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Meet Abdul-Elah

My name is Abdul-ELah. I'm from Syria. I study mathematics at univeristy, 4th year. I love the English language, and recently I've been preparing for TOEFL. It was my very good luck to find a link through which I met teacher Vance Stevens, who told me about this group and here I am. I hope you accept me as a new friend of yours. :) Thanks

On 29 Nov 2003, Buth replied:

Hi Abdul-Elah, and welcome to W4W community, I am an English instructor from Kuwait. I teach freshmen and sophomre students, (students in their 1st & 2nd year), at College of Science, Kuwait University. I'm glad to see you in our group and hope you find it beneficial.My YM ID is: esl_efl_ku, please feel free to contact me online.

On 30 Nov 2003, Abdul-Elah, or Mathy, followed up:

Hi y'all,

I'd like to thank teacher Buthaina and teacher Maggi for the welcoming words. Glad to meet you ladies! :)

I didn't have any holidays in the bygone Ramadan, but all in all it was great, thank God.

This group is a warm place, I wish I had known about it from before, but it's not too late ;) Question: If I have a piece of writing about some topic, do I post it in this yahoo message board? could you enlight me please? thanks in advance :-)


On 30 Nov 2003, Maggi replied:

Hi Mathy,

Yes, if you have writing you would like corrected, just post it here and ask. One of us will help you.

Maggi :-)

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Last updated: February 6, 2004