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Meet Sarita

Hi everyone, I'm Jessaira Padilla, 23 years old, from Puerto Rico. I just wanted to present myself.

I'm a graduated student of the UPR-Mayagüez, where I am also an Administrative Officer. That's precisely the main reason I'm so interest in improving my English.

I'm working in the pharmaceutical industry and I'm actually planning to do my next bachelor in Fine Arts.

I've been reading your emails and I will reply when I feel comfortable with a topic.

If you have any questions concerning my place, me, or latin american people I'll do my best inform you.

Thanks and its nice to be part of this group.

My hobbies: Oil Painting, Watercolor and Photography.

From Maggi, Feb 26, 2003

Hi Jessaira

I teach English in a large pharmaceutical company here in Germany (Merck)so if you have any questions just ask.

Topics are usually started by the students and anyone interested can respond.

Your name is interesting and I've never seen it before. Is it common? Does it have a special meaning?

I also like to paint, with watercolors, too. What sort of things do you like to paint most?

Welcome to Webheads.

Maggi :-)

Sarita responds, Feb 26, 2003

Hi Maggie,

No, my name is not common at all. It is a combination of Jessica and Sahira. Those are more common here. My mother got the idea of mixing those names. (Personally I prefer my nickname Sarita).

I like painting of my photographs (usually nature). Maybe someday I'll share with the group.

Sarita also writes poetry

The saddest death

A poetic good-bye I'll describe
so that you suffer like I did.
Like the emptiness feeling
of a sky without clouds
or like the singer's disappointment
when he forget the sounds.
As well as that gorgeous tree that
already has its days counted
Or as the butterfly, maybe as the
rose you gave me
Yes! In a few days all will feel fragile.

Poor poet that loses his lyric
perhaps someone can perpetuate your memories
like they did for him, but until when?
Maybe, until the faithful life ends.
Who will remind you? Who after my death?

Jessaira Padilla

Zaheer liked the poem and responded March 6, 2003

Dear Jessaira Padilla

even your name is very strage for me but sound good to hear and your poetry !!!!!!!! Its wonderfull but be in truth I can't understand the back ground I mean that of your poem.

I will be very glad if you plz little bit explain it for me. I'm also intrested to know from where are you as name of your city is also quite strange for me

with best wishes

zaheer from innsbruck

Sarita responds

Hi Zaheer,

Nice meeting you

About the poem I'm referring to that "important person" in my life that hurt me and start valuing me when it was to late. Is a poem of being strong and taking hard decisions for our own sake, to feel free and not blind.

Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean Islands we are part of the USA. We have a tropical weather and it is a very visited place. Our main language is Spanish. Anything else you want to know, I'll be glad to share more information.


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Last updated: March 20, 2003