Integrating keyboarding and language skills with MS Office

Vance Stevens, Lecturer of Computing at Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi

Click here for a presentation on this material at the 2004 TESOL Conference in Long Beach

Instructions for Students

In these exercises you will create a memo (or office memorandum) to report and evaluate your keyboarding skills progress. As you complete the steps, you will practice these skills:

Materials Used

Step Resource What to do
1 DOS Keyboard Tutor Progress Chart Keep a copy of this form handy when working the DOS Keyboard Tutor lessons. For each lesson completed, record your speed and accuracy as reported by the program. Regularly record this data into an Excel spreadsheet.
2 Creating a Keyboard Progress Chart in your Computing Class

This online PowerPoint presentation explains exactly how to use Chart Wizard in Excel to produce a 'chart object' in your spreadsheet

Note: When entering accuracy values, use absolute numbers such at 96 rather than decimal such as .96 or 96% (since these values will appear as less than one on your chart).

3 Sample Memorandum Use the Memo Wizard in Word to create a memo like the one shown here, with the Excel chart object imported. Follow the instructions in the memo to create a report explaining your progress report of speed and accuracy at the keyboard as you complete the keyboarding tutorials.
4 Memo Marking Sheet (with sample memo) Here is the marking sheet for your memo. This sheet explains what your teacher is looking for in your completed memo, and shows you a sample that matches the criteria.
5 DOS Keyboarding Tutor Quiz Sheet When it's time for assessing your typing skills, this is a form your teacher might use. There is also a marking scheme on the second page.

For PI use: Here is an Advanced Word and Excel Integrated Skills Exercise for practicing skills required for this exercise along with some advanced Word skills

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