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Log of Events
which took place during

Multiliteracies for Collaborative Learning Environments

Below, find a record of events in which participants in this course had had the opportunity to participate. In general, these events are logged at one of the locations below:

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Wed, Sept 15th at GMT 5.30 am at the Australian Learning Communities Conference, Michael Coghlan talked on Staying connected: sustaining an online learning community. It was a 40 minute presentation to which Webheads were invited to speak to the live audience using Elluminate at LT, main meeting room. Some traces of the event:

Lots of stuff left out just here as I struggle to organize, Vance ... but check the webheads logs here

Andy Pinchon announced Saturday, October 2 from the hours of 9 am thru 3 pm, ( 14:00 thru 20:00 GMT ) we will be a part of one of the largest public education events we hold each year for Chicago students and parents of middle school age at the McCormick Center, the Annual Chicago Public High School Fair with over 50,000 students, parents, teachers and education administrators present: Many of the hourly sessions will be recorded and archived if you can’t make and posted to the website. More info here

Sunday, October 3 - meet at at noon GMT to experiment with text, voice, and web cam collaboration tools and environments. Register with Tapped In and beforehand. Install Elluminate from Learning Times and iVisit from Graciela and Norbella were there. Screen shot to follow, and More info here

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