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Webheads chat logs from June 24, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Ying Lan John Juani
UAE Germany Taiwan Puerto Rico Chile

There wasn't a lot going on at Webheads this evening. Michael was away in Vancouver for the WebCT conference. Ying Lan was feeling tired, so Maggi recommended remedies. Vance was freezing in his office despite 38 degree heat outside, which got him talking about Abu Dhabi before a/c. John told us he had talked to Nicia the evening before, but had to leave early to go to church. Our meeting broke up earlier than usual and I was about to log off when Juani appeared. It was her birthday and she was expecting her family to come by and spend the Sunday at her house.

Click here for logs from: Tapped In logs | Homestead logs |Juani in Yahoo

Tapped In logs

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 24 05:18:49 2001 PDT.

JohnSte arrives from nowhere.
Johns_Recorder follows JohnSte to here.
JohnSte says, "Hi, Vance."

VanceS says, "hi there"

VanceS [to Bjb]: "Trying to page you"

VanceS [to I]: "think this works"

JohnSte says, "Sorry, I was talking to my daughter for a minute there."

VanceS says, "Sorry, John, talking to BJB in reception"

JohnSte says, "That's ok - I've been trying to convince my daughter to call back later."

JohnSte says, "I have to leave in about half an hour."

VanceS says, "I don't suppose all these pages are appearing in your logs"

JohnSte says, "No, none of them (except you sending a page to BJ.)"

JohnSte says, "My wife and I missed church last night, so we have to go this morning."

JohnSte says, "That was the joke about the priest."

VanceS says, "Let's rap in homestead if you only have half an hour ..."

JohnSte says, "As you wish."

VanceS says, "just because the ladies are there"

JohnSte says, "Yeah, we can listen to them talk about ginsing."

JohnSte says, "I downloaded Opera last night."

JohnSte says, "but it won't let me into either Tapped in or Homestead."

VanceS says, "doesn't sound very useful"

VanceS says, "the ladies are talking about Ginseng"

JohnSte says, "I'm checking to see if installing java will help."

VanceS says, "both of those require java"

VanceS says, "could also be an internet configuration"

JohnSte says, "Then I'll have to install it. If you ever download Opera, get the one with the jave plug-in. I didn't and now have to get it."

JohnSte says, "I also find that the background and pictures on my home page don't show up."

JohnSte says, "Although other graphics do."

VanceS says, "hmmm"

VanceS asks, "why did you chose the one without Java?"

JohnSte says, "I didn't know any better."

VanceS asks, "yeah, Java is integrated with so many things. How are you going to get your banner ads?"

JohnSte says, "It comes with a special program for the ads."

JohnSte says, "If you register, they delete the program."

JohnSte asks, "Have you ever tried"

VanceS says, "no, what's that"

JohnSte says, "It's a series of small java scripts that do things like convert temperature, calculate, etc."

VanceS says, "might try it"

JohnSte says, "Some of them are fun to play around with. They also have some that help navigation, page design, and other such things."

VanceS says, "I'll have to bookmarklet the url"

VanceS says, "having trouble getting a connection on my dialup"

JohnSte says, ""

JohnSte has disconnected.
VanceS has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Jun 24 06:04:31 2001 PDT.

Click here for logs from: Tapped In logs | Homestead logs |Juani in Yahoo

Homestead chat logs

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

Error: 462 'Anonymous4875 :You may not reregister

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous4875.

Members of room: Anonymous4875 ying Maggi John

<Maggi> should he Ying?

<John> I always listen to the priest. I give conversation English classes to him.

<John> so I have to listen.

<ying> It sounds ...

<Maggi> lol

<Anonymous4875> Hi there.

<Maggi> Hi

<Anonymous4875> what did i miss, a joke about priests?

<John> Hi there, 4775.

You have changed your name to Vance.

<John> Hi Vance. Ying thinks I don't listen to my priest.

<John> But I have to, because i teach conversational English to him.

<ying> John have to listen to priests because the preist in his English conversation class.

<John> If I don't listen I won't know if he is pronouncing correctly.

<Maggi> should be interesting John

<Vance> Well, there's listen, and then there's 'listen'

<John> It's not the first time I've given classes to priests. The come from Spain and need to learn some English.

<Maggi> I know a teacher in Spain

<John> sorry -They

<John> Vance, neither here not tapped in seem to work in my version of Opera.

<Maggi> actually he doesn't teach much anymore but hires teachers

<John> Do you know if they need Java to work?

<Vance> Tapped in froze my browser a moment ago but I'm trying again

<Maggi> So, how are you Ying?


<Vance> Moral gets in without Java but he uses telnet

<John> I'm in with IE

<ying> I am sick...

<Vance> I'm entering now

<Vance> what is it YL?

<John> What do you mean, Ying?

<ying> i don't know... I sleep all the day... I am tired.

<Maggi> sick with what...stomach problems again?

<John> Sounds like "vacatilonitis"

<ying> Yes... I think.

<Maggi> get ginseng

<Maggi> I have M S and ginseng took care of the being tired

<Vance> John just joined me at tapped in

<Vance> Isn't it expensive Maggi?

<Maggi> no

<Vance> health care cover it?

<Maggi> no

<Maggi> you can get it as a tea too Ying

<ying> oh...

<ying> My problem is my stomach ...

<Maggi> try sauerkraut juice

<ying> I don't feel hungry even I only eat a little food today.

<Maggi> I don't eat much but you don't need much if you sleep

<ying> What do you mean "sauerkuaut tea"?

<Maggi> no, sauerkraut juice

<ying> But I feel uncomforable...

<Maggi> can you get the juice Ying?

<ying> We don't have "sauerkraut juice" here.

<Maggi> helps build good bacteria


<Maggi> you can get ginseng righ?

<Maggi> right

<ying> yes,, but it is too hot here, I don't think it is suitable to eat ginseng tea.

<Maggi> don't eat it!

<ying> don't eat it... buy you say to get ginseng tea.

<Maggi> it is also in a tincture so you just take a sip 3 times a day

<Maggi> to make tea to drk

<Maggi> drink

<Vance> sorry, taking care of business at tapped in, back now, reading logs here ...

<Maggi> being tired all the time is something normal for MS people...taking ginseng cured it

<ying> What is MS people?

<Maggi> people who have M S

<ying> period?

<Maggi> multiple sclerosis

<Maggi> maybe you have fatiguwe symdron

<John> Maybe it is the heat.

<Maggi> oops...fatigue

<Vance> You're tired a lot, YL. You had a liver disease earlier, right?

<ying> yes

<Vance> Is this the same thing?

<John> That often causes fatique.

<Maggi> the heat can affect you too

<Maggi> it does me

<ying> heat? the weather?

<John> Yes. It takes the energy out of me.

<Vance> She means the heat affects her

<Vance> We're having a mild summer

<John> It is already over 90 F here.

<ying> mild summer in UAE?

<Vance> yes, not too humid, temperatures around 40-45 max

<ying> 40-45 C

<Vance> in 20s in the evenings

<Vance> yeah, Centigrade

<Vance> It gets to 50 and humid here

<John> High humidity too, right Ying?

<Vance> How hot is it in Taiwan right now?

<ying> you drive me nuts....

<John> Humidity here in PR is 88%.

<ying> If the temperatures is close to 30... I feel I am dying.

<Vance> It's probably about 38 out now. I'm freezing in my office here.

<Vance> because of the a/c

<Maggi> perspective again

<Vance> I have a jacket on and my hands are like ice

<ying> Why do you just turn down A/C?

<Maggi> good question

<ying> sorry... raise the degree.

<John> I never can figure that out. If you turn down the A/C are you raising or lowering the temperature.

<Vance> I don't have control of it here at the office

<Maggi> you should

<Maggi> it can affect your health

<John> If it is central, control is in another place.

<ying> But you have control panel...

<Maggi> then the peopole who set it are stupid

<John> or eskimos

<Maggi> they wouldn't go there John

<Vance> hey, it's the Middle East. We're lucky we have it.

<Maggi> _maybe

<Maggi> peoplelivedthere for thousands of years without it

<John> and roasted during the summer.

<Vance> well, they lived without hospitals too

<ying> Vance.. he was not born there.

<Maggi> yep...they did

<Maggi> poorn reasoning

<Maggi> poor

<Vance> they didn't really get a/c here till the mid 60's

<Vance> they suffered, believe me

<ying> I just knew... you do not have social health insurance in USA.

<Vance> people in abu dhabi used to migrate inland for the summer just for marginally cooler temperatures

<Maggi> social health insurance?

<ying> migrate inland?

<Maggi> means move inland

<ying> where is inland?

<John> We don't have "inland" here.

<Vance> They would get on their camels and take their families and trek several days to their homes in Al Ain

<Maggi> why do that when they have access to water to cool off?

<Vance> Now you can drive there in 2 hours

<Vance> And they would return in the fall

<John> To get away from the humidity, Maggi.

<Vance> inland means away from the coast

<John> This place is only 35 miles wide at the widest.

<Vance> They lived mainly by pearling and trading

<Maggi> it means to go further inside a country from the coast Ying

<Vance> Pearling was a miserable occupation requiring a month or more living on a boat

<Vance> a small boat

<John> I remember in Pennsylvania when people would complain about a humidity of 30%.

<John> To me, that would be drought conditions.

<ying> I am sorry. I have to go not.. I ca not stand up... to seat in front of the computer.

<John> I hope you feel better soon, Ying.

<ying> thanks.

<ying> see you next week.

<Maggi> take care f yourself Ying

ying has left the chat room.

<Vance> You have to go lie down. oh, gone already ...

<Vance> I guess Michael's in Vancouver

<Maggi> yes he is

<John> Probably cooler there than here.

<Maggi> he can't come today

<Vance> heard from him?

<John> Nary a word.

<Maggi> yews

<Maggi> yes

<John> How is he doing?

<Vance> what did he have to say

<Maggi> Nicia and I were talking with him last night

<Vance> that's nice

<John> I had a short chat with Nicia the other night. Says she is overworked and underpaid.

<Maggi> he is comparing the sand John...:-)

<John> Aren't we all.

<Vance> comparing the sand?

<John> Going to the beack, Vance.

<John> sorry, beach.

<Maggi> he lives 5 min from the beach in Adelaid

<John> It's probably better in Adelaid.

<Maggi> that's what he said

<Vance> sounds lovely. I live right on a beach too

<Maggi> but he finds it awesome just the same

<John> The times I've been to the beach up north haven't been anywhere as nice as the Caribbean.

<Vance> (I live 11 stories up a block away from a beach)

<John> I'm about 15 minutes from the nearest beach (and about an hour from my favorite - Traffic, you know).

<Maggi> must have to do with the water temp John :-)

<John> Part is the temp, part is that tropical seas are milder than temperate ones.

<Maggi> too true

<John> I think part is the salt content.

<Maggi> the Balticis something else again

<Maggi> Baltic

<John> The caribbean is saltier than the atlantic (if I remember).

<Maggi> drank some eh?

<John> Many times.

<Maggi> the North sea is different

<John> The hazards of going to the beach with your young children.

<Maggi> lol

<Maggi> true

<Maggi> the bathtub should be the first stop then....

<John> Well, it's about time for me to get ready for church. Have to take a bath and all that.

<John> See you all next week.

<Maggi> ...have fun!

<Vance> ok John. thanks for stopping in

<Maggi> ciao

<John> (if not before).

<John> OK, bye for now.

<Maggi> I should go too

<Maggi> bye

<Vance> ok, bye then

John has left the chat room.

<Maggi> bye Vance

<Vance> see you Tuesday most likely

<Maggi> maybe

Maggi has left the chat room.

Click here for logs from: Tapped In logs | Homestead logs |Juani in Yahoo

Shortly after Maggi left, Juani arrived in Yahoo Messenger, but Yahoo wasn't working properly for me (Vance). I was able to send messages but not receive. Now if I couldn't receive, how did I know my messages were being sent? I got this one reply (below) so I logged out and back in again ...

juani5chile (Sun Jun 24 17:12:34 2001): that´s strange.

Yahoo! Messenger: juani5chile may be offline. If so, the message will still be sent and they will see it next time they log in.

vance_stevens: I'm here now

vance_stevens: I logged out and back on again

juani5chile: yes..I see

vance_stevens: Now it's working.

vance_stevens: You must have read my messages. I got yours saying that's strange

vance_stevens: but that's the only one

juani5chile: ah.that means that all the others were lost

vance_stevens: Yeah, anything important there?

juani5chile: my server is´n t working well

juani5chile: no,nothing really important.

vance_stevens: For some reason everyone left early this evening

juani5chile: starting my day,very,very cold here...remember it´winter

vance_stevens: Here it's very very hot

juani5chile: yes,everything is different.

vance_stevens: But this is a day off, right?

juani5chile: it´s 9:13 now ..yes.Sunday

vance_stevens: what are you planning to do today?

juani5chile:´s my I´m having a nice lunch with my family and a birthday cake for teatime

vance_stevens: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Next year, webheads will send you a greeting

juani5chile: my mother and my sisters are coming youngest son is here ,too

juani5chile: oh,thanks a lot!

vance_stevens: That's the best kind of birthday

vance_stevens: with all your family, people who appreciate you

vance_stevens: Would you like to try out any of the webheads playgrounds while it's just us here?

juani5chile: yes,I think I hope to have a nice day.

juani5chile: whta should I do?

vance_stevens: well, we have voice chat we can try, or we can try hang gliding at the Palace

vance_stevens: To hang glide you have to download some graphics files and you also have to have the Palace browser. Do you have that?

juani5chile: no.I don´t have it..

vance_stevens: I don't know if you want to try to get it ...

juani5chile: and i guess I can´t...sorry..Vance..somebody is coming to see me..

vance_stevens: OK, well it's your birthday. Enjoy your day.

juani5chile: so.I must leave..yes,thanks a lot..bye.

Yahoo! Messenger: juani5chile has logged out. (6/24/01 at 5:23 PM)

Click here for logs from: Tapped In logs | Homestead logs |Juani in Yahoo

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