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Vance Stevens
Lecturer of Computing, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Invited Presenter January 20, 2004, at the
EFL Fellows Conference at the Nile Hilton, Cairo

and Buthaina Al-Othman, Kuwait University, guest presenter

IT in Context in the Middle East

This presentation has been developed into a publication, a draft of which can be found here:

Abstract: This presentation will suggest ways that Instructional Technology can be used to enhance the IT component in EL and EFL programming and program follow-up. The session is intended to help EFL fellows from Bahrain, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, and Tunisia see what's going on now and what might be the shape of things to come regarding use of IT in the region as regards practices, opportunities, and challenges. Participants at this session will sample some uses of easily accessible technology, explore a virtual learning resource center, and see how the VLRC format can lend itself to production of student eZines. The presentation will overview tools for online communication, and consider a case study prepared by Buthaina al Othman, in an application of these tools with students at Kuwait University. Time will be allowed for discussion and feedback.

Buth's photos from this event:

Program format:

A brief discussion of philosophy

During this session, the question was raised by more than one fellow: 'we have the computers, what do we do with them now?' I suggested among other things, Webquests. Meanwhile, after the presentation, I have found that Robin Changarathil has created a webquest for teachers to train them in the concept of preparing webquests as partial fulfillment of a Master's in TESL at the University of Alberta:

1: A minimalist syllabus
2: What happens in such classes?
3: Why does this work?
4: How have computers helped us to do this?
5: How have insights from online classes informed my own face to face teaching?

Reference recent presentation in connection with online tools

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