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taught by Vance Stevens
Lecturer of Computing at Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi

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in the PI Foundation Extended Practice Computing Courses

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Abdul Aziz abdulaziz1260.htm
Abdullah   abdulla280web_bag.html Old:
From Dec 2003:
Ahmed ahmed0310.htm
Amer   540amer_mhmd_82a_webpage.htm
Fahed 0710fahad.htm
Hassan 1670-hassan82a.html
Khalfan 0740khalfan082a.htm
Mohammed Rashid 0080_mohammedrashed_82a_webpage.html
Mohammed Sheikh   Most recent: mohamed_shaikh.htm
Interesting javascript bullets here: 0840mohamed_shaikh82a.html
Old blog:
Most recent blog:
Omar 0820omaralisaif082a.html
Salem   salem1140fraid.html
Yousef   jouzif1070.htm
Mohammed Faisal   598mohammed_younis_webpage2.html
Karim   177_karimnemer_82a.htm
Mohammed Salah   mohamed_salah.html

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