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Chat with students Ying Lan from Taiwan, Felix from Brazil, and Scott - and teachers Vance, Michael and Maggi and her son Stefan

September 13, 1998

Vance recovered this chat log quite by accident on August 12, 2000 while backing up files from an old computer. It's the first chat log preserved in the not-yet-formed Webheads class so far.

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*** Welcome to The Palace Portal

Vance: ^Palace Mansion. The original Palace. It has a nightclub atmosphere. Click to go there now. []


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*** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

In these days, Vance took to hanging out at the Palace at work just to see who would turn up ...

MAD: @64,64 !It's MAD

MAD: Hi Vance!

MAD: Oh, did I scare off whoever else was here...

Brazil: I don't know

MAD: brb

Brazil: Hey help me with this: He's a very EARNEST young man

Brazil: serious - precious - intelligent - interesting

MAD: Means he is sincere...

MAD: serious...

Brazil: thnkas

Brazil: thanks

MAD: Ok...I'm back.

MAD: you're welcome Felix.

Brazil: ok I am back too

MAD: Vance is a he Felix.

Brazil: sorry

MAD: You couldn't know.

Brazil: i am not acostumed with foreign names

MAD: I know. But don't feel bad. I did it on a list once.

MAD: With English names!!

Brazil: i understand

MAD: Sometimes a name can be for a man or woman.

Brazil: Mad did you find anything about German courses ?

MAD: Not yet.

MAD: Still looking.

Brazil: ok

MAD: I was really busy this week, so I haven't looked so much.

Brazil: So how was the conference ?

MAD: It was great...wonderful to get together with other English teachers in the area.

MAD: The workshop I did went really well.

Brazil: it's good to share ideas

MAD: It would have been better if I could have done a live demo.

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Ying-Lan: hi;

MAD: But they had no phone connection.

MAD: Hi Ying-Lan.

Brazil: Hi Ying

Brazil: Ying, thanks for the E-mail

MAD: Michael is coming soon.

MAD: Everyone is so quiet...

Brazil: Mad, i am having problems with GMT schedule. I don't know what is mine. Could you help me ?

MAD: <Ok, what time is it where you are right now?

Vance: Hello. Who's there?

Brazil: now it;s 10:23 am

Vance: ^Sure.

MAD: Hey, Vance! You woke up!

Brazil: Oh Vance raised

Ying-Lan: I am sorry, Am I late?

Brazil: heheheh

Brazil: just kidding

Vance: ^Yeah, I was away at another window

Vance: ^Hi Ying-Lan. Nice to see you again.

Brazil: I wondered

Vance: ^Sorry, I missed the question about GMT.

MAD: ok, it is 3.27pm here.

Vance: OK

Felix: so ?

Ying-Lan: It is 9:36 pm here.

MAD: So you are 5 hours behind me Felix...

Felix: and,,, ?

MAD: ...and I am at GMT+1

Vance: ^I'm GMT plus 4

Vance: ^It's 5:30 p.m. here

Vance: ^MAD, are you London plus one or GMT plus one?

Felix: Am I at GMT- 3 or 4?

MAD: So how are you only 2 hrs ahead Vance?

MAD: London plus one.

Vance: ^Ah - London is GMT plus 1

MAD: London is not GMT?

Vance: ^No. Not in the summer, apparently

MAD: Oh...duh...

Felix: oh my i am confused now

Vance: ^I found that out from Dave Winet.

MAD: This is the most confusing thing for people.

Vance: ^Yeah, it puts us an hour out of whack.

MAD: I think something with daylight savings time messes everything up.

MAD: Some do and some don't

Vance: ^So, I met Ying-Lan last night. Who is Felix (hi Felix)

Felix: same here Mad

Felix: Hi Vance

Vance: ^Meow

MAD: Felix is in Brazil.

Felix: Nice to meet you Vance

Vance: ^Nice to meet you.

MAD: Very good Felix :-)

Vance: ^Are you a student in MAD's class?

Felix: Actually I don't know who is my teacher.

MAD: I am sometimes.

Felix: I come for lots of classes

MAD: He is an avid learner.

Felix: that's right

MAD: He also teaches English in Brazil.

Felix: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mad

MAD: So, when we help him, we help his students.

Vance: ^Sorry, I had to take a phone call.

Felix: I am not a good one. hehehehe

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

MAD: Hi Michael...:-)

Felix: Hi Michael

Vance: ^Hi Michael

Michael C: Evening (for me ) everone!

MAD: This is nice.

Vance: ^It's a party

Felix: What is nice Mad ?

Michael C: It is busy!

MAD: Being all here together from so many different places.

Vance: :-)

Felix: yeah it's so interesting

Felix: Vance when are you classes ?

MAD: I like it...

Felix: me too

Vance: ^I'm just finishing at work.

Michael C: FElix - were you the guy with the beautiful body last time?!

MAD: No, I think he means here at the Palace Vance.

MAD: :-)

Vance: ^Ah, yes, well my classes haven't actually made it as far as the Palace

Michael C: Yes THAt body!

MAD: Not bad actually...hmmmm

Felix: LOL

Vance: ^I'm a member of the palace but I can't remember my password

MAD: But the cat is cute too!

Michael C: I think I like the cat better. This avater makes me insecure!

MAD: To be a wizard you mean Vance?

Vance: ^I think you can put up pictures if you're a member?

Vance: ^If you're a wizard?

Michael C: How are you Ying Lan?

MAD: Yes, as a teacher you can be a wizard.

Ying-Lan: HI

Vance: Is that a category of Palace member?

Michael C: Hi - you're being quiet Ying...

Ying-Lan: I am sorry, did you talk to me?

Vance: Ying-Lan has a nice picture too

Michael C: Yes Ying. You!

MAD: No, it is only for here at the schoolhouse for us teachers.

Ying-Lan: HI, Felix, Hi Vance Hi, mad, Hi Michaelc

Ying-Lan: Nice to meet you.

Michael C: Another beuatiful body Felix!

Michael C: Make that BEAUTIFUL!

Ying-Lan: I just tried the Paste and credated the new pro.

Ying-Lan: But I failed.

Michael C: The new pro?

Vance: ^Ah, good

Ying-Lan: Vance, you said the photo is nice one.

Vance: ^Yes. I have a web page of students who meet at the Palace.

MAD: Michael, can I have that Mickey Mouse too?

Ying-Lan: Michael, I credited another one by drawing, but I failed it. I edited but I don't know how to paste it.

Michael C: MAD - don't eat the mouse!

Vance: ^Do you mind if I put your photo on mypage?

Michael C: I suppose you can MAD - but if we're both here it's mine!

MAD: Ok. that sounds fair.

Vance: ^It will be at

Ying-Lan: What is that?

Michael C: That looks great in the log window Vance!

Vance: ^I have a web page for students I meet at the palace

Ying-Lan: My icon is posted on web site?

Vance: ^Not yet

Ying-Lan: That's my pleasure.

Vance: ^I am asking permission.

Felix: i am checking the hp right now

Ying-Lan: Mad, Was it sucessful yesterday?

MAD: How do I take it Michael if you don't give it to me?

Ying-Lan: Vance, have what you like.

Vance: ^Thank you

Michael C: Yes - how did it go MAD?

Vance: :-)

Michael C: Mannheim?

Ying-Lan: ^Did you receive my message?..ask Mad.

MAD: Yes, Ying...Dave got a request already for info on teaching.

MAD: Yes, Mannheim...

Michael C: So did it go well?

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, did you remember we met here yesterday?

Vance: ^Yes of course. That's where I got your photo

Ying-Lan: ^I was waiting Mad.

MAD: Yes, it went great.

MAD: Only it would have been much better with a live demo.

Ying-Lan: ^I think I miss her conference.


Michael C: Were you able to talk to Ying on the Palace? I guess not.

Ying-Lan: Michaelc you ask me?

MAD: No, Ying, they had no phone connection.

Ying-Lan: That's fine.

Michael C: Well - you and MAD.

MAD: Without a phone I couldn't go online.

Vance: I'm busy putting Ying's picture on the web page ...

Ying-Lan: Mad could not connect with me. But I had a great conversation with Vance.

MAD: But I thank you Ying for trying.

Felix: i am here

Felix: again

Michael C: Good. Bummer for MAD though.

Ying-Lan: That's another experience.

Michael C: The real Felix?

Felix: yep

Ying-Lan: What does 'Bummer" mean?

MAD: Well, that would have really wowed them.

Felix: wowed ???????????

MAD: Bummer means when something doesn't work the way you want.

Michael C: Bummer = a bad or disappointing experience.

MAD: Yes, I knocked them dead anyway...:-)

Vance: I'm only half paying attention

Michael C: Some would not consider it polite though.

Vance: How did you knock them dead?

Ying-Lan: ^Mad, that's my pleasure.

Michael C: So be careful who you use it with!

MAD: By wowing them with the little knowledge I have of online teaching.

Michael C: I would not say 'bummer' to my mother.

Felix: Michael let me grad you avatar, please.

Felix: grab

MAD: Tell me how to do it:

Ying-Lan: Do you remember the puzzle was created by Dave?

Michael C: OK Felix - take it if you want....

Felix: but you need to put it aside michael

Vance: This isn't Michael C from Oakland is it?

MAD: That's what I thought...but I know Dave took mine once...

MAD: No, Michael is in Oz.

Ying-Lan: ^Do you know how to make it?

Vance: I was just there, at WorldCALL

Michael C: Whereabout Vance?

MAD: How was that Vance?

Ying-Lan: Waht is the world call.

Vance: Melbourne (the conference) Cairnes (diving)

Michael C: Felix is me!

Felix: oh michael it's missing something. Could you do it again ?

Michael C: What was better? Diving or the conference?!

Vance: ^WorldCALL is a conference for people wh teach using computers

Vance: ^well, I liked the diving

Vance: ^(almost as much as the conference??)

Michael C: CALL - computer assisted language learning

Vance: I put some shark photos up on my web page

Michael C: They didn't leave you behind out on the reef did they?

Felix: Michael could you use the avatar again and put it aside ?


MAD: Share with us at EFI maybe?

Vance: ^They were very paranoid about that

Michael C: They should be!

Vance: ^They had people signing in as soon as they got back on the boat

Felix: Ying, where do you find those avatars ?

Michael C: It was bloody dreadful.

Vance: -

Felix: bloody = damn ??

MAD: What was bloody dreadful...?

MAD: Yes, Felix.

Michael C: Two Americans were left out on the reef to die here last year...

MAD: What?

Felix: what ???

Michael C: They went on a diving expedition and the boat left without them and left them at sea!

MAD: Good grief....

Michael C: They realised their mistake 2 days later.

Vance: ^It's possible that the people were engineering their disappearance isn't it

Michael C: That's one theory.....

Vance: or so I've read

MAD: Not a nice way to disappear...

Felix: So bad

Michael C: That's great Felix - can I have that avatar???

Vance: ^Now felix must be one of those wizards you were talking about

Felix: LOL

Michael C: Thanks - heres' Mickey again...

Felix: I am not Vance

Vance: !

MAD: No, he just has some stuff in his suitcase.

Vance: ^guess what I'm doing right now

Ying-Lan: what?

Vance: with my other computer

Felix: Who is grabbing my avatars ??

Ying-Lan: Vannce, you are a genius.

Vance: I'm trying to connect to Geocities so I can upload your webpage

Ying-Lan: upload

MAD: Me...sorry Felix!!!

Vance: I'm getting int

Felix: Michael you have to grab the other 3 orange avatars ok?

Sorry! Members Only

Sorry! Members Only

Michael C: OK

Vance: help, they grabbed me

Ying-Lan: Vance, what are you doing?

Vance: whew that was close

Felix: Michael someone grabbed the Mickey, could you do it again ?

Michael C: AGAIN?????!!!!

Ying-Lan: Vance, I saw your picture on Do you love to diving in you leisure time?

Vance: now which one of you is Michael and which is felix?

Michael C: MAD was the thief!

Vance: ^Yes, I do a bit of diving

Felix: Were you Mad ?? the thief ?

Michael C: I AM MICHAEL!

Ying-Lan: Is it interesting?


MAD: I give it to you Felix.

Michael C: Hello Scott

MAD: Hi Scott!!

Vance: hi scott

Ying-Lan: hi scott

scott: @64,64 !It's scott

scott: hi all

Vance: The web page with your photo is being uploaded now

Felix: But it's still not completed

Ying-Lan: What do you mean upload?

Vance: OK, it's done.

Ying-Lan: posted ?

Vance: Yes

Ying-Lan: Thanks.

Vance: I think you know my url already

Michael C: Can you see that bit Felix?

Vance: right?

Michael C: You got it!

Ying-Lan: Yes, you just said it. I can check it in log window.

MAD: Felix, I think I am missing part of my feet.

Vance: Yes, that's it

Vance: I'm just checking on my browser to be sure it's there

Felix: Ying where do you find those avatars ?

Ying-Lan: Are you busy to get the new avatars?

Ying-Lan: Felix, I got them at the Palace.

Felix: here you are Mad

Vance: yep, it's there

Felix: But where in the Palace Ying ?

Ying-Lan: At Cuz/s Cose orginal.

MAD: Thanks!

Vance: what's cuzs/cos original??

MAD: Leonesse has some really fine ones.

Vance: ones what, avatars?

Felix: But where is Leonesse ?

MAD: A site Vance for picking up avatars.

Vance: cool. I was in another window. Obliterated Palace for a minute

MAD: It is on my list, but my son is at the Palace on the laptop loading avatars.

Ying-Lan: Use the directory.

Felix: Help me Ying and MAd

MAD: The directory with the new Palace software is different.

Vance: ^Just curious. Is this a regular meeting venue?

Felix: brb

MAD: Vance, you mean a Palace site called Obliterated?

Vance: No. my window was obliterated by another

MAD: This is Michael's slot.

Vance: ^Oh

MAD: We just come to pester him.

Vance: Every week

Vance: ?

Ying-Lan: Sorry Felix

MAD: kYep...

Vance: curious again .. who is Scott?

Ying-Lan: ^Do you fine 'Palaces" at your top gray bar?

Michael C: Vance - just tried to load that page - didn't work.

scott: i'm from Taiwan

Vance: what was the htm name?

MAD: Scott is a student.

Vance: sorry, it came out efw_ying.htm

Michael C: efi_ying

Michael C: I'll try that...

Ying-Lan: ^Open /Palacees/ then you can find the /props/atavars-cuz's cose original.... it is where I got the avatars.

MAD: I havw

Vance: ^

MAD: oops...have a time slot on Tuesday, but no one came.

Michael C: Vance - it worked this time. Nice!

MAD: Sunday's with Michael, there is always someone here.

Vance: ^It's connected from

Michael C: More than someone actually!

Vance: ^But so far I haven't had any students at my class

MAD: I guess I will have to rustle up some for my class:-)

Vance: -

Vance: It's hard to get students to come to the palace

Vance: I meet a few on ICQ

MAD: Scott gets up early in the morning, what about the rest of you?

MAD: I have a pile on ICQ.

scott: 11-1pm

Vance: I hang out on the Palace during my work day

Felix: by the way my ICQ is 12280538. Be free to add me

Felix: brb again

MAD: I haven't tried yet...although Felix came here fast.

MAD: You hang out at work?

MAD: What do you do then at work?

Michael C: Just had a quick look at webheads....

Vance: I'm supposed to be checking out uses of computers for students

Vance: Actually though my work day ended some hours ago

Michael C: But no one has come yet?

Stefan: @64,64 !It's Stefan

MAD: Hey it's my son!!

Michael C: Hello Stefan.

Michael C: Stefan MAD!?

MAD: Yes, indeed...

scott: hi Stefan

Stefan: Hi!

Vance: How old are you Stephan?

Stefan: 15 1/2

MAD: with an 'f' Vance.

Vance: ph is pronounced f

MAD: Stefan!

Vance: (I'll be back in a minute)

MAD: OK...enough blood, please!

Michael C: Stefan has stunned us all into silence!

MAD: Just ignore him...he is trying on avatars he picked up.

Michael C: He's good at it!

MAD: He isn't even reading the log.

MAD: hehehe

Michael C: Like mother like son.

MAD: At least I read the log.

Michael C: OK OK

Michael C: Megadeath is here.

MAD: Now you see what I put up with.

Michael C: Yeh...

MAD: It is strange to sit here and both be online at the same place.

Michael C: On different computers?

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Michael C: The MAD family is mad.

MAD: Yes, he is on with the laptop and modum.

Michael C: Having fun Stefan?

Stefan: Yep! Sure am.

Michael C: Good!

scott: what is modum?

MAD: Scared Felix away...

Ying-Lan: I am sorry

Michael C: I thought some of my new students might come tonight but no one came.

MAD: A modum is how you connect your computer to online Scott.

Ying-Lan: I had some problem with my computer.

MAD: Well, don't feel bad Michael.

scott: i see

Michael C: And in Australia it is M-o-d-e-m.

MAD: Ooops, that was probably the _German spelling...

Ying-Lan: Who is the Stafan?

MAD: My son!

Michael C: I figured as much...

Ying-Lan: great

scott: modem Taiwan too

Ying-Lan: Nice to meet you Stefan.

Ying-Lan: he is gone

Ying-Lan: Where is Felix?

MAD: He accidently clicked on a door.

Ying-Lan: Michaelc, do you love this icon?

MAD: Felix had to go I guess.

Michael C: Well - I'll leave you with an idiom: enough of this burning the midnight oil! (whcih icon Ying?)

MAD: Please don't run us over...

Ying-Lan: It make me feel dizzle.

Ying-Lan: This one.

MAD: you mean dizzy...

Ying-Lan: dizzy

Michael C: Oh - this one I'm using makes you dizzy! (Sorry)

Ying-Lan: It is o.k.

Michael C: Better?

Ying-Lan: better

MAD: Sweet dreams Michael.

Ying-Lan: Thanks.

Michael C: Time for me to hit the sack!

Ying-Lan: Thanks, Stefan.

Michael C: = go to bed

Ying-Lan: bye

Stefan: You're welcome

MAD: bye Michael...

Michael C: Goodnight/morning/afternoon everyone!

Ying-Lan: You speak English????

scott: bye-bye

Ying-Lan: I think you speak Germany.

Stefan: Nice to meet you Michael.

Ying-Lan: micatelc, have a good sleep.

Michael C: You too Stefan...see ya!

Stefan: bye

MAD: He speaks German and English Ying.

Ying-Lan: That's great.

Ying-Lan: Do you have some problem with interculture?

MAD: He also has Latin and French in school.

Ying-Lan: perfectly.

Stefan: Sometimes...

Ying-Lan: I love us dollare.

MAD: Why, is the US dollar up?

Ying-Lan: How do you feel that?

MAD: Oh, he gave me some money.

Ying-Lan: Setfan is a good boy, Make money for his mother?

MAD: That would be nice.

Stefan: People say bad things about the Americans, and look at me (like my friends)

Ying-Lan: I love us dollare.

Ying-Lan: That is not your fault.

MAD: No e on the end Ying.

Ying-Lan: Thanks.

Stefan: Yep.

Ying-Lan: I am sorry, I have to go now.

Vance: Hi. I had to go help another teacher who is working late

MAD: I think it is time for us to go too!

Vance: Ok, Ying, nice to see you again.

Ying-Lan: me too

Stefan: Bye Ying, nice meeting you.

Vance: Yeah, I have to go ... home

scott: bye

Ying-Lan: nice to meet you.

Vance: Bye

Ying-Lan: bye

Ying-Lan: Stefan

Stefan: bye

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