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Meet Laurent

Hello Everyone,

I'm Laurent , a French native Speaking from Congo-Brazzaville. I'm very happy to attend your eclass.

I'd like to improve my English in all aspects (writing, speaking, listening and reading) and also my webcomputing skills. I'm doing ECDL -The European Computing Driving Licence- at the college in Oxford where I live now.

I will start a Phd program in Tropical Agriculture crop and plant protection at the University of Oxford next September 2003.

I'll be happy to receive mails from all of you, to have new friends around the world, and to help me improve my English and webmaster skills. I hope you'll enjoy my company.

all the best

Maggi writes on May 17, 2003

Hi Laurent

Welcome to Webheads! I'm Maggi and an English teacher living in Germany and Vance is in the United Arab Emirates and can probably help answer any questions you have about computers.

There are many sites online to help you improve your English, too, and many people here from all over the world to talk to as well.

Thank you for the introduction and good luck on your studies.

Maggi :-)

Roslyn writes on May 18, 2003

Welcome, Laurent.

I am a teacher in Australia - actually, in the island state of Tasmania, right down in the south.

I would like to welcome you too. There are many members in this community who are here to support members who strive to improve their English language skills.

>From what you wrote in your introduction, I would say you are well on the way to fluency in English writing.

Congratulations on being accepted to Oxford and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your studies there.

Roslyn Teirney

PS I have written a page a few years ago with some hints for studying English. You might like to visit it sometime:

{@} Mariko {@} writes on Wed, 21 May 2003

Welcome, Laurent!

It's cool you are studying away from your native place, experiencing a new culture! People here on this group are (or at least, seem) all nice, warm and friendly. Feel at home coz this is one of your homes! :)

I'm Mariko, a Japanese student studying international cooperation (my focuses are refugee studies and conflict resolution) in Japan. Through discussions we can exchange our backgrounds and cultures though most of the members appear from Taiwan (these are all WHAT I THINK, not quite sure, for I've been on the group for just a couple of months).

Anyways, feel free to post.


Vance writes, May 23, 2003

Hi Laurent,

I'm very glad that you joined us and decided to write. It's very nice to have someone with us from sub-Sahara Africa. And I'm very happy that several Webheads have written to greet you already.

The ECDL is growing more and more popular as a certificate of competence with computers. The course is offered where I work and I might get involved with it. It will be good to compare notes.

The second thing I notice is that you have and are trying to improve webmaster skills. I have been thinking that perhaps Webheads would like to know more about creating web pages and that we might try and teach such skills within this group. As with so many projects this requires:

time to organize and prepare materials

volunteers with skills to help teach the course

students who are interested in learning the material

I wonder if there are any Webheads who would like to donate time and skills to help others with such training, and if there are any among us interested in learning more about making web pages and web sites.


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Last updated: May 23, 2003