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Meet Marcia

Hello everbody

My name is Marcia. I am from Mozambique, southeast Africa. I am a Portuguese teacher in secondary school. My native language is Portuguese. In my free time I like to read and to swim with my little one and my husband. I am very interested in English language because it is becoming an important language in my country. For exemple: if you know English, it is easy to get a job. I am sure that by praticing writing it will help me to improve my English skills. I hope you can help me.

On Nov 10 and 11, 2003 Marcia sent this followup:

Hi everybody.

I real like to be a part of this group. I didn't imagine it will be fun and helpful. This is what I have wanted for a long time.

One thing I would like to ask. Is there a way that somebody corrects our letters, avoiding us repeating the same mistakes.

I missed the Sunday chatting because I traveled to South Africa to visit my friends.

How was it?

My trip was good. South Africa is a beautiful country. It is a mountainous country, and they took advantage of those natural characteristics to make it so wonderful.

Now it is summer in Africa, consequently in my country too. We have two seasons, winter from June to July and the rest is summer. Today it is around 35c and I am planning to go to the beach. It is like 5 minutes driving from my house to the beach. It will be full and fun.

Ok, I am going to stop here.



Thank you for correcting my text. I will wait for my web page to see my texts corrected.

Today we are going to have a good day. My best friend is going to defend her thesis from licenciature level, I don't know if you have this degree because many countries don't have it. It is 5 years after college, 3 years for bacheroul plus 2 years where you have to practice and write a thesis. And my friends and I are organizing a surprise party.

The beach program was really fun. I went there with my family and our friends. It was full. We stayed there from 1 pm to 6pm swimming, playing volleyball, and digging with my baby.

I have been in the US with my husband and my baby. I experienced the four seasons. It was interesting. I didn't imagine that some places could be so cold like it was there.

I enjoyed those seasonal differences because you don't have to live with the same season for a long time like we do here. There, it is only three months for each season.

See you later.

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Last updated: February 6, 2004