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Meet Eduardo

15 Jul 2000

Hello. My name is Eduardo Rho, I'm from Argentina but I live in Mexico. I develop educational software and I would like to improve my English. Thank you for the opportunity.

I have two programs we have been marketing now: ReAd21, a speed-reading self-study course, and Agora, a word puzzle. You can find them at

Even though you see the site's name in English, all our products are in Spanish, which is the market we are trying to access right now. And that´s one of the reasons why I am trying to improve my English. Our goal for this year is get into the US and UK markets soon.

August 11, 2000: I am also in the process of having a book published. It's about reading and how to do it better. I will try to translate a few chapters so I can share it with you all.

Edwardo has written a more in-depth account of his background and his interest in speed-reading here

16 Jul 2000

Thank you Maggie. Even though I have been working with computers and Internet for so many years, it still is incredible for me to be in touch with someone so far from where I live. Probably you are starting your Monday while I am just starting to enjoy the first hours of my Sunday. I think it will surprise me forever.

You say you are going to the Yellow Mountains and that you are worried because you will not have he chance of using your computer. I can tell you that I work with computers all day, 365 days a year, so one of the conditions for my perfect vacations is not having any chance to use it. In this sense, I think you are the lucky one.

Traveling have been part of my live since I was a little boy. I have visited many countries in my life and I have lived in many of them. I have just spent 11 of my 47 years in my native country. The rest of it took me to Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, US and Mexico. Anyone would think that I am tired of airplanes, buses, roads and hotels, but I am not. I still miss it.

Enjoy your vacation.



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