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Student Vance's Comments updated May 17 09:30
Mohamed Ahmed 1. at 151mohamaddahmed.html link to myhtml doesn't work because it's pointing to a file called mohamadahmad_html.html which has not been submitted to Work Finished
2. at 151mohamaddahmed.html heading and subheadings are needed as well as other criteria for this assignment
3. a file called 151mohamadahmad_html.html has been submitted but it is not linked to and it does not link to any other file
Jaber Abdul Majeed 1. There is no link from 158jaber082sc.html to a web project portal with bulleted lists
2. on May 17 158 jaber 082sc portal.html submitted to Work Finished but this is not a legal file name for the Internet (contains spaces); read this!!. This file links to the one above.
Rahma Ahmed 1. As specified in the criteria for this assignement, "Put your name and date on each of your current web pages (just as you look for when you evaluate web pages) "
Hamed Asad 1. There is no heading and subheading here
2. There is no link to a web project portal with bulleted lists
Ahmed Saeed 1. at 315AhmedSaeed.html there is no link back to the portal page
2. there is no link to the file you submitted 315AhmedSaeed_questionnaire.html and no way to reach it
3. In the above file Submit doesn't work so I couldn't send you this message: "Did you make the avenging angelo pull down? Good. OK, let's see if you get this email, and then you can change this page with more of your OWN questions, and you can change background and make links to your other pages - Vance"
Maad Hasan New work submitted May 17, yet to be evaluated
Abdulla Salem 1. Guestbook and Age Counter are now integrated into final work - one small detail - Age Calculator has a link to Age Calculator - I think you meant to link to Guest Book.
2. I'm not able to reach (the url of your pic), the " after that url should be in the next space (not sure if it matters) and hight="200" should be HEIGHT
Mohamed Hussain 1. Well done, much better. But the file 380_pic page_082sc.html contains an illegal space. Therefore the link called "A page with a picture" does not work. Please rename the file and relink it to the project.
All pages need titles and subtitles, as given in the the criteria for this assignement, and also name and date on each page.
Abdul Nasser Abdullah 1. You got the picture link at the bottom of 381_abdulnaser.html to work but you must have got this code by using Save As in IE because now the IE browser has created folders and put your files in them and relinked to those folders, so your page is trying to find 381_abdulnaser_files/123_2326.jpg but this folder 381_abdulnaser_files is not part of your web project. Now you have to repair the links again. AND have a look at this: How to and how NOT to save your own HTML files.
2. Your link from 'See my bmw Html !! ' to 381_Abdulnaser_comp_082.html works now but there is not title/subtitle, I don't see your name here, and there is no link back to 381_abdulnaser.html. Review the criteria for this assignement and keep working on it.
Mohamed Ali 1. Your file 388_mohammed_version2.html has no link back to the bulleted portal
2. 'chick out this anime review... ' is this one of YOUR web projects?
Abdul Aziz Saad Ok, now check to make sure your pages meet the criteria for this assignement such as heading and subheading on each page, etc.
Tariq Saleh 1. From 434_Tariq_Webpage_2_082sc.html BACK doesn't work because it points to a file in your H:ome folder
2. From 434_Tariq_Webpage_082sc.html, same as above
Mohamed Khaled 1. only one page in project. Needs a heading/subheadings.
2. Needs link to second page
Mohammed Khamis 1. 475Project.html needs your name on it, heading, subheading, background, etc.(see the criteria for this assignment)
2. There is no tables page
3. there is no link in your site to 475Mokalblooshi_java_082sC.html and no way to get to this page from your project, and now way to get from 475Mokalblooshi_java_082sC.html back to your project
Fouad Salim New work submitted May 17, yet to be evaluated
Abdulla Mohamed  
Khaled Waleed 1. This page needs your name on it, links to a bulleted portal, heading and subheading, and other criteria for this assignment

This update: June 5, 2004
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