Welcome to my webpage in the PI

Hello, everybody

My name is Mohamed Qaed, I'm a student in the PI and this my first year there , I'm from Abu Dhabi, I'm 17 years old and I like listening to music and watching movies with my friends

This is a picture of my classmates in the computer class. (click on the picture to go to the my class website)

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And here are some of my classmates and blogs webpages for the computer class:

Student Image Homepage Blog
Ahmed Abdul Sattar 157ahmed032b.htm http://ahmed157.blogspot.com
Waleed Hassan   172waleed032b.html http://tyranet.blogspot.com/
Hussain Mohamed   175hussein032b.htm http://abbadi787.blogspot.com doesn't work
Ahmed Mubarak   182ahmad_mubarack032b.htm http://lordforever.blogspot.com
Fuad Khaled 223fuad032b.htm http://elghadar.blogspot.com
Ahmed Mohamed   329ahmad032b.htm http://spysama.blogspot.com
Ahmed Helal 395ahmad_helal032b.htm http://aldhanhani.blogspot.com
Abdulla Khalifa 404abdulla032b.htm http://almsafri.blogspot.com
Ahmed Awadh   427ahmad_awad032b.htm  
Khalid Abood 442khaled032b.html http://khaled442.blogspot.com
Mohamed Abdul Hameed 464mohammed032b.htm
Mohamed Abdel Ghafour 477mohamed_abdel_ghafour032b.htm Old blog: http://mar7eba.blogspot.com
From Dec 2003: http://www.burai.blogspot.com
Fahad Mubarak     http://mobie.blogspot.com
Mohmed Ali     http://mohcomputing.blogspot.com
Mansour Ali   589mansour32b.htm http://alnuaimi.blogspot.com
Tariq Abdulla   608tariq032b.htm http://tariqaljunaibi.blogspot.com
Mohamed Abu Baker 610mohamed032b.htm http://alhashimy5500.blogspot.com

To contact me you can mail me at mohammaduae@hotmail.com

last update: 5/1/2004