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Chat logging: a cool way to improve your English

How can this class help you to improve your English? Is it really useful to chat with a teacher and other students? YES. Why?

Answer: Both the Palace and ICQ allow you to log (record) your chats. You can keep a record of your conversations. During the chat, your teacher might correct your English, or reply to your incorrect English with a correct form. After the conversation, you can review your record for new vocabulary and the correct way to say things.

Here's how to keep a record of your conversations:

ICQ: When you exit a chat, ICQ asks, Save Buffer? If you say yes, then you can browse for a place to save your chat log the same way you would when using Save As in Windows. During a chat, you can save your conversation at any time using File / Save Buffer

The Palace: In the Palace, you should open a Log Window. The command is Options / Log Window. You will see a scroll bar in the Log Window. After the chat, you can copy the contents of the Log Window and paste them to another application, such as a word processor or notepad.

Other chat clients: With other chat logs, such as Homestead or HearMe text chats, to save the text, you have to highlight the contents of the log, copy them, and paste them to another application.

        First, open the other application, such as Word or Notepad.

        Then highlight the contents of the log you want to copy. To do this, place the cursor at the beginning of the log, hold down the left mouse button, and scroll all the way to the bottom.When you release the mouse button, the text should all be highlighted.

        Press ctrl-C to copy the text to the computerís clipboard, or memory buffer.

        Place the cursor in the application you are copying TO and press ctrl-V to dump the clipboard there.

Be careful here.Some chat clients only contain a little of your conversation, and you might have to do this frequently during your conversation (otherwise, some of the first things you said will disappear).Also, you have to be quick.If someone adds to the text chat while you are highlighting it, your highlight will disappear and you will probably have to start over.

The logs from the classes held at the Palace and other chat areas are recorded and linked to this web page.

If you miss class or forget to save your buffer, you can look in the logs to see what happened on the day you want to know about.

Other similar data on the web

Ruth Vilmi also archives student synchronous writing (each online at the same time, as in a chat room) and asynchronous writing (students online at different times, as with email). Here are her urls and the location of our corresponding data:





Logged at this website


Archived at our efiwebheads egroups site at

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