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Webheads chat logs are posted on the Internet to assist language learners with comprehension of our conversations and to strengthen our sense of community through shared familiarity with one another. All are welcome to join us, but your participation in our activities implies that you approve of our posting on the Internet interactions in which you take part. Please address any comments or concerns to Vance Stevens.

Webheads chat logs from August 25, 2002

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More web cam shots: Chris shows off his t-shirt

Participants: Susanne from Denmark | John in Puerto Rico | Bronwyn | Vance in Abu Dhabi | David Weksler from New Jersey | Juani in Chile | Maggi in Germany | Rita in Argentina | Felix in Brazil | BJB in Pennsylvania | Christopher in Germany | Michael in Adelaide | Arthur in Ireland | Melissa

Tapped In

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Aug 25 05:05:50 2002 PDT.

SusanneN [Networking 2002] says, "Hi Juani, long time no see :-)"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Hi, Vance."

SusanneN [Networking 2002] says, "Vance, welcome welcome in our midst"

BronwynS finds her way in.

Recorder follows BronwynS to here.

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "Hi there, sorry I was having trouble connecting in IE"

DavidW aves to VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi].

SusanneN [Networking 2002] asks, "Oh, Bronwyn! did you get my invitation?"

Juani [guest] says, " was difficult for me to be online on Sunday.Always somewhere"

DavidW waves to BronswynS.

DavidW says, "Ouch, sorry."

BronwynS says, "yes - good thinking sending it"

DavidW waves to BronwynS.

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Hi, Bronwyn"

DavidW [to Juani [guest]]: "De donde eres?"

SusanneN [Networking 2002] says, "Bronwyn in in Australia, with me in the NW2002 conference..."

BronwynS says, "High john"

Juani [guest] says, "Hi Vance.Good to see you again"

SusanneN [Networking 2002] says, "all online :-)"

BronwynS says, "hi john"

SusanneN looks NW2002.

JohnSte [webhead] says, "High, too."

SusanneN [to Bronwyn]: "you joined us for one session long ago?"

MargaretD asks, "How's the weather in PR John?"

BronwynS says, "yep"

BronwynS asks, "PR?"

DavidW . o O ( Puerto Rico )

MargaretD says, "Puerto Rico"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "It's not too bad right now. Things are cooling off a little."

MargaretD says, "same here"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "I'm back at work starting last week."

MargaretD says, "3 weeks ago for me"

RitaZ has connected.

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "Denmark has some rain clouds today, after a long period of no rain."

DavidW waves to RitaZ.

DavidW [to RitaZ]: "Hola"

SusanneN [NW2002] hugs Rita

RitaZ exclaims, "Good day, Webheads!"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Hola, Rita."

BronwynS asks, "liked your pic si much Sus I have asked Nancy White do one for me. Did you draw yours?"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "yes, Bron, I did - it was my first try ion a cool online drawing board"

BronwynS says, "it's fab"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "That picture has become my personal icon :-)"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "I had not thought of saving it, but Vance did, he's our housekeeper"

BronwynS says, "Says so much more than a photo"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "I saw dafne's too - she is cool on her portrait"

BronwynS says, "must check it out"

Juani [guest] asks, "I d like to change my picture on the virtual community.Vance What should I do?"

DavidW looks searching.

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "She posted it to our B-log workshop in NW2002"

RitaZ says, "I got a message from Daf from Spain yest"

SusanneN [NW2002] asks, "Will Daf not come in today, Rita?"

RitaZ says, "sends hugs to all Webheads"

RitaZ says, "dont know, Sus"

RitaZ says, "shes in Paris today"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "Oh yes she is .- you were confusing me sy saying she's in Spain :-))"

SusanneN [NW2002] receives a hug from daf, with love

RitaZ says, "thanks in her name, she wrote the message while in Madrid for some hs"

Juani [guest] says, "saludos para Dafne.Hope she enjoys Paris"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "We have really been promoting Webheads heavily in the NW2002 discussuions"

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] has lost his link.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 25 05:14:42 2002 PDT.

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 25 05:20:02 2002 PDT.

VanceS teleports to the reception.

Stopped recording in VanceS's Office (#12249) at Sun Aug 25 05:20:16 2002 PDT.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Aug 25 05:20:16 2002 PDT.

BronwynS asks, "is a flattened bagel road kill?"

BronwynS says, "he he"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] lands in a cloud of midst

MargaretD exclaims, "must be!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "whewm gad ti reboot"

RitaZ asks, "how was you trip, Vance?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "woops, I mean whew, had to reboot"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "great trip"

Felix has connected.

MargaretD says, "and rescramble"

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "hi, Felix!"

SusanneN [NW2002] asks, "What did the dad tomato say to the baby tomato when they crossed the street, and baby tomato was run over by a bike?"

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Felix and Vance"

MargaretD exclaims, "Hi Felix!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] waves to JohnSte [webhead], DavidW [searching], Juani [guest], MargaretD, BJB [HelpDesk], SusanneN [NW2002], BronwynS, RitaZ, ChristopherMJ, and Felix [guest].

RitaZ says, "hi, felix"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "7th that was a joke"

Juani [guest] says, "Hi Felix.."

Felix [guest] says, "Hi pals"

SusanneN . o O ( that was a riddle )

BJB [HelpDesk] listens to Susanne's answer

BronwynS says, "ketchup"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "felix, welcome from Brazil"

ChristopherMJ . o O ( anxiously waiting for Sus's punch line )

Juani [guest] asks, "How are you doing?" ________________ | |

SusanneN holds up a BIG sign: | Come on, Heinz | |________________|

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_93 [guest] has disconnected.

BJB [HelpDesk] chortles.

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "that got rid of someone"

MargaretD says, "lol"

SusanneN [NW2002] exclaims, "Yes, bronwyn, you got it!"

ChristopherMJ just fell off the big ball he's using for achair

Felix [guest] exclaims, "Susanne, that was a tough one!!!"

BJB . o O ( who did we lose? )

Felix [guest] says, "LOL"

BJB . o O ( Juani )

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "macabre in the kindergarten shpere"

VanceS [to BJB]: "someone with a low tolerance for bad jokes"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "I thought MINE were bad."

SusanneN [NW2002] grimaces at the touchy vance

BronwynS says, "The joke was in Pulp Fiction - which I watched last night - serendipity"

Felix [guest] says, "Can I start my jokes Vance? LOL"

ChristopherMJ says, "I know mine are bad, but Sus is definitely in the running"

MargaretD says, "good film"

DavidW [searching] agrees.

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] listens for Felix's joke

BJB [HelpDesk] wonders if there are joke police in TAPPED IN

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Never laughed so hard in my life."

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "Come on, felix"

Felix [guest] asks, "Are you sure Vance?"

BronwynS says, "Any John T film is a good film for me :-)"

DavidW [to BJB]: "I've felt them tap me on the shoulder"

SusanneN [NW2002] is sure that webheads has a policy for jokes: the more, the better

ChristopherMJ says, "Pulp Fiction was good (and harsh)"

BronwynS says, "dark and violent"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "anything goes in Webheads"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Extrely funny."

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "Thanks for the permission, vance :-)"

SusanneN [NW2002] asks, "well did I miss your joke, felix?"

MargaretD says, "John has some good jokes"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Although not suitable for mixed audiences."

SusanneN [NW2002] exclaims, "Felix! Felix!"

MargaretD says, "Felix didn't say it yet"

ChristopherMJ says, "or mixed up audiences"

DavidW . o O ( no mixed audiences? )

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "We're stressing him"

BronwynS says, "brb putting my pjs on"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "Or mayb e it is a very long loke"

MargaretD . o O ( wonder what she had on before )

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "Oh Bron is going to be tuggedin, virtually"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "It is her bedtime,like when Michael is here he's always on his way to bed"

MargaretD says, "too early for bed Sus"

BronwynS says, "10.30 pm and I need to get comfy if there are jokes :-)"

ChristopherMJ [to Margaret]: "no web cam, we'll never know"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "I just got up."

DavidW . o O ( Just flew in from Chicago... )

Felix [guest] says, "I only know dirty ones. Dont think they're proper here"

SusanneN [NW2002] says, "Oh! rain falling, need to get laundry indoor instantly"

Felix [guest] asks, "Is anyone here using wed cam?"

DavidW smiles.

ChristopherMJ exclaims, "run Sus!!!"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Not me."

SusanneN looks laundrying.

BronwynS says, "cam yes"

RitaZ says, "I mmay"

ChristopherMJ is checking out his Web cam situation

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] fires up Yahoo

MargaretD . o O ( I wouldn't want anyone to see me now )

ChristopherMJ says, " can Word not want to close just when I think of my Web cam"

DavidW says, "Word has that ability"

MargaretD asks, "conflict Chris?"

ChristopherMJ says, "nothing that the Task Manager can't (ungracefully) kill"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "argghhh I don't have my web cam"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "my son borrowed it before I went on leave"

MargaretD says, "lol"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I never got it back"

SusanneN looks lawn-drying.

DavidW [to ChristopherMJ]: "Think Different"

SusanneN [lawn-drying] asks, "do you have a webcam, Bron?"

DavidW . o O ( lawn-drying? )

BronwynS says, "yeah on the other computer"

Felix [guest] asks, "My web cam is on.. Does anyone have one too test with me?"

SusanneN [lawn-drying] says, "I.m going to buy a new one, soon"

MargaretD asks, "drying the lawn maybe?"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "That's what I keep saying too, Susanne."

RitaZ [to Vance:]: "can he be using it now, Vance? the light is on!"

SusanneN [lawn-drying] says, "we should arrange anoter webcam session, soon, to practise"

ChristopherMJ asks, "Do you use big heeaters to dry the lawn (wondering)?"

DavidW [to MargaretD]: "That's what the summer has been doing to the grass here"

VanceS [to Rita]: "What light?"

SusanneN says, "I dropped soome of the clothes on the grass"

DavidW exclaims, "They'll smell "outdoor fresh"!"

RitaZ [to VanceS]: "; in Yahhoo Messenger, Vance"

SusanneN says, "And it was full of cut off straw"

Felix [guest] asks, "Can we use the web cam Rita?"

ChristopherMJ . o O ( will be hanging up laundry in a few minutes )

RitaZ says, "yes, Felix, My ID is ritazeinstejer, please, call me"

BronwynS says, "wenheads is very domesticated"

SusanneN says, "Our grass is still green and juicy, msyt have deep roots"

SusanneN asks, "domesticated, how so Bron?"

DavidW . o O ( zeinstejer? )

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I'll be sure and retrieve my web cam for next time"

MargaretD . o O ( on a Sunday Chris...tsk tsk )

Felix [guest] asks, " Rita?"

BronwynS says, "laundry, lawns etc"

ChristopherMJ says, "I can see Rita"

SusanneN says, "Next Sunday I have a date with my niece's six year birthday"

DavidW smiles.

BronwynS says, "no cam with my pjs on"

SusanneN says, "Oh yes, we often speak about very small matters"

Felix [guest] asks, "How can I see your web cam Rita?"

SusanneN says, "I saw in Shanghai, one saturday night, how families were dressed up for a walk, all in decent pajamas and night dresses"

Felix [guest] asks, "can you see me Rita?"

BronwynS says, "I wear chinese pjs for day clothes they are so beautiful"

RitaZ says, "I can see John, not you, Felix"

SusanneN [to DavidW]: "thank you"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "where are you Bronwyn?"

BronwynS asks, "Can you use a cam with TI?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "Shanghai?"

BronwynS says, "Aus"

SusanneN says, "It was a beautiful sight - here in denmark people use jogging dresses when they relax"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I was close"

Felix [guest] asks, "What should I do then?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "We use web cams with Yahoo Messenger"

ChristopherMJ asks, "John, is your Web cam up?"

BronwynS says, "aha - I use msn - have to get yahoo"

MichaelAC has connected.

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Michael"

MichaelAC says, "Hi everyone"

SusanneN exclaims, "I will have to install the new beta version ofYahoo messenger, should allow for webcams with mac!!!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "hi Michael"

DavidW says, "I clicked on "Software" under "First Select Category here...""

DavidW waves to MichaelAC.

SusanneN says, "Michael, look who's here"

Felix [guest] asks, "What is your email john?"

MargaretD says, "Hi mc"

MichaelAC says, "Bronwyn (from NW2002!)"

SusanneN says, "Yes! I sent an invitation"

You hear a quiet popping sound; ChristopherMJ has disconnected.

MichaelAC says, "Welcome Bronwyn"

BronwynS says, "thank you"

ChristopherMJ has connected.

MichaelAC asks, "And how is Brazil today Felix?"

BronwynS says, "I dressed for the occassion :-)"

Felix [guest] says, "Cold.. for me of course"

SusanneN says, "We had several requests to tell more about webheads because we were promoting our virtual tribe"

You hear a quiet popping sound; ChristopherMJ has disconnected.

MichaelAC asks, "Ah yes Felix - are you in winter like us?"

Felix [guest] says, "Fall here"

MichaelAC exclaims, "So webheasds are now a vuirtual tribe - not a bad tag!"

You hear a quiet popping sound; JohnSte [webhead] has lost his link.

DavidW says, "I like the virtual tribe name"

SusanneN asks, "Micjael, are you in your pyjamas,like Bronwyn?"

RitaZ says, "I like it tooo"

SusanneN says, "yes"

SusanneN asks, "how do we define tribe?"

ChristopherMJ has connected.

DavidW asks, "Are we developing the ceremonial dress code?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "John is having the same problem I did earlier"

SusanneN rofl

MichaelAC says, "No - I don't wear pyjamas :)"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "welcome back, Chris"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "needs to reboot"

DavidW . o O ( associated group of people == tribe )

SusanneN says, "Reboot ahead, vance"

ChristopherMJ says, "Thanks, every time I click on View Profile in Yahoo, I get kicked out of Tapped IN"

DavidW is in the same sub-tribe with MichaelAC.

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "no, John needs to reboot"

MichaelAC says, "Tribe - a definition? Good q ...."

SusanneN says, "I think the tribal understanding is growing tight"

RitaZ grins

SusanneN says, "so leave those profiles alone for today, chris"

MichaelAC says, "If we are a tribe we should then share some values"

DavidW nods.

SusanneN asks, "We have rituals and special greetings, right?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "tribe does connote ritualistic behaviours"

MargaretD says, "or pj#s"

Felix [guest] says, "Partying is a good value I can share"

ChristopherMJ says, "OK, I was looking for people to invite to view my Webcam. No biggie, haven't shaved anyway"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "whereas community is much looser"

DavidW [to MargaretD]: "The lower class members of the tribe don't have pj's"

SusanneN says, "This Sunday is a repetiitve ritual"

MichaelAC ha ha to David

DavidW . o O ( like church )

Felix [guest] asks, "Can we see each other Chris?"

SusanneN says, "Yes, we're partying quite often, too"

ChristopherMJ asks, "Sure, Felix, what's your Yahoo ID?"

RitaZ [to Christopher:]: "my Yahoo was closed...need to satrt again..."

MargaretD says, "not in pj'sthough"

MichaelAC asks, "So what is next on the webheads tribal calendar?"

SusanneN says, "I join you in my evening prayers :-))"

ChristopherMJ [to Rita]: "Oh, I thought you turned out the lights :-)"

DavidW [to MichaelAC]: "Labor Day?"

Felix [guest] says, ""

SusanneN asks, "Is labor day soon?"

MargaretD asks, "do we have a chief?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "We have a live performance coming up in a couple of weeks"

MichaelAC asks, "What would we/shoild we do on Labor day?"

BronwynS says, "ooh tirbes - initiation rites, taboos, dialects, cloistering"

DavidW . o O ( ooh, tough question )

SusanneN says, "Votes for the born Chief"

MichaelAC asks, "What performance is that Vance?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "you can see it at"

SusanneN says, "The bagles are a traditional food, too"

JohnSte has connected.

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "let me get there, or should I /project ... ??"

MargaretD says, "have David bring flagels"

BronwynS says, "tribal wars, raping and pillaging - of stop it's late and my mind has drifted"

DavidW says, "Flagels? Okay."

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "wb, John"

SusanneN asks, "I see that Vance is back in Abu Dhabi all the time, when do you like to change that mood, vaance?"

MargaretD says, "road kill bagels"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Well, I escaped from the gypsies."

DavidW says, "Flagels for the people without pyjamas, bagels for the rest"

DavidW says, "Capers, of course, will be served..."

MichaelAC asks, "can you project Vance?"

DavidW [to JohnSte]: "Which gypsies?"

Felix [guest] asks, "Chris?"

ChristopherMJ [to Felix [guest]]: "my Yahoo is johnschrus"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "e-Merging e-Learning Conference at Higher Colleges of Technology Men's College, Abu Dhabi, UAE"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "A visit with Webheads online community of practice for language learners and teachers, noon GMT, Sunday September 8, 2002"

SusanneN says, "In Norway, the traditional bread is c alled Flatbread - aND IT IS REALLY"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "the Cyber Gypsies."

DavidW [to MargaretD]: "skunk-road kill bagels are hard to digest"

ChristopherMJ [to Felix [guest]]: "working on it"

SusanneN says, "Really flat, and dry, like cardboard, juts more crunchy"

DavidW [to JohnSte]: "Wow, CyberGypsies - thought they were part of the digital divide"

DavidW [to VanceS]: "Nice title for the presentation"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Well, either that or someone was burping my server."

SusanneN wonders who we kiil cybergypsies, wioh virtual Boomerangs?

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "yeah, that's in just two weeks"

Juani has connected.

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "basically it happens at this time"

ArthurM has connected.

DavidW [to SusanneN]: "That would be the Australian method, I believe"

DavidW waves to ArthurM.

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "only instead of being in my office"

MargaretD says, "Hi Arthur"

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Arthur and Juani"

BronwynS says, "boomerangs, spears, nulla nullas and the like"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I'll be at a conference, so normal class as usual, only others will be around me"

SusanneN exclaims, "OK, Vance we will show up and do our duty!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "great, and we'll all have our web cams :-))"

SusanneN says, "hello hello to Ireland"

ChristopherMJ [to Felix [guest]]: "can you see me?"

Juani [guest] says, "Sorry .I missed the conversation,but my server was down"

DavidW . o O ( a valid excuse )

Felix [guest] asks, "I can see you John.. Can you see me?"

SusanneN says, "Vnace, that is a promise, webcam I wll get for that occasion"

ArthurM says, "Hello, Susanne"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "Hi Juani, nice to see you back"

Felix [guest] says, "oops... Chris, not John"

SusanneN says, "Juani, too bad :-("

ChristopherMJ [to Felix [guest]]: "not yet"

BJB [HelpDesk] wonders if one of the webheads wants to send Juani their transcript?

SusanneN says, "Yes, those new excuses in cyberspace are not very different from real life ones..."

Juani [guest] says, "yes,maybe because of the too windy and rainy"

SusanneN asks, "the bridge was up?"

SusanneN says, "The train was late"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "do we have a recorder going here?"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Vance

Juani [guest] says, ""

SusanneN says, "We can use my recorder, and I can edit the session this time"

ChristopherMJ [to Felix [guest]]: "Says you do not have a Web cam online"

BronwynS says, "I know another Susanne in Denmark - Susanne Justesen of Innoversity"

MichaelAC asks, "Felix - can I have Yahoo ID please?"

BJB [to Juani [guest]]: "I'll send you my transcript. Thanks"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "ah, but Juani is a guest so she can't email herself a recording :-("

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_181 [guest] has disconnected.

SusanneN says, "I know neither Justesen nor Innoversity"

Juani [guest] says, "I have my webcam but if I connect Il probably get down again"

BronwynS says, "Innovation and Diversity Network"

DavidW says, "I like that"

ChristopherMJ asks, "to /rita How does your coffee taste (or is it tea)?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "for some reason my computer is telling me I'm behind a firewall today"

SusanneN says, "Poor felix - messing with that webcam again :-))"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I'm thinking of rebooting again"

ChristopherMJ says, "firewall = cybergypsies"

SusanneN [to Bronwyn]: "sounds interesting?"

RitaZ [to Christopher:]: "would you like some tea?"

JohnSte [webhead] asks, "maybe cybergremlins?"

You hear a quiet popping sound; ArthurM has disconnected.

BronwynS says, "and why don't you know everyone in Dk???? <grin>"

Juani [guest] says, "it reminds me of the firewall in Rifle High School,in Colorado"

ChristopherMJ [to Rita]: "yes, please, but I need to get the laundry first, be right back"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "normally I'm working fine, but today ???"

SusanneN grins to Bron, I've heard of a man who lived in Adelaide, do you know him?

Juani [guest] says, "me,too Rita.without sugar"

ChristopherMJ [to Rita]: "will be back with a cup"

BronwynS says, "yeah yeah yeah -funny funny funny"

DavidW smiles.

MichaelAC says, "Adelaide? mmm I've heard of that..."

DavidW . o O ( Sweet Adelaide? )

SusanneN says, "Vance, maybe your home server is angry because you've been out of town"

BronwynS says, "Sweet Adeline"

RitaZ asks, "ok, Juani, have you got your cam?"

DavidW [to BronwynS]: "Oh!"

DavidW winks at BronwynS.

Juani [guest] says, "yes.I have mine since more than a year"

SusanneN asks, "How many are on cams now, Rita, Felix, Juani?"

Juani [guest] says, "I took it with me to the US"

DavidW says, "You video junkies..."

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "that does it, I'm rebooting"

DavidW . o O ( think different )

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "see you back here shortly"

RitaZ ..ands Chris ..s.

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 25 05:57:34 2002 PDT.

Connected to TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 25 06:08:05 2002 PDT.

VanceS teleports to the reception.

Stopped recording in VanceS's Office (#12249) at Sun Aug 25 06:08:22 2002 PDT.

Started recording in Reception (#268)[TappedIn] at Sun Aug 25 06:08:22 2002 PDT.

DavidW [to RitaZ]: "Okay."

Juani [guest] says, "it opening"

DavidW says, "Here's a webg page for the Great Sand Dunes National MOnument"

vivaldi [guest] leaves for the LIB.

DavidW projects the URL:

DavidW says, "I'm off to the soccer game."

DavidW waves bye to MargaretD, BJB [HelpDesk], SusanneN, BronwynS, RitaZ, MichaelAC, ChristopherMJ, JohnSte [webhead], Juani [guest], and VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi].

ChristopherMJ says, "See you David"

SusanneN asks, "Now, where should I go, barcelona or Colorado?"

DavidW smiles.

SusanneN says, "Bye david and thanks"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "see you"

DavidW [to SusanneN]: "Well, you went to Portugal..."

Juani [guest] says, "I added both pages to my Favoritos"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "what was the projection about ??"

BronwynS says, "I was in Portugal 5 weeks ago"

DavidW says, "Ciao"

You hear a quiet popping sound; DavidW has disconnected.

MichaelAC says, "Vance - we're all meeting in Barcelona in 2004"

SusanneN looks at the conference in Barcelona

Juani [guest] asks, "Did you like it?"

BronwynS exclaims, "Adored it!"

Juani [guest] says, "I should go there someday.I love travelling" <See the screen shot of this part of the chat -->

BronwynS says, "The people the sun the sites the water the fish the wine the night life everythign"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I reset my proxy info and it looks like i'm getting web cams now"

BronwynS says, "oh and I did some work also :-)"

Juani [guest] asks, "what do you do to put your webcam on for webheads?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "there's rita"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "and chris"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "my webcam isn't on now"

SusanneN says, "The Barcelona conferencewhas an onling discusion this week about Learning for Diversity"

SusanneN asks, "Oh you did, Bronwyn, tell us more about Portugal?"

BronwynS says, "ther are ecvents leading up to and plannin g for 2004"

BronwynS says, "The first Universal Forum of Cultures is the first celebration of a great new international event which will bring thousands of people to Barcelona from all over the world. The Forum's principal aim is to contribute to a renewal of thought and attitudes, providing a new platform for moving towards a new coexistence without conflict and a world fit for living in."

MichaelAC says, "Sounds utopian"

Juani [guest] exclaims, "it sounds great!"

SusanneN says, "That is a very idealistic agenda"

SusanneN like Utopias

BronwynS says, "141 days, From May, 9 to September, 26"

BronwynS says, "5 million visitors expected"

BronwynS says, "50 million persons associated with the Virtual Forum"

BronwynS says, "500 million persons as the media audience"

BronwynS says, "20.000 volunteers"

BronwynS says, "50,000 congress members"

BronwynS says, "100,000 participants"

BronwynS says, "10.000 artists, creators and professionals"

BronwynS says, "400 local and international institutions"

2002/08/25 WebHeads is full. Stopped recording.

BronwynS says, "28 international congresses"

BronwynS says, "4 major exhibitions"

BronwynS says, "20 exhibitions in cooperation"

BronwynS says, "over 800 artistic activities in large and small format"

BronwynS says, "over 300 different gastronomic experiences"

BronwynS says, "over 300 films and documentaries"

BronwynS says, "326.000 square meters of new urban public space"

BronwynS says, "140.000 square meters of new parks and gardens"

BronwynS says, "2.400 square meters of new sea shore and bathing area"

BronwynS says, ""

MichaelAC smiles at Susanne

MichaelAC asks, "WHAT WAS THAT????"

SusanneN says, "Wow, bronwyn! Did you copy & paste all thst"

BJB . o O ( sounds like you should start talking about cybergremlins and avoid slurs about gypsies )

Juani [guest] says, "all the info we need to know"

BronwynS says, "s-o-r-r-y"

SusanneN says, "LOnger notices are better in virtual notes"

MichaelAC says, "ol"

MichaelAC says, "er...LOL"

SusanneN hugs Bronwyn, you're doing fine!

BronwynS says, "ok me excuse - I'm tired"

SusanneN says, "How would YOU know, we all did this once or even twice :-)"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "not a problem"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "who else has a web cam up, anyone?"

BronwynS says, "Nancy White and a number of of us in communities of practice development are going to stage events we hope"

Juani [guest] says, "me,but it isn not connected right now"

MichaelAC says, "SWo you're buddies with Nancy..."

BronwynS says, "I have been assoc iated withn her since I di her workshop 2 years ago"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "were you asking about how I broadcast, Juani?"

Juani [guest] says, "yes."

SusanneN says, "I heard Nancy on the conference CD, I like her way of telling her story"

BronwynS says, "she is very talented and knowleadgeable and speaks form the heart"

SusanneN exclaims, "obviously!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "usually I just hook it up and then under tools either 'start my webcam' or invite someone to view it"

MichaelAC says, "Yes - I hear good thigns about Nancy"

MargaretD exclaims, "well...have to get a few things done...enjoy all!"

SusanneN exclaims, "Maggi, take care!"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "You, too, Maggi."

SusanneN hugs maggi

ChristopherMJ says, "tchu maggi"

MichaelAC exclaims, "See ya Maggi - didn't even talk to you!"

MargaretD says, "ciao"

Juani [guest] says, "ok,thanks Vance."

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "bye Maggi"

MargaretD says, "t"

SusanneN asks, "Maggi was maybe multitasking?"

SusanneN grins

MargaretD says, "or being quiet"

You hear a quiet popping sound; MargaretD has disconnected.

SusanneN asks, "Did an y of you read the description of our webheads sessions in my new weblog?"

MichaelAC exclaims, "Not yest Susanne. Sorry - I'll get there in the end!"

Juani [guest] says, "no yet"

ChristopherMJ [to SusanneN]: "Net yet, but I will"

SusanneN exclaims, "I'm experimenting with this easy tool, I like to blob!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "how do we get there?"

MichaelAC asks, "blob???"

SusanneN blobs!!

SusanneN says, "Blog. B-log"

RitaZ says, "(sorry Sus, not yet, just after this session..)"

SusanneN says, "There'si a variant called the K-log, more serious it sen, they are Knowledge Logs"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "what are you drinking there, Chris?"

SusanneN says, ""

ChristopherMJ [to VanceS]: "Rooibusch tea"

ChristopherMJ says, "going to take the teabag out - be right back"

SusanneN says, "Of course, rita, do not let anything keep you from being amongst us"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "why not just toss it over your shoulder?"

RitaZ is finding it difficult to follow thread and answer messages and view webcams...

MichaelAC says, "I'd better go. I have to do some updating an online course I'm teaching...."

SusanneN has a trash basket comfortable placed just beside my copmputer

ChristopherMJ [to Rita]: "and Vance Cehck out my t-shirt"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "you don't look like you're having any trouble .."

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "hey, a valley guy"

SusanneN says, "OK,Michael, than x alot for bringing us to Australoia"

MichaelAC says, "Have a good week everyone. Maybe see some of you in the conference."

MichaelAC says, "My pleasure Sus."

JohnSte [webhead] says, "See you, Michael"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I took a screen shot"

RitaZ exclaims, "great tshirt, Chris!!"

ChristopherMJ says, "Bye Michael"

Juani [guest] says, "yes,I must check the calendar.I a bit lost."

You hear a quiet popping sound; MichaelAC has disconnected.

SusanneN says, "can we have a desription of that Tshirt"

Juani [guest] says, "Bye michael"

ChristopherMJ [to Rita]: "thanks, made in California (like me)"

RitaZ exclaims, "bye, Michael!"

BronwynS says, "I have to go night night also"

SusanneN asks, "Man made, both of you?"

SusanneN tugs bronwyn in

SusanneN . o O ( that's a habit I have from BJ )

JohnSte [webhead] says, "See you, Bronwyn"

ChristopherMJ says, "Night Brownwyn thanks for let us know about the conference"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "oh, nice to see you Brownwyn"

BronwynS says, "thanks for having me"

SusanneN says, "Our pleasure"

BronwynS says, "it's been fun"

SusanneN says, "Come back anytime"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "webheads is usually fun"

Juani [guest] says, "HAve a good week"

BronwynS says, "You might be sorry that you said that <evil grin>"

SusanneN says, "Almost always very fun"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "and informative, and experimental, without trying to be"

BronwynS asks, "I like thenThiagi evil twin concept don't you?"

ChristopherMJ agrees that it's tough to view Webcams and follow conversations at the same time

ChristopherMJ while drinking tea

SusanneN says, "I did not really get to mr, Thiagi yet."

BronwynS says, "He is speaking and he has his evil twin speakign aginst him to be provocative"

RitaZ [to Christopher]: "need training...(or too late...!)"

MelissaCh has arrived.

MelissaCh's personal recorder (recording) has arrived.

SusanneN says, "We might keep the webcammers in a separate clasroom, feel free to go to an office somewher :-)"

SusanneN says, "hello melissa"

ChristopherMJ [to Rita]: "probably too late :-)"

MelissaCh says, "hi"

RitaZ exclaims, "thanks, Sus!!!"

ChristopherMJ says, "Hi Melissa"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "just reading your blog here Susanne"

BronwynS says, "nighty nighty its been a delight"

SusanneN exclaims, "Now, get to bed, Browyn!"

BronwynS says, "see you in Net2002 Sus"

You hear a quiet popping sound; BronwynS has disconnected.

SusanneN [to VanceS]: "I am still in the beginning stage"

RitaZ says, "well, Chris, having reached this far, fairly well done..."

SusanneN says, "I need feedback"

Juani [guest] says, "I must leave a cold morning here and I must prepare my house.I have some visitors for lunch"

SusanneN says, "But today it came in handy, as my ftp refuses to coop"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] waves to Melissa "Feedback on your blog, Susanne?"

SusanneN says, "Enjoy lunch, Juani"

Juani [guest] says, "see you next time.Hope to have my webcam on"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "See you, Juani. Have a nice week."

ChristopherMJ says, "You haven't seen anything yet until you see Rita make the thumbs up sign"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "Nice to see you again"

SusanneN [to VanceS]: "yes, how does it look"

Juani [guest] says, "thanks for having me .Bye"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "Back in Chile obviously, if it's cold"

SusanneN says, "Chris take a screenshot for us"

Juani [guest] says, "@quit"

You hear a quiet popping sound; SRI_102 [guest] has lost its link.

ChristopherMJ says, "OK, will do. Rita, are you ready? Please gives us a thumbs up"

You hear a quiet popping sound; MelissaCh has disconnected.

SusanneN say cheese!

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "she wasn't looking"

SusanneN says, "No - I was just trying to imaGINE"

ChristopherMJ exclaims, "Ready, Rita -- OK, thumbs up!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "Rita's web cam might have stalled"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "Rita, are you here in Tapped In?"

SusanneN exclaims, "I just love it!"

ChristopherMJ says, "Yes, she does look pretty still at the moment"

SusanneN says, "So lively,like being there"

SusanneN says, "or, more like NOT being there"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "Rita needs to stop her web cam and restart it"

SusanneN [to Rita]: "Did you hear?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "she appears to be here"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I just updated"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "so what feedback do you want Susanne, I was just reading chaos.html"

ChristopherMJ [to VanceS]: "updated? How did you do that?"

SusanneN [to All]: "I need a break, before we go for theinauguration of a new amtheathre nearby (unless the rain comes back)"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "at the tapped in screen, click update in the top right corner"

ChristopherMJ says, "Oh, right"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "it refreshes the who's here (or what's here)"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "ell, I guess I should get going, too."

ChristopherMJ [to VanceS]: "I thought you were talking about her Web cam"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "See you all next week."

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "are you showing a web cam John?"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Nope. I don't have one."

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "you were earlier weren't you?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I thought I saw a view sign next to your name ..."

JohnSte [webhead] says, "I haven't had one in several months."

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "hmmm, maybe I was mistaken"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "Probably some one else's name."

SusanneN [to VanceS]: "any kind of feedback is welcome - first, how do you like the xanga welgob outlook, next what about my recent decription of our webheads activities?"

JohnSte [webhead] says, "See y'all later."

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "Ying Lan is online as well"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "on Yahoo"

You hear a quiet popping sound; JohnSte [webhead] has disconnected.

SusanneN . o O ( welgob = web-log )

ChristopherMJ says, "bye John"

ChristopherMJ says, "Rita is having trouble with Tapped in right now. Just talked to her on Yahoo"

SusanneN looks away but leaving recorder running to the log.

SusanneN [away but leaving recorder running to the log] exclaims, "Seee you all!"

SusanneN [away but leaving recorder running to the log] hugs around

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "she should turn her camera off"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "ok Sus"

ChristopherMJ says, "bye Sus"

ChristopherMJ says, "OK, vance relying the message"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I don't know what recent descr of wh activities is exactly"

You hear a quiet popping sound; RitaZ has lost her link.

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "that was /to sus"

ChristopherMJ (progress report) Rita is restarting Web cam

ChristopherMJ says, "and yahoo"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "ok"

SusanneN [away but leaving recorder running to the log] says, "It wqas in my latest weblog entry, Vance,"

RitaZ has connected.

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "sometimes that web cam just drags all the resources out of a computer"

SusanneN [away but leaving recorder running to the log] says, "awya I go. bye"

VanceS [to SusanneN]: "the one labeled WIA - a true online community?"

ChristopherMJ says, "I closed a lot of background stuff (virus software, etc.) before going into Yahoo this time. Seems to have done the trick"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "not a bad idea"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "you haven't moved in a while either"

ChristopherMJ says, "oh.."

RitaZ exclaims, "thanks, Vance, alwys with the answer!!!thanks, chris too!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "well, about a minute"

ChristopherMJ asks, "How about now?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "requesting access"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "waiting for permission to view"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "now it's back to normal"

ChristopherMJ says, "just clicked "yes""

ChristopherMJ says, "OK"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "Rita is still not up"

RitaZ says, "ok, peolpe, need to go to the Congress for a while, not been there for a day"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "to the congress? Do you mean conference?"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "the one in Australia?"

RitaZ says, "conference, yes, Vance"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "the networking one?"

ChristopherMJ says, "Bye Rita. The Web cam was fun today. I definitely had the better view."

RitaZ exclaims, "bye, Chris, its been fun!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] agrees with Chris LOL

RitaZ exclaims, "bye, Vance, Sus, BJ!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I'll bring my web cam next week"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I just take it for granted it's in its place"

RitaZ exclaims, "please, do!"

BJB [HelpDesk] hugs Rita bye

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "forgot I let my son use it weeks ago"

RitaZ hugs you all

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "anyway, saves you having to look at me"

RitaZ says, "miss you looks, Vance..."

ChristopherMJ says, "We're both in the same boat there Vance"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "I like to watch Chris laugh while he's reading this"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "there he goes again"

RitaZ exclaims, "bye!!!"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "nice to get that kind of feedback"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "ok, see you Rita"

You hear a quiet popping sound; RitaZ has disconnected.

ChristopherMJ says, "bye Rita"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "cool"

ChristopherMJ says, "Yes, I should get back to it, too"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "Ying Lan seems to have logged out"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "ok, well, nice talking with all of you"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "as usual"

ChristopherMJ says, "ditto"

ChristopherMJ says, "bye"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "ok tshuss"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] asks, "tchuss??"

ChristopherMJ says, "Tschuss"

ChristopherMJ says, "tough one to spell"

ChristopherMJ says, "ciao"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "that's it, for a long time I thought it was choose"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] says, "anyway, see you next week"

ChristopherMJ says, "I thought it was some altered version of "cheers""

ChristopherMJ says, "bye"

VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] lays a finger aside his nose ...

You hear a quiet popping sound; VanceS [back in Abu Dhabi] has disconnected.

Disconnected from TAPPED IN on Sun Aug 25 06:49:19 2002 PDT.

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