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Webheads chat logs from February 18, 2001

Meet the people in the chat today

Vance Maggi John Felix Sergei Arif
UAE Germany Puerto Rico Bahia Belarus Turkey

And Juanide Chile from Brazil; Ying Lan was at a wedding, and Michael sent apologies

The chat this evening was a milestone chat, where a couple of Webheads firsts occurred. We started in ICQ as usual, but participants Vance, John, and Felix went to Tapped In, to Vance's virtual office there, where we have never been before in the Webheads class. Maggi was having trouble going there so after examining the medium we all retired to Homestead and held discussions there until we lost Felix. Maggi and Vance and John continued chatting a while until eventually Rif and Sergei (Alwayslate) appeared on Vance's ICQ. I invited both to Homestead, but Sergei expressed an interest in Telcopoint, so the three of us went there instread and, in the second big breakthough of the evening, managed for our first time ever to get voice back and forth on the Telcopoint client. Meanwhile Felix returned in Homestead and this time brought us a guest, Juanide Chile. By then it was time for us to go our separate Webhead ways, but Juanide promised to return the following week, and we hope she does.

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ICQ logs, part 1

Vance sees John on ICQ . John has been talking with Maggi ...

Vance: (3:03 PM) Hey John, how's the class in cascading style sheets coming?

John Henry: (3:04 PM) It starts next week. I'm doing fine though. Maggi and I are talking about what "cold" means. I say 70 degrees is cold.

Vance: (3:05 PM) Yeah, if you can't stand outside for more than an hour in a bathing suit it's COLD

John Henry: (3:05 PM) She says 70 is warm.

John Henry: (3:05 PM) Well, I do have on shorts and sandals.

Vance: (3:07 PM) I'm updating webheads pages and I think I could do this in css much more easily

John Henry: (3:07 PM) You could. As soon as the class starts, I'll start explaining how.

Vance: (3:08 PM) I'd appreciate that

John Henry: (3:09 PM) We'll be meeting on Saturdays. The committee is bringing in a professor from another University to give the class.

Vance: (3:16 PM) Yeah, I'm sure I'm spending time chasing individual pages that I could do in one go. I don't like the frames approach, too complicated when frames get nested in other sites that frame.

John Henry: (3:16 PM) I played with the idea of using frames once. Finally decided it was no good.

John Henry: (3:17 PM) Sorry I couldn't make your conference - 3:30 a.m. is a bit early for me.

Vance: (3:19 PM) I've got TFW framed. If it calls WFW in its main frame, that's frames within frames. Then I've got header info at the top of hundreds of pages. I could have frames on top of header info with conflicting info -- the conference was a washout for chat. Totally inadequate Internet. Typical here, they got round to installing it 2 days before the conference.

Vance: (3:19 PM) There's one in May. I'm doing a plenary. You have to be there for that one.

John Henry: (3:19 PM) Good thing I didn't try to get up that early then.

Vance: (3:20 PM) Yeah, no point

John Henry: (3:20 PM) I sure do.

I'm giving a short workshop on using e-mail and the WWW in the ESL class tomorrow.

I plan to give one on using Chat later in the semester.

Vance: (3:21 PM) If you need participants, let us know

John Henry: (3:22 PM) OK. I sure will. The people taking the workshop are members of my department.

John Henry: (3:25 PM) The faculty has to undergo training on how to integrate computers into their classes.

Vance: (3:25 PM) I've just gone to tapped in. Want to come?

John Henry: (3:25 PM) What's the URL?

Vance: (3:26 PM)

John Henry: (3:26 PM) Be right there.

Vance: (3:31 PM) Felix has joined me in my office. When you get in, type /join vances

Meanwhile, Felix comes onto ICQ (he calls himself Grisham). Vance invites him to join us at Tapped In.

Grisham: (3:21 PM) hi there.. where are you?

Vance: (3:22 PM) Hey Felix. Nice to see you. Nowhere now. Should we be somewhere? Would you like to try tapped in?

Grisham: (3:22 PM) tapped in????????????

Vance: (3:23 PM) I'll go there too. Sign on as a guest.

Grisham: (3:23 PM) ok

Vance: (3:24 PM) heading there myself

Grisham: (3:24 PM) so am I

Vance: (3:24 PM) use the Tapestry interface

Vance: (3:26 PM) How are you doing. Have you got a place to write commands yet?

Grisham: (3:26 PM) ok

Grisham: (3:27 PM) nope

Vance: (3:27 PM) Did you get in as a guest?

Grisham: (3:28 PM) YEP

Vance: (3:28 PM) Excellent. Have you got anything that says to talk, type here and press return?

Grisham: (3:29 PM) YEP and just typed my name

Vance: (3:29 PM) ok, where it says that, type /join vances

Vance: (3:30 PM) If that doesn't work, then type that in and where it says SAY pull-down and type GOOD you're here

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Tapped In logs

Felix and John /join VanceS in his office at Tapped In, Office N2201, 22nd Floor North Wing

FELIX [guest] arrives from nowhere.

VanceS says, "Hey there. How are you doing. You're the first webhead to come here"

John [guest] arrives from nowhere.

FELIX [guest] exclaims, "Really?? What a pleasure!!!!!!!"

John [guest] says, "Hi. Got here."

FELIX [guest] asks, "This chat room is kind of slow Vance, dont you think?"

VanceS says, "Yes, another first for Felix."

VanceS says, "Maybe. I can make the room look a lot nicer though, and also it records everything and send me an email."

John [guest] says, "My first time here. Think I'll try it out with my students."

FELIX [guest] says, "The summer time finishhed yesterday..."

VanceS says, "Hi John. Yeah, you can get yourself an office. Anyone can."

John [guest] asks, "How do you decorate it?"

John [guest] asks, "It looks all grey to me. Is that how it is supposed to look?"

VanceS says, "It's very complicated. You have to input script and worst, you have to DIG or figure out where your exits are and put them in the script. I'm stuck on that one."

John [guest] says, "Hmmmm."

FELIX [guest] says, "The point is. They are creating new technologies and we can't follow them.... Our puters get old so fast. :o))"

John [guest] asks, "How are you Felix?"

VanceS says, "I've got the script down except for the exits. I hope to manage it and then I can help others."

FELIX [guest] says, "I am doing fine John. I had my wisdown tooth pulled and it hurt a lot."

VanceS says, "Are you having trouble Felix? How much memory / clockspeed do you have. Let me get Maggi."

John [guest] says, "My daughter is going to have all four of hers removed tomorrow."

FELIX [guest] says, "28 Vance"

FELIX [guest] exclaims, "at the same time????? WOW!!!!!!!!"

John [guest] asks, "28????"

VanceS asks, "of her what?"

John [guest] says, "Wisdom teeth, Vance."

FELIX [guest] says, "28 of RAm memory I have"

John [guest] says, "Yeah, at the same time. Going to the hospital to have it done."

VanceS asks, "Felix, how do you manage it?"

John [guest] says, "I have 128."

FELIX [guest] says, "suffering a lot Vance.. LOL"

VanceS says, "I can imagine. Maybe webheads should take up a collection for you."

FELIX [guest] asks, "John, how are doing with your research?"

FELIX [guest] says, "I owe you an answer.. I didnt forget.. The problem is time. I hope I can have it done this week"

VanceS says, "Nice of you to help John with his research."

John [guest] says, "I'm stuck in the pre-analysis. My boss is just piling on work all the time."

FELIX [guest] says, "i see"

John [guest] says, "Time is the problem with all of us."

FELIX [guest] says, "oh yeah"

VanceS asks, "What are you doing with your time, Felix?"

John [guest] says, "Since I'm the person with the most experience in the Internet, my boss has asked me to give a series of workshops on using it."

VanceS says, "I've got to give a workshop in cyprus on the Internet in May."

FELIX [guest] says, "During the week I am working a lot trying to get the school organized and get more student... On the weekend I kick up the heels and party. :o))"

VanceS asks, "Are you still near the beach?"

John [guest] says, "I can't party any more."

FELIX [guest] says, "This weekend I chose to stay home and rest. Next weekend will be a long one (carnival)"

VanceS says, "I can, I just don't want to (that's OLD)"

FELIX [guest] says, "yes..just 40 minutes drive from there"

VanceS says, "Is it a nice beach? You really liked the one you lived near before."

John [guest] says, "I don't have time, plus my doctor doesn't want me to eat or drink "white man's food"."

FELIX [guest] says, "yes.. It's awesome there. But we have other nice beaches around here."

FELIX [guest] says, "Are you into vegetarianism now John? Like a caterpillar? LOL"

VanceS says, "I've got to visit you one of these days. This summer my son wants to mee me in Siberia."

FELIX [guest] says, "Yes, you can come here whenever you want."

John [guest] says, "No, but I am on a diet. Just found out I have diabetes."

VanceS says, "I kind of regret not coming before."

FELIX [guest] says, "My father has it too. It's hereditary in my family."

John [guest] says, "Most people who have it find it is hereditary."

John [guest] says, "Maggi hasn't shown up yet."

VanceS asks, "Yikes. What made you have it checked out?"

FELIX [guest] exclaims, "and my father lost about 20 kilos with his diet.. A lot!"

VanceS asks, "Weren't you talking to Maggi?"

FELIX [guest] says, "I wasn't Vance."

John [guest] says, "I was drinking a lot of water, going to the bathroom three or four times a night, and generally feeling bac."

John [guest] says, "Yes, I was, but she left for a couple of minutes."

VanceS says, "Hey, try the detach button to get a larger dialog window."

FELIX [guest] asks, "Is your diabetes high?"

John [guest] says, "Sorry, that should say feeling bad. My wife made me go to the doctor to find out what was wrong."

John [guest] says, "It was close to 400."

John [guest] says, "I did "detach" some time ago."

VanceS asks, "What does 'high' mean?"

FELIX [guest] says, "WOW!!!!!!!!!! Close to a comma MAN"

VanceS asks, "I mean, what's it a measure of?"

FELIX [guest] says, "Explain to him John. I think I didnt use the right word"

FELIX [guest] says, "right Vance"

FELIX [guest] says, "I think the normal is about 180. not sure"

VanceS asks, "What's it mean if you have '400'?"

John [guest] says, "It's a measure of how much sugar is in your blood. Normal is under 115."

John [guest] says, "400 means you are in danger of going into a coma."

John [guest] says, "It is down to 150 now."

FELIX [guest] says, "right"

VanceS says, "Wow, Felix was right."

FELIX [guest] asks, "Are you heavy John?"

VanceS says, "Not just a comma, almost a parentheses."

John [guest] says, "Not as heavy as I was."

FELIX [guest] says, "ROFLMAO@VANCE"

John [guest] says, "No, vance, not just a comma."

VanceS says, "you always make me laugh Felix, that's why one day I've got to come visit you."

FELIX [guest] says, "or an end period."

John [guest] says, "I'm not sure of the conversion. I was at 225 pounds, Now I am at 190. The doctor wants me to get to 170."

FELIX [guest] says, "I am completely dumb to "pounds" and another things also LOL"

John [guest] says, "I'll be back in a minute."

FELIX [guest] says, "ok John"

VanceS says, "I guess I'm about 170 or maybe less. Divide that by 2.2 to get kilos."

FELIX [guest] says, "doing it now"

VanceS asks, "Is your dialog still slow?"

FELIX [guest] says, "I am in my 196 Vance"

FELIX [guest] says, "Nope.. It' ok now"

FELIX [guest] says, "it's ok now"

VanceS asks, "Why don't you think about coming to visit me? Out of the question financially?"

FELIX [guest] asks, "and I am 1.80 meters high.. Do you know how to convert it?"

FELIX [guest] says, "That's the basic point.. MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"

VanceS says, "I think it's 39 inches to a meter and 36 to a yard, or 3 feet."

VanceS says, "So 1.8 times 39, divide by 36 to get yards and by 3 to get feet."

VanceS says, "Sorry, multiply by 3, so just divide by 12"

VanceS says, "1.8 x 39 / 12"

FELIX [guest] says, "5.85 then"

VanceS says, "Sounds about right. I'm a little taller by a couple of inches."

VanceS says, "So I must be about 1.9"

FELIX [guest] says, "yes."

FELIX [guest] says, "you are taller than me."

VanceS says, "only slightly"

VanceS asks, "So are you enjoying your new place yet? What town is it, Puerto Seguro?"

John [guest] says, "There is a place called "bookmarklets" that allows you to save converters to your favorites folder."

FELIX [guest] says, "nope.. It's close to Porto Seguro.. It' called Eunapolis.. Not different from the other city. But it's better because it's close to Porto SEguro.."

VanceS says, "There's a lot we can do here at tapped in. I haven't really looked at the features much, but we can put urls up on each other's screens."

FELIX [guest] says, "Ppl love Porto Seguro. Besides it's so beautiful there, there are many things to do and the ppl feel they can do whatever they want."

VanceS asks, "Is pto seguro on the beach?"

FELIX [guest] says, "Yes, it's on the beach."

VanceS asks, "Is that where you go 40 min away?"

FELIX [guest] says, "PPL from all over Brazil dream of coming to Porto Seguro.. When I say (on internet) that I live close to it, everyone envies me."

VanceS says, "What kind of things is there to do? (many things to do)"

FELIX [guest] says, "Yes Vance."

FELIX [guest] says, "Beach, night clubs,drugs (if you like), LOTS of parties (the Brazilian ones are really different from yours)"

VanceS says, "What kinds of things are there ... (better grammar)"

FELIX [guest] says, "Here, we go out at night after 11:00 pm"

John [guest] says, "Sounds like college."

VanceS says, "I was in Pamplona this summer and Party time started about then."

FELIX [guest] says, "Only coming here you have an idea of what Porto Seguro is"

John [guest] says, "My daughter and her friends think anything before 11 is still afternoon."

FELIX [guest] says, "BTW, Porto Seguro is where the history says Brazil was discovered"

VanceS says, "I've got to do it. I loved Brazil when I was there before."

VanceS asks, "How old is your daughter now?"

FELIX [guest] says, "And you knew the South of Brazil.. Kind of conversative when comparing to my region.. A LOT conversative"

John [guest] says, "21."

VanceS says, "conservative, yeah, should enjoy it ... same age as my son. I'll have to bring him."

FELIX [guest] says, "He will certainly love here."

VanceS says, "Maybe we should all just move there ..."

FELIX [guest] says, "Brazil is a good country to live, the only problem is the wages.. So low."

VanceS asks, "Inflation used to be a big problem. Better now?"

FELIX [guest] says, "yes, it's much better."

VanceS says, "But I guess it's hard to find money to travel. this is very important to me."

VanceS says, "of course, if you have everything where you are, you're lucky ..."

FELIX [guest] says, "money.. one of our biggest problem. snif snif"

VanceS asks, "Did you say that carnival starts next week? Or only a small one?"

FELIX [guest] says, "nope... the real carnival... It's holiday here from Saturday to Wed."

VanceS asks, "So you'll go to Pto Seguro for it?"

FELIX [guest] exclaims, "Actually I am staying in another beach close to Porto SEguro where a friend of mine has a house. It's called Trancoso.. A PARADISE!"

FELIX [guest] says, "Maybe we go to Porto Seguro at night, where the things happen. :o)))"

VanceS says, "Are you talking with Maggi anywhere? I invited her and she only wrote a short message."

FELIX [guest] says, "I am not"

John [guest] says, "I invited her too. She sent me brb."

VanceS says, "maybe she's busy"

FELIX [guest] says, "Probably."

John [guest] says, "Still nobody in Homestead."

VanceS says, "She says she's trying to get here."

VanceS says, "Yeah, I've got homestead open. I guess someone would go there before going to a voice chat, but we could try the excite site if you want to talk."

John [guest] asks, "So, if a person registers here, he can have a description, right?"

VanceS says, "I think Maggi's feeling a bit left out because she can't make it here."

FELIX [guest] asks, "what voice chat is working?"

John [guest] says, "I can't use voice right now. My sound card has gone kaput."

VanceS says, "A description? You can have an office, another life ..."

John [guest] says, "That's what I need. Another life."

VanceS asks, "I think she's having problems with Netscape. Are using IE or Netscape you guys?"

John [guest] says, "IE"

John [guest] says, "I seldom use netscape except for the editor."

VanceS says, "Yeah, I find IE to be the far superior browser"

VanceS asks, "Felix, IE?"

FELIX [guest] says, "yes. I am using IE now"

VanceS says, "That could be a clue ..."

VanceS asks, "Maggi has joined us at Homestead. Do you want to go there Felix?"

FELIX [guest] asks, "what is the www?"

John [guest] says, ""

VanceS says, "http://www.homestead ... that's it"

John [guest] says, "Just cut and pasted the URL from my browser window."

VanceS has disconnected.

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Homestead logs

With Maggi having unable to reach Tapped In, we gravitate toward Homestead, which almost everyone can reach.

Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous6163.

Members of room: Anonymous6163 John

You have changed your name to Vance.

Anonymous904 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous904 is now known as Maggi.

<Vance> Hi Maggi

<Maggi> Hi...

<John> Hi, Maggi.

<Vance> Hi. John, Felix and I are using IE, so I guess that might be the problem ...

<Maggi> and then again it may not be

<Maggi> assumption

<John> Have you been in Tapped in before, Maggi?

<Maggi> yes, many times

<John> Then I don't think it is the browser.

<Maggi> long before Vance

<Vance> What do you suspect is the problem, Maggi? Did you use the Tapestry interface back then?

<Vance> There's a second interface option. Did you try that one?

<Maggi> I don't suspect anything...I don't know

<Vance> I think the other is in case you can't connect with Tapestry, so you might try it if you like

<Vance> Especially if you were connecting previously with no problem

<Maggi> I might

<Vance> On the other hand it could be something in your personal firewall, another thing you've changed since then.

<Vance> I'm just trying to help ...

<Vance> I troubleshoot computers all day long, it's my job (sigh) one of them ...

<Maggi> I know, but I got there no problem the other day and you were having difficulties

Anonymous13 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> I'm out from behind my firewall now.

Anonymous13 is now known as Felix.

<Vance> Firewalls are often an issue in chat connections

<Maggi> well I was behind mine then

Anonymous423 has joined the chat room.

<Maggi> Hi Felix

<Vance> and using netscape? So same browser, same firewall?

Anonymous423 has left the chat room.

<Maggi> same everything

<Vance> hmmm, ok, maybe it will work later

<Maggi> I don#t change things like

<Felix> Really maggi?

<John> Hi again, Felix.

<Felix> hi

<Maggi> nope Felix...not any more!

<John> She doesn't have grandkids yet.

<Maggi> no...

<Vance> I haven't done that in a long time myself

<John> I just had to start again a couple of years ago.

<Vance> Well, thanks everyone for helping me check out Tapped In

<John> You're welcome, Vance.

<Vance> That's a LOT easier for me to handle. I just get an email of the transcript

<Vance> Here I have to cut and paste frequently

<Vance> Though it's a lot easier since I resized the window

<Vance> Tapped in has some other features I'd like to explore

<John> I was exploring some of the buttons on the site while we were chatting.

<John> I think I'm going to register today.

<Vance> What did you find?

Felix has left the chat room.

<John> Just the pasteboard and how to find out who the people you are chatting with are.

<John> I didn't have much time to go exploring.

<Vance> Theres a remarkable feature here. You can flash a url on someone else's computer. It's actually a bit in your face, but it can be a tool

<Vance> This is a very nice community too. There are people who can help with things, and regular teacher's meetings.

<John> I saw that, too. But I didn't have a particular url to flash.

<John> I notice all the lists are educational.

<Maggi> moo are mostly just for that

<Vance> it's not good. It throws a browser window up on the victim's screen. To be used judiciously.

<John> Depends on the MOO.

<John> I'll be careful with it then.

<John> I've been reading up on MOOs in the past few weeks.

<Maggi> and why is that bad?

<Vance> Now that's something I can't do from here

<John> Why is what bad?

<Vance> If the other person isn't expecting it, it takes over their computer and it's not polite, if they're not expecting it.

<Maggi> opening a url on a screen

<John> It means I can open a browser window on your computer.

<Vance> Like right now, I'm moving between half a dozen windows and my machine is having problems refreshing as it is.

<Maggi> well, done in class and at a conference you are given warning

<Vance> In the right context, it's brilliant.

<John> I agree with that. I wouldn't want just anybody to do it though.

<Vance> Yeah, as long as you ask first. also depends on the time it's going to take to load in. If it's a quicktime video .... ???

<Maggi> you wouldn't be doing that in a class or at a conference

<John> There are sometimes weird people in classes.

<Vance> what video? At one of the hawaii conferences I was looking at examples of 3d quicktime videos, but I was going to the urls

<Vance> We're starting to use a bit of video here. Have you ever seen adeaters?

<John> I have students who would open pornographic sites on other people's computers just for the fun of it.

<Maggi> do they eat ads? sfg

<Vance> There's another example of abuse. Adeaters archives ads, but also I think ad agencies use them to pilot ads to get audience reactions

<John> I haven't seen them.

<Vance> So you get some wild stuff. I guess it's

<Maggi> I think only the teacher would be able to do it

<Vance> I think you're right Maggi

<John> I would like to check some day and find out.

<Maggi> imagine that....

<Vance> I guess it's my turn ...

<John> Anybody here ever check out ?

<Vance> I'm uploading webheads files with the new chat urls

<Vance> No, but Felix mentioned it. What is it?

<John> No, I mentioned it. (I'm also the one who mentioned my daughter is 21).

<John> Bookmarklets it a place where you can save small javascript programs to your favorites folder.

<John> If you want to convert from F to C, for example, you open that bookmarklet

<John> type in the temperature, and it automatically converts it.

<John> There are many others also.

<Vance> oh, I see ...

<Vance> ha ha

<Vance> I thought I was talking to Felix ... lol

<John> You were talking to both of us.

<Maggi> alzheimers

<John> At least it's not Parkinsons.

<Vance> It's a good thing I get to go back and read those chats ...

<Maggi> good thing I wasn't there too...

<John> I don't know. A bit a confusion is good for people.

<Vance> You can read it all later .. do you ever do that? I wonder if anyone reads these things besides me ...

<Maggi> I read them

<John> I do.

<Maggi> so do others

<Maggi> Felix does

<John> Especially when I have been kicked off the server and have lost part of a session.

<Vance> That's great. There's a purpose then ...

<Maggi> I've told you that before

<Vance> probably have ...

<John> 190 pounds is 86.18 kilograms

<Maggi> among other

<John> No all in-laws are bad. My wife has some wonderful ones.

<Maggi> I just keep the systems of measurement separate

<Maggi> where did that come from?

<Maggi> lol

<John> I think in American units, but here on the Island, I have to convert temperatures all the time.

<John> What, Maggi?

<Maggi> I don't convert anymore

<Maggi> the in-laws John

<John> If I have a 101 F fever, I have to tell the doctor or pharmacist in C.

<John> I think if came from George Burns.

<Maggi> 38

<Vance> We were talking with Felix about wt and ht

<John> I used to have a thermometer that gave both readings.

<John> I was talking to Maggi about in-laws earlier (on ICQ).

<Maggi> I know if it hits 40 you are heading for trouble

<John> I've hit it before, too.

<John> It's not fun.

<Maggi> last one I had hit 39.8

<Maggi> and I went to work...that was 4 yrs ago

<John> I haven't had one that high in a couple of years, though.

<John> I would never go to work with one that high.

<Maggi> the last one before that I don't remember

<John> Where are the students today?

<Maggi> I didn't know it was that high

<Maggi> sleeping?

<Vance> good question. And Michael ...

<Maggi> sleeping?

<John> I had one approaching 39 while I was at school one day.

<Vance> Maybe we should set some purposeful activities for our sessions

<Vance> Are you getting any kind of feedback on why studetns come or not?

<John> So far, they all say that it is the time.

<Vance> Also, I'd like to start a discussion on Wimba, one with a task to it

<Maggi> did you check out the web site truna mentioned on NETEACH?

<John> It looks like a good idea.

<John> Felix once mentioned the use of role playing.

<Vance> Which one? She's a MOO person. I met her in Barcelona, btw

<Maggi> Jarp Town

<Vance> No, seriously, MOOS are just not available here. I could try it from my hors de firewall computer ...

Maggi has left the chat room.

<Vance> What's Jarp town? hello?

Maggi has joined the chat room.


<Vance> OK, thanks. I ought to close something. I guess we don't need tapped in.

<John> I just closed it.

<Maggi> I should get Stefan up..

<John> Sounds like a good idea.

<John> I wish Holly would go to sleep.

<Maggi> teenagers have no trouble...:-)

<Vance> browsers are going a bit nuts here

<John> But dogs do.

<Maggi> wonder why...

<John> So do I.

<Maggi> too bad they can't talk

<Vance> ok, I'm at Jarp town

<John> I just had to go tie her up.

<Vance> Sorry I'm closing down some of my windows here because screen refresh is very sluggish. You guys still there? Or am I stone cold here.

<John> I'm still here. I'm also signing up for Tapped in.

<Vance> sounds like a good use of time. I'm waiting for my computer to settle down.

<John> I'm down to where they ask me to tell them about myself.

<Vance> and ???

<Vance> just tell em Maggi sent you

<John> I'll tell them Vance sent me.

<Vance> The reason I'm having so much problem here is the abysmal http file upload that Homestead requires. They cut off ftp.

<Vance> But Im almost done :-)))

<John> I haven't updated my homestead files in a lonnnng time.

<Vance> It's really bad. I use them ONLY because they're the only free provider that China hasn't blocked yet

<Vance> Other than prohosting, and I have to put a special command in all files I send there

<John> What happens when they block that one also.

<Maggi> out of luck

<John> ???

<Maggi> for those in China

<Vance> Can't move to prohosting. Find another free provider, I guess. There's actually an endless list, but each requires a test, and see if the ftp works, and see what the ads are like ...

<John> Oh, I thought you meant Stephan.

<Vance> maybe she did

<Maggi> oh...I put another load of laundry on and started making my bed

<John> Isn't there any free webhosting service in China?

<Vance> I used to use Geocities. The Chinese blocked it or at least we found out it was blocked. So we moved to Tripod.

<Vance> That was ok for a while, but then the Chinese blocked it.

<Vance> So I tested a bunch of sites and settled on Homestead.

<Vance> They've had ftp until just recently.

<Vance> Now it's a pain.

<John> You don't think they are trying to block you, do you? :)

<Vance> I don't know about a Chinese site, but you don't want to move too much, so you need something stable, reliable.

<Vance> No, it's wierd how in China you can't get Geocities or Tripod sites.

<Vance> Must be a great frustration for them.

<John> So my tapped in character is JohnSte

<Maggi> not if you don't know about them

<Vance> If you do a web search and half the sites you can't connect to ...

<John> Especially if you are searching on Yahoo.

<John> brb

<Vance> Jarp town looks nice. So each of our students could be a character

<Maggi> yes...the idea is great

<Maggi> I could start a company for my business students

<John> It does look like a good idea.

<Vance> that's an idea. It's cute. But in a way we already have a jarp town only it's real

<Vance> You know one thing we could do is fill in a map of our place and have students fill in descriptions

<John> About the only thing that is missing.

<Vance> Suppose you click on a world map, Germany let's say, and find Maggi, and get a description of Maggi and her house and follow her about during her day

<Vance> Or China and MaggieE

<Vance> As always, getting people to cooperate, to stay tuned in ...

<John> That's always the most important part.

<Maggi> motivate and make it interesting

<John> A 52 year old balding man, slightly overwight, sitting at his computer in green shorts, a ragged tee-shirt, sandals, and drinking a large cup of coffee.

<John> Once an hour you see him move slightly so that people know he is still alive.

<Maggi> an unkempt middle-aged woman making her bed

<John> Vance?

<Vance> Yes, now on what I was saying earlier, what if we convened this class for the purpose of creating such a world. You know, getting students to contribute such desriptions.

<Maggi> you can hear her mumble in frustration when the buttons won't button

<Vance> I'm sitting at a desk at work in tie and sports coat (cold)

<Maggi> you are cold?

<John> Always one who has to be well dressed. Ever read "The Wanting of Levine"?

<Vance> airconditioning

<Maggi> another wimp

<Vance> hey, you couldn't come to Barcelona cause of the HEAT !!

<Vance> Well, actually cause you broke your leg, but before that ...

<Vance> And it was COOL in Morocco and Spain, to us anyway

<Maggi> you forgot what real cold is

<Vance> What about the Wanting of Levine

<John> He was the general secretary of his political party. When the presidential candidate left the country with all thecampaign money.

<John> They had to interview somebody, and he was the only one available.

<Maggi> oh man she squeals and rips the buttons off the pillowcase...

<John> He was found on the beach dressed in a black suit.

<John> So, of course, he became the new candidate.

<Maggi> did he win?

<John> Imagine, going to the beach dressed in a suit.

<Vance> what country is this?

<John> Yes, by a landslide.

<Maggi> well...takes all kinds

<John> The first Jewish president of the US.

<Maggi> maybre he was on a lunch break

<Vance> oh, sounds like Gatsby stuff

<John> It was just after the party's convention.

<John> The book was extremely funny.

<John> Now I am looking for "The Brief History of Przwekski"

<Vance> We've got Rif and Sergei on the fringes. Rif has just popped offline

<John> The story of the first Puerto Rican president of the US.

<Vance> So much for Turkey on our map of Jarp

<John> Invite them over.

<Vance> I did. Sergei is not responding.

<John> My computer keeps giving out a grinding noise. Every time I take it to the technician, though, it sounds fine.

<Vance> Speaking of Presidents, what do you think of Bush's little war?

<John> I don't like wars. I was telling Maggi that TV here insults our intelligence.

<John> And when GW speaks, if gets even worse.

<John> (more insulting, that is)

<John> What I worry about is that Bush's little war will not just be a bush war.

<Vance> Me too. That guy was a big mistake.

<Vance> Him and Ariel Sharon.

<Maggi> it's a male thing I don't really get

<John> They were all mistakes.

<John> There was no such thing as a really good candidate this time.

<Maggi> the lesser evil

<Vance> Sergei asked about the hearme chat so I sent him to Wanna come?

<Maggi> does it work?

<John> I'd like to, but my sound card went kaput earlier. I have to go get a new one this week.

<Vance> It always works for me. I sit there by myself and talk and the indicators move

<John> I have to go soon, anyway.

<Vance> Other people can actually get there and text chat, but no sound yet

<Maggi> it didn't last time we tried it

<Vance> Try again if you like.

<Maggi> well then why not tell Sergi to come here

Anonymous58 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Well, I did. I initiated the dialog with 'we're at homestead etc.

Anonymous58 is now known as Felix.

<Felix> only teachers?

<Maggi> not any moree

<Vance> Hey Felix. Back again. Wha happened,? ANyway, you're a teacher.

<Felix> Connection problems Vance

<Vance> We're trying to get Sergie and Rif in here, but both are slow on ICQ

<Felix> I see

<Felix> I dont know Rif

<Vance> If you want to try the new hearme, reach it through

<Vance> If we were at tapped in, I could throw his web page up on your screen.

Anonymous7550 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous7550 has left the chat room.

<Vance> Rif is in hearme

Felix has left the chat room.

<John> It's about time for me to go. See you all next week.

<Vance> Can you read the text messages John?

<John> I was able to read them. Yes.

<Vance> ok, do you see Rif there?

<John> Yes, I do. You, Rif, and Me.

<Vance> i sent an ICQ to riff but it's hung

<Maggi> ok..have a nice day John

<John> OK, Thanks. See you later.

John has left the chat room.

<Vance> Sergei an I are connected.

<Vance> We've actually connected!

<Maggi> great

<Vance> We're talking. Try it.

<Maggi> I have a pile of things to get done today...

<Vance> I'm talking to Rif AND Sergei now

<Maggi> I'm sure you guys have enough to talk about

<Vance> YOu are witnessing Webhead history, nothing to talk about though

<Vance> Connection is very bad.

<Vance> Felix is coming back here I think

Anonymous50 has joined the chat room.

<Maggi> Felix?

<Anonymous50> Hello

<Vance> hi

Anonymous50 is now known as Juanide Chile.

<Maggi> hi

<Maggi> Juanide

<Juanide Chile> hi to everyone

<Vance> hi

<Juanide Chile> felix told me there´ a good chat here..

<Vance> I just shut down the telcopoint. Hi Juanide.

<Juanide Chile> I´m a teacher also

<Vance> Nice to meet you.

<Juanide Chile> me too

<Juanide Chile> it´ the first time i get here ...

<Vance> You are welcome. Only thing is I have to go. I have to meet someone at my house.

<Vance> Is Maggie still here?

<Vance> Maggi I mean

<Juanide Chile> Ok.see you later then....Vance.....

<Vance> We meet here every Sunday, usually 2 and ahalf hours earlier than this

<Vance> You are welcome any time.

<Vance> We'll be here next Sunday, but a little earlier if you can make it.

<Juanide Chile>´ almost midday in my country now.

<Vance> Unless Maggi is still here and wants to chat.

<Vance> But next Sunday, you'll be partying

<Juanide Chile> yes..I will..thanks a lot for the invitation..

<Juanide Chile> how many of you meet ?

<Vance> Ok, please come back and we can talk longer

<Vance> Tonight, about 4 or 5 of us here and 3 in voice chat

<Juanide Chile> what time tonight?

<Vance> You can explore our website,*webheads

<Juanide Chile> I also have my mic and a wbcam

<Vance> Every Sunday two and a half hours earlier than now.

<Vance> GREAT we can talk next week.

<Juanide Chile> yes...I´l explore it..thanks alot...

<Juanide Chile> ok..see you next week then.

<Vance> OK, see you next Sunday. Bye.

<Juanide Chile> bye..

<Maggi> bye

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ICQ logs, part 2


Vance sees Sergei on ICQ ...

Vance: (5:41 PM) Hi there. We're at

alwayslate: (5:46 PM) I'll try to meet you there... Vance, have managed to create your chat rooms at HearMe? I don't know how to link my rooms to the URL they provide

Vance: (5:47 PM) Mine is at

Try and meet me there. I'll go there now.

alwayslate: (5:49 PM) I'll try to meet you there... I have a very bad connection today...

Vance, any news from HearMe. I don't know how to link from the URL I supplied to the URL they give> w

Vance: (5:50 PM) I'm sitting in that chat room but I haven't been able to connect with anyone there yet

alwayslate: (6:00 PM) I've just reached your experimental voice chat page...

Vance: (6:00 PM) ok

Vance: (6:01 PM) I don't see you. You have to click on the second url to join us.

alwayslate: (6:01 PM) can't get through....

Vance: (6:01 PM) what is the message, the error message?

alwayslate: (6:03 PM) detecting the client

Vance: (6:04 PM) There's someone unidentified in our chat. Is it you?

alwayslate: (6:04 PM) yeah

Vance: (6:04 PM) someone just spoke

Vance: (6:12 PM) Are you still here?

alwayslate: (6:13 PM) Hi

Vance: (6:13 PM) Ok we can chat here

Vance: (6:13 PM) I can't understand the sound very well

alwayslate: (6:13 PM) So, I have created two chat rooms...

Vance: (6:14 PM) ok what are the links. We can try yours.

Vance: (6:14 PM) Also, you need to turn your sound down.

Vance sees Rif online and invites him to Homestead, but time passes for the response. When he comes back to me, Sergei and I are already trying out the new Telcopoint/Hearme, so I invite him there.

rif: (5:49 PM) Hi Vance, I will be there shortly

Vance: (5:49 PM) Try this one: if you like. CLick on the url to the chatroom from there.

rif: (5:57 PM) I can hear you but seems that you cannot hear me

Vance: (6:00 PM) let me put on headphones

Vance: (6:00 PM) try again

Vance: (6:08 PM) Rif, Sergei and I are talking. It's working. How about you?

The rest of our conversation is spoken; meanwhile, this from Michael ...

Hi Vance.

I just arrived home from a 3 day World Music festival and I'm exhausted. It's 11.46 pm so I'm just going to answer essential email and go to bed.

If you're still there with the others say hi from me and send my apologies. Hope it went well.

The festival was *fantastic*!

Michael Coghlan

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