eZines done by students in other parts of the world

Here are some eZines of student work:

Vance's 2003-4 PI e-zine project Vance's class ezine project at Petroleum Institute for end of term 2003-4
About.com Several eZines are included in About.com's listing English as 2nd Language E-Zines Guide picks "Online zines designed for ESL students and teachers. E-zines include articles about various aspects of both life in English speaking cultures, as well as reports on English learners and their cultures." http://esl.about.com/cs/ezines/
CESL Newsletter

from the ESL program at the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale http://www.siu.edu/~cesl/students/cesltoday/ctv62.html

Culture Capsules

A project by ESL students at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon http://www.lclark.edu/~krauss/ortesol98/home.html#master

E-News & Views The Monash University English Language Centre has been making online student magazines for several years. There is an archive that goes back to May 99: http://muelc.monint.monash.edu.au/enews/archives/archives.htm. Renata Chylinski. presented a paper on these eZines at an ELICOS conference: http://members.optushome.com.au/renatachylinski/magazine.htm. Here is an example: http://muelc.monint.monash.edu.au/enews/2003/3_Sept/sep2003.html; another http://lstation.monint.monash.edu.au/enews/2005/September/sept2005.html
Intensive ESL ezine

Produced by ESL students at Carlton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada http://www.esli.ca/ezine/

Metro Pages The British Council (Rome) has been producing Students' Metro Pages for some time (archives are called 'Retro' pages): http://www.britishcouncil.it/students/rome/index.htm. The pages are coordinated by Michael Ivy.
Topics An online magazine Created by Sandy and Thomas Peters for and by people learning English everywhere for several years: http://www.topics-mag.com/
University of Miami IEP Student Newsletter

a newsletter produced by ESL students at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida http://www.miami.edu/UMH/CDA/UMH_Main/0,1770,23673-1;26468-3,00.html

What's Up? Chris Jones has published What's Up at http://www.azwestern.edu/modern_lang/esl/cjones/mag/ to give her ESL students the opportunity at the end of the semester of publishing one article/story written during the semester
You got the Point A class of 11th graders in France: http://yougotthepoint.online.fr

Here are some links to other projects and eZines for ESL:

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