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Bedford/St. Martin's "Hone Your Research Skills" - Explore key research skills such as: - Research Processes - Electronic Searches - Using the World Wide Web - Using Other Internet Resources - Using Online Library Catalogs - Using Databases & Electronic Indexes - Evaluating Sources - Citing Sources bedfordstmartins.htm
The ELSAC: English Language Self-Access Centre, The University of Aukland This is an example of a brick and mortar facility housing an Electronic Learning Environment accessible from both on and off campus. The page links to a virtual Flash tour of the ELE

The ELSAC: English Language Self-Access Centre, The University of Aukland was set up to help students who have difficulty with English, with writing essays, understanding lectures, doing presentations, etc. The ELSAC has hundreds of resources to improve English and there are qualified staff available during all opening hours (seven days per week!) to help and advise students. The ELSAC organises language learning activities such as a Writing Club, Speaking Practice, and much more, and lets students book language advisory sessions where an experienced ELSAC staff member will then help decide what work is needed and the best, and most efficient ways to do it. They help with strategies for improving English "that will make you more confident and able to deal with all English requirements in your studies."

The ELSAC has developed an Electronic Learning Environment, an innovative computer programme that helps you learn by yourself. There are hundreds of books, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, and other print materials. Some of the books can be borrowed. There are movies on DVD with subtitling. There are computer programmes that help you with your. pronunciation, by recording and analysing your speech. The ELSAC actively engages in research and also facilitates research by students and staff.

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