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The Library of Congress loc_gov.htm
University of Oxford libraries oxlip.htm
UAE University New Medical Library uaeu_nml.htm
Subscription services
e.g. ERIC E*Subscribe eric.htm

The Online Writing Collaboration Project (OWCp) by Meteab M. AlZahrani, Indiana University of Pennsylvania English Department was created to be the meeting place on cyberspace for English learners and teachers from all over the globe. OWCp main mission is to connect English learners with English native speakers to promote English Interactions and to create authentic interactive learning environment with the target culture (American and English Culture). OWCp is based on collaboration theories, and thus it is a two-way interaction, in which EFL learners can share and discuss their writings with classmates & American peers. OWCp members receive comprehensive feedback from qualified online tutors who volunteered to help English learners. All these are free services for students. Here are the major OWCp sections:

Plus there is an OWCp Links section to provide teachers and students of English with up-to-date links to authentic materials that include online journals, lesson plans, teaching/learning materials, English software, English writing process strategies, e-books, and other miscellaneous teaching and learning materials.

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