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Vance's Personal Dive Log for the year 2002

Vance Stevens, P.A.D.I. Open Water SCUBA Instructor #64181

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Picture credit: Nicki Blower, Lima Rock, Musandam
Date Logged Dive # Location Diving with Trainees and buddies
January , 2002 425-426 Khor Fakkan Scuba 2000 Dived with Bobbi and Dusty; Flor Pesigan's Open Water Dives 3 and 4 for O/W certification
April 26, 2002 427-428 Abu Dhabi: The Lion City and Jasim BSAC Buddies: Bobbi and Ron, BSAC Diver and PADI Asst. Instructor
May 3, 2002 429-430 80 km NNW of Abu Dhabi: Sir Abu Nu'air BSAC Buddy: Dick Steer
May 10, 2002 431-432 Mother of Mouse and Lima Rock Arranged by 7 Seas Bob Campbell (final Advanced O/W Certification dive)
May 24, 2002 433-434 Oman: Fahal Island DivEco, Muscat Bobbi, fun dives
May 30, 2002 435-436 Khor Fakkan: Dibba Rock, Pinnacles Scuba 2000 Bobbi, Dave Propst, Kevin Rooney fun divers; Jonathan Langley and Mike Lake's PADI Open Water Dive #1; Dave Propst, Kevin Rooney night dive
May 31, 2002 437 Khor Fakkan: Martini Rock Scuba 2000 Bobbi, Dave Propst fun divers; Mike Lake's PADI Open Water Dive #2
June 7, 2002 438-439 Abu Dhabi: Inside the breakwater Dolphin Divers, Intercon Spencer Pugh fun dives; Mike Parry's PADI Open Water Dive #1 (plus 1 fun dive); Mike Lake's PADI Open Water Dives #3 and #4 for certification
June 14, 2002 440-441 Abu Dhabi: Ruwais, Cherry Duke Wreck Abdullah's boat Fun dive: buddied with Randy and Ahmed, Firas and ..
June 28, 2002 442-443 Abu Dhabi: Old Cement Barge and Outside Breakwater (Bateen Box) Blue Dolphin Sandra Bushnaq's final Open Water dive for certification; Mike Parry's 2nd and 3rd Open Water training dives
July 4-5, 2002 444-446 Khor Fakkan: Shark Island, Dibba Rock, Pinnacles Scuba 2000 Mike Parry's 4th Open Water training dive, for certification. Jonathan Langley's 2nd, 3rd and 4th Open Water training dives (for certification); Nadir Bushnaq, aborted discovery dive. Dave Propst and Ali Bushnaq along for fun.
July 11-12, 2002 447-448
Oman, Damaniyite Islands: Fed and Jun Islands, Quwais and Little Jun DivEco Fun fun FUN diving with Russell Bowen and Dave Propst
July 19, 2002 451-452 Abu Dhabi: Sir Bu Nair Island ADSAC Fun dive with Mike Parry - tried to make it out to Sir Bu Nair again in September with BSAC but the waves forced us to abort the trip
September 20, 2002 453-454 Musandam, couple of coves between Dibba and Fish Head Rock Hired one of Ali's Oman-regsitered boats Fun dive Bobbi and Dusty, our first dive with Jerry's crew
Oct 3-4, 2002 455-458 Damaniyite Islands in Oman DivEco Fun diving with Bobbi and Dusty and Dave Propst
Nov 15, 2002 459-460 Musandam: Lima south wall and Fishhead Rock ADSAC Fun diving with Dave Propst
Nov 21, 2002 461-462 Musandam: The Stack and Lima south wall to see a Whale Shark In one of Ali's Oman-regsitered boats Fun diving with Jerry Morris
Nov 29, 2002 463-464 Khor Fakkan: Martini Rock & Cove, Shark Island beachfront 7 Seas Mike Parry's and Abdulkader Abutouk's PADI Advanced Boat and Underwater Navigation dives; Andy Dilley's scuba tuneup dive
Dec 3, 2002 465-466 Oman: Damaniyites (Fed and Jun backsides) Sawadi Beach Resort Fun dive with Hilal Matta, who took the picture, above
Dec 16, 17, 18, 2002 467-472 Hurghada, Egypt Red Sea Divers and Bijou Divers Fun dives, none particularly great, some sort of splat into the water, too many dull spots too close to home base and back out, that's it and thank you very much; too many constraints from beginners, no adventure, nothing to do at night in town, wherever that was

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