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Webheads chat logs are posted on the Internet to assist language learners with comprehension of our conversations and to strengthen our sense of community through shared familiarity with one another. All are welcome to join us, but your participation in our activities implies that you approve of our posting on the Internet interactions in which you take part. Please address any comments or concerns to Vance Stevens.

Webheads chat logs from November 10, 2002

Participants: Vance in Abu Dhabi | BJB in Pennsylvania | Susanne from Denmark | Dafne in Spain | Cindy | Christopher in Germany | Rif in Turkey | Teresa in Portugal | Rita in Argentina | Yos in Indonesia | Beth and Steve in Hawaii | Maggi in Germany | Venny in Taiwan | Michael in Adelaide | Anh from Thailand | Kuro | Marina in Italy

This is Dafne's view, and Vance and Sua are shown below in iVisit
More web cams: another iVisit shot | Beth and Steve and Kaipo join from Hawaii | the jam begins | how to play and hold down the control key? | Knock knock knocking on Heaven's Door | Marina joins us

Vance's reaction to the live worldwide jam / chat

Never a dull moment in Webheads. Webheads is getting to be like a party every Sunday noon GMT. You may wonder who the host is, but there are always a lot of people to talk to, and interesting things going on in the side rooms.

Believe it or not, I started out in iVisit and I even have a screen shot of Susanne to prove it, but some friends of mine, Beth and Steve from Hawaii, whom I hadn't seen in a long time, came online with their webcam in Yahoo and kept asking me when I was going to put mine up. With every intention of going back to iVisit, I went over to Yahoo, and Bobbi (my wife) had joined us and was talking to Beth by the time the first Webhead, Chris, had dropped by. I think Venny was next (and his daughters) and next thing you know we had a crowd in Yahoo Messenger. Then when Michael dropped by, the guitars came out ... ok, I admit I was first to get my guitar. Then Chris who had been dutifully interacting in iVisit somehow 'saw' or perhaps sensed the guitars, and next thing you know we had a jam going from Australia to Abu Dhabi to Germany.

So apologies for not sticking to the program, which was meant to be iVisit. Sue has been so patient with us PC people that we really owe it to her to try harder with iVisit. NEXT week hopefully we can spend some time there.

A couple of hints: if you're joining us in iVisit or Yahoo, you might need to upgrade your software. For Yahoo, you need version 5.5. to see everyone's web cams these days (if you don't have it you are told you need to upgrade). And iVisit has a habit of expiring frequenty, so if you haven't used it for a while, you might need to download the new version.

Both are still free, but looking at the way the Internet is going, it seems that both are building in a dependency and a need to frequently upgrade that one or both might try to capitalize on soon. Enjoy the party while it lasts.

Hope to see you next Sunday (wear your party hat).

By the way, no one has yet found my surprise on the Nov 3 chat logs page

Better hurry, that bag of stale candy isn't getting any fresher.

Let's all have fun!

Vance (Nov 11, 2002)

BOO! Dafne and Teresa's reaction to the cool mouseover

COOL mouse over effect Vance! Now I understand the Boo! you really scared me! Instead of stale candy I would rather have ale! Daf

Vance, another fabulous page that I've just bookmarked. Congrats! The BOO effect is fabulous!! Cheers, Teresa

To get the BOO you may have to hold the mouse on the picture long enough for the BOO to load in. It works best on a Very Fast connection, obviously.

Susanne's reaction to the live worldwide jam / chat

Last Sundays' session in Tapped In was a very entertaining example of the casual and informal way we are working and playing together. At least three new participants joined us, Cindy who is a Tapped In helpdesk trainee from somewhere in USA, Anh from Vietnam who claims to be a good singer, and in particular Yos, the doctor (MD) from the Philipines who has started and followed up on several thought provoking discussion toipcs lately in our English for Webheads mail list. I remember how Yos has told us some time ago, that he can only read mail from his home town, with a slow modem connection, and that he had to travel for five or six hours to get to a place with an internet cafe to use the WWW to read webpages - join us in Tapped In. And now he came to meet us. Respect!

I do wonder how this chaotic experience was for the new people with such a confusing and active session, with people running in all directions, from Yahoo to iVisit and reporting back to the Tapped In party class, asking for advice on how to get here or there? Probably a mixed feeling of amusement and surprised confusion. like most of us have experienced at our first sessions, until the unstructured chat communication mode became a habit. In case you had expected a classroom-alike learning situation, you have indeed beein involved in a challenging experiment

As Vance has explained about this Sunday, a lot of more or less unexpected encounters were taking place(s) in the Tapped In reception (with text chat and web page sharing), as well as in iVisit and Yahoo Messenger (with webcams plus text chats). Of course I had hoped to experience how it works with more than one webcam at a time, too, and for me with my Mac system, this cannot (yet?) be done in YMS. But s still, I enjoyed to hear about how the guitar trio managed to do their jam session rehearsal. One can imagine how terrible the more or less precisely synchronized the music (or noise) may have been :-))

No, this was not a dull day indeed! I've prepared a mad hat for next Sunday, just in case :-)

Tapped In

VanceS teleports to the reception.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Nov 10 03:23:35 2002 PST.

VanceS [Webhead] looks in mirror

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Vance

VanceS [Webhead] says, "just checking to see what I looked like"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Hi Vance :-)"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "hi all"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I have been searching for the fine directions page for iVisit that Keiko created some time ago."

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "But I was unable to track it."

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I think I have some from Gary Cziko"

SusanneN [helpdesk] asks, "Do we meet in Language exchange /english only room?"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "the password is langex"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "yeah, that's it"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I think I can find out how to guide by now. But I am not sure it looks exactly the same on my screen (actully, I am almost sure some menus are a little different.)"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I keep getting a message that I have to "join this listing in order to connect to its members""

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "yes, click on the list icon in the bottom or your directory"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "oooohhhhh, I must have done something right ;-)"

VanceS [Webhead] smiles at BJ

SusanneN [helpdesk] asks, "Sounds like you have my webcam, BJ?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Guess I'll come on over"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "no, but my name is listed as a user"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "haven't pounded enough buttons to see a cam or talk yet"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Aha"

SusanneN [helpdesk] asks, "Do you see a chat window?"

BJB [HelpDesk] Nods

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Yoiu did something right again"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I can see your window now."

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "I have your cam!"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I have to rearrange my dxesktop"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I've closed down Yahoo"

BJB [HelpDesk] Nods

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I am afraid of running out of memory"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I still do not see your name in the Directory list"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "try REFRESH DISPLAY"

BJB . o O ( green rounded arrow )

SusanneN [helpdesk] exclaims, "Yes!"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "So that's what that icon does"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "but the chat doesn't appear to be working."

VanceS [Webhead] says, "having to download new ivisit"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods..I had to do that too

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Hey,your voice is very clear this time, BJ"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I think it has something to do with the microphone gain"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I reduced it by pressing on the - button next to the mic"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I don't see any minus next to the microphone"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I have a blank video screen open that has that feature"

BJB . o O ( maybe if you click on the mic icon under your cam pic? )

BJB . o O ( we probably see different screens )

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Well, underneath my webcam window, I see the icon bar with the Talk button, a sound and microphone sound bar (with icons), and when I click on either sound or mic icon, they turn red - that's all"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "maybe that is a mac/pc difference. I see a + and a - next to both the mic and the speaker"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Interesting to know that. Maybe those features are non existing in mac versions."

BJB [HelpDesk] Nods...makes helpdesk work a little more difficult ;-)

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I'll take a short break and get back before we start at noon GMT :-)"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "Nice bit of software though...and it is mac/pc compatible"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods and waits till the witching hour

VanceS [Webhead] says, "9 min to go"

SusanneN looks brb.

VanceS [Webhead] says, "about to install iVisit"

BJB drops 2002/11/10 WebHeads (recording).

BJB [HelpDesk] leaves for the ASO.

BJ's Shadow (recording) leaves for the ASO.

BJ has arrived.

Shadow follows BJ to here.

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I'm in ivisit now"

DafneG arrives from nowhere.

Dafne's Private Eye follows DafneG to here.

DafneG says, "hello"

BJ [HelpDesk] hugs Dafne good day

DafneG hugs and kisses BJ

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Hi"

DafneG says, "hi, Vance"

DafneG kisses Vance on both cheeks

SusanneN [brb] hugs and kisses the latin way

VanceS [Webhead] returns favors to SusanneN [brb], BJ [HelpDesk], and DafneG.

DafneG hugs and kisses Sus on both cheeks

SusanneN looks in iVisit.

DafneG says, "I see that Sus is still a jack-o-lantern"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "I've got iVisit up running, what do I do now?"

CindyCO has connected.

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "yes, I'll have to get a more decent outfit soon"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Hi ! Everyone"

SusanneN [in iVisit] exclaims, "Hi Cindy!"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "good morning, Cindy."

DafneG says, "I am so sad I could not wear my jazzyjackie mask"

DafneG says, "hello cindy"

SusanneN [to Cindy]: "You're training, how wonderful"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "morning/ evening"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "afternoon here"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "or lunch time"

SusanneN [in iVisit] is eating a big Braeburn apple

VanceS [Webhead] joins Sus and BJB in iVisit

SusanneN [in iVisit] asks, "do you need guidance, vance?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "nope I'm there"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "though I don't see any web cams"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "remember to click om the list when you are in the English only room"

BJ [to SusanneN]: "you need to click on the round green arrow again"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "there's a list icon in the directory window"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Ah :-))"

BJ [to VanceS]: "I think you'll see Sus's cam if you click on her name"

BJ . o O ( or maybe double click )

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I had to click on your icon to connect"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "there you are"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "great clear picture, Vance"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "You click on the Talk button in case you wish to check the microphone"

ChristopherMJ has connected.

rif has connected.

ChristopherMJ exclaims, "Hi everyone!"

DafneG says, "Sorry, I cannot go to ivisit, everytime I have been there my computer has collapsed"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I'll have to find a mic"

DafneG says, "hi Chris"

BJ [HelpDesk] waves to Chris

SusanneN [in iVisit] exclaims, "Oh, Hey Chris!"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "we're humoring Sus today"

rif [guest] says, "hi everybody"

BJ [HelpDesk] exclaims, "hi, Rif!"

DafneG says, "hello again Arif"

ChristopherMJ asks, "OK, I'll try to pull up iVisit. Which version should I have?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Rif, so nice to see YOU again"

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Rif"

rif [guest] says, "I know. It was a long time, right. Nice talking to you all"

DafneG says, "I enjoyed so much reading the Halloween log"

BJ [HelpDesk] cheers for are so funny!

DafneG says, "I have not found the surprise yet, though"

ChristopherMJ says, "Oh, my version expired in May"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "It was a wild session, Daf"

TeresaAlm has arrived.

TeresaAlm's personal recorder follows TeresaAlm to here.

ChristopherMJ exclaims, "Daf, that Halloween card was really cool!"

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Tere"

DafneG hugs Tere good morning

TeresaAlm asks, "hello, friends! how are you all?"

rif [guest] says, "I liked the one with Flash animation LOL"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] exclaims, "Hi !"

DafneG says, "my mask stayed in the drawer"

ChristopherMJ exclaims, "yeah, the one where you click on all the stuff. It was great!"

BJ [HelpDesk] hugs Tere

DafneG asks, "did you get all the items before the time was over?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Vance is messing around with a lot of wires and cables from plastic bags"

CindyCO [to BJ.]: "how are you ?"

RitaZ has connected.

DafneG [to SusanneN]: "are you sure it is not the garbage bags?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Finally Vance managed the mic"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "HI ! Rita."

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Rita"

DafneG hugs Rita hello

TeresaAlm exclaims, "hugs, rita!"

RitaZ exclaims, "Hi, Webheads, good day!"

yoskresno has connected.

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Hi all"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Hi Yos"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "hi, Yoskresno. Welcome to TAPPED IN"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "Could anyone hear me in iVisit just now?"

DafneG says, "hello Yos"

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Yos"

TeresaAlm says, "good afternoon, ros."

BJ [to VanceS]: "I heard you"

TeresaAlm says, "yos, i mean."

ChristopherMJ in the process of downloading iVisit

yoskresno [guest] says, "hello everybody"

RitaZ says, "hi, Yos"

RitaZ asks, "are we meeting at iVisit today as well?"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "how's the coffee sus?"

BJ [to VanceS]: "apparently sound isn't too reliable...I can hear you, but you don't hear me"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I'll pop over to Yahoo for a moment"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Yes, Vance, BJ and I are in iVisit"

CindyCO [to Vance.]: "where i s UAE ?"

BJ . o O ( although Sus and I were talking ok earlier )

BJ [to Yos]: "may we help you?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "United Arab Emirates"

yoskresno [guest] says, "i don'tknow what to do, this my first tie"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "To listen you need to stay in iVisit, if you get to TI, the sound and video image will turn offf."

VanceS [Webhead] says, "some friends are in Yahoo so I'll go there for a moment"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Ok"

CindyCO [to Vance.]: "what state in USA ?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] exclaims, "Yos, it is so nice to meet you!"

BJ [to Cindy]: "Vance is in Arabia, not in the US"

ChristopherMJ is in Yahoo, too

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Oh ! Really."

yoskresno [guest] says, "a pleasure meeting you sus"

rif [guest] says, "Vance, I think IVisit is very slow"

DafneG also in yahoo

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "How did you manage to get to an internet cafe? Yos"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Sus, you're always looking down"

CindyCO [to BJ.]: "Vance is a webhead ?"

yoskresno [guest] says, "<sus> i go downtown"

DafneG says, "he IS THE Webhead"

BJ [HelpDesk] thinks Sus needs to put the cam on her keyboard looking up ;-)

BJ [to Cindy]: "Vance is the chief Webhead in charge of all webheaddom"

DafneG [to VanceS]: "I do not see you at Yahoo"

VanceS [Webhead] looks chiefly

ChristopherMJ sees Vance in Yahoo

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "I have changed my preferences in iVisit so the cam will keep being active even when I go somewhere else, BJ"

ChristopherMJ . o O ( wonders if Vance will show up in a feathered headdress next tim e )

DafneG sees VAnce now

BJ [HelpDesk] nods to Sus

DafneG says, "lol"

BJ [to Yos]: "can you introduce yourself to the group, please?"

CindyCO [to BJ.]: "are there any meeting here ?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "susanne needs to look up now and then"

BJ [to Cindy]: "this is the weekly WebHeads discussion"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "or put the camera on her keyboard"

ChristopherMJ [to Yos]: "yes, please tell us about yourself"

BJ . o O ( webheads meets here in reception )

Hawaii has connected.

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "I am Susanne in Denmark, a graduate student of education playing around with community technologies and meeting friends online. A true Webhead in spirit"

BJ [to Yos]: "are you here for the webheads discussion?"

BJ [HelpDesk] exclaims, "hi, Hawaii. Welcome!"

yoskresno [guest] says, "<my name yos, I am already webheads, but this the first time in tapped in, i am a MD>"

VanceS [Webhead] waves to /hawaii.

BJ [to Hawaii [guest]]: "can we help you?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Hi Beth and Steve"

DafneG says, "Wow, a whole state is here with us today, hi Hawaii"

ChristopherMJ asks, "MD = Medical doctor?"

CindyCO [to BJ.]: "what is webhead discussion ?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] asks, "Yos, tell us wsere you live?"

Hawaii [guest] says, "yes, it's late at night in paradise"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Where do you live, Yos? Some people never met you before"

BJ [to Yos]: "you are in Maryland?"

yoskresno [guest] says, "i am soory my connection is slow, meansmedical doctor, i live in java indonesia"

DafneG says, "it is midday in Spain, Hawaii"

ChristopherMJ will be distracted for a few minutes installing iVisit

BJ [to Hawaii [guest]]: "are you hear for the webheads discussion?"

BJ [to Yos]: "thank you for introducing yourself :-)"

ChristopherMJ . o O ( wow, that was painless. Let's see if iVisit works )

VanceS [Webhead] says, "These hawaiians are old friends of mine"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "I'm in the US in Pennsylvania"

rif [guest] says, "It is 2?30 Midday in Turkey and itis really cool outside"

SusanneN [in iVisit] asks, "Yos, I remember you have to drive for hours to get to an internet cafe?"

DafneG [to Yos,]: "Hawaii and Cindi I am Dafne in Spain"

yoskresno [guest] says, "(to bj), Have we talked before"

ChristopherMJ says, "It is 1:30 in the afternoon in Germany, and it is mildly cold and cloudy outside - not raining, that is something"

TeresaAlm says, "I am Teresa in the Lisbon area, an EFL teacher in a middle school."

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "It is 7:30am for me. Cindy, please introduce yourself to the group."

yoskresno [guest] says, "(tosus)yes iam thatone sus"

ChristopherMJ says, "I'm Chris, an American expratiate in Germany"

MargaretD arrives from nowhere.

MargaretD's personal recorder follows MargaretD to here.

BJ [HelpDesk] hugs Maggi

ChristopherMJ says, "Grss Dich, Maggi"

MargaretD hugs BJ

TeresaAlm exclaims, "hi, maggi!"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "HI ! I am Cindy. I am a foreigner language , computer teacher. also a tappedin helpdesk trainee."

MargaretD says, "Hi everyone"

DafneG hugs maggy good day

SusanneN [in iVisit] exclaims, "Chris, to meet us in iVisit, you go to Direcftory, then find Education folder, click, then Language exchange click it, then passsword is langex, then go to English Only, and click on the list icon!"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "my web cam is up in Yahoo if anyone wants to look"

ChristopherMJ [to SusanneN]: "Thanks, Sus"

MargaretD says, "Sei gegruesst Chris"

CindyCO [to Vance.]: "That is great. web cam."

VanceS [Webhead] says, "thanks"

RitaZ says, "sorry about my distraction, my iVisit had expired and i had to load it again"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "my wife bobbi is here"

ChristopherMJ [to Margaret]: "We have a wee bit o'sun filtering between the clouds in Karlsruhe. How's the weather in Frankfurt area?"

RitaZ says, "Im an EFL teacher Argentina"

DafneG says, "I am looking at VAnce and Bobby"

ChristopherMJ [to Rita]: "just did the same"

BJ [HelpDesk] waves hi to Bobbi

MargaretD says, "the sun was out this morning Chris and now it is grey again"

VanceS [Webhead] bobbi waves back

yoskresno [guest] says, "(to sus)i wrote to you on yahoogroups, and never have the answer, have you been keeping busy"

MargaretD exclaims, "Hi Yos!"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Yos, sometimes a message or two remain unanswered :-)"

DafneG says, "I ssee that Bobby is speaking now"

MargaretD says, "This is Maggi :-)"

yoskresno [guest] says, "hi Margareth, nice to have talks with you"

SusanneN [in iVisit] hugs Maggi - I was away from a moment and did not see you come in

MargaretD says, "Nice to see you here Yos."

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] asks, "how to see you ? from the website. or do I need to buy a webcam ?"

yoskresno [guest] asks, "where are you from margareth?"

rif [guest] says, "I am sorry guys, I need to leave. We need to do some shopping and take the baby outside for a while."

BJ [HelpDesk] waves bye to Rif. Thanks for joining us

yoskresno [guest] says, "see you rif"

MargaretD hugs Sus and wonders if the Danes do kisses on the cheek

DafneG says, "bye Rif"

rif [guest] says, "I will catch you later ! My pleasure to be among the Webheads and a webhead of course"

BJ [to Cindy]: "do you have yahoo messenger?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Some danes do, but most prefer handshake or hugs."

MargaretD says, "Ilive in Germany Yos but am officially American."

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "My Yahoo does not coop with iVisit, it is a choice I have to make. One or another. Not both."

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_94 [guest] has disconnected.

TeresaAlm says, "maggi, i think they do, because that is how sus and i always greeted each other when she stayed in cascais for a month."

VanceS [Webhead] says, "we're in a yahoo voice conf"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "want to join us?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "We can do ivisit in a bit"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "or I will"

ChristopherMJ has gotten use to the French/German/Italian, etc. custom of kissing opn both cheeks

CindyCO [to Vance.]: "how to join ? go to yahoo. ?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Me too, Chris :-)"

TeresaAlm says, "isn't it a nice custom, chris? :-)"

DafneG says, "so have I, Chris"

yoskresno [guest] asks, "What isyour occupation MARGARETD, what am i supposed to call you ?"

ChristopherMJ says, "A very nice custom, yes"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "We call her Maggi"

SusanneN [in iVisit] smiles

yoskresno [guest] asks, "hello maggi, remember me?"

MargaretD says, "Call me Maggi Yos and I am a business English trainer"

ChristopherMJ says, "ah, things are happening in iVisit"

yoskresno [guest] says, "margareth is maggi, I am sorry"

CindyCO [to BJ.]: "are you there /"

VennyS has arrived.

Parrot follows VennyS to here.

VennyS [: -)] bows gracefully.

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Hi, sorry I'm using Yahoo"

DafneG says, "hi Venny"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "too many windows open here"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "hi, venny!"

BJ [HelpDesk] bows to Venny

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Hi Venny"

yoskresno [guest] says, "hi venny"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Hi Parrot"

MargaretD says, "I think the custom of a peck on the cheek and a hug is nice between friends"

VennyS [: -)] grins at VanceS [Webhead].

MargaretD bowo Venny

VennyS [: -)] bows gracefully to MargaretD.

VennyS . o O ( do you use ivist? )

BJ [to Cindy]: "Venny is in Taiwan"

VanceS [Webhead] waves to SusanneN [in iVisit], BJ [HelpDesk], DafneG, CindyCO [helpdesk trainee], ChristopherMJ, TeresaAlm, RitaZ, yoskresno [guest], Hawaii [guest], MargaretD, and VennyS [: -)].

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Venny"

DafneG says, "I am webcamless these days"

VennyS [: -)] waves to ChristopherMJ.

TeresaAlm says, "My web cam isn't available today, either, daf."

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "how come?"

MargaretD says, "not everyone has a webcam Daf"

DafneG says, "I have one, but I lent it to my sis-in-law"

VennyS [: -)] says, "it seems only Vance has a cam;)"

MargaretD says, "I have one too but seldom use it"

CindyCO [to Dafne.]: "when I buy a webcam , do I need to install any software ?"

BJ [to VennyS]: "Susanne has a cam"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "I got a cam in iVisit, and so has Chris"

DafneG says, "yes, Cindy it comes with the web cam"

CindyCO [to DafneG]: "other people want to see me from webcam, do they need one ?"

DafneG says, "no"

CindyCO [to Dafne.]: "why ?"

DafneG says, "at this moment I do not have mine and I have Vance and Bobby here on my scree"

DafneG says, "screen"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "anyone else have a web cam"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Bobbi is talking to some old friends of ours from Hawaii"

VennyS [: -)] is going to try ivisit

DafneG says, "if you install yahoo messenger, and they are in yahoo you can see them"

CindyCO [to Dafne.]: "where to find the scree, what website ?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I'll be over to iVisit shortly"

DafneG says, "no, I mean the computer screen, Cindy"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "It's 2 a.m in Hawaii and I think these people will be goign to bed soon"

DafneG asks, "do you have yahoo messenger, cindy?"

DafneG says, "if you do you can see Vance now"

VennyS [: -)]'s ivisit is expired

DafneG says, "he is broadcasting his webcam there"

CindyCO [to Dafne.]: "Yes. but I need to install, after install Yahoo messager, do I need the everyone e-mail address ?"

BJ . o O ( phone..brb )

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Rita, are you here? I am searching for your webcam window in iVisit"

DafneG says, "you need Vance's which is vance_stevens"

DafneG says, "Chris is not in Yahoo"

DafneG says, "I mean his webcam is not"

DafneG says, "only Vance's webcam"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "No, Chris used to be with us in iVisit, he wanted to try if both was possible"

CindyCO [to Dafne.]: "you mean just type vance_stevens , vance will show up ?"

DafneG says, "you click on tools first"

DafneG says, "then, on "manage friends list""

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "need to invite someone?"

DafneG says, "and then in "add a friend""

CindyCO [to DafneG.]: "add a friend ?"

DafneG says, "there you write the person's ID, in case of vance, you need to write"

DafneG says, "vance_stevens"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "can you invite me in yahoo?"

CindyCO [to DafneG]: "I see Vance will show up/"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "ok, venny, what's your id?"

DafneG says, "then, when you have his name on your friends lists, you click on "view my webcam" next to his name"

CindyCO [to Vance.]: "Yes. but I don't know my ID. I need to time to figure out the Yahoo messager."

VennyS [to VanceS]: "vennysou"

CindyCO [to Dafne.]: "Thank you so much. I think it is really fun."

DafneG says, "yes, you need to have a yahoo ID to get your yahoo messenger"

yoskresno [guest] says, "Maggi, what time is it in german?""

VennyS [: -)] asks, "only 3 persons there?"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "got venny in, anyone else?"

MargaretD says, "it is 13.45 here Yos"

DafneG says, "invite me, Vance, please"

MargaretD says, "afternoon"

DafneG says, "same time here in Spain"

CindyCO [to Dafne.]: "I don't need to buy a webcam, but I can see other's from the Yahoo Messager, it is great."

yoskresno [guest] says, "It is 21.00 in my country, here is rainning heavily"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "ok (to daf)"

DafneG says, "Sure, cindy"

MargaretD asks, "it must be evening for you Yos, right?"

MichaelAC has connected.

TeresaAlm exclaims, "gooed evening, mc!"

yoskresno [guest] says, "right Maggi, what's the weather in german"

MichaelAC says, "hi everyone"

MargaretD says, "We have had a lot of rain too Yos."

You hear a quiet popping sound; RitaZ has lost her link.

CindyCO [to Dafne.]: "does this meeting be held every week this time ?"

MargaretD says, "Hi mc"

yoskresno [guest] says, "hi mc"

DafneG says, "yes, Cindy, every Sunday"

DafneG says, "Hi Michael"

yoskresno [guest] says, "Where are you now, Maggi"

CindyCO [to Dafne.]: "i will install my Yahoo messager, I can see all of you next time /"

MargaretD says, "It was -1 C last night Yos, so it is getting cold."

MichaelAC exclaims, "38 C here tomorrow!"

DafneG says, "great, cindy"

MargaretD says, "I live a little south of Frankfurt Yos."

DafneG says, "I am at yahoo now"

CindyCO [to Dafne.]: "because I don't have a webcam, you can not see me from the Yahoo messager, right ?"

MargaretD exclaims, "38 is way too hot!"

MichaelAC asks, "Is anyone yahoo-ing or iVisit - ing?"

yoskresno [guest] asks, "I mean, do you at home or in your office?"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "right, can you see us Cindy?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "ok, back to TI. I am non active in iVisit right now, is osmeone wish to meet there later, we can do so"

CindyCO [to Vance.]: "not yet right now."

MargaretD says, "At home Yos...that is where my office is."

DafneG says, "I am at Yahoo now, Michael"

You hear a quiet popping sound; CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] has disconnected.

MichaelAC says, "OK Daf - I'll take a peek"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "why I cannot see you on your webcam?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "It was great to see how many people were able to help Cindy"

ChristopherMJ says, "got disconnected from iVisit"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "I've turnd iVisit off for a while"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "I"

yoskresno [guest] asks, "Are you teacher of bussines english?"

CindyCO has connected.

VennyS [: -)] is going to install new ivisit

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "I'll login to YMS"

CindyCO [to Vance.]: "I meet a virus, just now."

ChristopherMJ says, "Let me know when people are in iVisit again. Now in Yahoo"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Venny, tell me when you wish to open iVisit again"

MargaretD asks, "who Yos?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Yes, we can take turns"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Yos, is this your first chat online? It must be a little confusing"

yoskresno [guest] says, "Maggi Are majoring in english? what do you mean "who yos?""

MichaelAC asks, "Is that Sandy with you V?"

yoskresno [guest] exclaims, "Sus, you are right!"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Hi ! Micahel."

BJ [to Yos]: "do you see DETACH in the middle right of your screen?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "You will get used to it, Yos :-)"

MichaelAC says, "Hello Cindy"

MargaretD says, "I teach business English in companies Yos."

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] asks, "Hi ! how are you ?"

BJ . o O ( if you have the DETACH feature, you can make your text window larger and easier to read )

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Hi ! Margaret."

MichaelAC exclaims, "If you mean me Cindy - I'm well thanks!"

yoskresno [guest] exclaims, "I cannot find it BJ!"

CindyCO [to Michael.]: "it is good to see you."

VennyS [: -)] asks, "where can I join you in ivist?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "You"

VennyS [to SusanneN]: ""

MargaretD says, "Hi Cinda. :-)"

VennyS [to SusanneN]: "how to join you in ivisit"

BJ [to Yos]: "the asian servers often do not have the detach feature. Sorry, Yos."

SusanneN [in iVisit] asks, "Yos, are you connected with a web browser or a text client?"

CindyCO [to BJ.]: "I got the e-mail you sent about arts website."

SusanneN [to VennyS]: "I'"

CindyCO [to BJ.]: "Thank you."

yoskresno [guest] asks, "Maggi, what kind of company ?"

DafneG [to Michael]: "I heard there are some wild fires in Australia, are they still going on?"

yoskresno [guest] says, "Sus, I use IE"

MichaelAC says, "Yes daf - huge fires on the east coast near Sydney"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "I'll login and meet you in Language exchange (passworde langex) English only room"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "You, BJ says it is a matter of where you are located, somehow you might not have that function."

VennyS [: -)] asks, "which room?"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "My earlier message was for venny"

VennyS [: -)] says, "There is no one in language exchange"

MargaretD says, "One is a pharmaceutical company and anoter is a chemical company...but I have also worked in other companies."

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_197 [guest] has lost its link.

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "wait, I'll go there, and guide you"

CindyCO [to BJ.]: "how to whisper to you ?"

BJ [to Cindy]: "type /wh bj and your message"

VennyS [to SusanneN]: "I cannot see you"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "update your directory, the round green arrow"

VennyS [: -)] says, "I see you"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "guitar jam on the way"

yoskresno [guest] says, "to bad,my internet connection is behind the time! that's asia (sigh)"

VennyS [to SusanneN]: "you disappeared"

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "How come you see my; I cannot even see your name on my directory list, Venny"

You hear a quiet popping sound; ChristopherMJ has disconnected.

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "I think I will make a restart and get back"

BJ [to Yos]: "are you a teacher?"

BJ . o O ( sorry if you mentioned that earlier )

SusanneN [in iVisit] says, "Please do not lose your patience, Venny"

BJ . o O ( old age makes me forgetful )

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "ahh...I are an MD"

SusanneN [in iVisit] exclaims, "bye bye, see you soon!"

MargaretD laughs at 'BJ

You hear a quiet popping sound; SusanneN [in iVisit] has disconnected.

BJ [HelpDesk] exclaims, "there are some very exciting things going on with technology in Asia, Yos!"

yoskresno [guest] says, "BJ, I am working in emergency department."

VennyS [: -)] says, "wow! Vance is playing the guitar"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "Venny is a perfect example..he's working on an Asian MOO."

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "I also have a url I can show you about teaching internet safety to children."

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "the site is from Thailand"

VennyS [: -)] bows gracefully to BJ [HelpDesk].

BJ [to Yos]: "I'm going to show you a webpage...a new browser window will pop open for you"

BJ . o O ( don't close this TAPPED IN window or you'll lose your connection )

yoskresno [guest] says, "i am waiting"

BJ [HelpDesk] shows yoskresno the URL:

BJ [HelpDesk] shows VennyS the URL:

CindyCO [to BJ.]: "Can you project to me ?"

BJ [HelpDesk] shows CindyCO the URL:

MargaretD says, "thaniks BJ"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "you're welcome, Maggi :-)"

VennyS [to MargaretD]: "it's not too difficult to set up a MOO"

CindyCO [to BJ.]: "how do you know this website ?"

yoskresno [guest] says, "thanks, (I am looking it amazingly)"

BJ [to Cindy]: "one of the people involved in this site project was a presenter at Global Learn Day"

VennyS [: -)] says, "Everyone comes to Yahoo to listen to Vance's gutar playing"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "That is great."

VennyS [: -)] claps his hands

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "It is great."

BJ . o O ( Lukas Ritzel )

TeresaAlm says, "thanks, bj. great site! very useful."

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "you're welcome, Tere"

yoskresno [guest] says, "listening"

ChristopherMJ has connected.

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "wb, Chris"

ChristopherMJ says, "thanks eveyone"

yoskresno [guest] exclaims, "CMJ, hi!"

VennyS [: -)] says, "Vance is playing the guitar now"

SusanneN has arrived.

DiaLog follows SusanneN to here.

TimeLog follows SusanneN to here.

SusanneN looks back.

BJ [HelpDesk] hugs Sus. WB

SusanneN [back] says, "Hi, now I am ready again"

SusanneN [back] says, "what's going on hre"

CindyCO [to Vance.]: "do you show up in Yahoo message every day ?"

MargaretD says, "that's good #"

SusanneN [back] asks, "Did i miss anything :-)?"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "I think everyone is in Yahoo listening to Vance play the guitar"

DafneG says, "Great we have a trio playing their guitars and singing"

MargaretD says, "not me"

SusanneN [back] says, "Oh, Vance is performing"

BJ . o O ( I can't hear anything )

DafneG says, "I am ready to dance to the music"

SusanneN [back] asks, "Not you, Maggi, what happened to your webcam?"

VennyS [: -)] says, "the quality of voice there is not good today"

MargaretD says, "not hooked up to this computer"

SusanneN [back] says, "Too Bad, Maggi, I m"

MargaretD says, "naja"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "Well, since I am not at yahoo today, I decided to listen to 'the nutcracker'!"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "sorry we're having too much fun at yahoo today"

SusanneN [to Maggi]: "I never saw your face or heard your voice live yet."

CindyCO [to Vance.]: "it is great."

VanceS [Webhead] says, "chris can't play guitar and hold down the ctrl key at the same time"

MargaretD says, "I'm listening to the rqadio"

SusanneN [back] says, "Teresa, good idea :-)"

yoskresno [guest] exclaims, "my wife iswaiting for me, I must be going now, good bye every body, it WAS NICE, to talk to you all!"

SusanneN [back] exclaims, "I have made s system for holding down the mouse button with a piece of strong scotch tape!"

TeresaAlm says, "i love to listen to classical music when I'm at the computer. it's very relaxing."

SusanneN [back] says, "Goodbye, Yos, atke care"

MargaretD says, "there is a pic at weheads Sus"

BJ [HelpDesk] waves bye to Yos

MargaretD says, "bye Yos"

TeresaAlm says, "bye, yos! nice week."

SusanneN [back] says, "take care, and say hi to your wife from us"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Bye Yos."

BJ [HelpDesk] exclaims, "Nice meeting you, too!"

anh has connected.

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_17 [guest] has disconnected.

SusanneN [back] says, "Hi Anh! Welcome"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "hi, Anh. Welcome"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Hi ! Anh. I am Cindy."

MargaretD says, "I listen to a classical sttion in NYC"

SusanneN looks brb, pee break.

anh [guest] asks, "Hi, evrerybody. Am I too late?"

CindyCO [to Vance.]: "it is fun. today, I learn a lot."

TeresaAlm says, "it's a great station, maggi. i also listen to it."

BJ [to Anh [guest]]: "the webheads are still here, although some are in Yahoo"

MargaretD -)

anh [guest] asks, "Hi, Cindy. Are U new comer?"

VennyS [: -)] says, "John is singing"

anh [guest] asks, "Oh, how can I hear it?"

MargaretD asks, "John?"

DafneG says, "they are singing Knocking on Heaven's Door"

BJ [to Anh [guest]]: "I think you have to be invited to the voice conference"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "hi anh"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "we're going nuts in Yahoo here"

anh [guest] says, "Oh, actually I am a new born baby in Net."

SusanneN [brb, pee break] asks, "You're jamming, I am told, does it work, Vance?"

SusanneN [brb, pee break] says, "Anh,I tghink you were born a week ago :-)"

SusanneN says, "/wh bj sorry, very inappropriate mood to be in :-))"

SusanneN says, "OOps"

BJ [HelpDesk] grins.

SusanneN says, "The pee mode"

MargaretD says, "lol"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "it works sort of"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "marinaa has joined us"

SusanneN asks, "What does that mean, sort of?"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "can we invite anh?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "well, musically, it's not the top ten"

anh [guest] says, "Sorry. My computer's 2 week and I don't know much a bout computer language. Vance. I have a ? to ask U. I tried to"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "ok"

anh [guest] asks, "Itried to acess our last presentation to refer but I failed. How to get it?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "michael's, I'll ask him"

MargaretD says, "if you project Vance just to Anh"

You hear a quiet popping sound; CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] has disconnected.

MichaelAC asks, "Anh - ypu looking for our recent conf paper?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "ok, Maggi"

anh [guest] asks, "Yes, can U help me?"

MichaelAC says, "I'll find the URL..."

MargaretD says, "project just to Ahn mc"

MichaelAC asks, "How do In project to just one person?"

anh [guest] says, "No, many students will join"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "you say /show url etc"

SusanneN says, "Use the /show URL to someone command"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I'm trying to say /show url to anh"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "that's the syntax"

MichaelAC says, "SHOW <> TO <anh>"

anh [guest] says, "Actually I'm still very cofused and hope all of U help me."

MichaelAC asks, "Anh - did you get that?"

MichaelAC asks, "the URL?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; ChristopherMJ has lost his link.

VanceS [Webhead] says, "you have to type the slash michael"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "begin with /show http://url to anh"

MichaelAC says, "Ok - try again"

SusanneN [to Anh,]: "it is bec ause we all know how confusing this can be that we're so willing to help you; if not there would not be anyone to meet online here."

VanceS [Webhead] agrees with Susanne

SusanneN says, "It is some kind of mutual assistance principle"

DafneG exclaims, "I like that principle!"

BJ [HelpDesk] shows anh the URL:

ChristopherMJ has connected.

MargaretD says, "wb Chris"

MichaelAC says, "Thanks BJ"

ChristopherMJ says, "thanks, that computer crash hurt"

anh [guest] says, "Tks Oh, I got that. TKS angain."

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "you're welcome, Michael."

MargaretD exclaims, "ouch!"

SusanneN says, "Daf, I liked the proposal you had made with Rif for your week 6 facilitating in the TESOL workshop."

VanceS [Webhead] claps

ChristopherMJ asks, "Is the jam session over Michael and Vance?"

MichaelAC exclaims, "I think so Chris. I shoiuld go to bed!"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I think so, I have to turn off my yahoo computer"

ChristopherMJ says, "We can try it again some time"

MichaelAC exclaims, "But we can try again another time - you know - rehearse!"

2002/11/10 WebHeads is full. Stopped recording.

VanceS [Webhead] says, "yeah, we have some logistics to work out"

SusanneN says, "I had hoped to jam in iVisit - why not try it another day."

anh [guest] asks, "Go to bed? What time is it there Michael?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I thought that WAS rehearsing"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Yeh - logistics!"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "you mean we were really on?"

MichaelAC says, "It's 15 after midnight Anh"

DafneG exclaims, "everything has been recorded!"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "was that a REAL bcast?"

ChristopherMJ asks, "It was rehearsing. We can get a song list going with a coordinated verse handoff. What do you guys think?"

VanceS [Webhead] is so embarrassed

ChristopherMJ [to DafneG]: "oh oh"

MichaelAC says, "Sounds bewtiful Chris"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Yeah, I'll play the Gs you play the Cs"

ChristopherMJ says, "LOL"

MichaelAC says, "We could get someone to turn the pages"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Michael can do the Ds"

DafneG says, "but we should get a page with the lyrics so everybody can sing"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Dafne can sing"

MichaelAC says, "Yes daf"

ChristopherMJ says, "right daf"

DafneG says, "no, I will dance"

ChristopherMJ says, "even bett3er"

SusanneN says, "When a clarinet is involved it gets even harder because it is always transcribed into another tune. We would need a page with music nodes, too"

SusanneN asks, "What tunes did you rehearse?"

ChristopherMJ says, "Knocking on heaven's door, Smoke on the Water, Freebird, ..."

anh [guest] says, "A secret to U. I can sing very well. Got many prizes (of my town and company):))"

DafneG says, "let's get ready for a performance in Baltimore, to finish our EVOnline session"

MichaelAC says, "Yes - much to work out to make the Webheads band a reality"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Great Anh - then you're in the band!"

ChristopherMJ [to SusanneN]: "We got through a few lines of Knocking on Heaven's Doo"

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, Anh, that is just great!"

ChristopherMJ says, "r"

ChristopherMJ says, "Vance did a lead solo"

MichaelAC says, "Good night everyone. Thanks for the toons (tunes)"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "ANh can sing, great"

SusanneN [to Chris]: "I'lll try and find it somewhere online"

DafneG says, "night, Michael"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Sorry sus that we ended up in Yahoo"

ChristopherMJ says, "night Michael, sweet dreams of Dylan songs"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "we can do iVisit Next week"

MargaretD says, "night mc"

MichaelAC says, "Thanks Chris"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "it was just that my friends had Yahoo up"

anh [guest] says, "Good night."

VanceS [Webhead] says, "night MC"

CindyCO has connected.

MichaelAC says, "Ciao"

SusanneN says, "Vance, that is OK with me, now I know that you have the software installed and all :-)"

You hear a quiet popping sound; MichaelAC has disconnected.

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Hi ! Everyone. I am back."

SusanneN says, "Cindy, wb"

DafneG looks on the phone.

ChristopherMJ says, "I now have iVisit till Feb 2003 - so we'er set up"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Hi Cindy, glad to see you"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "My computer has some problems."

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Cindy"

anh [guest] says, "Hi again, Cindy"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] exclaims, "Hi !"

KuroH has connected.

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] asks, "in Yahoo Messager, I can not find the webcam icon ?"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "Hi, Kuro. Welcome"

SusanneN says, "I think I'll go out and help Hubby, he is preparting for a roast duck dinner (it is Mortensaften and (some) people eat a ceremonial sumptous dinner with duck , red cabbage (prepared this morning) white potatoes and thick gravy"

ChristopherMJ asks, "Mortensaften?"

SusanneN says, "Yes"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "sounds delicious"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "I found it. Thank you."

SusanneN says, "it is a story about someone who was herding geese"

ChristopherMJ says, "sounds great (hungry"

VanceS [Webhead] steals a bit of roast duck under the table

TeresaAlm exclaims, "yummy, sus! wish i could be there!"

SusanneN says, "his name was Morten, or Martin"

ChristopherMJ says, "yes, sounds good"

MargaretD says, "St. Martin Czhris"

BJ [to KuroH]: "can we help you?"

SusanneN says, "I think it is Lutheran holiday, as usual I only know about the food and stuff, not the religious traditions"

SusanneN asks, "Maggi, do they celebrate Martin's day in Germany?"

ChristopherMJ says, "Not in Southern Germany"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "Hi Kuro"

You hear a quiet popping sound; KuroH has disconnected.

MargaretD says, "Tommorrow the kids here will parade with their lanterns"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "why"

ChristopherMJ says, "Oh....maybe they do that here, too"

SusanneN says, "Denmark has a state religion! It is the Lutheran-protestant church. But the lantern parades are not common here."

MargaretD says, "maybe 'C'hris"

anh [guest] says, "I 'd like to write a " report" of how I missed to Hallowparty. Rather funny. Venny and Vance know part of it. It was just when Venny said bye to me several times. It was the 1st time I join a chat and I could't answer. U thought me too rude Venny"

You hear a quiet popping sound; CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] has disconnected.

Marina has connected.

SusanneN exclaims, "No, Anh, most of us have experienced this; you can read but not answer; it is a question of your connection. You're doing fine for a beginner!!"

TeresaAlm says, "have to go and join the family for lunch. sorry i wasn't very active today, but i was preparing a page that may be useful to everybody. certainly hope so. i'll email it to vance later on and see what he thinks."

MargaretD says, "Cindy has a problem todays"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "hi, Marina"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "welcome"

Marina [guest] says, "Hi"

SusanneN says, "Tere, we'll look forward to see what you prepared for us"

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Marina"

SusanneN exclaims, "Marina!"

MargaretD exclaims, "Hi Marina!"

ChristopherMJ says, "Yes, Tere, and have a great lunch with the family"

anh [guest] says, "Hi Marina"

MargaretD exclaims, "ciao Ter3!"

TeresaAlm says, "bye, everyone! have a great week! :-)))"

SusanneN asks, "You're in Italy, Marina?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; TeresaAlm has disconnected.

anh [guest] says, "Bye Tere."

VanceS [Webhead] says, "bye tere"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "sorry I was distracted"

VanceS [Webhead] asks, "you didn't have you r cam?"

MargaretD asks, "who?"

SusanneN looks puttin on her kitchen apron and sharpen the big cook's knife for the roast duck.

SusanneN [puttin on her kitchen apron and sharpen the big cook's knife for the roast duck] waves bye bye

SusanneN looks hungry.

ChristopherMJ says, "bye Sus"

Marina [guest] says, "Bye"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SusanneN [hungry] has disconnected.

MargaretD exclaims, "bye Sus!"

ChristopherMJ is hungry

anh [guest] says, "Bye, have a appetite."

Marina [guest] says, "I've just had my lunch"

MargaretD asks, "What did you have Marina?"

Marina [guest] says, "Pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese"

anh [guest] says, "And I finished my dinner 1 2 hours ago."

MargaretD says, "mmmmmmm"

Marina [guest] says, "then we had a salad"

anh [guest] says, "Parmesan? What is it"

MargaretD says, "chewe"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "oh, no one found my surprise, btw"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "parmisan is a kind of cheese"

MargaretD says, "cheese"

Marina [guest] says, "it's an italian cheese"

VanceS [Webhead] takes picture

VanceS [Webhead] waits one minute while picture develops

MargaretD says, "you grate it over pasta"

Marina [guest] says, "With strong favour"

Marina [guest] says, "Yes"

MargaretD says, "a little is very nice"

anh [guest] asks, "Sorry, I have to ask because Asian food are very different. U want me have a writing on Vietnamese food?"

MargaretD says, "but the real thing"

ChristopherMJ needs to have lunch. All this talk of food is making him hungry

ChristopherMJ exclaims, "See you all next time!"

ChristopherMJ says, "Bye"

BJ [HelpDesk] heads off to have breakfast

Marina [guest] says, "bye"

BJ looks away.

VanceS [Webhead] needs to have dinner

MargaretD says, "bye Chris and BJ"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I've got to run too"

You hear a quiet popping sound; ChristopherMJ has disconnected.

Marina [guest] says, "bye bye I hope to see you soon"

VanceS [Webhead] jogs in place

anh [guest] says, "Sorry, sorry. I forgot Many of U are hungry."

VanceS [Webhead] says, "especially when you talk about Vietnamese food"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "here it's ramadhan and many people have been going without food all day"

MargaretD says, "if you are Muslim"

Marina [guest] says, "yes but they eat in the night"

MargaretD says, "as soon as it gets dark"

anh [guest] asks, "I know. Any of U been in VN and tried VN food?"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "I'm not muslim"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "But I'm still hungry"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "It goes to show how we're all the same"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "take care everyone"

VanceS [Webhead] says, "hope to see you next week"

VanceS [Webhead] straddles Vespa

anh [guest] says, "Bye, Vance"

VanceS [Webhead] turns cycles

Marina [guest] says, "Bye Vance"

VanceS . o O ( putt putt putt )

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [Webhead] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Nov 10 06:06:05 2002 PST.

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