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Multiliteracies for Collaborative Learning Environments

Week 2: Sept 19-25, 2005

Event Cycle 4

Managing Information

Sept 22 to 24, 2005

With guest expert: ElderBob Brannan | Streams

Read, view, listen, do:

ElderBob has set up a blog and he and Vance have seeded the Moodle and this page with a set of links that we can all explore. The links are designed to explain what RSS is and how you can 'aggregate' or feed, or harvest and display those links through Bloglines. The presentations explain why you would want to do this and how educators can benefit from an understanding of RSS feeds. The goal of this Event Cyclone will be to get partipants in this course working with RSS feeds through Bloglines. Chats are being scheduled Saturday, Sept 24 and Sunday the 25th in order to provide live-online advice. ElderBob is expecting a hurricane to come a-knockin' long about Sunday and might not have power at that time, so y'all try and get there Saturday.

These links provide more information about how blogs and RSS feeds (which are means of gleaning information efficiently from a number of blogs and other frequently updated web sites) might be used in educational settings:

Learn about: RSS and aggregators; excellent resources from Will Richardson ...

Blogging and Language Learning - See:

Barbara Dieu is mentioned there as an energetic proponent of blogging and webpresence in language learning.

And, what you should do now ...

eBob and Vance are planning to hold live-online chats on Saturday, Sept 24 and Sunday the 25th, meeting initially at . The purpose will be to help participants here set up and use bloglines accounts. So ...

Streams ...

By the end of the course, many of us had set up streams in Bloglines and other accounts. Dennis Oliver was kind enough to share the following:

I'm glad to know I saw a bit of what you had in mind for this thread. The links that I gave are only the beginning of my feeds list; I hope to include more here very soon, and I hope they will be useful to someone other than me.

Multiliteracy-Related / Educational Technology

Distance Education


ELT-Related Personal Blogs

General ELT

Vocabulary / Interesting Words / Dictionaries

As a resource of innovative sites, here are the The Edublog Awards nominations for 2005

Most innovative edublogging project, service or programme

Best newcomer

Most influential post, resource or presentation

Best designed/most beautiful edublog

Best library/librarian blog

Best teachers blog

Best audio and/or visual blog

Best example/case study of use of weblogs within teaching and learning

Best group blog

Best individual blog

Events ...

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