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Meet Jo Howard

Hi Vance,

You wrote >I'm one of the teachers for the webheads class that you joined on the 10th. Since you have a UK address, I'm curious what your interest is in our group.>

I joined by mistake. I used to teach young people who were English speakers but not good writers. I was actually trying to join an online course for website design!

I am however very interested in online learning and have been invited to observe a couple of conferences. It may have been that that is how I joined this!

Sorry about the mistake, and thanks for your enquiry

Jo Howard

(Joanna Howard)
18 Jul 1999

Jo is of course welcome to join our group. Anyone with an interest in language learning, and who is willing to interact either as a student or as an informant to language students, can make a contribution to our group. - Vance

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