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Vance's Personal Dive Log for the year 2000

Vance Stevens, P.A.D.I. Open Water SCUBA Instructor #64181

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Logbook for 1997  - from my first dive in Abu Dhabi Dive (194th since July 1991, not counting the 20 "missing" dives) to dive 209 (16th in Abu Dhabi)
Logbook for 1998 - from my 210th dive since July 1991 to dive 267 (17th to 74th since arrival in Abu Dhabi)
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from my 268th dive since July 1991 to dive 326 in Aruba (75th to 133rd since arrival in Abu Dhabi)
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These dives were all logged by Vance in the year 2000


 Dive #


Trainees / Buddies

January 20, 2000

327 to 328

Ras Ghurab Channel with AB Divers

Russell Bowen certified as Advanced Open Water with boat and u/w naturalist dives

Ed Chaffin doing his Advanced boat and u/w naturalist dives

Robin Lunden doing his Advanced boat dive

Hye Sook certified as Open Water with dive 2, which she'd somehow missed out

January 27, 2000


Energy Determination with Dubai Sub Aqua Club

Buddied with Andy McAlpine and his wife, Brian Taman, and Bill and Anthony and Paul & etc from DSAC.

February 17, 2000


Ras Ghurab with AB Divers

Certified Ed Chaffin, Advanced, and Dave Propst and Jamal, Open Water

March 2, 2000


Khor Fakkhan, 7 Seas - Shark Island

Advanced o/w night dive for Dave Propst, Bill Maurice, and Robin Lunden. Scott Benson and Evan Davis along.

March 3, 2000


Khor Fakkhan, Martini Cove and The Pinnacles

Advanced o/w deep and naturalist dives for Dave Propst, Bill Maurice, and Robin Lunden. Scott Benson along.

March 31, 2000


Abu Dhabi, AB Divers/Ibrahim – The Jasim

Advanced o/w wreck dive for Dave Propst, Ed Chaffin along for fun

April 14, 2000


Abu Dhabi, BSAC, The Ludwig

Fun dive with Pete Hardy and son John

April 27, 2000


Abu Dhabi, AB Divers/ Ibrahim – Delta Buoy

Advanced u/w navigation dive for Dave Propst and Bill Maurice, and advance Boat dive for Bill; both certified

May 5, 2000


Abu Dhabi, BSAC, The Ludwig

Fun dive with Bobbi (1st) and Al Smith (2nd)

May 12, 2000


Scuba International
Gavin and Rolf
Dive sites: Straits of Hormuz: Tuwaqr Island and White Rock

Dive buddies: Bobbi and Dusty
Others in dive party: Ali Bushnaq, Russell Bowen, Scott Benson, Bill Maurice
Al Smith and Jim, Emma and Stuart from BSAC

May 25, 2000


Abu Dhabi, Ras Ghurab with Ebrahim / AB Divers, Meridien

Mike Gallanaugh’s 1st and 2nd OW dives.  Russell Bowen along, and Dusty and Oman diving solo w/out dad

June 2, 2000


Abu Dhabi, ADSAC, Ludwig and Jasim

Brian Taman, Stewart and Emma, doing Nitrox course dives

June 8, 2000


Abu Dhabi, Ras Ghurab with Ebrahim / AB Divers, Meridien

Mike Gallanaugh’s 3rd and 4th OW dives and certification.  Mark Warney along as snorkeler

July 27-8, 2000


Damaniyites: with Nadeem’s dive boat from Sawadi Beach Resort

Buddies: Glenn and Russell Bowen

August 16, 2000


Khor Fakkan: Martini Rock and Shark Island with 7 Seas

Buddies: Glenn, Dusty, and Bobbi the day after our 25th wedding anniversary, and Bobbi’s 100th dive.

September 21, 2000


Khor Fakkan: Dibba Rock and The Pinnacles

Buddy: Al Smith in company of other ADSAC divers

September 28, 2000


Abu Dhabi: the wreck of the Ludwig

Pete Hardy

October 13, 2000


Safina Pier Beach Cleanup, Abu Dhabi

Bobbi Stevens

November 2, 2000


Ras Ghurab

Mark Kindermann, OWD#1 and excursion

November 9, 2000


Bateen breakwater, outside

Bob Campbell OWD#1 and Mark Kindermann, excursion

November 23, 2000


Inside Bateen breakwater

Mark Kindermann, OW Dives #2 and #3

November 30, 2000


Musandam dhow trip with ADSAC: Lima Headland & Opposite Hablayn

Wendy of BSAC

December 1, 2000


Musandam dhow trip with ADSAC: Mother of Mouse, another site, & Brenda's Nipple

Bobbi and Dusty, and Sarah (Wendy’s daughter) on night dive

December 2, 2000


Musandam dhow trip with ADSAC: The Stack & Fishhead Rock

Bobbi and Dusty

December 22, 2000


Old Cement Barge with Marina Divers

Bob Campbell 2nd Open Water Dive, and Mark Kindermann, final Open Water Certification dive

I’ve been diving since 1966

These are the dives I’ve logged since ..

.. I first started keeping records in July 1991

I also have (literally) countless unlogged dives from 1966 to 1991

Some places I dived before 1991

Fiji (Taveuni, Benga Reef), Cook Islands (Roratanga, Aitutaka),

Cozumel (1967), Maui, Hawaii (Big Island), Cayman Islands (1975), Maldives (1989)

Texas (1966-69: Lake Travis, Jacob’s Well), Bahamas (1967), Florida (Marathon, 1967), Papua New Guinea (Jais Aben), Thailand (Phuket)

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