Thursday, Dec 16, 2004

Transcript from a workshop with face to face participants at the British Council, Abu Dhabi, 9:30 to 12:30 (05:30 to 08:30 GMT), in communication with online participants at Tapped In

Communities of Practice for
Ongoing Online Teacher Professional Development

Click here to see the 'Handout' for the Workshop

2004.12.15 21:28:19 Login (this was 09:28 in Abu Dhabi or 05:28 GMT, Dec. 1, 2004)

Room: VirtualVance
VanceS joined the room.
Bc1_abuGst1 joined the room. (Vance starts to log in computers at the British Council workshop venue in Abu Dhabi)
DafneG joined the room.
DafneG: anybody home?
DafneG: brb
Bc2_abuGst4 joined the room.
Bc2_abuGst4: Hi daf
Bc2_abuGst4: this is vance logging in computers
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Over next 15 minutes, workshop participants are starting to appear in Abu Dhabi. Vance is running from computer to computer trying to handle newcomers as each appears, having to explain to each individually what the session is about, with the aid of a printed handout, also online here: Vance is not able to monitor the TI chat from this point on.

DafneG: hi I am back, hello
WendyES joined the room.
DafneG waves hi to Wendy
WendyES: Hi Dafne!
WendyES: Hello everyone
DafneG: only you and I, and Vance logging in computers
Bc4_abuGst6 joined the room.
Bc4_abuGst6: hi, vance here
WendyES: ok, but the BC people can read this?
Bc4_abuGst6: we're logging in guests now
Bc4_abuGst6: yes we can
DafneG: Vance and his 100 personalitis
DafneG: personalitie
WendyES: Nice to meet you - right!
DafneG: oh, my fingers are not responding :-(
DafneG: it's a 1:45 am here
WendyES: The font is so small.. I'm trying to make it larger, like yours Dafne
DafneG: they are the same, Wendy
WendyES: Ah, that's better
DafneG: but you can enlarge it in the Actions drop down menu
WendyES: I used  Font  on the tool bar
DafneG: you can enlarge it here in the Actions menu
WendyES: Right, I just had to look further down,
WendyES: Thanks!
WendyES: easier on the eyes
DafneG: he he
DafneG: right
WendyES: what time is it where you are?
DafneG: you can also detach the window to have more space to read
DafneG: 1:45 am
WendyES: yes, did that right away
WendyES: oh!  so late
DafneG: I think I read you are in VAncouver
WendyES: here it's only 9:45 pm
WendyES: yes - can you remind me where you are?  is it Venezuela?
DafneG: yes, in Caracas
DafneG: I love Vancouver, been there twice
WendyES: good
WendyES: oh, really?  when was that?
DafneG: the last time around 4 years ago, i think
WendyES: conference?
DafneG: yes, the TESOL conferences
WendyES: I was there
DafneG: really?
WendyES: too bad i missed you
WendyES: yeah, really
DafneG: I went by car from Seattle
WendyES: did you have time to look around the Vanc. area?
DafneG: yes, I saw part of the city
DafneG: beautiful!
DafneG: great food too
WendyES: Thank you - it's not bad as cities go -  What's Caracas like?
DafneG: Caracas is a chaotic city
DafneG: but it is a nice Valley
WendyES: The only Latin Am. cities I know are actually central american
DafneG: Caracas has lots of high rise constructions
WendyES: have you been through central america at all?
DafneG: only to Costa Rica
WendyES: ok, lots of noise and people
DafneG: yes
WendyES: not as quiet as San Jose?
DafneG: not at all
DafneG: more like NY
DafneG: or LA
WendyES: right - more like Mexico city?
WendyES: haven't been to the last two
WendyES: NY or LA
DafneG: I have not been to Mexico
WendyES: don't go to the states much
WendyES: ok
DafneG: I know the states because of the TESOL conventions
DafneG: and I lived in Houston for 2 years
WendyES: right - so are you going (physically) to TESOL
Bc-abudGst7 joined the room.
DafneG: I have also been to Victoria
WendyES: ah, lovely.  Susanne's been there too.  YOu must have found it very quiet
DafneG: yes, but many tourists
WendyES: Were you working in Houston?
DafneG: but very nice for a holiday
WendyES: right, in the summer especially
WendyES: you're quite well travelled
DafneG: I went in Spring time
DafneG: well,not much, if we have Vance as the model
DafneG: and many other webheads
WendyES: uh huh - he's a real world traveller?
DafneG: he sure is
WendyES: it's a very good thing to do
WendyES: to see how other people live
DafneG: yes, I love traveling. the only down side are the airports
WendyES: for sure!  the waiting.
WendyES: I haven't gone anywhere for years now
DafneG: I enjoy going to the local markets
WendyES: settled right down
DafneG: and trying the typical food
WendyES: yes, that's really good
Bd-abudGst9 joined the room. (This is the first participant at the workshop to start interacting in the TappedIn chat)
WendyES: and walking everywhere
DafneG: well, I came back to Caracas after 5 years in Spain
DafneG: right
WendyES: that's right - you did your PhD there?
DafneG: yep
WendyES: are you getting more comfortable in Caracas now?
DafneG: not really
WendyES: it sounded like you went straight to work
Bd-abudGst9: dafne, any good advice on setting up  blogs?
WendyES: that's an open question - go for it Dafne
DafneG: well, I am not very savvy with blogs
DafneG: but I like the bravenet blogs, they are easy to set
DafneG: and they have many features included
Bd-abudGst9: is bravenet on the web as
WendyES: I've set up a blog on blogger
DafneG: yes, let me show you the one I created for the coming BaW
WendyES: and it was easy too, but I can't upload pictures using their system
Bc4_abuGst6 left the room.
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DafneG: you can upload pics and sound in bravenet
DafneG: and you can have people change the look
WendyES: that's great - I love the colours and the little man
DafneG: no need to be registered to reply to entries
WendyES: oh that's good
DafneG: you can select different sets of colors
WendyES: I'm going to take that session with you and Bee
VanceS: hi, I just brought up your blog in Abu Dhabi here
WendyES: so you can move the boxes around?  it says "floating boxes"
DafneG: this is the one from the previous BaW session
Bc4_abuGst6 left the room (signed off).
DafneG: yes, you can select from a set of lay outs
DafneG: I wonder how many people Vance has over there 
WendyES: Guess I'll have to look at Bravenet
WendyES: they're very quiet
WendyES: what happened to the person who asked about blogs?
DafneG: they are not in Tapped In yet, I think
DafneG: that was Vance
WendyES: oops!
WendyES: guess i should pay more attention
DafneG: he was loggin in from different computers
Bc-abudGst7: Hi, I'm here. we have a group of 7 teachers in AbuDhabi - Vance wants us to set up a blog today.
DafneG: good thing
DafneG: what's your name?
Bc-abudGst7: .....and most of us are pretty clueless about it...
DafneG: I thought you were Vance
JacquelGst10 joined the room.
Bc-abudGst7: No, he's walking around and coaching us on blogging
DafneG: hi Jacquel
IsmailF joined the room.
WendyES: I think vance is abu..9
DafneG waves hi to Ismail
IsmailF: Hello all
IsmailF: Hi Dafne
DafneG: are you in Cairo Ismail?
IsmailF: I am here attending Vance session in Abu Dhabi !!!
Bc-abudGst7: I'm number 7, my name is Paul,
DafneG: really? wow that's great
IsmailF: f-2-f
DafneG: hello Paul
IsmailF: yea, it is.
DafneG: I met Ismail in Salt Lake City
DafneG: in 2002
WendyES: Nice to meet you all
WendyES: Dafne, you've got a good memory!
IsmailF: yea, I remember. It was cool meeting webheads f-2f.
IsmailF: ;-)
Bc-abudGst7: Thanks! some of us are pretty preoccuppied with the blogs, we'll  check in later.
DafneG: yes
DafneG: we will be here
WendyES: ok, that's good
DafneG: are you using blogger?
Bc-abudGst7: we're going to a tutorial site for blogger first
DafneG: I started a new blog yesterday in LIveJournal
WendyES: haven't heard of that
IsmailF: About what topic?
DafneG: Vance is expert in blogger
Bc-abudGst7 left the room (signed off).
DafneG: nothing yet, Ismail, just opened it, and have been trying to set the layout
DafneG: I have been using bloki
Bc-abudGst7 joined the room.
WendyES: Dafne, do you like bloki better than the other blogging sites?
IsmailF: I usually use blogger. I think I need to try bloki more..
DafneG: in bloki you can make web pages collaboratively
WendyES: can you tell us how it's different?
WendyES: ok
WendyES: ..
DafneG: bloki has a forum, a blog and the web pages
WendyES: is that the main difference?
WendyES: wow!
DafneG: but you can invite people to make web pages with you
DafneG: no editor or server needed
IsmailF: that is an advantage.
WendyES: and it's all linked up to the main bloki?  Sorry, no server?
WendyES: how's that work?
DafneG: you can check out my bloki
IsmailF: So, in bloki do you have to  design your own templates, Daf?
SusanneN joined the room.
DelinC joined the room.
DafneG: you invite people and you make the web page online
DafneG hugs Sus
DafneG: hi Delin
DelinC: Hello!  How are you all?
DafneG: fine, how about you?
DafneG: I am Daf in Caracas, Venezuela
IsmailF: Hi Delin
DelinC: I am a newcomer.  Please give me instruction.
WendyES: Wendy hugs Susanne
SusanneN: Hello Delin, I'm Sus  in Denmark
DianneA joined the room.
DafneG: what are you doing now, Delin?
IsmailF: This is Ismail, Egyptian in UAE.
IsmailF: Hi Sus :)
DafneG: but you do not "walk like an egyptian", Ismail ;-)
WendyES: Do you two know each other too?
DelinC: I am school.  Just I can't get into it because my school was set up firewall.
TeresaD joined the room.
DafneG hugs Tere
WendyES: Hi Teresa
TeresaD: good morning everyone!
TeresaD hugs daf
DafneG: too bad, Delin. But at least you can get to Tapped In
WendyES: Or, good evening..
SusanneN left the room (signed off).
DafneG: wee hours for me (2 am)
DafneG: 2:15 am in fact
TeresaD: wow, daf. and for me it's 6 am
WendyES: I think it's about 5am in Denmark
SusanneN joined the room.
DelinC: It's 2:00 pm in Taiwan timezone.
WendyES: I wonder what happened to Sus?
TeresaD: yes, 6.15. and early start today
DafneG: just finished with the "readings page", Tere
RitaZ joined the room.
DafneG hugs Rita
TeresaD hugs rita
SusanneN: Good morning from Denmark, I got disconnected
TeresaD: great, daf
WendyES: Glad to see you back :-)
DafneG: sent you a message with comments
RitaZ hugs all Webheads, from Argentina
WendyES: Hi Rita
TeresaD: i'll try to look at the readings you sent this afternoon
IsmailF: Hi Rita
DelinC: Which point "reading page" just session?  Could you tell me?
SusanneN hugs her good old friends Rita Wendy Daf and Tere
SusanneN: Hi Ismail, you're here, too
WendyES: group hug!
DafneG: I am preparing the web page for our EVOnline session, Wendy
WendyES: good!
SusanneN: Delin, are you in Taiwan? I'm Sus in Denmark
WendyES: i'm really looking forward to it
WendyES: Nice to meet you Delin
DafneG: and Tere and I are revising it
DelinC: Good afternoon from the world.
TeresaD: delin, we finally meet. i'm in portugal
DafneG: what time is it for you, Delin?
WendyES: I'm in Canada
DelinC: Teresa.  we are meeting here.
DafneG: do you know Delin, Tere?
DelinC: about 2:00 pm in Taiwan
TeresaD: we are such an international group  :-)
TeresaD: citizens of the world!
SusanneN: I'm looking forward to be an oldtimer participant in the BaW revisited workshop
DafneG: right
WendyES: It's really quite amazing to think of it
DelinC: like a global village with hospitality.
DafneG: you will be, Sus :-)
TeresaD: and we're counting on you, sus :-)
SusanneN: I'm having breakfast, it is 7:18 am here
TeresaD: absolutely, delin
WendyES: ah, not too bad - are you dressed yet?
DafneG: I am having a glass of milk
DafneG: wearing pyjamas
SusanneN: oh yesw, totally dreseed and everything
WendyES: I'm going to put the kettle on
WendyES: brb
TeresaD: me too, daf
RitaZ: its 3 am here, im more asleep than awake ;-)
DafneG: you waking up, and I ready for bed
TeresaD: will shower in a while and go to school
DafneG: 2:20 am here, Rita
DamianosD joined the room.
TeresaD: it's my last day of classes in 2004!!
DafneG: hi, Damian
DafneG: how are you
TeresaD: welcome, damian
DelinC: So the village is still on day and night.
DamianosD: Hi guys
SusanneN: Hello Damian!!
RitaZ: Hi, Damian
DafneG: we are a timeless gang
TeresaD: always, delin! isn't it fantastic?
WendyES: Hi Damian!
TeresaD: and placeless, daf!
DamianosD: I am at home and the school network has some restrictions for home use. If I suddenly disappear this will mean I am cut off.
SusanneN: tell me, does anyone see me online in Yahoo?
TeresaD: not there, sus
DamianosD: In that case I'll go to the school and try from there.
WendyES: let me look
DafneG: no, you are not, Sus
DamianosD: No Sus you are invisible.
DafneG: Damian, btw, I have been using skype a lot
WendyES: Nope , I haven't seen you for several days
WendyES: was beginning to worry
SusanneN: I could not login because I was  "already logged in from another machine", but the other machine is not open :-(
DafneG: I even created a page about Skype
DelinC: I am glad to see so various friends from the world.  Later I have a meeting at my school about 2:30pm.   So I maybe leave it.   I am offline later.
DamianosD: It's great Daf.
DafneG: hmmm, weird, sus
RitaZ: cant see you online, Sus, either
Bc3_abuGst5 left the room (signed off).
SusanneN: I'm in some trouble again (sigh)
WendyES: Oh, that can't be!
WendyES: Damian, I'm going to try Skype too
SusanneN: anyway, forget about that now.
DafneG: you have too many computers, sus ;-)
WendyES: Sus, try Skype
SusanneN: I muist get back and try Skype again soon
DafneG: I have even given dictations in Skype
DamianosD: Daf I had some trouble as my mike got deactivated the moment my interlocutor posted text.
DamianosD: The point is an adjustment in the options.
DafneG: hmm, do you have Windows 2000 or XP?
DafneG: it does not work good with W98
DamianosD: Options>Hand/Headsets the bottom box should be unchecked.
DamianosD: Yes XP.
SusanneN: where are Vance's participants?
DafneG: I love the clarity of the sound in Skype
DafneG: they are trying to get their blogs set
SusanneN: ok
SusanneN: they still have some way to go, then
DafneG: I guess
DamianosD: It's great and yesterday I trialed it with Lorraine from Boston, Mass. with file transfer. No compromise of bandwidth or only minimal.
DamianosD: She sounded as if she were in the next room.
IsmailF: Vance is helping some participants with their blogs
DafneG: right
SusanneN: does Skype have file transfer? sounds interesting
JacquelGst10: Hi!
JacquelGst10: Hola!
DafneG: btw, i finished the page of my arch students online presentation
SusanneN: Hello Jaquel
DafneG: yes, it does, Sus
DamianosD: You right click on the contact and you transfer the file just like Yahoo!
DafneG: hello Jacquel
DafneG: this is the page:
JacquelGst10: From Abu Dhabi!
ButhainaA joined the room.
SusanneN: welcome Abu Dhabi!
DafneG: have you set up your blog, Jacquel?
DelinC: Hi, everybody I will go to have a meeting.  I am offline.  Thank you for sharing your experience.
DelinC left the room (signed off).
JacquelGst10: Trying.
DafneG waves hi to Buth
SusanneN: Bye bye Delin
SusanneN hugs Buth
DafneG: in Blogger?
ButhainaA: Goodmorning everyone1
JacquelGst10: yes
WendyES: Nice talking with you Delin
ButhainaA: \:hugs you all
RitaZ: hi, Jacquel, from Argentina
WendyES: Hello Buthaina
IsmailF: Hi Buthaina
RitaZ hugs Buth
ButhainaA: Hi Wendy..
WendyES: great to see you again
TeresaD left the room (signed off).
TeresaD joined the room.
ButhainaA: Yes, me too, Wendy
TeresaD hugs buth
DafneG: I see Dianne here, where are you Dianne?
ButhainaA: Still having some trouble with my pc but much better than before
Bc1_abuGst1 left the room (signed off).
DafneG: what was the prob., Buth?
ButhainaA: So, how is the w/shop going?
WendyES: ok, that' s been awhile - Sus too
ButhainaA hugs and kisse to Tere
DafneG: they are setting up their blogs, Buth
WendyES: Jacquel is here i think
ButhainaA: Great..thanks Daf
DafneG: yes
SusanneN: yes, once you have those serious problems, they do not go away easily. I don't even want to talk about it any longer :-(
WendyES: hugs Susanne
ButhainaA: I do understand are absolutely right.
DafneG: I am scared of updating Windows, everytime I get problems
DafneG: some programs vanished
DamianosD left the room (signed off).
WendyES: was that Service Pack 2
DafneG: MSN among them
DafneG: yes, Wendy
ButhainaA: This all started when I downloaded XP security Package 2, Daf.
WendyES: Yeah, I keep refusing to put in on mine
DafneG: see, that's what I mean
IsmailF: This is why it is important to have one of these BACKUP programs after installing or updating windows.
WendyES: I've heard bad things
WendyES: yes
WendyES: good advice
DafneG: I had to remove it, Wendy
WendyES: I think that's the only solution
ButhainaA: Yes, I understand, Daf..and the irony is that it's called Security Pack.
DafneG: they suggest that you do a backup before installing it
SusanneN: the SP 2  has been helpful  for some time, but yesterday it asked to update in a weird way or was that a hack? , and from then I'm in big trouble
DamianosD joined the room.
IsmailF: Once you install windows, you create a backup or image file and save it. In case of problems, you just restore the backup and you get everything as it was again.
DafneG: it is the pack itself, Sus i think it has a bug
DamianosD: Hi, that was a momentary power cut.
SusanneN: and teh SP2 page does not give you a clue
WendyES: Oh, we get those here too
WendyES: Power cuts
DafneG: remember to pay your bills, Damian ;-)
SusanneN: small island problem
WendyES: wind?
WendyES: yes
ButhainaA: Right, Ismael; and I keep posponing doing the Backup step..
DafneG: I happened to me a couple of weeks ago while there was a thunder storm
IsmailF: Have you tried (Ghost Image).
DafneG: no, Ismail, what is it?
WendyES: this is a wonderful conversation!
IsmailF: It is very easy and convenient at the same time. But you need to run it under DOS.
SusanneN: sounds scary (grin)
ButhainaA: Do have any of the participants at the workshop with us here at this room, now?
DafneG: too technical for me :-(
IsmailF: Yes, BC-abudGst7
SusanneN: yes, virtually there
WendyES: me too
WendyES: lots to learn -
WendyES: Sus has learned so much the hard way
ButhainaA: Thanks, Ismael..
SusanneN: Wendy, you have John! You don't need to know all these things, hehe
DafneG: I do not like the technological part, I prefer to be a user
Bc2_abuGst4 left the room (signed off).
TeresaD: me too, daf.
IsmailF: I heard that there is anewer version under windows (Ghost image 2003). If you try it, you will find it very easy and you can even backup your drivers, software installed and everything..
RitaZ: but yoiu know a lot on tech, Daf
WendyES: me too - John believes in independence
IsmailF: lol
DafneG: not me Rita
SusanneN: Ismail, what DOES the ghost do for you?
DamianosD: Help here. Can this chat window be enlarged?
SusanneN: yes yes, sure
DafneG: scare him, Sus
IsmailF: scares me
SusanneN: go to the Actions menu, and Detach
DafneG: yes, Damian
ButhainaA: I agree, Daf , Tere, I also prefer to be a user, and take my time thinking about design..
DafneG: lol, Ismail
RitaZ: go to Actions, Damian
IsmailF: lol
DamianosD: Right. Thanks.
DamianosD: Ok got it.
RitaZ: then scroll down to Detach
WendyES: then stretch it
DafneG: and squeeze it
DamianosD: I don't come in here very often and I forget things a bit.
WendyES: ?
DamianosD: It's old age as well, you see.
DafneG: just joking
WendyES: you can also adjust the font size
IsmailF: We used to use it in our workplace where they restore all your operating system, programs, and drivers in few minutes!!
DamianosD: Yes. I did that.
DamianosD: Sight is weakening as well.
WendyES: speaking of which, are you okay with the font susanne?
ButhainaA: How are you Damian?  Long time no see.
DamianosD: Regarding Skype you can have a multiple conference too.
RitaZ: come on, Damian, cant think of weaknessess at 3 am !!
SusanneN: Wendy, I have the font enlarged, I do this from my side
DamianosD: Hi Buth. Quite all right thanks.
DafneG: but only with 4 people, Damian
WendyES: ok, that's great
DamianosD: Well, better than only two.
DafneG: I have not tried the conference feature yet
DamianosD: Charge for more?
ButhainaA: Good tto hear that Damian.
WendyES: only 4 max on Skype?
DafneG: right, Wendy
WendyES: ok
DafneG: no idea, Damian
ButhainaA: Damian, how did you like the Letstalk project?
DamianosD: Did not see it.
DamianosD: Sorry.
SusanneN: those guys are doing a great job developing Skype, two young men from Sweden and Denmark
DamianosD: Meddling with some inservice teacher training lately.
SusanneN: they're famous
WendyES: this is your new job Damian?
DafneG: I just finished my two courses at the university, what a relief
DamianosD: No, I just opted for some fresher teachers training.
SusanneN: are you on holiday now, daf?
RitaZ: good experience was it, Daf?
DafneG: starting today, Sus
DamianosD: It was a national project.
DafneG: yes, both courses were great
DafneG: blended ones
SusanneN: you need that hboliday indeed!
DamianosD: I had the technology part.
DafneG: well, I have tons of work to do before Jan 5
DamianosD: You know cross curricular things with technology.
DafneG: when I start again
RitaZ: what kind, Daf?
SusanneN: at least you don't have the classes Daf
DafneG: right, Sus
WendyES: sounds good, Damian - was that one of the groups you invited me into?
DamianosD: Exactly Wendy.
DafneG: Damian I taught a research methods course in a blended mode
DamianosD: They liked it very much.
WendyES: Of course!
DamianosD: And we had Mike from France too.
DamianosD: And Bee
WendyES: right
DafneG: Webheads are busy visiting courses all over the world
DamianosD: I did not dare invite as the times were in a flux and could not give specific time.
DamianosD: Well, the course I was in was at my school.
DamianosD: We used the school computer lab.
SusanneN left the room (signed off).
SusanneN joined the room.
WendyES: yeah, but you found some of us anyway
WendyES: Ok Sus?
DamianosD: That was great Wendy.
ButhainaA: I like the page Vance craeted for todya's event; it's simple and clear; however, once you click on a link you realize how much is there to be learned! She's referring to the Moodle:, where under Education you select the Web Presence Course and log in as a Guest
DafneG: yes, but you had webheads from other countries, just like I had in my 2 courses
SusanneN: ah well, I got kicked out from one browser and decided to try another inctead'
DamianosD: Yes really great.
SusanneN: so I guess I lost a few seconds
DamianosD: There is a program we used NetOp.
DafneG: I reviewed my HTML knowledge, with VAnce's page
WendyES: you're pretty quick then
DamianosD: Well, I'll have to sign off guys and resume from the school.
WendyES: are you talking about the Moodle page?
ButhainaA: Me too, Daf; have you tried the quizzes on html?
WendyES: By Damian
SusanneN: get some sleep Damian
WendyES: take care
DafneG: bye, Damian, nice seeing you
DamianosD: We're inviting the parents too today to hand them the school reports.
ButhainaA: Bye Damian
RitaZ: bye, Damian
TeresaD: bye, damian!
DamianosD: I'll be back in about half an hour I guess.
DafneG: I am glad I do not have to give reports to parents
DamianosD: Cheers and hugs to all.
WendyES: I wonder if Vance is projecting this conversation on a screen? (Answer, no, no projector available)
DamianosD left the room (signed off).
DafneG: no idea
SusanneN: if he does, they muct be pretty surprised
DafneG: I guess they are busy with their blogs
SusanneN: ask him in YM perhaps 
WendyES: it could be distracting :-)
ButhainaA: I think they are all busy creating their websites or blogs!..
DafneG: I think they are doing blogs
WendyES: yeah, once you start, you can easily keep adding stuff
TeresaD: just a normal conversation among good friends who like to socialize  :-)
RitaZ: Vance doesnt appear online in TM
RitaZ: YM
DafneG: I think they do not have YM there
DafneG: banned (correct, YM was not available on the locked-down computers at the Workshop venue)
SusanneN: anyway, this is a great way to start my day in the virtual teacher's lounge with cyber-colleagues
WendyES: ah
ButhainaA: Check MichaelC talking about his breakfast:
TeresaD: well, friends, i have to leave. shower and off to breakfast. have a great day, everyone! bye!
DafneG: bye Tere
WendyES: Bye Teresa!
DafneG: have a great day at school
RitaZ: bye, deaar Tere!
ButhainaA: Bye Tere and take care..
TeresaD: you too, buth  ;-)
ButhainaA: It's the weekend here at last
TeresaD left the room (signed off).
ButhainaA hugs and kisses Tere
Bc-abudGst7: I'm glad  I came across this chat room - it's a much friendlier place than the office I work in!
DafneG: lol
WendyES: heheh
ButhainaA: hehehe, good you like this chat room, Bc
DafneG: we are very talkative, BC
WendyES: you're welcome to participate more
Bc-abudGst7: Thanks, I'll try to
DafneG: I want to see the blogs when they are ready
WendyES: Do you have any questions for us?
DafneG: we can leave messages
SusanneN: I did not see this letstalk page before
ButhainaA: Wendy, how is your project going? I'm sorry that I couldn't provide feedback earlier, as I had my pc infected with a virus at that point..
DafneG: what is the letstalk project, Buth?
WendyES: That's ok, Buth.  I've been doing a lot of course work - only just got going again on the project
SusanneN: Michael's voice group  blog, sort of
ButhainaA: It was created by an EFL teacher from another list
SamyasGst11 joined the room.
DafneG: hello Samy
DafneG: welcome
WendyES: Hi Samyas
Bc-abudGst7: I just put up a blog about refugee assistance topics, but am a total amateur about both blogs and assisting refugees, but in this place, there are  alot of refugees who spend years here working while they can't return.
SusanneN: Hello Samyas, welcome!
ButhainaA: And he invited participants to bring their Ss to choose to talk about any of the 3 discussions he provided..
WendyES: What's the url?
SusanneN: Bc, that sounds like a goow usage of a blog
ButhainaA: I had my Ss join and talked about what they had for breakfast..It is quite simple and easy to use, Daf
SusanneN: refugees must also have a web presence somehow
JacquelGst10: Hello DafneG
SamyasGst11: Samy has created a blog
ButhainaA: Daf, it's similar to a voice blog
WendyES: The blogs look great!
WendyES: Nice work!
Bc-abudGst7 left the room (signed off).
JacquelGst10: Nice experience.  I hope you like living in Venezuela.
JacquelGst10: My blog at this point is in a primitive state.
JacquelGst10: Thanks for the advcices.
WendyES: Now that you've got it, you can keep working on it
RitaZ: need to get some sleep or I wont get up for work in a couple of hours, guys
DafneG: I have posted a reply on your blog, Bc
RitaZ: bye, friends !
WendyES: Bye Rita.  Get a good sleep
Bd-abudGst9 left the room (signed off).
DafneG: bye rita
RitaZ: thanks, Wendy
WendyES: Sorry, I missed what he used to do the Breakfast thing
WendyES: It looks really interesting
DafneG: I have been writing messages in the blogs shown
VanceS left the room (signed off).

This was a timeout by Tapped In.  Tapped In logs you off if you have been inactive for some time. I had been physically active, walking about the room, moving from computer to computer, and even showing people things on my own workstation (but not attending to the TI chat) and for my efforts got bumped from TI.  Wendy sent me her transcript so I could fill in the blanks and I discovered I apparently missed only one line. 

SusanneN: I've posted greetings in your blogs, as well
VanceS joined the room.
DafneG: well, Venezuela is a beautiful country but living here is not very nice now
VanceS: hi I somehow got logged out
DafneG: wb, Vance
SusanneN: your  books-for-refugees project sounds good  Paul
DafneG: yes, great topic
VanceS: I'm sitting here with Samyas and Yassim from Tunisia
DafneG: and Samyas selected a nice color for the blog
SusanneN: Hello Vance!
VanceS: I think Paul slipped out
DafneG: I have posted comments to two blogs
SusanneN: and Hi Samyas and Yassim
SamyasGst11 left the room (signed off). We saw this on my computer and noticed that someone had just got up from Samyas's computer on the other side of the room, apparently after closing her open browsers.
VanceS: did you have a look at Samyas's blog?
DafneG: yes, I did, and posted a message too
SusanneN: yes, Samyas, you have chosen a good colour!
RitaZ left the room (signed off).
VanceS: here's the address
VanceS: ok, we'll look and see if we can see the messages
SusanneN: and your discussion topic is of course relevant - what can blogs be used for?
SusanneN: Wendy has started blogging too, recently
DafneG: do you see the message I wrote?
DafneG: Sus I created a new blog for BaW 2005
SusanneN: I'm not sure I've even posted any comment in YOUR blog yet, Wendy
DafneG: a forum and an interactive map
SusanneN: Daf, you're doing progress with  BaW revisited
SusanneN: did you choose Bravenet for this?
DafneG: the page is almost ready, and the group is ready
WendyES: yes, I think you did - sorry I was away - posted on Samyas' blog too
DafneG: yes
WendyES: But you're welcome to post all you want Susanne!
IsmailF: I am using blogger to archieve contributions to a project I initiated with other teachers in Egypt sometimes ago. To see students' posts, check it out here:
DafneG: wow, Ismail your blogs is fabulous
WendyES: What a great thing to use a blog for
IsmailF: Thanks Daf
WendyES: I wish more people thought the way you do.
SusanneN: Ismail, this is another great way to give voice to people !
SusanneN: street kids are in real trouble and they do need care and attention
DafneG: we see more and more street kids in Caracas, how sad it is
DafneG: there is an increase of school drop outs too
IsmailF: Most topics published in the blog were suggested by the students themselves or through discussions with their teachers in different countries.
ButhainaA: Wendy, could you post the URL of your blog, to this chat window, please?
WendyES: it's a problem all over the world - which is another reason why this is such a good use of the blog
WendyES: there's not much on it yet, Buth
ButhainaA: Ok..
WendyES: I don't mind you looking at it, but it's just a beginning
SusanneN: Wendy, don't be shy! you're among friends
WendyES: Susanne got me started
DafneG: while the gov't is getting richer, the population is becoming poor
WendyES left the room (signed off).
DafneG: I think I am going to bed, it's 3:15 am here
SusanneN left the room (signed off).
SusanneN joined the room.
WendyES joined the room.
WendyES: Sorry about that
DafneG: it was nice to share with you all, guys, but I need to get some sleep
SusanneN: I was kicked out agai, I'm back
DafneG: say bye to Vance and all his participants on my behalf, pls
WendyES: I dropped out too
IsmailF: see u Dafne, sleep well
ButhainaA: Take care Daf and sweet dreams
ButhainaA hugs Daf
DafneG: bye, bye
SusanneN: have a nice sleep Daf!
DafneG hugs all
DafneG left the room (signed off).
WendyES: Bye Dafne
ButhainaA: Wendy, as Sus has said , don't be shy you are among friends..URL please..just wanted to take a look
ButhainaA _) Thanks
WendyES: you're welcome
WendyES: I got flustered.
SusanneN: you have added some great links Wendy!
SusanneN: its been fun to work with you on this
WendyES: Dafne's just about convinced me to move over to Bravenet
ButhainaA: Wow, it nlooks a professional blog..and you are shy, Wendy..
WendyES: still haven't got my pictures up :-)
WendyES: thanks for the support Buthanina
SusanneN: for collaborative blogging bravenet has a great potential, but you told me not to introduce more tools, hehe
VanceS: hi back again now
SusanneN: oh mr Stevens, hello
ButhainaA: It's not a big deal at all , Wendy..You can upload your pic in 2 simple, easy  steps
WendyES: I know, but now i realize you're right - I'm just stubborn
SusanneN: thank you for making us get together
WendyES: hello Vance
ButhainaA: Hi is it going?
SusanneN: Wendy, you jkust need to have your images hosted somwhere else and then add the URL in the  img src tag
VanceS: someone called me away to take a photo
WendyES: yes, but where to host?
VanceS: can someone send me the log of this
SusanneN: geocities, for example
ButhainaA: cool..Vance, show us the photo later..
VanceS: part of my instructions are about hosting
VanceS: do you want to see?
WendyES: ok, I'm planning to do some serious work on this after Christmas
ButhainaA: Yes, please, Vance
WendyES: Absolutely
SusanneN: after all we have been in a waiting postition small talking about lots of stuff
VanceS: I'll find it
SusanneN: you can upload tghe imager right here in your office Vance'
ButhainaA: Right, Sus..I forgot we can do that..
VanceS: From the 10 e-Z Steps guide:
WendyES: brb
SusanneN: add the image as a file and make it public
VanceS: that was for Windy
VanceS: Wendy
WendyES: yes, ok
WendyES: still here
VanceS: that was listed on my moodle
SusanneN: I like Windy
SusanneN: and I like Moodle more and more
VanceS: I have a kid named dusty
VanceS: (like windy)
WendyES: I've always liked it too
SusanneN: I've joined the Online presence project too Vance
WendyES: my students call me that'
WendyES: I'm going to have to take more time off work to do all these sessions!
SusanneN smiles to Windy
SusanneN: yes, we'll keep you busy!
ButhainaA: Sus, Vance, someone from the BC here in Kuwait has contacted me last week through Michael Ivy in Rome..She was supposed to join us here today.her name is Pauline; have you guys noticed her?
WendyES: Susanne, look what you've done to me!
SusanneN: have I made you become a Webhead?
ButhainaA: heheh, that was a good one, Sus!
WendyES: with a vengance - at least once I take that session!
SusanneN: remember how impatient you were in the begining, Windy Wendy? I had to tell you that you needed to practice and to get involved!
WendyES: yes mum
WendyES -)
SusanneN grins happily back
WendyES: at least there are enough opportunities
WendyES: !
SusanneN: indeed there are!
WendyES: now i'm trying to convince a few other people to join
VanceS: did you find what you needed at that URL?
IsmailF: I have to go now, planning to attend another session.
SusanneN: such as now, and you never know what to expect, just bring your instrument and a few tuned URLs,  and be prepared for anything
IsmailF: See you all guys later
SusanneN: It was good to see you and your Good deed project blog, Ismail
VanceS: cya ismail
IsmailF: Thanks Vance for the session
WendyES: thanks
IsmailF: Thanks Sussane
VanceS: ismail is sitting right behind me
IsmailF: ;-)
VanceS: we COULD talk to each other but this is so much easier
WendyES: Bye Ismail, thanks for sharing your work with us
IsmailF: loll
VanceS: I heard him laughing just now
SusanneN: Ismail, are you in Adu Dhabi too???
VanceS: yes he is
IsmailF: bye to all.
VanceS: he's actually working in Al Ain
SusanneN: that's amazing
VanceS: this is the first we've seen each other here in the UAE
IsmailF: Yes, I teach in UAE.
SusanneN: I did not know that, congratulations with your new job Ismail
VanceS: Ismail and I gave a joint presentation in Cairo a few years back
VanceS: we met there face to face
SusanneN: oh oh, this is happening in the UAE!  I was not aware
IsmailF: Sorry for that, but I was busy settling down and still dont have internet access at work. That is what kept me away for sometime.
SusanneN: yes, I do remember you two met in Cairo
IsmailF: in Cairo, Salt Lake, and here we go again
SusanneN: small world this is
WendyES: Well, folks, I'd better go too
WendyES: and get some sleep
VanceS: would you guys mind sending me your transcripts of this session when you log out?
SusanneN: bye bye Wendy! me too I think I'll move away for a while, will you need us again today vance?
IsmailF: You will see me a lot now and I will be able to see  Vance and all folks around here too. If you plan to come here, you will be able to see two webheads instead of one... Promotiion ;-)
VanceS: no, thanks Wendy
WendyES: It's been great - ok, Vance, I will send the transcript
SusanneN: OOH a
VanceS: the people have all gone from here now
IsmailF: gtg.. see you all.~L~
VanceS: thanks, I have most of it but I was logged off in the middle
IsmailF left the room (signed off).
SusanneN: Vance, were you using other meeting places too?
WendyES: I was out for a few minutes too.
VanceS: no, ti is the only one that works here
SusanneN: ok
VanceS: but your computer was on, right?
WendyES: but susanne was probably off and on a bit more
SusanneN: on and off, I will  knit together my logs
VanceS: I didn't follow any of the chat hardly at all
WendyES: yes
SusanneN: my connectionn is unstable
VanceS: so I'd like to read it
WendyES: we'll both send them then?
VanceS: yes, please
VanceS: I can make a composite
ButhainaA: Wendy , posted you a comment on your blog..Check if you can see it..
SusanneN: wendy, your log is complete I thinkl
WendyES: ok, there's a lot of reading!
WendyES: thanks, Buth, I'll look
VanceS: did people put their blog addresses in the chat here?
SusanneN: chatlogs, you lerarn how to just skim them and get the idea
VanceS: that's what I'd like to retrieve
WendyES: yes, some did
WendyES: ok, that's easy then
ButhainaA: Only one, Vance, was Paul
WendyES: i don't have to save this myself, right?  It comes by email?
VanceS: do you have his address handy?
VanceS: how about Wendy, did you create a blog?
SusanneN: yes Wendy, it will get to your mnailbox
WendyES: right, that's what I remembered
SusanneN: this is wendy's
WendyES: not tonight Vance, before
WendyES: with susanne
WendyES: I'm going now!
WendyES: I'll keep your page handy Vance
WendyES: Thanks you guys
ButhainaA: here it is Vance:
SusanneN: we have had a very special blog workshop at knowpalce, one teacher and one learner
VanceS: I've put Wendy's at the Moodle already
SusanneN: not easy to say who was who'
ButhainaA: here it is Vance:
WendyES: pardon me?
VanceS: probably that's
SusanneN: the sad thing about doing couirses at knowplace is now closed and protected it has to be, by nature
WendyES: I thought there was another blog - Samya?
ButhainaA: here it is Vance:
WendyES: do you have it?
ButhainaA: I can't post
WendyES: the bright pink one
SusanneN: samyas
WendyES: that's it
SusanneN: it was pink
WendyES: good one Susanne!
VanceS: you are posting buth
WendyES: Ok, i'm really going now.  See you soon.  Take care everyone!
VanceS: ok, check the Moodle Wendy
SusanneN: I much prefer doing more open work where webheads can help and participate one way or another
VanceS: you're famous already
VanceS: oh, how was it today btw?
SusanneN: vance url for moodle pls
ButhainaA: I don't know what happened, I couldn't post my writing and now I can see it coming all at once
VanceS: oh, you've had a web snag then
SusanneN: webheads have enjoyed a get-togehter this morning/evening/night
VanceS: good, glad to hear it
SusanneN: web snag?
ButhainaA: talking to me, Vance? A web snag?
VanceS: well, she was sending packets out because we were receiving them
VanceS: but she wasn't getting the packets back from TappedIn
ButhainaA: do you mean that is what happened to me?
VanceS: until the web snag was relieved and then they all came at once
SusanneN: aha
ButhainaA: I see
VanceS: yep, it all makes infinite sense
ButhainaA: so one has to be patient Vance..We should wait when a web snag happens?
WendyES left the room (signed off).
ButhainaA: Were you able to read my notes postedto you in private, Vance?
ButhainaA: Ok, I've just noticed, answered my provtae message, Vance
ButhainaA: This emans we can use the private messaging when this web snag occurs..
VanceS: yes, I saw that one
VanceS: well you were sending out the whole time
SusanneN left the room (signed off).
VanceS: I didn't see any other private notes
VanceS: but they will appear in my transcript of this session
ButhainaA: right
VanceS: Jacqueline is not here
VanceS: she came completely veiled and in black
VanceS: what is the word for that Buth?
ButhainaA: I couldn't see my writing , this why I sent the same note with the URL of Paul twice
VanceS: ah I see
ButhainaA: Munaqabah
VanceS: and hijab is just a scarf? head covering?
ButhainaA: this is interesting, Vance, and her name is Jaquline
JacquelGst10 left the room (signed off).
DianneA left the room (signed off).
VanceS: I just signed her out
VanceS: yes, I couldn't see her nationality due to her dress
ButhainaA: Right, Vance, Hijab is the scraf
VanceS: apparently an educator in the UAE
ButhainaA: signed her out from this room, you mean?
VanceS: so it's just us
VanceS: yes she had left her computer on
ButhainaA: yes,:-)
ButhainaA: see I can't see my writing now again
VanceS: I'm going to log off anyway
ButhainaA: ok, I can now
VanceS: thanks a lot for participating
VanceS: I hope it went well
ButhainaA: Me too..
VanceS: enjoy your day
VanceS: I'm going to join the real live people in the other rooms
VanceS: well I mean the physically present people
ButhainaA: You too, and thanks for today's event
VanceS: ok, great, feedback to me on the materials, I'll appreciate it
ButhainaA: Ok, enjoy, Vance and take care,..Bye
VanceS: ok, hugs
ButhainaA: Yes, we talked about your material..
VanceS left the room (signed off).

2004.12.15 23:53:41 Signoff

And later I saw Bee on Yahoo, better late than never ...

bdieu2001: hi vance...sorry for did it go?
vance_stevens: hi
vance_stevens: three blogs got created that I know of
vance_stevens: it was a little confusing for my onsite guys
bdieu2001: what was?
vance_stevens: it would have been better as a session on how to make a blog
bdieu2001: how much time you had with them?
vance_stevens: having the whole 6 week course introduced at once caused them to wonder where they were in the jungle
vance_stevens: and which tree to climb
bdieu2001: I can imagine
vance_stevens: I had a couple of hours
vance_stevens: yes, I didn't know who would come
vance_stevens: blogs would have been perfect, just that
vance_stevens: it's what they ended up doing
bdieu2001: takes time
vance_stevens: anyway, I just got home from it and have just rec'd the transcripts
bdieu2001: you need to go much slower with content
bdieu2001: I had a meeting with my group yesterday evening
bdieu2001: and need some lessons in cat
vance_stevens: yep
vance_stevens: I found a lot of faults with my moodle and corrected a number of non functional links
vance_stevens: so that was useful
bdieu2001: it is nice to have it pre-tested
vance_stevens: Also from the questions that came up I learned how I might present it better
bdieu2001: what kind of questions came up more often?
vance_stevens: well, need an explanation about how to choose an acct name and from my experience, advise that this be the URL name as well (for the first one)
vance_stevens: then what the title of the blog and its description do
vance_stevens: one person chose a name 'sam' and wondered why it was already taken
vance_stevens: they need to know they need to choose a unique name
vance_stevens: how to actually select a template
vance_stevens: one person viewed one and thought she had selected it
bdieu2001: I usually tell my stds to use their first name and last two numbers of their birth year
vance_stevens: so she was unable to post / publish aftr that
vance_stevens: until we sorted the template
vance_stevens: a pitfall that
vance_stevens: So I need a graphic with those elements highlighted in the form pointing to the result in an actual page
vance_stevens: maybe make a ppt slide to show that
bdieu2001: there is stuff ready already...want some? 
vance_stevens: then, examples, what do you do with it
vance_stevens: YES
vance_stevens: best if I can point to stuff online
bdieu2001: I will be using these in my
vance_stevens: so I showed them some of my students blogs, but obviously this has to be got across online as well
vance_stevens: the two kinds of comments people can make
bdieu2001: Getting Started With Blogger: A Tutorial from the Folks at Feedster - this one explains some of the things mentioned above, so no need to reinvent the wheel
vance_stevens: people can comment on a posting and you can see the postings in a 'comments' link
vance_stevens: or you can add people as settings / members
vance_stevens: and finally, they wanted to put pictures up straight away
vance_stevens: so all of those things need to be in a first hour of blog instruction
bdieu2001: Setting Up Your Blog With
vance_stevens: these are good
vance_stevens: I can use these, thanks
vance_stevens: i'll put them on the moodle
vance_stevens: actually I'll build in what I just said on the moodle
bdieu2001: did they navigate in moodle?
vance_stevens: no they hardly looked at the moodle
vance_stevens: it was part of the way too much
vance_stevens: just open blogger, that was all
vance_stevens: ok, I gotta pop offline
bdieu2001: ok...bon courage