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Meet Sharell

Just thought I'd let the class know something about me. I tried coming to class on Sunday like I informed you through email but when I went to the class, no one was there. It said "Chat session is closed". I was asking for your assistance to see if I went to the correct site or maybe I logged on earlier or later than I was supposed to.

Anyway, for everyone in the class: My name is Sharell. My birthday is today, 12th October. I am 20 years old. Am I old? haha Just wanted to say hi and hope to meet and get to know all of you.

Vance sent birthday greetings ...

Hello Mr. Stevens,

Thanks so much for the birthday greeting. I had a wonderful weekend. I can't remember which site I went to but hopefully I'll get to come to the correct class.

I live in Nassau, Bahamas. What time should I meet with you and the class?

I've enjoyed all the emails that the class has shared with everyone.



Vance is checking (it's at the top of this page) and will let Sharell know what time.

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