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taught by Vance Stevens
Lecturer of Computing at Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi

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PI Foundation Computing Course

Student Image Homepage Blogs
Khaled Ahmed 160khalidalfelasi032c.htm
Hamed Asad 265hamed032c.html
For evaluation:
Ahmed Saeed   End-of-term project
Maad Hasan   317maad_hassan032c.htm
Abdulla Salem Class page: 355abdullasalem032c.htm
Personal site:
Abdulla Yousif 425abdulla032c.html
Mohammed Khamis  
Yousif Ibrahim   481yousef032c.htm  
Saeed Nasser

Fata Al Monsoory
Abdul Nasser   577bdulnasser032c.htm
Abdullah Mohammed 584abdullasheart032c.html Personal:
Work fast:
Khalid Mubarak   597khaled_mubarak.html (when someone's words are 'borrowed' they must be correctly cited)
This blog will work when a posting is made to it:
Mohamed Saif Personal site:
This one doesn't work: mohammed599_032c.htm

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