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Webheads chat logs from November 19, 2000

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi John Felix Ying Lan Pon Arif
UAE Germany Puerto Rico Brazil Taiwan Thailand Turkey

and a message from Gloria in Paraguay

Today, Pon joined us in Homestead at the same time Felix, Maggi, and Ying Lan started talking in HearMe, and since Pon couldn’t join the voice chat, everyone moved to Homestead for text chat while continuing to talk at HearMe. Eventually Arif joined us from Turkey and like the others came over to the Homestead text chat. It was nice to have a chance to talk with old friend Felix and at the same time to welcome a new student, Pon, and a guest, Arif, who had read about us on one of the professional lists. Pon has artistic talents and might be able to make a logo for us to put on our Webheads t-shirt, which we’re still hoping to be able to make and distribute for free (we can dream, can’t we?).

Please make a choice: Homestead or Hear Me chat logs

Homestead text chat logs

Homestead does not buffer a lot of chat. By the time I thought to copy the chat into my text editor, the first part had already disappeared. As we start the log below, Vance and Pon are talking, and John is present in the chat. John, Vance, Maggi, Felix, and Ying Lan are also talking in the HearMe Voice Creator voice chat.

<Vance> OK, do you like to be called Pon?

<Pon> Please call me Pon

<John> Hello, Pon

<Vance> So how are you today? Where are you, Thailand perhaps?

<Pon> I fine, yes, I come from Thailand.

<Vance> Is that where you are now?

Anonymous46 has joined the chat room.

<Pon> Yes, I live here more than 45 yeas.

Anonymous46 is now known as Maggi.

<Vance> Where do you live in Thailand?

<Maggi> 45 years where?

<Pon> Bangkok

<Maggi> wow

<Vance> Pon is from Bangkok

<Vance> We meet in different places online, Pon

<Maggi> Hi...I'm another one of the teachers

<Vance> Two students are in HearMe chat

<Vance> Do you want to try to go there?

<Pon> Pardon, I slowly .

Anonymous25 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous25 has left the chat room.

<Vance> It's ok. We can take our time.

<Maggi> scared him away...

<Vance> That was me. I opened another browser window.

<Pon> I will here long time.


<Vance> We are here also.

<Pon> Bangkok time now 07.15 p.m.

<Vance> 16:15 in Abu Dhabi

<Pon> What time 12.00 GMT.

<Vance> This time. I't's 7 p.m. in Bangkok

<Vance> We just started.

<Pon> yes

<Vance> So Pon, did you visit our web pages?

<Pon> I am very great.

<Vance> How do you mean?

<Pon> what web?

<Pon> I come to join in time.

<Vance> one way to go there is*webheads

<Vance> You came exactly at the right time.

<Maggi> oh...

<Pon> Hi , Maggi.

<Vance> We're also talking in the hearme chat. Can you open another browser window Pon?

<Pon> Do you have recommend me to study english?

<Vance> Do you have a good internet connection?

<Pon> Yes, but pentium 133 older.

<Vance> Well, we use English here. You can learn by talking to us.

<Vance> It's ok, I'll ask the others to come here.

<Maggi> old but still works

<Vance> I asked them to come

<Pon> Thak you.

<John> At work, my secretary connects with a Pentium 75.

Anonymous32 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous32 is now known as Felix.

<John> Hello, Felix.

<Felix> Hello John

Anonymous17 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Hi Felix. Meet Pon. Pon is from Thailand.

Anonymous17 is now known as ying.

<Maggi> Hi Felix

<Pon> at bangkok , computer her hight to P3-700 from japan.

Felix has left the chat room.

Felix has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Felix is in Brazil

<Maggi> Hi Ying

Felix has left the chat room.

<John> Hello, Ying.

Felix has joined the chat room.

<Maggi> Felix has a problem

<Vance> And Ying Lan is from Taiwan

<ying> I don't know why I got those email... it is like a magazine....

<ying> It is great.. there are many wonderful sentences...

<Vance> So Pon, what did you just say about your computer?

<Pon> never take

<Felix> this In and out thing is driving me crazy Maggi.. LOL

<Maggi> you are crazy anyway

<Felix> Where are you now John?

<Maggi> :-)

<ying> "He who cannot reason is a fool. He who will not is a bigot. He who dare not is a slave."

[Here, the participants in the voice chat have all decided to use come to Homestead for the text chat component since Pon is not in the voice chat - gvs]

<John> I am at home in Puerto Rico.

<Vance> Pon, we write this down and you can see it later on the web page

<ying> You call what?

<Felix> are you American john?

<Pon> ok ying.

<Maggi> he is

<John> Yes, I am, Felix. But I have lived here for 30 years.

<Felix> So you have Latin blood now uh?

<John> Well, I guess I do.

<ying> Who will be the next president?

<ying> who is your favourite?

<Maggi> no is close in Florida

<Vance> My favorite now is Gore because I don't trust Bush.

<ying> But Bush seems to win it...

<Vance> I think Gore is at least intelligent and Bush is not

<John> I don't like either one.

<ying> Do you think the system will change... I have heard Gore got more than Bush.

<Maggi> well...only good thing is Congress is just about evenly split....

<Maggi> Gore got the popular vote

<Vance> Gore received more popular votes in the USA

<Maggi> the electoral college may go

<Maggi> but not without a fight

<John> I haven't turned on the TV news for three days now.

<Felix> How about the T-shirt? How is it going so far?

<Vance> There are many of our projects that don't get far off the ground.

<Maggi> the 22 smallest states have less population than California but twice the number of electoral votes

<Vance> There has been no progress on the t-shirt

<Felix> What a pity!!!!!!!1

<Vance> Pon, our idea is to (1) design a logo

<Vance> (2) put the logo on a t-shirt

<Felix> who is pon?

<Vance> (3) send a tshirt free to every webhead

<Vance> So far, we're still at (1) design a logo

<Pon> yes sir. I think have logo Technology

<Vance> Pon is a student who just joined us from Thailand

<Vance> And, are you an artist, Pon?

<Pon> Hi, Felix. I new comer .

<Vance> Pon is a newcomer

<Felix> Welcome here Pon.

<Vance> Felix is an oldcomer

<Felix> Where are you from Pon?

<Vance> (that's not a real word)

<Felix> not that old Vance lol

<Pon> Bangkok

<Felix> kewl!

<Vance> Can you make a logo, Pon?

<Pon> I graduate B.A. government.

<Felix> What is BA?

<Vance> baccalaureat

<Felix> uh?????????

<Pon> Yes, Mr.vance I can.]

<Felix> is that an English work??

<Felix> word

<Vance> Felix, I think it's .. uh ... Latin!

<Felix> what does it mean/

<Vance> After 4 years of college, you get a b.a.

<Pon> b.a. is Bacher of Art

<Vance> oh, it actually means bachelor of arts

<ying> BA=bachelor?

<Felix> I see

<Vance> bachelor - a bachelor is in usual English an umarried male

<Felix> I am in my second semester of Liberal Arts

<Pon> I mistake

<Vance> Is this for your b.a. Felix?

<Felix> yep Vance.. But Liberal Arts in nothing to do with Arts in its meaning

<Felix> It's about studying the Portuguese Languague and its Literature

<Vance> It's arts as the opposite of sciences

<Felix> yes

<Vance> So, Pon, are you offering to design a webheads logo?

<Pon> Yes, I can but take long time

<Vance> No problem Pon. We've been a class for several years and we hope we have several years more.

<Vance> So we have plenty of time.

<Pon> Now , I hard work.

<Vance> We have a fashion designer in Jamaica who offered to make the tshirt if we would make a logo

<Pon> Mr. Vance, at the same time have voice chat another web?

<Vance> Yes, we are at

<Vance> Do you want to try it?

<Pon> If I and you go there. here nobody?

<John> Do you have speakers, Pon?

<Vance> I think most of us are writing and reading here, and speaking over there.

<Pon> just a little.

<Vance> Are you still here Ying Lan? Maggi?

<ying> I am still here..

<Maggi> yep

<Pon> begin October, I went to Singapore by myself.

<Vance> For how long?

<Vance> Your first time there?

<Pon> yes, a week.

<Pon> I spoke english first time at there.

<Vance> Really? Your English seems good for just beginning in October!

<John> Had you studied English before going there?

Felix has left the chat room.

<ying> Vance... Everyone study Engilsh in School .. now.

<Vance> Felix left the hearme chat too. Maybe he has connection problems

<Maggi> how did you like Singapore Pon?

<Pon> yes. but don't continue.

<Vance> Do you get a vacation any time soon Ying Lan?

<Vance> Do you mean you used to study English Pon, but discontinued?

<Maggi> I will have time at Christmas

<John> So will I (a month)

<Maggi> but I may go to Denmark

<Vance> Do you want to tell us what you will do there Maggi?

<Maggi> I have about that too...

<Pon> yes, I have lerned english longtime today.

<Maggi> visit someone Vance

<Vance> I know, Maggi. Just wondered if you wanted to elaborate.

<ying> My problem is not vacation.. it is about money.

<John> That's my problem, too, Ying Lan.

<Pon> Now , my office have contac foriengner.

<Vance> foreign contacts? What kind of office is that?

<Vance> My problem is time. When I had no money I had plenty of time.

<Maggi> I am going to visit Lars...we are talking about living together....

<Vance> WOW

<Pon> official

<Maggi> you mean with the government Pon?

<ying> maggi.. who is Lars?

<Pon> yes, local government.

<Vance> Do you work at a local goverment office, Pon?

<Pon> yes

<Vance> What do you do there?

<Pon> clerck

<ying> Pon... you are an office?>

<ying> Officer

<Pon> yes

<Vance> Is it work for a ministry?

<Pon> no , self government.

<Pon> This topic want to discuss everbody .

<John> Do you work for the city government, then?

<Maggi> Lars is a man in Denmark that I met Ying

<Pon> yes

<Vance> Do you mean, everyone is talking about self government there

<ying> Oh...

<Pon> I prefer listening about new concept.

<Vance> Pon, did you visit our web page? You can see all our pictures there

<Pon> I dare.

<Pon> They don't feedback me.

<Vance> Who doesn't feed back?

<Pon> Nobody, I think

<Vance> Do you mean nobody at our website, or at your office?

<Pon> website

<Vance> Did you write them?

<Pon> I stranger here now.

<Vance> Do you mean when I asked them to welcome you?

<Vance> This is normal. You have to write them.

<Maggi> all of us are strangers

<Vance> They're all GREAT people.

<Pon> build relantionship must take longtime.

<Vance> That's right. But we welcome everyone.

<Maggi> it can go faster than you think Pon

<ying> Welcome to join our webhead. Pon

<Pon> Thank you very much ying.

<Vance> Ying has been here for ... 3 years? How long Ying Lan?

<ying> You will find... they are great teachers in the world.

<Vance> the greatest

<Pon> I see

<ying> I forgot how long I have been here.

<ying> The same as you, Vance.

<Vance> I remember we met by chance at the Palace

<ying> Coincidence

<Vance> But I don't remember exactly when

<Vance> by coincidence

<ying> me too

<ying> I don't remeber any exactually date when I have done.

<Vance> I wish I could remember the date.

<ying> I don't think it is important to rember the date.

<Pon> pass 30 hour I think Mr.Vance , the best teacher.

<ying> But it is important we have a lot of fun here.

<Vance> You haven't met Michael yet. He's another great teacher.

<Maggi> it was in the summer because the sun was shining here and it was warm

<John> Speaking of Michael -- where is he?

<Maggi> Michael must be busy

<Pon> I please to know Michael.

<Vance> We have a web page and all our pictures are on the web page

<Vance> If you want we can put your picture there too.

<Pon> This web page printed already.

<Vance> Then you can see Michael;s picture, and mine, and Maggi's

<Vance> and Felix's and Ying Lan's

<ying> Vance... I don't think I can remember anyone's birthdate.. I don't know about my parents' birthdate, too.

<John> Pon, when I joined the group, they had my picture on the web page before the next session.

<Pon> yes 45 student

<Pon> 3 teachers

<Vance> I was thinking of sending a greeting to each webhead on their birthday automatically

<Vance> How can I find out everyone's birthday?

<John> Sounds like a good Idea, Vance. -- Just ask them.

<Vance> Pon, we have 3 teachers, and John is also a teacher

<Vance> Ok, when's your birthday?

<John> January 16, 1949

<ying> I remember mine...

<Pon> wow older

<John> Yes, Pon. I am a grandfather.

<ying> March 8, 1964.

<Maggi> Oh...aquarius

<ying> I am younger than Jone.

<Pon> nice to met you mr.john

<ying> John.

<John> Nice to meet you, too. but please do not call me Mr.

<John> I am just John

<Pon> I older ying 10 years

<Maggi> I was born July 1, 1952

<Vance> ICQ message from Gloria:

<Vance> Lolita: (5:13 PM) Hi teachers

<Vance> I'm not able to stay long, sorry

<ying> me, too.

<Vance> Best wishes,

<Pon> Maggi older me 2 years

<Maggi> ok...

<Vance> Love,

<Vance> Gloria

<Maggi> I just had her on icq

<Maggi> asked if she could join us

<Vance> Yeah, me too, but she said she had to go

<Pon> see you again next week

<Vance> Are you leaving now?

<Pon> i have time here if you stay

<Vance> We usually stay for a couple of hours

<Pon> everday i saw computer about 2-3 hour for tour on the world.

<Vance> Yeah, on the Internet?

Anonymous97 has joined the chat room.

<Pon> yes

<Vance> What's the url?

<Anonymous97> hi this Arif

<Pon> 97 your student of vance

Anonymous97 is now known as Arif.

<Vance> Hi Arif

<Arif> Hi Pon

<Vance> Arif if from Turkey. Are you in Turkey now, Arif?

<Pon> very nice arif

<Arif> Yes I am currently in Turkey

<Pon> I bangkok

<Vance> Istanbul? Ankara? Elsewhere?

<Pon> what do you mean?

<Arif> in between Bolu,

<Maggi> Hi Arif

<John> Hello, Arif.

<Arif> Between Ankara and Istanbul, at Abant University

<Arif> hi all

<Vance> I drove from Istanbul to Ankara once. Maybe I passed through Bolu

<Pon> middle east?

<ying> HI, Arif

<Vance> Ying Lan is from Taiwan

<Arif> I am sure you did. This is the only way to go :-)

<Vance> I'm going to see if I can find it on a map

<Vance> You should try the other url too

<Arif> Hi yin. Whereabouts in Taiwan?

<Vance> Maggi and John are talking about their kids in school [in the voice chat - gvs]

<Maggi> I'm in Germany

<Vance> Maggi talks so much that John can hardly get a word in edgewise

<Maggi> John's and most of mine are not kids

<John> No, my youngest student is 19.

<Maggi> one is talking now

<Pon> ying, i think you come back

<Maggi> I have 3 groups of 8-10 on Fridays

<John> I have four groups of 25 on Mondays and Wednesdays.

<Maggi> the rest are over 19 too

<ying> Taiwan is a small island

<Maggi> I meant 8-1ß yr olds

<John> Is it as small as Puerto Rico, Ying?

<Maggi> oops 10

<John> My oldest student is 38.

<Arif> my students are between 17-19.

<ying> It is smaller than Puerto Rico.

<Maggi> mine are in their 50's

<Pon> What time can I touch your group?

<Vance> What do you teach, Arif?

<ying> Arif is a teacher, too.

<John> Really, Ying? What is the size of Taiwan?

<Vance> Which group, Pon?

<ying> I am bad at those numbers..

<Pon> today

<Arif> This year I am teaching academic writing, and some tech classes

<John> I am teaching general writing courses.

<ying> You may check it at [I think she means - gvs]

<Vance> trying this one:

<Vance> Too restrictive, trying this one:

<ying> Say bye -bye to you.

<Vance> Bye Ying Lan

<ying> See you next week.

<John> Bye, Ying

<Arif> By Ying

<Vance> Arif, which way is Bolu from Eskisehir?

<Maggi> bye

<Pon> me too

<Arif> Bolu is a little bit toward north-east

ying has left the chat room.

<Arif> you may wanna try C-1

<Arif> or D-1.

<Vance> Got it, in D1

Pon has left the chat room.

<Vance> So if you want to see where Arif lives ...

<Vance> and then click on D1

<Vance> Now, let's see which is bigger, Puerto Rico or Taiwan

<Vance> I'll be it's Taiwan

<Vance> Have you checked out the voice chat arif?

<Vance> John and Maggi are having a nice chat

<Arif> not yet. I need to change my sound card, my mic does not work

<Arif> at least I can hear right/

<Vance> Taiwan is 35,563 sq km (13,869 sq mi) according to


<John> Puerto Rico is 3,500 sq miles.

<Maggi> oh boy

<Maggi> now for the conversion

<John> Looks like PR is smaller

<Maggi> taiwan is a good sized island

Anonymous3220 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Yep. I've been to both places

<John> Hello, 3220.

<Vance> It took all day to go from Taipei to Taichung in the middle of the country

<Vance> Puerto Rico is 3,515 square miles (9,104 square kilometers)

<Vance> So you were close, John.

<Vance> Who's just joined us?

Anonymous3220 has left the chat room.

<John> We always round it off to 3,500 here. (What's 15 miles among friends)

<Maggi> maybe rif

<Vance> Guys, I'm thinking to leave. I've got an arabic class tonight and it's dark already

<John> And I have to go to the store.

<John> See you all next week.

<Vance> OK John.

John has left the chat room.

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HearMe text chat logs

Maggi has joined

Ying has joined

Felix has joined

Status: Connected

Vance has joined

Ying: Hi, Vance...

Maggi: Hi Vance

Vance: Hi everyone. Felix, nice to see you

Ying: John tole us the bad news... the hear me will stop their service next month.

Ying: told

Ying: Can you speak loudly?

Felix: LATIN

Ying: Do you think it is necessary to use dictionary in stduying language?

Ying: Felix how many languages do you speak?

Felix: umbella in Latin is UMBRELLA...

Felix: 2 ying.... But I am studying Spanish also

John has joined

John: Sorry, got disconnectd. Hi all.

Felix: communicative approach

Ying: John... how did you get the news about the hear me will stop their service?

Felix: ji john

John: Since I have it installed on my webpage, I got a message from them.

Felix: so bad uh?

John: They are going to start something called Voice Contact.

Ying: That means we don't need to worry this issue.

Ying: Actually... Felix your voice is hardly to hear...

Maggi: hard to hear

Ying: better.

John: It's better for me. I had trouble hearing you, too.

Felix: I can barely hear John also

Status: Disconnected

Status: Disconnected

John has joined

Ying has joined

Status: Connected

Vance has joined

Maggi has joined

Felix has joined

Ying: Someone's opinion is studying English in English.

John: I insist on my students using an English-English (not English-Spanish) dictionary.

Maggi: weird...I could hear you still

Felix: Vance, have you ever heard about Douglas Consolo?

Ying: GEt what?

John: If you read a lot, you build your vocabulary fast enough to get rid of the bilingual dictionaries.

Felix: That's right John...

John: Yes, you are right. I remember when I had to use one.

Felix: can you type that Vance?

Ying: why do we have to go there?


Ying: I don't understand the sentences... "He that cannot reason is a fool. He that will not is a bigot. He that dear not is a slave."

Vance: that dare not?

Felix: neither do I Ying

Ying: It is hard to hear you..

Felix: is "that" correct in the sentences?

Ying: commerce?

John: "That" is correct.

Ying: I still can not get your opion, maggi.

Ying: it is the first time.. I see THAT .. IN THIS WAY.

Felix: Can you type Vance and Maggi... About the explanation of the sentences? I didnt hear you well enough

Maggi: if you can't reason you can't think logically or see the other side

Ying: put that away..

Maggi: if you can't see the other side you are a bigot

Felix: I want the meaning of THAT.

Maggi: a bigot is someone who is prejudiced

John: Maggi, it is if you refuse to see the other side. In this case, Felix, that is the same as who.

Felix: wwwwwww

Vance: that = who

Felix: a relative pronoun.. I've got it

Maggi: ok...refuse to

Felix: is there a voice chat that also Vance?

Vance: there? no

Felix: is there a voice chat there also Vance?

Felix: ok

Ying has left

Ying has joined

Felix: But it's much more difficult uh// We have to switch windows right?

Maggi: can still hear hearme

Vance: a signature, at the bottom?

Maggi: and write in the other one

John: I think she means a connection problem.

John: That is my problem, too, Vance. I am not a resident of any state.

Vance: Breaking up again. What was yuor proposal Felix?

John: Vance, when you move to another country, you keep your residency in your state in order to maintain your citizenship

Vance: Yeah, you did

John: If you move to a territory, you keep your citizenship, so you don't keep your residency in a state.

Vance: Your voice is breaking up. I'm only following a bit of this?

John: hydrogen peroxide does wonders.

John: That's what the doctor prescribed for me.

Vance: Cue tips

Vance: Que tips

John: Q tips

Vance: Yeah, we can get anything here

Maggi: yeh

Ying: What is the question what felix asked?

Ying: Vacaton?

John: Doctor told me to put hydrogen peroxide in the ear, let it boil away, and then wash it out with water.

Maggi: hydrogen peroxide for your voice breaking up? LOL

John: No, for cleaning out your ears.

Maggi: I see

John: Gets hot as it boils, though.

Maggi: Q-tip is easier

John: I'll remember.

Ying: It 's hard to get visa ... ?

Felix has left

Ying: I have heardd the middle east don't like the unmarried female to visit thier country alone.

Ying: heard

Ying: Yest... It is hard to get visa for UAE?

Vance: If you want to come and visit, you are welcome any time.

Ying: i will remember your words.

Vance: So far, very few webheads have actually met each otehr

Vance: other

Ying: I usually travel alone.. so I only choice the safe country.

Ying: But Safe or not.. it is up to God.

Vance: Hard to say these days. We were just in Spain last summer.

Vance: There have been several bombs near the part where we were.

Ying: Several bombs?

Ying: You know the airplane crash happened In last October here.

Vance: Yeah, the Basque separatists. My point is, you never know where it's safe. You would think, in Spain ...

Vance: And of course we saw pictures of the crash at your airport

Ying: You never thought it was Singarpore air line...

Maggi: nasty thing

Vance: Really. I have a colleague who just got back from Yemen. Perfectly safe.

Maggi: I wonder though about the l and r signs on the runway...

Maggi: well...Yemen is one place I wouldn't go

Ying: I and r

Ying: Who is r?

Vance: left and right?

Maggi: left and right

Ying: got it.

Maggi: l and r is easily mistaken in Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Vance: I'm not sure where you can go that's safe. I went to Sipidan once. It seemed safe to me.

Ying: maggi.. I try to know some guys on line. but I have not guts to make friend with those guys.

Vance: It seems to have worked for Maggi

John: You would be surprised, Maggi. A lot of people can't chew gum and walk at the same time.

Ying: It is really dangerous...

John: Remember President Ford?

Ying: Yes.. Ford..

Ying: It is a joke about Left and Right here?

Vance: What's the joke?

Maggi: not a joke Ying...the pilot could have made a mistake

John: What is the Joke, Ying?

Ying: "A lot of people can't chew gum and walk at the same time."

Ying: I got what you said.

Ying: You were talking about the airplan crash.

Maggi: oh...I thought you meant the left and right


John: So did I.

Ying: airplane

Maggi: airplane

Ying: The driver of the airplane have been in our airport sever times before.

Ying: has

Ying: several

Vance: I guess, in the storm, he thought he knew where he was

Maggi: the storm cut visibility

Vance: If it was his first time he would have double checked everything

Maggi: you don't drive airplanes, except on the fly them or pilot them

Maggi: on the ground

Ying: i think it is destiny..

Ying: Some peopel died, some people live.

Maggi: wrong place at the wrong time

Vance: There was an earthquake, now a plane crash

Maggi: I would have gotten run over the other day if I could walk normally

Maggi: someone ran a red light but I was only half way across

Ying: maggi.. I got the book "the tenth insight" this afternoon.

John: I just got Heart of Winter.

Vance: What's that about?

Ying: Heart of Winter.. it is a novel?

John: Yes, Ying, it is the nineth novel in a series.

John: It is about the end of the world.

Maggi: Yes Ying...I have it and read it

Ying: It doesn't matter with the title.... I concern about the attitud.

Ying: John... are you teaching in the University?

John: Yes, Ying. I teach at the University of Puerto Rico

John: Ying, I have been with the Univesity of Puerto Rico for the past 22 years.

Ying: Waaa!!

Ying: When I was a little child .. I wish I were a tacher.

John: What do you mean, Ying?

Ying: But I am not .. when I grow up.

Ying: teacher

John: I always thought I wouldn't want to be one. Now that I am, I really find it enjoyable.

Ying: That's good...

John: I wouldn't trade it for any other job.

Maggi: me either

Maggi: I'm a natural and found my niche

Ying: You have the gift...

Maggi: a gift I keep giving

Maggi: sweet dreams Ying Lan

Ying: bye-bye

John: Nice talking to you, Ying. See you next week.

Maggi: bye...

Ying: Bye john.

John: Bye, Ying

Ying has left

Guest605 has joined

John: Hello, Guest605.

Maggi: Hi...

Guest605: hi

Guest605 has left

rif has joined

John: Hi, Rif.

Maggi: hi rif...can you hear?

rif: hi unfortunately I cannot talk

rif: My mic does not work tody

Maggi: ok....

Maggi: speakers?

rif: I will need a new sound card :(

rif: Yes, I can hear you all very well

Maggi: oh yeh...

rif: I completed my doctorate degree in Computer assisted language learning at the University of Cincinnati last year

rif: I was following the TESL-CA, and sometimes participating

rif: oh yes... I know her. Cool

rif: Did you say Mary Pittman, or did I hear wrong?

Vance: Wayne Trotman

John: I have to go to the story for my wife. So I'll see you all next week.

Vance: That's the trouble with voice chat

rif: ups :-))

Vance: ups??

Maggi: the story...LOL...bye John

John: sorry, I meant Store.

John: Bye.

John has left

rif: Bye John

Maggi has left

Maggi has joined

rif: Maggi is back ....

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