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The Webheads Community of Language Learners Online
A demonstration given November 7, 2001, 12:00-12:50 GMT
by Vance Stevens, MLI; and Arif Altun, Nigde University

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Writing for Webheads is an ongoing 'experiment in world friendship through online language learning' whose participants have been meeting on line each week since 1998. During that time, Webheads have experimented with numerous synchronous and web-based multimedia communications formats, and presented at several live and online conference venues. Considering that the class is given free by volunteer teachers, its long-standing viability suggests that participants are getting more out of it than they are putting in.

In this presentation, we will demonstrate our use of the latest synchronous communications technologies, including video and voice, while showing delegates around the Webheads community. A particular focus will be on Turkey, where one of the co-presenters will meet us online to explain how he has involved his university students with the Webheads project.

On Wednesday, October 31, we held a practice session, connecting live online in synchronous text, voice, and video-enhanced chat, two classes of non-native English speakers from Turkey and China - archived with pictures from both locations, and a link to reflections on the experience by the students from Turkey:

Slide 1 Who are the Webheads ? - a history and overview
Slide 2 Webheads main page - navigating our site through its portal
Slide 3 Tutors and Friends pages - getting to know the community members
Slide 4 What have the Webheads been doing for the past three years? - view some reports and studies
Slide 5 What do we do each week? - current components to a typical class session & chaos navigation
Slide 6 Our chat logs - trace the evolution of a robust online community
Slide 7 What keeps us together? - that's what we'd like to know, and what others can learn from us

Vance Stevens

Arif Altun

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