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Webheads chat logs are posted on the Internet to assist language learners with comprehension of our conversations and to strengthen our sense of community through shared familiarity with one another. All are welcome to join us, but your participation in our activities implies that you approve of our posting on the Internet interactions in which you take part. Please address any comments or concerns to Vance Stevens.

Webheads chat logs from September 8, 2002

Participants: Dafne in Spain | BJB in Pennsylvania | Vance in Abu Dhabi | John in Puerto Rico | Nancy in Michigan | Venny in Taiwan | Teresa in Portugal | Susanne from Denmark | Juani in Chile | Azzam in Abu Dhabi | Phil Harrison in Canada | Arthur in Ireland | James in Reading | Aiden in Taiwan | Michael in Adelaide | Maggi in Germany | Ying Lan in New York | Philip Benz in deepest darkest Ardeche | Claire in Pennsylvania

Webheads join Vance at his presentation at the EMerging ELearning Conference at HCT in Abu Dhabi

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More video snippets:

This was a part of the e-Merging e-Learning Conference at Higher Colleges of Technology Men's College, Abu Dhabi, UAE, . The presentation was entitled: A visit with Webheads online community of practice for language learners and teachers, scheduled at noon GMT, Sunday September 8, 2002.

Abstract: Writing for Webheads is an ongoing 'experiment in world friendship through online language learning' whose participants have been meeting weekly online for almost 4 years now. During that time, Webheads have experimented with numerous synchronous and web-based multimedia communications formats, and presented at several live and online conference venues. More recently, the community has formally expanded to embrace language teaching professionals in a community of practice called Webheads in Action. These communities come together online every Sunday for a regular session held at about the time of this demonstration. Therefore we have an opportunity at this session to convene members of the community online to demonstrate 'live' our use of free and easily accessible text, video, and voice enhanced synchronous communications technologies, while showing conference delegates around the Webheads community.

Tapped In

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Sep 8 04:32:09 2002 PDT.

DafneG says, "hi Vance we are looking at your computer"

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "good try, Vance. We know you're multitasking!"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to the phantom Vance in the white shirt

hct1 has connected.

BJB . o O ( he's triplets! )

DafneG says, "lol"

VanceS [presenting] says, "hi, yeah we're enrolling machines in this chat"

VanceS [presenting] says, "could get busy in a while"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods. I figured..just yanking your chain ;-)

DafneG tries to see the face of the whiteshirt-man

BJB . o O ( comic relief? )

VanceS [presenting] says, "i'm in a blue shirt"

VanceS [presenting] says, "that's vincent in white"

VanceS [presenting] says, "I'll introduce you"

DafneG says, "I only see his back"

DafneG says, "I think that by now I know you are the one in blue shirt"

hct2 has connected.

DafneG grins

BJB [HelpDesk] wonders which hct is the whiteshirted man?

DafneG asks, "another alter ego?"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "Here comes John"

JohnSte has arrived.

White Book of Tarkin Ru follows JohnSte to here.

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Hi, y'all."

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "good morning, John"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Peter.

hct3 has connected.

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "good day, Vincent...our mystery man!"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I see Dafne's gorgeous face :-)"

NanH has arrived.

Nancy's Hunky Bodyguard follows NanH to here.

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Nan

hct4 has connected.

NanH waves to all

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "good morning, Nan"

NanH says, "g'mornin BJ :)"

JohnSte [webhead] asks, "Why is the only person I "hear" is BJ?"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Hi, NanH"

BJB [to John]: "because the other's are talking in voice on ym, John"

NanH says, "hi John :)"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Ah, just what I don't have today - Voice."

BJB [to John]: "I am not mic, but I can hear the audio"

NanH isn't in voice chat

BJB . o O ( and see the cams )

DafneG says, "hi there, Nan and John"

NanH will brb... gotta close a window...

NanH says, "hola Daf! :)"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "My sound card went Kapoot last night."

hct5 has connected.

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "Vance and Dafne have video cams"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Hi, Dafne."

BJB . o O ( Vance and his team are frantically running around booting computers and checking connections )

BJB . o O ( sounds like someone is making popcorn or is a drummer )

NanH says, "ack... I can't close it :/"

NanH says, "LOL BJ"

DafneG says, "sorry it was me typing"

NanH chuckles

hct6 has connected.

BJB [to DafneG]: "well, if you decide not to teach, you can join a band!"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "I'm only here for a few minutes today. Have a lot of work to do. So, just say hi to the others for me and I'll see you all next week."

BJB [to VanceS]: "I hear, but don't see..."

NanH says, "I hear ya, John"

NanH exclaims, "ttyl!!"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "OK, tnkx. See you all later."

You hear a quiet popping sound; JohnSte [webhead] has disconnected.

VennyS has arrived.

Parrot follows VennyS to here.

VennyS [:-] bows gracefully.

BJB [HelpDesk] bows to Venny

hct8 has connected.

BJB . o O ( John just disconnected )

VanceS [presenting] says, "hi, we're logging guest computers in the chat"

NanH smiles to venny, "Hello!"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "are you chat in yahoo?"

VennyS [:-] waves to NanH.

DafneG says, "I think I will have to close TI"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "can you invite me?"

VanceS [presenting] asks, "why?"

DafneG says, "my conference window froze"

VanceS [presenting] asks, "why close ti, is it getting too crowded?"

BJB [to DafneG]: "you're popping corn again"

hct7 has connected.

NanH says, "I'm gonna head out too... see you all another time :)"

DafneG says, "I got disconnected"

DafneG says, "in yahoo"

NanH says, "busy time of year"

You hear a quiet popping sound; NanH has disconnected.

DafneG says, "nice seeing you, Nan"

DafneG says, "too late :-("

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I can't see Rita's cam"

DafneG says, "I am going back to yahoo"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "would you invite me to your yahoo"

hct9 has connected.

DafneG asks, "Can you invite me back to the conference window, Vance, pls?"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "got Rita now"

TeresaAlm has arrived.

TeresaAlm's personal recorder follows TeresaAlm to here.

DafneG hugs Tere

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Tere

TeresaAlm says, "hugs everyone."

VennyS [:-] asks, "anyone invite to the conference?"

VanceS [presenting] asks, "Phil can you read this?"

hct11 has connected.

DafneG says, "I am waiting to be invited back"

VanceS [presenting] says, "we'll invite you Venny"

VanceS [presenting] says, "Hi tere"

VennyS [:-] grins at VanceS [presenting].

TeresaAlm asks, "hi, vance. is evrybody also in um?"

SusanneN has arrived.

DiaLog follows SusanneN to here.

TimeLog follows SusanneN to here.

TeresaAlm asks, "ym?"

BJB [HelpDesk] hugs Sus

DafneG says, "yes, we have been at YM for a while now, I have to be invited back, though"

SusanneN says, "Hello"

DafneG hugs Sus again

TeresaAlm exclaims, "hi dera friend sus!"

SusanneN hugs dafne BJ and all WH friends

hct12 has connected.

SusanneN says, "Tere included :-)"

TeresaAlm says, "i didn't doubt it, sus. :-)"

SusanneN waves hello to all the guests from Abu Dhabi; I am in Denmark Europe.

TeresaAlm exclaims, "nice to 'see' you, vance!"

Juani has connected.

VanceS [presenting] says, "nice to see everyone"

hct16 has connected.

VanceS [presenting] says, "I'm going to have to focus on Yahoo chat probably"

Juani [guest] says, "Hi everybody"

DafneG says, "hello Juani"

TeresaAlm asks, "invite us, ok?"

BJB [HelpDesk] hugs Juani. Good morning!

Juani [guest] says, "A cold morning here in Chile"

SusanneN says, "Morning, Juani, so nice to see you again"

VanceS [presenting] says, "i've introduced Tere"

BJB [HelpDesk] hands Juani a cup of hot tea

DafneG says, "Vance I would like to go back to the yahoo conference"

AzzamP has connected.

hct11 [guest] says, "Hi good evening to every one, I am RAJ here from ADMC"

SusanneN says, "Hi Azzam"

hct15 has connected.

SusanneN says, "Hello raj"

DafneG says, "hi Azzam, what a surprise to see you there"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "hi, Raj. Welcome"

hct3 [guest] says, "Good afternoon all"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Azzam

You hear a quiet popping sound; AzzamP has lost his link.

hct11 [guest] says, "OK guys nice to get connected"

SusanneN says, "How is weather i Abi"

SusanneN asks, "How is weather In abu Dhabi today?"

hct13 has connected.

hct3 [guest] says, "Hej til falke in Danmark fra Abu Dhabi"

BJB [to Susanne]: "Vance is introducing everyone in voice"

DafneG asks, "Can anyone invite me to the yahoo conference, pls?"

SusanneN asks, "To hct3 Goddag, hvem er du som kan tale mit sprog?"

AzzamP has connected.

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "welcome back, Azzam"

AzzamP says, "hi there"

AzzamP says, "okay"

hct14 has connected.

BJB [to AzzamP]: "are you participating in the voice/video chat in YM?"

hct16 [guest] says, "sorry hello everyone"

hct3 [guest] says, "Hej Susanne, jeg tale lille Danske. Very little, my brother lives in Tollose and I've visited many times"

AzzamP says, "I'm in Abu Dhabi with Vance"

hct9 [guest] says, "Hello all"

hct16 [guest] says, "me too"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "to change your 'mood' type /mood whatever"

DafneG says, "hello"

hct18 has connected.

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "you might want to do that if you are logged in as one of the hct's...type /mood name"

SusanneN [to Hct3 [guest]]: "Oh, Tollose is not far from Farum where I live"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "that way we can tell who is who ;-)"

VanceS [presenting] says, "hi daf, it says you're already in the yahoo chat"

Juani [guest] asks, "should we go to yahoo msn?"

SusanneN says, "Daf - we had the same problem yesterday with Yahoo"

SusanneN says, "Oh, she's there"

SusanneN says, "Juanik, yes, do that"

SusanneN says, "Morning Phil"

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "Hi, Roger!"

PhilH has arrived.

Morphic Resonance follows PhilH to here.

PhilH waves to everyone.

Juani [guest] asks, "which chatroom are you in?"

AzzamP says, "clap, clap"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "Hi, Phil. Good morning"

SusanneN says, "Hi, morning phil"

PhilH says, "hi folks, good morning."

You hear a quiet popping sound; ArthurM has disconnected.

SusanneN says, "Juani, Vance has to invite you"

DafneG says, "hi Phil"

PhilH [to SusanneN]: "hi susanne"

Juani [guest] says, "ok..thanks"

PhilH [to DafneG]: "hi dafne"

BJB [HelpDesk] asks, "Vance, would you like me to project the url for webheads?"

AzzamP says, "it's at"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "hi, juani and phil!"

Juani [guest] says, "Hi Teresa..."

PhilH says, "Hi Teresa, hi Juani"

PhilH grins.

SusanneN says, "An early West coast island Canadian morning bird"

JamesSi has connected.

TeresaAlm says, "hi, james."

PhilH yawns.

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "good morning, James"

JamesSi [Webhead] says, "Hello all"

SusanneN exclaims, "James - hi there!"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "can anyone see me? i can't see myself!"

Setting up: Webheads configure for their presentation, starting ... now!

JamesSi [Webhead] says, "Long time no write"

SusanneN says, "We are a great many people today"

SusanneN says, "Tell us about the webcams when they are working"

hct17 has connected.

SusanneN says, "Welcome to nr. 17"

JamesSi [Webhead] says, "I'm a bit out of touch. There's a presentation going on, isn't there? I couldn't see Vance on his webcam though."

AzzamP says, "Yes there's a presentation going on"

AzzamP says, "it's just the beginning, people are trying to get logged on"

SusanneN says, "Oh yes, James - a great presentation with a lot of guests from Abu Dhabi"

AzzamP says, "so vance is trying to do several things at once, as usual"

SusanneN asks, "Azzam, did I get it right? Are you in the computer lab with Vance?"

JamesSi [Webhead] says, "Hello to all the guests from Abu Dhabi. I hope you all get logged on successfully."

AidenY has connected.

JamesSi [Webhead] says, "Hi Aiden"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "that would give you a transcript, Vance"

TeresaAlm asks, "vance, can you invite me again, pls???"

SusanneN says, "That man Vance the WWizard need at least four arms, three computers - and two full grown webheads"

AidenY asks, "hello evereyone, has the conference started?"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Aiden. We're just getting started

MargaretD arrives from nowhere.

MargaretD's personal recorder follows MargaretD to here.

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Maggi

TeresaAlm exclaims, "phil, nice to see you f2f!"

BJB . o O ( herding cats at its finest )

JamesSi [Webhead] says, "Hi Maggi"

MargaretD says, "Hi all"

PhilH says, "hi, am having to manage a lot of windows here."

TeresaAlm exclaims, "vance, i lost the chat conference!"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "Hi, Mary Ann. Welcome"

hct18 [guest] exclaims, "Hi and thanks for the invite!"

BJB [to Hct18 [guest]]: "that just said hi...type /mood and your name"

PhilH says, "hi Teresa, sorry about the delay (too many chats to follow at once)"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "then we will see who you are"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "yes, phil. sometimes a bit confusing!"

SusanneN says, "It is a matter of routine :-))"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I'll project for Dafne"

BJB [HelpDesk] projects the URL:

VanceS [presenting] asks, "can everyone here take projections?"

TeresaAlm asks, "daf, can you ask vance - voice chat- to invite me?"

BJB . o O ( guess we'll find out, Vance )

SusanneN says, "I got Dafne's homepage"

BJB [HelpDesk] asks, "did everyone in TAPPED IN get Dafne's page?"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "clap, clap for daf!"

JamesSi [Webhead] says, "Came through fine, BJ"

AzzamP exclaims, "nice work dafne!"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "thanks for the feedback, everyone"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "vance, i'd love to hear! i'm not in the conference!"

TeresaAlm says, "i lost contact a while ago."

SusanneN says, "I'd love to know where is the Listen function in YM? - maybe I can even make my speak come alive"

BJB [to Susanne]: "I just have my speakers for my computer on"

SusanneN asks, "Hm - did you get it from the webcam or is it a special feature per se?"

AidenY asks, "how do i join the conference in YM?"

SusanneN says, "Aiden, Vance has to invite you"

BJB [to AidenY]: "Vance has to invite you"

SusanneN hugs Aiden

BJB [to SusanneN]: "I didn't do anything to get the voice. It just works when I log in to a chat with someone talking"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_170 [guest] has lost its link.

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "oops...some at your end lost their connection, Vance"

SusanneN [to BJ]: "thanks, that is interesting, might be a no mac function."

AidenY asks, "vance can you please invite me to the conference in YM?"

AidenY says, "I can see everyone, nice lab ..."

AidenY asks, "or is the conference already full?"

MichaelAC has connected.

PhilH [to Juani [guest]]: "hiya"

MichaelAC says, "hello everyone"

You hear a quiet popping sound; DafneG has disconnected.

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "hi, Michael!"

AidenY says, "hello eveyrone, again, i can hear vance"

TeresaAlm says, "hi, micheal."

AidenY says, "hi michael"

MargaretD says, "hi mc"

SusanneN exclaims, "Maggi and Michael, we are so many people today!"

JamesSi [Webhead] says, "Hi Michael"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "Perhaps it would be less confusing if we each introduced ourselves here in TI"

BJB . o O ( this would be a good addition to the transcript )

AidenY says, "can hear you well, vance"

SusanneN says, "Yes - I just made an intro to the YMs chat"

AidenY asks, "who's talking? sus?"

AidenY asks, "rita?"

BJB [to AidenY]: "Rita is talking"

MichaelAC says, "Rita is talking"

You hear a quiet popping sound; TeresaAlm has disconnected.

SusanneN says, "I'm Susanne , a graduate student of education, doing research on communication in online learning communities, I live and study ion denmark, Europe"

BJB [HelpDesk] asks, "thanks, Sus. Anyone else want to introduce themselves here while Rita is talking?"

AidenY says, "yes, vance"

MargaretD says, "I'm Maggi and teach Business English in companies in Germany"

SusanneN says, "Aiden, I have not yet got that new webcam that will no doubt work perfectly, so I am no typing only"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_161 [guest] has disconnected.

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I'm a teacher in Pennsylvania, US and a helpdesk volunteer for TAPPED IN"

AidenY says, "oh, no sus. that's too bad"

SusanneN says, "We lost a few of our guests"

MichaelAC says, "Hello everyone. My name is Michael and I live in Australia. I am an ESL teacher and a teacher trainer specialising is the use of the Internet in teaching."

AidenY says, "Hello again. i'm Aiden and I teach Desktop publishing/editing and writing in Taiwa"

AidenY says, "that's Taiwan"

BJB [to Phil]: "want to intoduce yourself?"

AzzamP says, "Hi, I'm Azzam. I used to be based in Manchester, England. Presently, I'm working in Abu Dhabi. I used to be participate in Webheads in Spring. And I am hoping to restart."

AidenY asks, "what's the questionn again?"

MichaelAC asks, "Is the best place to contribute text chat? Or in the Yahoo window?"

BJB [to Michael]: "if you talk here, your text will be entered into the transcript"

MichaelAC says, "Good point BJ"

MichaelAC smiles at his own stupidity

PhilH says, "Hello, I am Phil Harrison. I am an educator in Canada, specializing in digital technologies. I am an interested observer (new member) of this group."

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "we're herding cats, Michael;-)"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "thanks, Phil, for your dedication in getting up so early to join us"

SusanneN says, "Venny from Taiwan has got two little daughters. i've met Aneta Five years old, on webcam"

PhilH grins.

MichaelAC says, "I heard it - but that is better now"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves a friendly wave

AidenY says, "Vance, can you invite Dafne again,"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_70 [guest] has disconnected.

AidenY says, "this is so much better vance"

AidenY says, "LOL, vance"

AidenY says, "yes better"

MichaelAC says, "No effect in the voice for me"

MichaelAC says, "It's OK either way"

TeresaAlm has arrived.

TeresaAlm's personal recorder follows TeresaAlm to here.

TeresaAlm says, "had to reboot."

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "wb, Tere"

MichaelAC says, "Don't be shy Linda"

TeresaAlm says, "thanks, bj."

AidenY says, "hello linda"

MichaelAC says, "I am at home at the moment Linda"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_143 [guest] has disconnected.

BJB [HelpDesk] projects the URL:

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "yeppers!"

hct18 [guest] says, "Hi BJ :) thanks for your help"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "my pleasure :-)"

hct16 [guest] leaves for the CAFE.

hct18 [guest] says, "will definitely start using tapped in"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "click on CALENDAR at the top of your screen to see the scheduled events"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_40 [guest] has lost its link.

hct3 [guest] says, "Thanks BJB"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "TAPPED IN is a big place...lots of rooms and lots to do. I'm going to project another url for you"

BJB [HelpDesk] projects the URL:

Juani has connected.

VennyS [:-] bows gracefully.

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I'm in both places...YM and TAPPED IN...but I have no webcam or mic of my own"

MichaelAC says, "And the text chat at Tapped In is logged"

Juani [guest] says, "I lost my connection for a while"

BJB [HelpDesk] wb, Juani

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_27 [guest] has disconnected.

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_68 [guest] has disconnected.

VennyS [:-] waves to Juani [guest].

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "good point, Michael"

BJB [HelpDesk] projects personal recorder.

A personal recorder turns on when the owner logs in. The recorder follows the owner from room to room. When the owner logs out the recorder shuts off and emails the recorded transcript to the owner.

SusanneN says, "And Tapped In has lots of inspiring people to meet, too :-)"

MichaelAC says, "So you have a record of the text chat later. Yahoo does ot provide logging facilities"

PhilH looks afk-caffeine.

VennyS [:-] says, "yep, lots of nice and creative people here :)"

AidenY says, "can you invite me again vance, please lost YM"

Juani [guest] says, "me,too"

hct18 [guest] asks, "do I have to make an account to be able to join this DB?"

AidenY says, "no sorry, i'm still in it"

Juani [guest] says, "yahoo.msn froze"

hct18 [guest] says, "right now, we're logged in as guests"

VanceS [presenting] asks, "aideny ??"

VanceS [presenting] says, "aidenyeh"

TeresaAlm asks, "phil, what's going on?"

PhilH [to TeresaAlm]: "coffee refill"

SusanneN says, "Nr. 18, you can join Tapped IN as a member if you like, it is free"

MichaelAC says, "Tapped In is also mor reliable technology on the whole. if something goes wrong with Yahoo, or whatever software you are using, we go back to tapped in to troubel shoot the problem."

MichaelAC says, "Tapped In is home base."

SusanneN pours fresh coffee to Phil

hct18 [guest] says, "thanks for the info Susanne :)"

hct18 [guest] exclaims, "I think I will!"

MichaelAC says, "Juani has started her own conference ....."

VanceS [presenting] says, "I'm\ve invited juani5chile"

Juani [guest] says, "yes..I had my own conference,jajajaja"

SusanneN says, "you should find one of the intro sessions to learn more, nr. 18 (are you Linda or who?)"

hct18 [guest] says, "No, I'm Mary Ann"

BJB [to MaryAnn]: "type /mood MaryAnn"

AidenY says, "no mike, there's no view my cam"

BJB . o O ( poor Michael! )

TeresaAlm says, "things are going very bad at ym for me, today."

hct18 [guest] looks MaryAnn.

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_136 [guest] has disconnected.

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_63 [guest] has disconnected.

BJB [HelpDesk] cheers for MaryAnn. Now type :waves

hct18 [MaryAnn] [guest] waves

hct18 [MaryAnn] [guest] exclaims, "yehey!"

BJB [HelpDesk] smiles happily. Now we can all see who you are

hct18 [MaryAnn] [guest] says, "thanks for the 'action' tips"

MargaretD says, "well done Mary Ann"

hct3 [guest] says, "Like MaryAnn, I'd like to know more about using TappedIn, especially with students"

hct18 [MaryAnn] [guest] high fives to one and all

MargaretD smiles

BJB [HelpDesk] asks, "who just asked about using TI with students?"

BJB . o O ( name? )

TeresaAlm says, "vance, i lost the conference again."

AzzamP says, "yes we can see you micheal"

JamesSi [Webhead] says, "Bye everyone. I think these transcripts will make interesting reading. Good luck with the rest of the session."

hct3 [guest] looks PhilC in Abu Dhabi BJB.

SusanneN exclaims, "Hi MaryAnn - much better!"

You hear a quiet popping sound; JamesSi [Webhead] has disconnected.

BJB [to PhilC]: "type /mood PhilC"

AzzamP says, "nice shades, micheal"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "aiden, i can see you!"

AidenY says, "no,"

hct3 [guest] looks PhilC.

SusanneN says, "Bye, james"

SusanneN exclaims, "Hello PhilC!"

TeresaAlm says, "and i can see you, michael."

MichaelAC exclaims, "Lucky you Teresa!"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "and juani! wow!"

MargaretD says, "lol"

hct3 [PhilC] [guest] says, "Hej Susanne"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "good job, Phil. Teachers can get special accounts for students if they are younger...and bring them to the Student Activity Center"

SusanneN says, "Teresa, thank you for reporting what you see, that makes it more alive"

AidenY says, "michael, can you answer to my request to view your webcam"

VanceS [presenting] says, "project the url with michael's picture pls"

MichaelAC says, "Aiden - just answered your request"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "but i haven't got the sound back!"

AidenY says, "ok thanks"

hct3 [PhilC] [guest] says, "Hi BJB, my students are just starting a pre-university Foundation course and I want them to use some type of 'chat' format."

VanceS [presenting] projects the URL:

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_21 [guest] has disconnected.

MichaelAC says, "TAFE"

SusanneN says, "Phil and MaryAnn, we'll look forward to have you back here some other time."

AidenY says, "no sound michael"

MichaelAC says, "Voice has gome I think"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "cool, Phil. What you could do is get a membership to TAPPED IN, get an office and then meet with your students in your office."

BJB . o O ( you have a membership already...why aren't you logged in as a member? )

hct3 [PhilC] [guest] says, "Thanks BJB, I'll try once I'm a lot more proficient"

BJB [to Phil]: "are you Phil Coogan?"

hct3 [PhilC] [guest] says, "Sorry, Phil Cozens"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "ahhh...sorry about that."

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "any member can get a private office. Helpdesk is always glad to help you learn more about the environment and what you can do here"

SusanneN looks helpdesk.

SusanneN [helpdesk] nods vigorously

BJB . o O ( the international membership of TAPPED IN is over 15,000 )

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "The virtual office is a great place to meet and talk"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_127 [guest] has disconnected.

TeresaAlm says, "i finally everything going, sus! keeping my fingers crossed."

hct3 [PhilC] [guest] says, "I do think that this can be very useful and hope to log in again and find out more. Thanks for your help"

MargaretD . o O ( no wonder it is hard to dfind an office )

hct18 [MaryAnn] [guest] <thanks>

SusanneN [helpdesk] asks, "I, was trying to see the direct webcast live from Abu dhabi but was not able to, Did anoyone see it?"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "thank you, Roger and everyone who participated."

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "maggi, if you wish an office, you should go to one of the last floors"

AidenY says, "well said vance"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "congrats, vance!"

AzzamP says, "thanks everyone"

MichaelAC says, "Thanks to the people in Abu Dhabi"

AidenY says, "LOL"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I think this must have been a great session, with so many participants"

MargaretD says, "I have an office Sus"

hct3 [PhilC] [guest] says, "Once again "Thanks" to you all :)"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves bye to Phil. Nice meeting you

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Thank you for visiting us webheads :-)"

AzzamP says, "bye"

hct18 [MaryAnn] [guest] says, "bye guys, thank you"

AidenY says, "i took a snapshot"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "thanks for joining us, Azzam"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "Nice talking with you, MaryAnn"

You hear a quiet popping sound; AzzamP has disconnected.

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_87 [guest] has disconnected.

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "thanks, Vance"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Goodbye to all people in Abu Dhabi"

MichaelAC says, "See you later Vance - regards to the director"

PhilH waves bye to everyone.

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "helpdesk and some webheads are still here if you have any questions about TAPPED IN"

PhilH goes home.

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_181 [guest] has disconnected.

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_153 [guest] has disconnected.

VennyS goes home.

DafneG arrives from nowhere.

Dafne's Private Eye follows DafneG to here.

DafneG says, "I lost my connection to yahoo again"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "i had many problems today, daf!"

BJB [HelpDesk] hugs Daf. Connections can be frustrating

DafneG says, "the problems started last night."

TeresaAlm asks, "who is talking at ym, do yoes anyone know?"

DafneG says, "I think it is the YM new version"

TeresaAlm asks, "does anyone, i mean?"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "ying is talking to Michael"

DafneG says, "I lost my connection, Tere"

TeresaAlm says, "ok, thanks."

SusanneN [helpdesk] exclaims, "Yes, the new version seem to have lots of bugs!"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "they are talking about the 9/11 anniversary in NYC"

TeresaAlm says, "i had to reboot at least once, daf."

DafneG says, "I could not take a screenshot of Aiden"

TeresaAlm says, "i have one. i'll send it if you want."

DafneG says, "never got her permission to see her cam"

DafneG says, "and Venny's image was all in black"

TeresaAlm says, "sometimes there are too many things going on at the same tiem and it can be distracting, daf."

DafneG says, "I took Vance, Tere, Rita, Michael and I"

DafneG says, "yeap, I know"

TeresaAlm says, "yes, i never got to see venny."

MichaelAC says, "Lost my voice connection it's back"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "hi to the person looking at the cam"

BJB . o O ( Vincent? )

SusanneN [helpdesk] asks, "At least we did not hear about serious trouble from Vnace and his psarticipants, I believe?"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "thats' true, sus, and thats' the most important!"

SusanneN [helpdesk] asks, "Vincent alias Venny?"

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "bye, mystery man!"

DafneG says, "yeap"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_101 [guest] has disconnected.

SusanneN [helpdesk] agree, no panic situations

ying has connected.

DafneG says, "Vance never panics, anyway ;-)"

SusanneN [helpdesk] asks, "Did any of you try the Webcast direct from Abu Dhabi?"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "Hi, Ying"

TeresaAlm asks, "that's the way to go, right daf?"

DafneG says, "no"

You hear a quiet popping sound; AidenY has lost her link.

ying [guest] says, "hi.,Bj how are you."

DafneG says, "yeap, TEre"

TeresaAlm says, "we really have to keep in these situations."

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "fine thanks, Ying. I can't believe you only have 4 more months in the US!"

AidenY has connected.

AidenY exclaims, "i'm back!"

SusanneN [helpdesk] asks, "Ying Lan, is it not a sad thought to go back home?"

DafneG says, "wb, Aiden"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "hey Aiden, WB"

AidenY says, "had to reboot"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "congrats, vance!"

DafneG says, "Aiden, I could not get your cam"

AidenY says, "it's back daf"

DafneG says, "Excellent, Vance,"

BJB [HelpDesk] cheers for Vance. Are you going to share it with all the webheads?

__________________ | |

DafneG holds up a BIG sign: | Bravo for Vance! | |__________________|

MichaelAC says, "Yes BJ - we should all have apart of the gift"

You hear a quiet popping sound; MargaretD has lost her link.

BJB [HelpDesk] agrees with Michael ;-)

VanceS [presenting] says, "hi, shifting monitors now"

DafneG asks, "Michael did you see the screenshot I took on Friday?"

MichaelAC says, "Yes Daf - I did. Nice and yellow"

AidenY asks, "are you all still using YM?"

SusanneN [helpdesk] distributes long red roses (no thorns style, wrappedin in transparent cellophan) for everyone present

MichaelAC exclaims, "But I realise we have ayello lampshade n the light in this room. i nver noriced that before!"

AidenY says, "it's still is nice and yellow michael"

VennyS has arrived.

Parrot follows VennyS to here.

BJB [HelpDesk] nods...VERY yellow...very warm looking.

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "venny & Parrot hi :-)"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_12 [guest] has disconnected.

VennyS [:-] waves to SusanNe.

BJB [HelpDesk] bows deeply to Venny

VennyS [:-] bows gracefully to BJB [HelpDesk].

AidenY says, "cozy, michael,"

MichaelAC says, "I know Aiden. I may have do domething about the light in my study at night. It look better in the daytime"

SusanneN [helpdesk] asks, "Did you get your girls fall asleep?"

VennyS [to SusanneN]: "not yet"

SusanneN . o O ( venny's children have to go to bed by now )

AidenY says, "you still look good micahel not to worry"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Tell then that Auntie Sus said so :-))"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Thanks Aiden!"

VanceS [presenting] says, "there"

AidenY says, "here's my husbadn and it's your chance to see the 'look'"

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "heavy breathing, Vance!"

MichaelAC asks, "Who's doing the heavy breathing??"

DafneG says, "I took a screenshot of yours, Aiden"

VennyS [:-] grins at SusanneN [helpdesk].

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "I think we might need special enlightenment for our indoor night webcam studies"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "good joke, aiden!"

PhilB has arrived.

R2 follows PhilB to here.

PhilB [WebTeach] exclaims, "Bonjour, y'all!"

AidenY says, "NO REALLY he's here"

VanceS [presenting] says, "h phil"

SusanneN [helpdesk] exclaims, "Hi PhilB!"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi to Phil

DafneG says, "hi Phil"

VanceS [presenting] says, "bonjour"

AidenY asks, "can you see us?"

2002/09/08 WebHeads - E-commerce Conference is full. Stopped recording.

TeresaAlm exclaims, "ola, phil!"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "You missed the fun today, Phil"

Claire has connected.

PhilB [WebTeach] exclaims, "Hi Vance, Susanne, Dafne!"

VennyS [:-] waves to PhilB [WebTeach].

MichaelAC asks, "I can now see you Aiden, and someone else?"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Just got home after delivering one of my daughters to a birthday party."

AidenY says, "that's mr. look"

Claire [guest] exclaims, "Hello all - -I'm Claire B. Siskin -- I'm a member but my password is at home!"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Vance had a lot of teachers in a computer lab"

MichaelAC asks, "Mr Look???"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_57 [guest] has disconnected.

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "hi, Claire. Nice to see you!"

MichaelAC asks, "A friend?"

PhilB [WebTeach] exclaims, "Bonjour, Claire!"

SusanneN [helpdesk] says, "Oh, hi Claire"

Claire [guest] says, "Bonjour"

VennyS [:-] bows gracefully to Claire [guest].

VanceS [presenting] says, "ah, claire, hi"

AidenY says, "my husband michael"

DafneG says, "hello Claire"

DafneG says, "my cam is up again"

AidenY says, "dafne, d\where's you cam"

Claire [guest] asks, "dafne, where is your cam?"

AidenY says, "docmik want to see you"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Aha - the husband - who gives THE LOOK!"

DafneG says, "it is up again"

TeresaAlm exclaims, "ola, clarinha!beijinhos!"

PhilB [WebTeach] asks, "So, y'all are doing webcams, are you?"

BJB [HelpDesk] grins at Michael

SusanneN [helpdesk] grins,

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Phil

Claire [guest] says, "ola teresinha"

DafneG nods

SusanneN exclaims, "MY husband just asked me for how long I need to sit here, as he want us to get things done in the garden today!"

PhilB [WebTeach] is trying to slip unobtrusively into the TI scene after months of wandering.

SusanneN says, "Should have heard his voice :-))"

AidenY asks, "so is you husband giving you the look sus?"

MichaelAC says, "I've already been in the garden today"

BJB [to Phil]: "wb. You're here later today?"

DafneG laughs out loud

SusanneN exclaims, "He just caught 13 last radishes!"

AidenY says, "LOL, sus"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Yes, a little less than six hours from now I'll be doing a session on communication projects."

SusanneN says, "We're going to put away the sun beds"

SusanneN exclaims, "Oh, Phil, that is true!"

DafneG says, "I read the announcement"

PhilB [WebTeach] exclaims, "Susanne, I'd be delighted if you could come!"

SusanneN says, "You are going to relaunch Viv@, andTandem"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Dafne, too, and anyone else willing."

SusanneN says, "I saw that you are also working with ePals"

DafneG says, "I am planning to attend, Phil"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "I saw some really neat projects on ePALS this year, many organized in Canada."

SusanneN says, "I will logoff here soon, then,a nd come back later for Phil's first session of the school year"

PhilB [WebTeach] exclaims, "great!"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "(didn't mean to interrupt your session, Vance. Sorry)"

SusanneN says, "I Thonk I like ePlas from what I've already seen."

VanceS [presenting] says, "no interruption"

VanceS [presenting] says, "it's over actually"

SusanneN says, "Phil, no worry, Vance's official session was over"

VanceS [presenting] says, "except now we're doing what we normally do"

PhilB [WebTeach] wipes his forehead, "Oh, good!"

SusanneN making ourselves feel at home

VanceS [presenting] says, "except we WERE doing what we normally do to begin with"

MichaelAC says, "OK - I'm going to log off. Thanks for the fun everyone."

Claire [guest] asks, "oooh, I missed an official session from Vance???"

BJB [HelpDesk] agrees

AidenY says, "it's alomost midnight your time michael"

PhilB [WebTeach] exclaims, "Michael, G'day and a bientot!"

BJB [to Claire [guest]]: "yep"

Claire [guest] says, "tough luck"

MichaelAC says, "That's right Aiden"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves goodnight to Michael

DafneG says, "bye, Michael, I liked your talk"

Claire [guest] waves to michael

SusanneN says, "Yes, Claire, with a lot of guests on computers, and some of the Webheads on webcams"

AidenY says, "nite, michael sweet dreams"

VanceS [presenting] says, "michael you're a great online presenter"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Bye everyone!"

VanceS [presenting] says, "very clear voice"

Claire [guest] asks, "what software are you guys using withthe webbcams? netmeeting?"

Juani [guest] says, "Thanks for the meeting Vance and everyone."

VanceS [presenting] says, "plus good connection"

You hear a quiet popping sound; TeresaAlm has lost her link.

MichaelAC exclaims, "Thanks you Vance!"

AidenY says, "i second that, michael"

VanceS [presenting] says, "yahoo msgr"

SusanneN says, "No, Yahoo Messenger"

MichaelAC says, "(shucks)"

VennyS [:-] waves to MichaelAC.

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Claire, are youn a language teacher? I don't think I've had the pleasure."

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "(you)"

MichaelAC asks, "Ok - no more compliments???"

AidenY asks, "are you blushing michael?"

BJB [to Claire [guest]]: "Phil leads the Euro Lang group that is meeting here later"

SusanneN says, "This is Ms. Claire B. Siskin"

MichaelAC exclaims, "You're ALL wonderful!"

DafneG grins

VanceS [presenting] says, "I'll second that"

BJB [HelpDesk] cheers for all the webheads

AidenY says, "can't take it, too much for a nite"

Claire [guest] says, "Phil, I know you from Neteach and probably TESLCA-L. Right now I'm a language lab director"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Michael, I'd love to chat with you sometime, need more contacts down under. <g>"

VanceS [presenting] says, "\mood post-presentation"

MichaelAC says, "Cya. (OK Phil - would be a pleasure)"

SusanneN says, "Michael, I am so sorry that I was not yeas able to see and hear you. Hope to get a better day soon"

Claire [guest] says, ""

VanceS [presenting] says, "woops"

VanceS [presenting] says, "\mood post-pres"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Claire, definitely Neteach-L, I've posted there several times recently."

BJB [to VanceS]: "other /"

VanceS looks post-presentation.

You hear a quiet popping sound; PhilB [WebTeach] has disconnected.

DafneG says, "I had so many problems with yahoo today"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "sorry, it's those post presentation blues"

DafneG smiles

AidenY says, "you got logged off several times Daf"

DafneG says, "yeap"

Claire [guest] says, "gotta get rid of those post-presentation blues"

You hear a quiet popping sound; MichaelAC has disconnected.

DafneG says, "and at the end too"

VennyS [to Claire [guest]]: "a nnice web"

SusanneN looks be back soon.

DafneG says, "VAnce, this was a great event"

Claire [guest] asks, "are you guys on netmeeting?"

VennyS [to Claire [guest]]: "on yahoo messenger"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "no, netmeeting only allows one on one"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "I have 6 video cams on screen now"

Claire [guest] says, "ah, too bad -- it doesn't support video for Mac"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "with netmeeting it's one on one"

AidenY says, "i've got 5"

SusanneN [be back soon] says, "Claire, yes, try the new beta version of YMS"

Claire [guest] asks, "is it mac compatible?"

PhilB has connected.

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "wb, Phil"

SusanneN [be back soon] says, "It is now, and it should support webcams...'"

VanceS [to AidenY]: "you, daf, tere, rita, venny, michael, me"

DafneG says, "I took screen shots while I could"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "(back)"

Claire [guest] says, "great! I will definitely try it"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_159 [guest] has disconnected.

PhilB . o O ( accidentally hit logout instead of pasteboard ngngng! )

Vincent and Peter Waters, tech support at Higher Colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi, take their leave after a pleasant visit with Webheads

SusanneN [be back soon] says, "I'd like to hear about your experiences with it. I have no webcam right now but hope to make it work VERY soon on my poserbook"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "bye, Vincent and Peter. Nice meeting you"

VennyS [:-] wave Vincent and Peter

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "and here I was trying to chat Claire up."

SusanneN [be back soon] asks, "Vincent and Peter, from Abu Dhabi?"

BJB [to Phil]: "did you get Claire's webpage?"

PhilB [WebTeach] asks, "Claire, are you a frequent visitor to Vance's WebHeads sessions?"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "BJ, no, that's where I goofed."

BJB [to Phil]: "do you want me to project it for you? Or just give you the url?"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "what you need to do is join webheads list"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Project please, BJ"

DafneG asks, "Vance, what was it like being there f2f?"

BJB [HelpDesk] shows PhilB the URL:

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "can hear Rita on the phone"

Claire [guest] says, "PHil, yes, I am occasional visitor. I'm a member here, but I'm at theoffice and my passowrd is at home"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "to join our group, email"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Oooh, Claire, nice smile! <g>"

DafneG asks, "are you still at yahoo, VAnce?"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "yeah"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "but I'm going to have to go"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "they're closing up here"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "nice work, Vance! Thanks"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "I see you claire"

Claire [guest] exclaims, "vance, how can I see you? This is exciting!"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Claire, sometime I'd like to present the Viva project for you. We could use more anglophone participants, and I think your students in Pittsburg might enjoy the Viva project."

AidenY says, "you need to open up your Yahoo messenger"

DafneG says, "VAnce is dressed-up today"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "have is subscribe the webheads list?"

Claire [guest] says, "ok, sonds good. my email is"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "you are in efiwebheads venny"

DafneG . o O ( wonder why he is not wearing the indian shirt )

Claire [guest] asks, "vance, am I on the webheads list?"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "ok, just send a message to the address earlier"

AidenY asks, "do you have your yahoo id claire?"

AidenY asks, "or the batman shirt?"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "or"

SusanneN says, "Wonder why he is no wearing one of those white gowns wtih an Arabian style headset"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Got it. Thanks."

Claire [guest] says, "Yes, I am on yahoo, and vance can see me."

AidenY says, "LOL"

DafneG says, "no, a beautiful shirt he brought from India"

Claire [guest] says, "I have joined the group, but I can't see anyone yet"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "we'll invite you"

VennyS [:-] is disconnect in YahooMessenger:(

SusanneN asks, "I've seen that shrit when Vance was presenting in Utah?"

Claire [guest] says, "yeah, please invite me"

DafneG says, "no, it is a new one, Sus"

SusanneN says, "Oh, of course , a souvenir"

DafneG grins

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "ohk I invited Aiden and clairesiskin"

Claire [guest] asks, "vance, can you still see me?"

AidenY says, "yes"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "yes"

Claire [guest] asks, "what do I have to do to see you?"

VennyS [:-] says, "invite me again, please"

Claire [guest] says, "ok"

AidenY asks, "claire, what's your yahoo id?"

Claire [guest] says, "cbsiskin"

SusanneN says, "In one discussion about chats, in our recent NW2002 conference, someone was complaining about people in a 'serious chat' mentioning what kind of slippers they were using - that was too off topic for her."

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "I think it's clairesiskin"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "slippers is a bit over the top. Now good hiking boots, that would be ok."

Claire [guest] says, "oh, maybe"

VanceS [post-presentation] asks, "claire, are you at home?"

SusanneN says, "I got very simple sandals, barefoot style"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "must be, Sunday"

AidenY asks, "claire it says you/re not online?"

Claire [guest] says, "no, at the office"

Claire [guest] says, "yes, sunday"

VanceS [post-presentation] asks, "On SUNDAY???"

VanceS [post-presentation] asks, "what?"

Claire [guest] says, "I am definitely online"

Claire [guest] says, "yes, and I was at the office all day saturday too :-("

DafneG says, "but you have no cam, Claire"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "well, show us your office"

PhilB [WebTeach] asks, "Firewall problems?"

SusanneN says, "Vance, other people than you might have Sunday priviledges to work"

Claire [guest] exclaims, "do I have a cam???? actually, I have 22 cams here!"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "she has one up"

Claire [guest] says, "as well as one at home"

DafneG says, "I do not see it"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I don't see a cam on your ym id"

SusanneN says, "I guess we've got to the right person, concerning a richness of cams"

DafneG says, "I added you to my list, Claire, but you look inactive"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "go in the yahoo conference and right click on claire's name"

Claire [guest] says, "i just downloaded the software, but maybe I don't have everything configured correctly"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "that worked...thanks, Vance"

SusanneN asks, "22 cams, and how do you use them, normally, Claire?"

SusanneN says, "You need to reboot after installing"

AidenY says, "oh that means we're gonna lose claire"

Claire [guest] says, "I don't think I need to reboot because vance can see me and I can see myself"

SusanneN asks, "One more time, Vance,. right click you said?"

Claire [guest] says, "so far we are using them in the following ways:"

AidenY says, "aiden is"

Claire [guest] says, "american sign language students make digital videos"

Claire [guest] says, "global studies classes do teleconferecning"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "cool idea, Claire."

Claire [guest] says, "french and spanish phonetics classes make digital videos"

Claire [guest] says, "I have already taught over 300 students how to make digital videos"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "in the yahoo chat, susanne"

SusanneN says, "Claire - what do mac people do instead of right clicking (i godt a new trackball with FOUR buttons but no right click)"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "find the person's name and right click on it"

VennyS [to VanceS]: "can you invite me again?"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "hmmm"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "ok, venny"

VennyS [:-] grins at VanceS [post-presentation].

Claire [guest] asks, "bj and rita, can you see me?"

VennyS [:-] asks, "clairesiskin is not online ?"

Claire [guest] says, "because I can't see anyone."

VanceS [post-presentation] asks, "vennysou, right?"

Claire [guest] asks, "does this mean I really should reboot?"

VennyS [:-] nods to VanceS [post-presentation].

DafneG says, "that's what it says to me too, Venny"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I see you, Claire. I don't have a cam."

AidenY says, "we can't see you claire"

Claire [guest] says, "vance and bjb can see me though"

SusanneN says, "That made a difference for me when I rebooted, Calire"

DafneG says, "I am not at the conference"

VanceS [to Claire,]: "can you see anything next to our names in your yahoo buddy list?"

Claire [guest] says, "ok, i will reboot. back in a minute."

Claire [guest] says, "I think only vance is on my buddy list."

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_32 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "then the others have to invite you"

VennyS [:-] says, "In the conference room, I see Claire, but"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "her webcam just went off the air"

VennyS [:-] says, "in the Yahoo messenger, Claire is not online"

SusanneN says, "Click on Vance, then you will get the New message , and in the icons on top, there is a webcam, ClaIRE"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "Claire is rebooting"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "anyway guys, I've got to go"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "I have to be at my son's school for a college night"

SusanneN says, "Only that I get a message that I've been disconnected, or my Yahoo crashses when i cloick the webcam icon :-(("

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "time for me to get some chores done."

SusanneN hugs vance you did a great job today

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "thanks again, Vance."

VennyS [:-] says, "Thanks for today"

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "we literally spanned the globe!"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "yes, we had a small audience but I think we made a big impagt"

SusanneN says, "Yes, BJ, this is a very GLOBAL feeling"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "ok, once more with claire's webcam"

SusanneN says, "Did you expect much mopre people to attend, vance"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "I'll soon have a high-bandwidth connection and will join y'all when I get that running right."

Claire has connected.

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "I did expect more"

Claire [guest] says, "I'm baaaaaack"

SusanneN says, "got disconnected from yahoo again"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "wb, Claire"

Claire [guest] says, "ty, bjb"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "but we were opposite a panel with all the other speakers at the conference"

SusanneN says, "A more appealing panel"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "I thought our panel was MUCH more interesting"

VennyS [:-] says, "I see you, Claire"

AidenY says, "i can see claire, yehhey"

Claire [guest] asks, "about 5 of you have requested to see me, but how do I see you???"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "claire, you look so serious"

SusanneN asks, "Somenoe mentionaed a direct webcast from the conference, did that work?"

Claire [guest] says, "at least, if you have a webcam"

PhilB [WebTeach] has been exploring Claire's link to Calico while ULing to his site.

SusanneN says, "Do you SEE Claire? How cool"

DafneG says, "I can see you now,Claire"

AidenY says, "yes, sus i can see claire, cool"

DafneG says, "on a big screen"

PhilB [WebTeach] asks, "So to see you all, I have to DL Yahoo Messenger, is that right?"

Claire [guest] says, "it is just my boring office with no windows"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Phil

AidenY says, "it's typical among webheads to have lots of books behind their desks"

SusanneN says, "Yes, Phil"

Claire [guest] says, "also lots of software boxes"

SusanneN says, "Webheads are all former Bookheads, I suspeect"

Claire joins us from her office in Pennsylvania ... wait a minute ... on a Sunday??!!!

AidenY says, "claire, like moichael is showing off her books:-)"

AidenY says, "LOL, love the coined word sus"

SusanneN says, "Oh, yes, once he got them packeed up from the boxes"

AidenY says, "LOL"

Claire [guest] says, "FINALLY! I can see vance"

SusanneN says, "In danish, we speak about Laeseheste, that means reading horses"

VennyS . o O ( reading horses? )

SusanneN asks, "Did he really grow a beard, Claire?"

AidenY says, "oh sus, yes, he's sporting on a new look"

SusanneN says, "Yes, reading-horse, like rocking-horse for little kids"

AidenY says, "younger and dashing"

Claire [guest] says, "yes, it looks like he did. I don't know why he wants to hide his handsome face"

VennyS [:-] zwaai to Susanne

AidenY says, "no, no, perhaps he forgot to shave and too lazy to"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "ahem"

AidenY says, "LOL"

SusanneN says, "Well, my son shaves his skull, I'd love him to hide his ugly skull"

AidenY says, "LOL, sus"

Claire [guest] says, "hahhaa"

AidenY says, "that's so funny sus"

Claire [guest] says, "my son had a mohawk when he was in high school. I hated it"

AidenY says, "that's the trend i suppose"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "very diplomatic of you, Vance ;-)"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "DLing Yahoo now..."

VanceS [post-presentation] asks, "do you have a webcam too Phil?"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "Somewhere around here..."

AidenY says, "would be nice if TI has voice capabilities"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "wouldn't it"

AidenY says, "so we don't need to open too many screens"

Claire [guest] says, "I don't know why you all hate ivisit. it has voice capabilities"

SusanneN says, "My husband once came home with his chin saved, from having e huge beard, My daughter, then two years old, was waiting for hin in the front door, but when she saf his strange face, she just shut the door on him! I felt like wise, as I had never seen him beardless either"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_95 [guest] has disconnected.

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "we don't hate it, it's just easier to do Yahoo"

VanceS . o O ( for pc people, I mean )

Claire [guest] says, "yeah for you, but until this beta, it didn't work on macs, and myt cams dont' work on PCs (we've had this discussion before)"

VanceS [post-presentation] asks, "you're doing well with Yahoo Claire. Can you hear us?"

Claire [guest] says, "no,"

AidenY asks, "will there be any possibilities that TI adds voice capabilities?"

SusanneN says, "WE have tested iVisit several times, not a very good transmission of sound and a lot of useless features, making it too complicated to use. But I do like, of course, that it is for both macs and windows"

AidenY asks, "BJ?"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "well, we'll sort that out for next time (for me)"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "I really have to go"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "it's 6 now"

AidenY says, "who's speaking spanish"

AidenY asks, "rita?"

Claire [guest] exclaims, "bye vance, nice to finally SEE you!"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "I have to be somewhere at 7 and somewhere else at 8"

DafneG says, "Rita"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "no voice as far as I know"

Claire [guest] says, "such a busy man"

SusanneN asks, "Did you get over that post conf blues, vance?"

AidenY asks, "abu dhabi?"

DafneG exclaims, "Thank you very much, Vance and congratulations!"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "yeah, into the post-post conf blues now"

Claire [guest] asks, "why are we congratulating vance?"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "well, congrats to all webheads"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "we made a great showing"

DafneG says, "for this conference"

Claire [guest] says, "ahh"

AidenY says, "for the presentation he just did, claire"

SusanneN exclaims, "Because his sessioon was a success!"

Claire [guest] says, "I thought maybe he won the nobel prize or something"

DafneG says, "a great success"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "it was, always is thanks to you guys"

AidenY says, "it was, pretty convincing too"

DafneG says, "better than that"

DafneG says, "at least more practical"

VennyS [to Claire [guest]]: "are you going to present such an online meet at the conference?"

SusanneN exclaims, "You just wait till some of our group would win the nobel prize for inventing the Webheads!!"

Claire [guest] asks, "I don't know -- what conference?"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "second time I dropped my cam tonight"

Claire [guest] says, "in my lab we put strips of velcro under all the cams"

SusanneN says, "Vande, better make a safety belt for webcams'"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "check out for the url of the conf"

Claire [guest] says, "only after two of them fell on the floor! :-)"

SusanneN says, "Yes! I thought os using velcro, too"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "still works"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "good idea, Claire"

DafneG asks, "is that the Creative one?"

AidenY says, "yes, vance we can still see you"

SusanneN says, "If I put the oppposite velcro on a board, I might even be able to deplace the webcam"

Claire [guest] says, "vance, watch out for firewalls in saudi. when I was in egypt, I couldn't use netmeeting or ivisit or tappedin becuase of the firewall"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "they have them here too, and we worked three days to get rid of it"

SusanneN says, "I think Vnace has been fighting the firewall inspectors this time, too'"

AidenY says, "we discussed that claire, and was brought up during the try outs"

BJB [to Claire [guest]]: "Vance just spent a week having techs dismantle the firewall in the lab he's in"

SusanneN says, "A good pioneer work"

DafneG says, "and changing their minds about chats"

SusanneN exclaims, "Crash the firewalls!!!"

Claire [guest] exclaims, "yeah -- crash them all!"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "we don't need no education du du du"

SusanneN asks, "Who's afraid of the big bad chat?"

Claire [guest] says, "vance, maybe I should recommend that the folks in cairo hire you as a consultant to dismantle their firewall. I recommended in my report that they get rid of it"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "ok, once again, thanks for everything"

Claire [guest] exclaims, "i LOVE Pink floyD!!!!!"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "I've got to go, my son's school is next on the agenda"

PhilB [WebTeach] says, "I can understand many adminstrators' point of view on student access to chatrooms, though."

Claire [guest] says, "yes, it's a tricky issue"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "till next Sunday"

SusanneN says, "At my unik they do have a very restricitve firewall too, so I hesitate to offer my ideas for our study groups there"

VennyS [:-] grins at PhilB [WebTeach].

DafneG says, "bye, vance"

VanceS [post-presentation] says, "and thanks VERY much, you're champs all"

SusanneN says, "My university, that is"

Claire [guest] says, "bye vance"

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [post-presentation] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Sep 8 07:02:47 2002 PDT.

This reaction from Teresa, Sept 14, 2002

It was a somewhat 'frustrating' pleasure to have participated in your conference last Sunday, but frustration also has its positive side(s):

You were very patient, Vance, but it was worth it. Yeeesss (!) for persistence!

It seems that the problem had nothing to do with my computer or software, but with Yahoo, as far as I understood from Dafne.

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