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Meet Denise

I am Denise. I am 35 years old (almost 36) and I live in Belo Horizonte, a very nice city of Minas Gerais state, southeast of Brazil.

I graduated in languages and literary studies at UFMG, a renowned university here. Now I am taking a post graduating course in language in another university.

Although I don't work with languages I am very interested in this field. I think that it is the only way of really knowing other people and understanding their way of life. It is for sure the only way people can respect each other.

Not a long time ago I "discovered" Internet and the immense opportunities it gives us to practice languages and meet people. I enjoy spending part of my free time (which is not so much) in front of my computer, looking for sites about ESL and any other form of being in contact with the English language. Last Sunday I found Webheads and I became fascinated with the activities you have here. That's why I asked for permission to subscribe and that's why I am writing now.

I am also interested in distance learning and I have plans of studying more about it, which is not possible at this moment.

I also like to be with my family and my friends. I like gardening, reading and dancing. I like the sunny mornings as it happens today.

Finally I want to apologize because my English is not that good. I hope I can improve it with your help.

Best regards,


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Last updated: February 28, 2003