1. Nov 3, Wed 11:00-11:03  Introduction / Welcome  Sergei Gridyushko  Welcome and Intro to LT environment  LT   
2. Nov 3, Wed 11:03-12:20 GMT  Intro To Asynchronous Communication Tools  Vance, Dafne, Sus    YM, TI, Alado, LT, etc.  Pls edit as needed 
3. Nov 3, Wed 12:30-13:50  Teaching Writing Online  Eliz, Aiden, Buth  A panel of international teachers will discuss their experiences in teaching writing online using resources accessed through a collaborative group, Webpages, blogs, interactive exercises, and other resources found on the Internet. Panelists will respond to questions from the audience via live chat from three or more different locations around the globe.   TI, Alado, blogs, et al?  I'll present how my students use the Academic Writing online activities to review their basic writing skills and how they evaluate themselves based on their scores and level of difficultyexperienced during the activity. I'll also share how my students conduct peer feedback using quicktopic.com's online document review,and E-zine project. [Aiden] I'm going to share my learning experience, using Academic_Writing, to teach the academic paragraph writing to EFL sophomore science students at Kuwait University. I will then explain how my students were directed to use the self-test and tutorial exercises, by Dr. Elizabeth. Then show how my students used their blogs to practice writing. The last part should be the transition period to move to the next presentation on Blogs! (Buth) 
4. Nov 4, Thurs 11:00-11:03  Welcome   Maya Bogova  Reflections/Feedback  LT   
5. Nov 4 - Thurs 11:00-12:20  We Blog, Do you Blog?  Bee, Tere, Buth  Abstract: Among the collaborative and interactive tools on the WEB, CMS (content management systems) hosting blogs are those that have awakened greatest interest as they offer much potential in education and language learning. Not only do they allow personal control and the possibility to publish online but also to create communities of practice around projects and themes. Come and make your debut in blogosphere. During this one and a half-hour audio-conference workshop, three webheads from different parts of the world will introduce you to blogs, illustrate the different types and show you how they have integrated them into their everyday EFL practice. Time and connections permitting, we will start a blog together to continue interacting with you after the conference!   TI, Blogger, Blogspot, etc?  > I have been checking my timetable (exams in November) and I can free 
6. Nov 4, Thurs 12:30-13:50  Creating a Blog  Tere, Buth, Daf  Panelists assist participants in creating their own blogs.  TI, Blogger, Blogspot, etc.  Pls edit 
7. Nov 4, Thurs,13:55-14:30  Motivation on line - and off  David Winet  What motivates students to stay the course? What makes them drop out? This problem, bad enough in offline, credit-granting, fee-paying courses, become titanic in online, non-credit-granting, online courses like StudyCom English for Internet. This presentation will talk about some ways StudyCom teachers have found to deal with the problem.  LT  Dave: I can join you with an EFI student from Brazil, Lourival, to talk about the online writing course taught at Studycom, last summer. I can talk about two examples of EFI learners, the motivated, (Lourival, as our model and have him say something on this issue), and the non motivated, when I can provide some feedback from my last experience of teaching an online course at StudyCom.(Buth)