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Webheads chat logs from April 22, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Michael John
UAE Germany Australia Puerto Rico
and Dave Kees, a teacher living in China

No students appeared tonight, but all the teachers were there, so we used the time to hold a little staff meeting. Dave Kees had joined us and wanted to bring his students to our chats when we weren't using them (but any time is fine, even if we're in the chat areas). When Michael arrived we talked out how he destroyed his laptop and what he's doing to repair it. We also talked about the pros and cons of giving English lessons free on the Internet (someone had written one of our lists to say we were in competition with already poorly paid teachers). And we discussed how we might all participate in the plenary talk that Vance will be giving in Cyprus on May 5th, and which will be audio streamed live from Cyprus thanks to a little help from Eric, a Webhead in UK. Finally, we had a look at GroupBoard, which is a chat room that allows us to draw pictures as well as chat. We examined its capabilities and its ability (or inability in some cases) to log chat, and we decided to ask all the Webheads to create a picture in using GroupBoard, and save it, and we would retrieve it and put it on each person's Webheads web page.

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Homestead logs

<John> It's hard for me to manage all my screens, though.

<Maggi> need a bigger monitor

<Maggi> or new glasses

<John> I have new glasses, and my monitor is 19", about the biggest that will fit on my desk.

<Vance> We can hang-glide at the Palace. Wanna try that?

<Vance> (replying about games)

<davkees> ok

<Vance> Do you have the Palace browser?

<davkees> oh, used to on the other computer, don't have it on this one

<Vance> You'll need that, like to download it if you want to glide now

<davkees> well, I don't think I'll make it over there soon

<davkees> vance, is there some big Arab conference over there about the net?

<Vance> There is an elearning conference going on now at HCT

<Vance> Hey guys, guess what. We've worked out how to broadcast my plenary talk and maybe other events besides

<John> Hey, great.

<John> How can we see it?

<Vance> Eric Baber offered to host it for us.

<davkees> here's the scoop:

<Vance> Starting simply we decided to set up an audio stream

<davkees> Abu Dhabi Does the Net -- Should the somewhat cloistered Arab worl resist the forces of globalization or work to modernize itself? A classic clash of culture vs. progress will be a topic of discussio


<Vance> I'd say here they're dealing with the forces of cloisterization while moving into a global view via the Internet

<John> It's an interesting article, Dave.

<Vance> The capital of the United Arab Emirates will host this year's second International Summit on Internet and Multimedia, sponsored by the International Federation of Multimedia Associations (FIAM) of Mon

<davkees> I get the headlines from Wired everyday. When I saw that I thought of you. When I thought of you I thought of Webheads, tonight.

<Vance> I hadn't heard about this, but i'm not at all surprised . They've built an 'internet city' here

<John> I just read it. Thanks for the URL.

<John> BTW, sorry about missing last weeks session. I over slept -- woke up at 3:00 pm GMT (11:00 a.m. my time)

<davkees> John, where are you?

<Vance> He's in Puerto Rico

<John> Too many window open. I was watching someone draw in groupboard.

<John> I am in western PuertoRico.

<Vance> Hey Dave, why don't you send the webheads list a short introduction and we'll start a web page for you, or do you have a url we can link to?

<davkees> No URL yet.

<Vance> so we'll start one for you

<davkees> OK, I'll send you something.

<Vance> Yeah, that way everyone would get it.

Anonymous30 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous30 is now known as Michael C.

<John> Hi, Michael.

<Michael C> Hi there!

<Vance> Michael. You're back!

<Michael C> Remember me?

<davkees> Hi, Michael.

<Michael C> Half back!

<John> Better than quarterback.

<Michael C> I was always better in defence

<Michael C> Hm rooms are you guys in today?

<Maggi> oh...hi mc!

<Michael C> Hello Maggi!

<John> Groupboard, Excite, Tapped In, and here.

<Vance> tapped in, groupboard, excite ...

<Michael C> Nice to be here again.

<davkees> Groupboard, and here.

<Michael C> Is groupboard with sound (I don't have any at the moment)

<Vance> No, with drawings

<Maggi> I'm here, groupboard and Excite

<Vance> I'm working my way to groupboard

<Michael C> Mmm...drawings. That sounds like something I coulds be hopeless at.

<Michael C> Where is groupboard?

<Maggi> well....there is a clear button

<Michael C> Sounds clear (!)

<Michael C> URL for Gropuboard anyone?

<Maggi> well Vance?

Anonymous13 has joined the chat room.


Anonymous13 has left the chat room.

<Michael C> Thanks John

<Vance> sorry, looking for it myself (thanks)


<John> No problem. Just copied it from the address bar.

<Vance> I'm adding it to that email you get each week reminding you where to head

<Michael C> Yeh - we need more places to be.

<davkees> bye bye, gotta go

<John> See ya, Dave.

<Vance> ok Dave, nice of you to turn up. I guess we should have engaged you more

<Maggi> bye again

<davkees> had a great time playing with the new toys

<Maggi> oh, he was busy

<John> His wife won't let him stay with us.

<davkees> can I bring my students here sometime when Webheads aren't using it?

<Vance> Get the Palace next time

<Vance> Of course

<davkees> thanks, bye all!

<Vance> Any of our places, you are welcome to use them

davkees has left the chat room.

<John> So, where are all the students?

<Vance> So Michael, no sound?

<Maggi> sleeping?

<John> They must be, Maggi.

<Michael C> No sound tonight...on this pc...

<Michael C> I could hear but can't talk

<Maggi> just as well

<Michael C> I see - stirring stuff?

<Maggi> only the dogs barking

<Michael C> smiles

<Michael C> Whose dogs?

<John> That's what we would all like to know.

<Maggi> neighbors I guess

<Maggi> Vance...

<Vance> yo

<Michael C> You had a q Maggi?

<Vance> How's the computer recovery going?

<Maggi> no

<Michael C> I hope to get it back tomorrow. Waiting on parts frm Sydney

<John> I know the feeling. I was two weeks without mine.

<Michael C> It's been interesting *having* to do other things.

<Maggi> what will that set you back?

<Vance> You couldn't recover the hard drive?

<Michael C> Work will pay (thank GOD!)

<Maggi> lucky you

<Michael C> Nope - hard drive dead.

<Michael C> But it is $1300 Oz (650 US)

<John> You lost everything? or did you have a back-up?

<Michael C> We have half dollars in Oz now.

<Michael C> I had about 70% backed up so it's not a complete disaster

<John> At least!!

<John> I lost everything when my hard drive crashed one time.

<Michael C> Yeh.

<Maggi> your dollars are about the same as Marks

<Michael C>

<Michael C> Yes - and the Dutch guilder

<Vance> So what was that in OzMarks?

<Maggi> but we are getting Euros soon

<Michael C> That's a type of wallaby (but I thnk we talked about that before)

<Maggi> a Eu?

<Maggi> Euro

<Michael C> a Euro is a type of wallaby

<John> How so?

<Maggi> cute...

<Michael C> Just language confusion. That's what a Euro is in Oz

<John> Oh, ok.

<Michael C> Interesting discussion - that one on Freebies.....

<Michael C> ...I had ni idea we were ripping people off!

<John> Definitely. I've copied it to disk.

<Michael C> Shame on us all!

<Maggi> tsk tsk

<Vance> Did my latest posting make it? First try was rejected.

<John> Yep. I got it.

<Michael C> Yes it did Vance. Loud and clear and it was great.

<Michael C> Really well put

<Vance> This is the firewall in the mind I'll be talking about May 5th. I was just telling everyone that Eric Baber has offered to host the audio stream.

<John> OK, how about a URL?

<Michael C> I like it. Firewall of the mind - is that yours? I'd like to use it.

<Vance> We have to set it up first. I've downloaded the encoder and have to install it. I'll do that tomorrow. He doesn't work Sunday.

<Vance> Yeah, firewall in the mind, Nicosia being also a walled city

<John> Have you copyrighted that phrase?

<Michael C> Luverly!

<Michael C> I'll quote you if I can use it...

<Vance> Once we get it working we'll come out with a url

<Michael C> ..wouldn't want to do you out of a job!


<Michael C> Maybe you should charge me to use it?

<Vance> If you're looking for a web reference

<Vance> I feel the same about Metallica. Napster is increasing their commercial base.

<Michael C> So firwewall in the mind....could this also mean an emotional block to Net learning?

<Michael C> Precisely - re Napster - CD sales are NOT dropping!

<Vance> It's ways of thinking things rooted in paradigms that are outmoded

<Michael C> OK

<Michael C> I suppose you've heard about Cyberia?

<Vance> mainly people's notions of what goes on in a wired education culture

<John> So, what time is your presentation?

<Michael C> = Internet wilderness!

<Vance> 7:30 GMT Sat May 5, what's Cyberia?

<John> That is AM?

<Vance> Yep a.m. (as opposed to 19:30 gmt)

<Michael C> Cyberia = Internet wilderness; places to get lost on the Net (as in bad courses)

<John> 3:30 am, my time- Hope I can get up in time.

<Vance> I think Eric will archive it

<Vance> Now if Michael were coming to Cyprus, I could get him to handle an interactive component

<Vance> Have you guys tried HorizonOnline?

<Michael C> I'll be there online though

<Vance> Speaking of audio streaming and interactive components?

<John> Haven't heard of it.

<Michael C> It's HorizonLive

<Vance> You can check it out at

<Vance> Yes, that's right MC

<John> I'll check it out.

<Maggi> I was there last week

<Vance> Have a look at the archived chats. Very slick.

<Michael C> Really disappointed I can't be in Cyprus...I'm going to Vancouver in June instead

<Vance> what's in Vancouver?

<Maggi> too slick

<Michael C> ...WebCT conference

<Michael C> Why too slick Maggi?

<Vance> You're right Maggi. But in the hands of natural presenters, what I think we should be shooting for.

<Vance> I think maybe the mood music while you're supposed to be thinking?

<John> I have 5 more minutes before I have to leave.

<Vance> I was thinking more of the tool, they've got the moves

<Vance> Sorry no students today, John. Two weeks ago, same thing.

<Maggi> they are in it for the money

<Michael C> LOL

<John> Yep. Wonder what's going on?

<Vance> Do you ever get the urge to shoot that dog, John?

<Michael C> Well maybe if we charged big bucks?

<John> Every night. But she cost me $700.

<Maggi> some of my questions were just ignored

<Michael C> Maybe then people will be banging on the door.

<Vance> So it's your neighbors who will want to shoot it then.

<Michael C> I gather you can hear J's dog Vance?

<John> And my wife also wants to.

<John> It's a Shetland Sheep Dog.

<Michael C> $700 for a dog????

<John> That's what they cost down here.

<Vance> Yeah, and this also implies that John is on hands free ???

<Maggi> what kind of dog costs $700?

<Maggi> oh

<Michael C> Wow - must be good. Or big? Or something...

<John> I just didn't remember them being so noisy.

<Vance> You pay by the decible, I guess

<Michael C> lol

<John> I don't know how I got onto hands fre.

<John> free.

<Vance> Yeah, Excite just seem to do that. We seem to be able to chat ok though.

<Maggi> neither did Sue

<John> Did you just hear me?

<Maggi> breathing=?

<Vance> No, just the dog now and then.

<John> No, saying testing, testing, testing.

<Vance> OH, maybe you're pressing the control key in some other window

<Michael C> We did this HorizonLive thing for the conference here last week and it came from NY in the middle of a huge storm....

<Michael C> ...and so we got to har thiunder and watch lighning direct from was amazing!

<John> No, I generally leave the control key alone.

<Michael C> ..and very funny actually.

<John> Well, I have to be leaving now. See you all next week, if not before.

<Michael C> Made the whole expereince feel very immediate - liek J's dog I guess.

<Vance> OK

<Michael C> OK John, Nice to see you again.

<John> bye now.

<Vance> Yeah, see you next week.

John has left the chat room.

<Michael C> So...just we 3...

<Michael C> the old days...

<Vance> Yeah, we had a good chat with studnets last week, but week before, nada

<Maggi> bye John

<Vance> He's gone already

<Maggi> I see that

<Michael C> Is this the first week you've tried Groupboard?

<Maggi> yes

<Vance> Oh, I never got there. I'll open it up.

<Maggi> on a Sunday

<Michael C> I'm always at a bit of a loss as to how use white boards.

Jump to logs from: Homestead | Groupboard

GroupBoard logs

<Anon_29> I'm curious about the buffer on this thing ...

<Michael C> How does it buffer?

<Maggi> check it out

<Vance> If you scroll back, have you got your complete conversation?

<Michael C> Not enough to scroll back on.

<Michael C> Let's keep typing...

<Vance> asking Maggi mainly

<Michael C> Yes - scroll bars appear.

<Vance> Yeah, we just started, but were you guys using it earlier Maggi?

<Maggi> for me it scrolls back to when I arrived

<Vance> That's good. It would be a good one to use if it buffers a lot of chat.

<Maggi> seems to

<Vance> The best from that aspect is Tapped In, just sends you an email

<Maggi> unlike homestead

<Vance> Homestead is a pain, but it's simple at least

<Michael C> Can you import gifs/jpegs to this board?

<Maggi> this is simple too

<Vance> Now that's a good question. One thing you can do it save the drawing and then retrieve it online later

<Michael C> And set background doesn't seem to do anything.

<Vance> I can't figure that one out either. And it doesn't seem to want to paste a picture in the whiteboard

<Michael C> Hang on - should ask Elizabeth if she wants her pc back....\

<Vance> I lost my chat log

<Vance> I think it was when I floated and unfloated

<Vance> yep, gone

<Vance> something to be aware of

<Maggi> I have it still

<Michael C> And I'm still here

<Vance> did you float and unfloat? I didn't lose you in the chat to box, just my log

<Michael C> No - it definitely won't accept pics from outside.

<Vance> I have an idea though. Why don't we see if we can get webheads to create a drawing and save it and then we can see everyone's drawing. We could even put them on their web pages.

<Michael C> Yes - that would work.

<Vance> We're capturing a bit of webheads here and there. We have their photos on the website.

<Vance> Voices on Wimba, and now art on GroupBoard

<Michael C> And I was thinking - you could get people (who were present) to write or draw somethign about how they're feeling and we'd have to guess who did what...

<Vance> We can make a composite of each webheads, sort of like the blind menn and the elephant

<Vance> That's an idea too

<Maggi> who is the elephant?

<Michael C> I'll check out the forum thing here...

<Vance> Blind men gather around an elephant. One says the elephant is very much like a snake. The other says, no it's like a hose. Another says, it's like a tree. Another, no, more like a wall ...

<Vance> You get the idea? What we are to each other is compiled from what part of the elephant we can get at using the means at our disposal.

<Maggi> I knew that...but who's going to wash it?

<Vance> Thou jesteth?

<Michael C> or clean up after it?

<Maggi> lol

<Maggi> big piles of do do

<Vance> as long as we're on animal analogies, it's hard to soar with eagles when ...

<Maggi> you've go a couple of bungies with you?

<Vance> good guess but no ...

<Vance> when you ...

<Michael C> I give up.

<Vance> when you work with turkeys!

<Michael C> Mmmm.


<Maggi> I resemble that remark...:-)

<Michael C> Laughing at own jokes now?

<Michael C> MAO?


<Maggi> get it where you can eh?

<Maggi> my ass off

<Vance> at my

<Michael C> MAOAMOJ?

<Vance> at my own ...

<Michael C> You twit.

<Vance> I resemble that remark

<Maggi> he said it not me

<Michael C> You resemble a lot of things.

<Maggi> I'm the only one who knows for sure

<Michael C> Yes..I long for the day!

<Maggi> the day what?

<Vance> Well, anyway, what I'm getting at is, how would one of you guys want to organize the save a picture on GroupBoard movement

<Vance> like to organize, I mean

<Michael C> I get to see what V is really like.

<Maggi> (Maggi steps back)

<Michael C> smiles

<Vance> looks at Maggi

<Maggi> MC volunteered!

<Vance> the smile? Don't you have to nod or something?

<Michael C> I'm happy to do that (teehee)

<Maggi> I've slept in the same room with both of you

<Michael C> OK - so what is preciely is the nature of the project?

<Michael C> (I'll ignore Maggi's remark)

<Maggi> fortunately not at the same time...:-)

<Michael C> Everyone creates their own webheads logo?

<Michael C> Or pic of some kind?

<Maggi> yes...?

<Vance> Could be that, or whatever, a mood picture, an identity thing

<Vance> a web page decoration

<Michael C> OK...but can you export pix from here I wonder...'

<Maggi> a mess

<Michael C> LOL

<Vance> I'll put the pics on the web pages. I think they'll be saved on teh server.

<Vance> And yes, I can capture the pics. that's easy.

<Vance> screen dumps, print scrn

<Michael C> Ok - that would work.

<Maggi> can I close homestead Vance?

<Vance> But I'm a bit busy between now and Cyprus, so if one of you guys or both could talk it up

<Michael C> Yeh - I'll give it a go when I'm back on deck (with pc)

<Vance> Yep might as well. Did YL say she would be busy this week?

<Maggi> yes

<Vance> Well, Maybe Maggi should email the list and set it up then. If you have time.

<Michael C> V - do you want my remote input into your plenary in Nicosia?

<Michael C> Or just the other session or both?

<Vance> at the moment, it's just one way streaming. However, I know what you can do. you could maintain a chat on our lists.

<Michael C> During the plenary?

<Michael C> So we will be able to hear you?

<Vance> YES, that's an idea. What I want to do during my plenary is pop in on webheads. If you were handling a chat, or even just there, we could have you on

<Michael C> OK. No problem.

<Vance> Obviously, during a talk, I'm going to use the webheads live interaction to make a point, but not be there to the point of distraction

<Michael C> Ah but we could be very god at that!

<Vance> So this is a cool idea. If we broadcast the audio, from UK btw ...

<Vance> Then you could handle the chat from OZ

<Michael C> We can be chatting about we hear you talking about? Yes?

<Vance> And that in itself makes a point. Point being that you don't have to be all in one place to partiipate in a plenary

<Vance> overcomes another firewall in the mind

<Michael C> Exactly. That's what we did at the conference here.

<Vance> Yeah, you can be listenign to the talk, and at one poitn I'd very much like to bring you in to it.

<Michael C> OK.

<Vance> You are a good speaker and your presentations have been very effective.

<Vance> It would be interesting to engage you in live dialog for a minute or two during my talk.

<Vance> But what you could be doing during this time would be to handle the usual chat lines. Excite for voice of course.

<Vance> I think I'd like to show them this one too, because I want to show them Maggi's walker, the drawing she did on the Palace wall, remmeber that?

<Michael C> OK - (amd thanks for the kind words) - so you would asks me to talk using Excite?

<Vance> yes, you could hear me, and I'll have an excite window open somewhere and my hand on the volume control, and at some point I'll invite you to speak to the audience.

<Vance> What you said at the last one was perfect.

<Michael C> OK. Pity I don't remember what I said! Maybe you can give me a q to getr me started.

<Vance> Maggi, you could manage a chat or two yourself if you like. Doesn't have to be just michale.

<Maggi> bye for now...things to do...:-)

<Vance> Oh, Maggi, hang on

<Maggi> yes..

<Vance> Do you have the entire chat from here?

<Vance> If so would you mind copying and pasting it to an email?

<Maggi> yes

<Maggi> ok

<Vance> Loverly. Thanks.

<Michael C> And let us know conf URL fpr practice when you can.

<Vance> And if you'd like to manage a chat, and if we can work out what you'l like to be doing beforehand, we can announce to the lists where people should come to participate while the speakers are on.

<Michael C> Me and Maggi can divide the chat spaces.

<Vance> Now there will be other speakers as well, and I suppose we could just use these places for people to meet while the talks were on. but for other people's talks we can leave it to chance for there to be a manager there.

<Michael C> Other speakers during your plenary?

<Vance> In other words, Webheads could become an alternative conference site.

<Maggi> of you said something and I lost it

<Vance> No, but Eric and I both wrote Sophie and asked if she wanted to open the whole conf up to audio stream and archive

<Michael C> I see.

<Maggi> sorry Vance

<Vance> So while the conf is being streamed, people could meet in our chat areas and do whatever they pleased, professionally of course.

<Vance> sorry about what Maggi? Oh, did you lose some chat? No worries.

<Michael C> I can try the log..........don't talk for a minute

<Maggi> I lost it all...the buffer emptied

<Vance> Or maybe we've just found out how big the buffer is.

<Vance> Oh, did you float your chat window?

<Michael C> Stop talking!

<Maggi> no, I was marking it to cut and pste

<Michael C> Until I say so!

<Vance> I've got everything from when I returned from my last float.

<Vance> mmmm fffpphhh ppp

<Michael C> OK - got it!

<Maggi> bye for now

<Vance> I think that's what happened to Maggi. You were cutting and pasting and someone added a line and poof

<Maggi> yep

<Maggi> that's what I said

<Vance> Anyway, no worries. Thanks for trying.

<Michael C> Cya Maggie. I'd better go too. Can we practice somehow beofre Sat?

<Vance> Yeah, tomorrow I'll probably work a bit with Eric if I see him online

<Vance> He has to provide us a url

<Michael C> OK. I'll look out for you.

<Michael C> And await further instructions

<Vance> ok, I'm on 3:30 am gmt to this time.

<Vance> Thanks loads MC, appreciate your help and support.

<Michael C> It's a pleasure Vance. And I enjoy it.

<Vance> me too

<Vance> I can't imagine charging money for this. It's too much fun.

<Michael C> I'll email the log of this chat now. Was nice to be back! Money?

<Vance> yeah, what's that?

<Michael C> ..that's another story...we *could* make money out of this though.

<Michael C> See ya soon. OK?

<Vance> Hey I work with some guys who could make money out of this, getting into asp programming and java scripting and learned it all here, and applied it too.

<Vance> yeah, maybe tomorrow. K, nighty night

<Michael C> Night Vance.

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