanneN [webhead] waves bye to all

VanceS says, "Nice to see you again too SusanneN, and we remember you and your pets"

SusanneN teleports to the reception.

JamesSi [Webhead] leaves for the EL.

JamesSi's personal recorder (recording) leaves for the EL.

VanceS teleports to the reception.

Stopped recording in Oasis Cafe (#271) at Wed Aug 8 13:04:15 2001 PDT.

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TappedIn Summer Carnival Sessions: Session 1: PBS TeacherSource | Session 2: Language Learning B-Board Project | Webheads session begins | Post-session wrap-up

Post-session wrap up

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Wed Aug 8 13:04:15 2001 PDT.

KimberlyRF says, "hello"

JohnSte has arrived.

White Book of Tarkin Ru follows JohnSte to here.

KeikoS says, "Hey, John."

KeikoS says, "I didn't recognize you..."

rf has connected.

VanceS says, "I think I'll be telporting to the bedroom soon. It's midnight here."

JohnSte says, "Hi, Keiko."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows again.

SusanneN tiptoes upstairs

BJ [HelpDesk] waves to RF

KeikoS [HelpDesk] hugs John, good to see you here.

JohnSte says, "No, I was in disguise :)"

VanceS asks, "Rif, what happened? Did you get the time wrong?"

rf [guest] says, "connect guest"

JohnSte says, "Thank you, Keiko."

BJ [to Rf [guest]]: "you're connected"

KeikoS [to Rf [guest]]: "you are already connected"

VanceS says, "Thanks for coming John"

JohnSte says, "I had trouble with my screen for a while."

JamesSi [to Keiko]: "Goodnight and see you soon"

KeikoS [to JohnSte]: "really? Like what?"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] waves to james

PhilB [WebTeach] has arrived.

R2 (recording) has arrived.

KimberlyRF leaves for the ASO.

KimberlyRF's personal recorder (recording) leaves for the ASO.

VanceS says, "Great to have webheads support, yeah, noticed you kept dropping in and out"

JohnSte says, "No problem, Vance."

rf [guest] says, "rif"

You hear a quiet popping sound; JamesSi [Webhead] has disconnected.

KeikoS [to Rf [guest]]: "Anything we can help?"

VanceS asks, "Rif, we were expecting you. what happened?"

JohnSte says, "My screen kept freezing up, then I would get knocked offline."

VanceS says, "Rif is another Webhead who is integrating our class into some of his projects"

JohnSte says, "Hi, rif."

Rif [guest] says, "Hi Vance, first I got to reconnect, I have a dial up connection"

VanceS says, "He was going to join our discussion but ..."

KeikoS says, "too bad."

Rif [guest] says, "Hi all"

DavidLF waves bye to everyone....nice to see you all again

VanceS says, "Sorry, because Rif was going to tell us about one of our most exciting webheads sessions"

KeikoS [to Rif [guest]]: "Do you want the transcript sent to you or you wanna read at Vance's page.."

Rif [guest] says, "then I needed to reconnect to tapped in"

PhilB says, "John, did you try rebooting? Sometimes those Java apps don't seem to free up resources after they crash, and your

PC gets clogged."

KeikoS . o O ( although it is nothing like being there. )

JohnSte says, "I had to reboot once, Phil."

VanceS says, "Thanks Keiko for the opportunity. As I said, I'm going to sleep soon."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows to Vance

You hear a quiet popping sound; DavidLF has disconnected.

PhilB [WebTeach] nods "PCs and internet connections can be very trying at times.

PhilB says, "Vance, thanx for another great session."

Rif [guest] asks, "Where is the session going to be Vance?"

PhilB [WebTeach] leaves for the ASO.

R2 (recording) leaves for the ASO.

VanceS asks, "A shame. Rif is one of our most expert contributors, phd in CALL, right Rif?"

KeikoS says, "Neat, rif"

VanceS says, "I guess it's in ASO so you type /ASO"

Rif [guest] asks, "wait, did I miss it?"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] nods sadly

VanceS says, "You missed the Webheads session, but this goes on."

VanceS says, "Visit this url:"

KeikoS . o O ( seven more hours. )

VanceS says, "That's the schedule"

philsclone [guest] . o O ( Rif fell victim to the ubiquitous Tiki gods of timezone warp. )

BJ [to Rif [guest]]: "the next discussion is Virtual Field Trips in the ASO"

BJ . o O ( it's starting now )

Rif [guest] says, "come on... Iwas in another session with WebQuest and I thought it was three hours after that//"

VanceS says, "Yep, happens. What time is it htere? It's midnight here."

Rif [guest] says, "it is 23:10 here"

KeikoS . o O ( three sessions not three hours. :( )

VanceS says, "one hour behind us"

VanceS says, "in Abu Dhabi"

Rif [guest] says, "BTW that was in Turkey"

KeikoS exclaims, "Turkey!"

AmyMur arrives from nowhere.

KeikoS says, "Hi, Amy"

Rif [guest] says, "well, I very much wanted to join in. Apologies..."

JohnSte says, "Hi, Amy"

AmyMur says, "Hello"

KeikoS asks, "Do you want the transcript to sent to you?"

VanceS says, "I understand, Rif. Really, it happens"

KeikoS [to Rif [guest]]: "Or you wanna read it at vance's site instead?"

Rif [guest] says, "That would be great to get the transcripts. I think I can reach them by navigating around here right"

KeikoS [to Rif [guest]]: "OK, type /wh keikos youraddress"

Rif [guest] says, "or at Vance's site"

VanceS says, "Rif is at"

VanceS says, "You can send him a transcript, AND he can read it at my site"

KeikoS [to Rif [guest]]: "I write to BJ to send you a transcript."

KeikoS exclaims, "Again, what a shame you missed the great session!"

VanceS asks, "AmyMur is a diver?"

JohnSte [Webhead] whisper

Rif [guest] says, "I know I was just waiting for it...doing nothing but sitting in the next room"

KeikoS says, "Let me show you guys"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] projects whispering.


To whisper to someone in the same room:

Type /wh membername message


KeikoS types: /wh BJB What's for dinner?

(Only BJB receives the message.)


JohnSte [Webhead] whisper AmyMur Sorry I missed answering you back a while ago. I was having trouble with my computer.

AmyMur says, "yes, Vance"

KeikoS [to JohnSte]: "That wasn't an official whisper. Everybody saw it."

VanceS says, "A lot of whispering goin on around here"

KeikoS says, "command /wh only shows to the person you are whispering to."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] grins

JohnSte says, "I keep getting a comment that the command doesn't exist."

VanceS says, "I'm having too much fun. I have to go to sleep now and dream about it"

KeikoS says, "really /wh or /whisper"

KeikoS . o O ( with a slash? )

JohnSte says, "the /whisper"

BJ says, "you have to add the person's name..../wh keikos blah blah"

Rif [guest] says, "So good night Vance, catch you later"

JohnSte says, "Night, Vance"

BJ [HelpDesk] waves goodnight to Vance. Thanks again

AmyMur asks, "where's vance ?"

AmyMur asks, "sleeping at noon?"

JohnSte says, "I did, Keiko."

KeikoS [to AmyMur]: "He is in Abu Dabi"

VanceS says, "Abu Dhabi"

Chris6 has connected.

VanceS says, "ok, nice to meet everyone"

BJ says, "welcome back, Chris"

AmyMur says, "vance..."

AmyMur says, "wait a sec"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] thinks

Chris6 [guest] says, "Thanks, I got disconnected from my ISP."

VanceS says, "ok, (sending last minute emails)"

BJ [to Chris]: "type /aso"

Chris6 [guest] leaves for the ASO.

BJ . o O ( to get back to the virtual field trips )

JohnSte says, "I keep getting a look from my wife - it says "either come to the table now, or go hungry"."

VanceS says, "I'm CALL coordinator for a language school here"

VanceS says, ""

JohnSte says, "See you all."

You hear a quiet popping sound; JohnSte [Webhead] has disconnected.

KeikoS [HelpDesk] waves to John.

VanceS asks, "Where are you, Amy?"

AmyMur [to VanceS]: "thanks i'll get in touch with you there"

VanceS asks, "A treasure from Abu dhabi? What was that?"

AmyMur says, "a necklace my father bought for me when he was on tour with westpac"

AmyMur says, "it was my name in arabic"

KeikoS exclaims, "How neat!"

AmyMur says, "it was so beautiful..."

VanceS asks, "A gold necklace? Your name Amy?"

AmyMur says, "yes..."

AmyMur says, "i lost it at my parent's house about seven years ago.."

VanceS says, "I'll see what it will cost to replace it."

AmyMur asks, "i have a picture of ... really?????"

AmyMur asks, "is your email on your site?"

VanceS says, "Yeah, I'll ask at the souk,"

AmyMur says, "i'll visit and tell you more about it..."

Rif [guest] asks, "what is souk?"

VanceS says, "The market, esp the gold souk"

AmyMur says, "wow...such providence today.. thank you for checking vance.. but don't don't go out of your way..."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] chases Vance to bed...

VanceS says, "where they sell gold - I presume it was gold"

AmyMur smiles

VanceS [Webhead] is about to mind his mommy

Rif [guest] asks, "How long did it take you Vance to be able to comprehend Arabic?"

AmyMur waves to Vance and sends blessings...

VanceS says, "wella hee, mudat tawil"

VanceS says, "ok, bye everyone"

philsclone [guest] says, "Ciao."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows deeply

VanceS [Webhead] bows on exit

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [Webhead] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Wed Aug 8 13:24:06 2001 PDT.

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