Here are a few things you would expect to find in any library, except that these materials are all accessible online ...

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AACE Digital Library for Educational Technology & E-Learning lists 1,000s of refereed international journal and proceedings articles. aace_dl.htm
The Project Gutenberg is a project whose goal is to render in digital format as much uncopyrighted literature as possible. 10,000 books have been made available since Michael Hart started the project in 1971. gutenberg_about.htm
The Online Literature Library offers works of literature listed by author in an easy-to-read format. Many of the texts are taken from Project Gutenberg but this site displays them in large Arial font chapter by chapter.  
NetLibrary has reference, scholarly, and professional books which can be viewed online or offline netlibrary.htm
The Internet Classics Archive  
Poetry Audio Links  
Other sources of text from ESL_Home sources_gvs.htm

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