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Syllabus for 2006:
Multiliteracies for Collaborative Learning Environments

Course Content: 7 Event Cycles

Note: The dates below are current, but at the moment the events linked from here are from the 2005 syllabus (and the syllabus has changed for 2006, and will be more focused on the Moodle). Please bear with me as I proceed with updates. - Vance (Sept 5)

Warmup activities Sept 8-10

Sept 11 onwards ...

In the 2004 desire to learn portal, here are the questions that were put to the group
and the number of responses each had generated by October 9, 2004

What is Multiliteracy in Collaborative Learning Environments?
So what do you think multiliteracy is (as it might relate to collaborative learning environments)? You might want to start with your definition of the term, and we'll take it from there ...

Theoretical framework for multiliteracies
We'll examine some of the theoretical issues in multiliteracies

Types of multiliteracies

Funtional literacy
a consideration of the functional aspect of multiliteracy

Critical literacy

Rhetorical Literacy
In which we discuss the meaning and ramifications of the rhetorical aspects of multiliteracy


Warmup activities

Sept 8 - 10: Open Weekends @ Knowplace offer the opportunity to sample various leading-edge topics presented by members of our international community. You need only an account at (or, or to participate. .The format is asynchronous discussion forums, so you can participate at your convenience. All discussions open Friday 16:00 GMT and close Monday 07:00 GMT (when there's DST in Vancouver). The "three-day" weekend provides time for you to review the course materials and/or read and post to the discussions later on Sunday. The facilitator(s) will be checking into the workshop throughout the weekend at times convenient to their time zones.

Sunday, Sept 10, 2006 Webheads in Action/Writing for Webheads: World friendship thru lang. learning 12:00-14:00 GMT ; meets at and decides what to do from there. See to fathom more possibilities. In case we're Skypecasting, visit and find us in what's On Now or Starting Soon.

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