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Webheads chat logs from April 15, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi Ying Lan Moral Felix
UAE Germany Taiwan China Brazil

When we spend so much time in voice chat, there is not much for the other Webheads to read about afterwards, so I thought I would try something new today. I will tell you here what we talked about and invite you to join in our discussions.

We are fortunate in our chats to have people present from so many different countries. A unique aspect of the Internet is that it crosses borders without visas and puts us in touch with people like us from all parts of the world. When these people come together they can talk without concern for what their governments would have them believe. Each person in the chat realizes that his or her view is biased by each country's media coverage of events we talk about, but the people in our chats try hard to see around the bias and understand each others' point of view.

In this chat we had Ying Lan from Taiwan, Moral from Kunming, China, and Vance and Maggi, American expatriates (living away from their native country). As usual we talked about a lot of issues. I'd like to mention them here and invite you to comment.

So if you were at the chat, what else did we say, and what was your viewpoint? If you missed the chat, what do you think about these issues? We'd love to hear from you,


Jump to logs from: ICQ | Tapped In

ICQ logs

[We're all talking in the voice chat. Vance sees Felix come online and sends him the location of our conversation.]

Vance 4/15/01 5:05 PM

Vance 4/15/01 5:05 PM Go! Webheads

Vance 4/15/01 5:06 PM Then log on as a guest

Grisham 4/15/01 5:06 PM on my way

Vance 4/15/01 5:07 PM great

Grisham: (5:20 PM) it doesnt open the voice chat.. WHat a shit!

Vance: (5:21 PM) bummer! Well we're at homestead and also Tapped In. I prefer tapped in, and Moral can get there as well. Want to go there?

Grisham: (5:22 PM) what is the wwww?

Vance: (5:23 PM)

Vance: (5:25 PM) Try this one for full instructions

Vance: (5:32 PM) Still there Felix?

Grisham: (5:32 PM) yes,,, and it's also not working..

I only have the blue banner on top of the page.

Vance: (5:34 PM) Hmmm, not a good day for you. Then would you like to try the Palace or Homestead?

]a few minutes later, he seems to have connected ...]

Grisham: (5:41 PM) how can I go to VanceS's offcie?

Vance: (5:41 PM) are you there? Ok, type /join vances

Grisham: (5:44 PM) I am there but I dont see any of you writing

Vance: (5:44 PM) oh, sorry, joining you now ...

Jump to logs from: ICQ | Tapped In

Tapped In logs

MoralL arrives from nowhere.
MoralL's personal recorder follows MoralL to here.
MoralL says, "Hi! Vance."
VanceS says, "Hi"
MoralL has lost his link.
MoralL arrives from nowhere.
MoralL's personal recorder follows MoralL to here.
MoralL says, "hi, Vance."
VanceS says, "Hi I'm nor paying a lot of attention to this one."
VanceS asks, "Are you still at excite?"
MoralL says, "yes."

[Vance joins Moral at the voice chat. Felix arrives after being talked in on ICQ.]

Felix [guest] arrives from nowhere.
Felix [guest] says, "Hi there"
Felix [guest] asks, "Is this also a Voice chat?"
VanceS says, "Hi there."
Felix [guest] says, "hi"
VanceS says, "I'm sorry, I was in other windows"
VanceS asks, "So how are you?"
Felix [guest] says, "ok Vance."
Felix [guest] asks, "Vance is this only a chat room? not a voice chat one?"
VanceS says, "Moral and Ying Lan are discussing corruption in China."
VanceS says, "No, just text chat."
Felix [guest] says, "I only see Maral."
VanceS says, "The voice chat we have now is the excite chat room"
VanceS says, "We're using it now."
Felix [guest] says, "aw ok"
VanceS asks, "What was the problem you were having?"
Felix [guest] says, "Vance wanted do wish you all a Happy Easter."
Felix [guest] says, "I have no idea."
Felix [guest] says, "I've gotta go. My kids just arrived here"
Felix [guest] says, "See you around Vance."
VanceS says, "Well nice to see you a moment."
VanceS says, "Happy easter to you and a hug for your kids."
Felix [guest] says, "thanks"
Felix [guest] says, "bye"
VanceS says, "Moral and Ying Lan are speaking Chinese now"
VanceS says, "Bye"
VanceS has disconnected.

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